48 Days Down – 32 to go… No bed time until I’ve exercised, released, had 75 ounces of water, done my typing tutorial for 30 mins and studied/applied copywriting or marketing for an hour… and more

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka #2.

“Ok… so you’re not watching movies or TV, you’re not listening to music, you’re not drinking coffee or any drinks with caffeine or alcohol,  you’re not reading your favorite fiction novels, you’re not hanging out on Facebook make people laugh… what the hell are you doing with all of this free time.”

This is a question that one of my friends asked me about this “90 Day Challenge” that I’ve taken on.

In response to that question, I told her, “A bunch of shit I’ve been scared to do for a long time.”

Why I Chose To Do This?

One of my favorite mentors of all time, David Deida, teaches that clarity in your mind only occurs when you take something akin to what the Native Americans call a Vision Quest, or what the Aboriginal tribes in Australia call a Walk About where you go out in nature on your own, leaving behind  everything you escape to for petty pleasure so your mind can be open to discovering what you where brought to this planet to do.

Well, this Release Technique program I just started,  called “90 Days To Freedom” as you to give up what you retreat to when you want to distract yourself also.

This is a program designed to get you to embrace all the feelings you have, good or bad, and let them go so that old shit you’ve become attached to isn’t driving you to behave the way you do, but instead you can live in the moment AND create mental programs you actually want instead of using the ones that just got installed by your parents, your preachers, your politicians and your professors.

So here’s a few key components that make this challenge up…

Challenge #1: No Distractions

What I’m doing: No TV, movies, alcohol, reading novels – almost the equivalent of watching TV, listening to music, cruising and socializing with friends on Facebook (which I could easily spend hours a day doing).

My Experience First 48 Days:

It seems like this would be hard, but it really hasn’t.

Here’s why… I LOVE learning. Because I’ve ruled out the ways I use to escape, when my mind looks for something to do, there’s absolutely no excuse for enjoy one of the options I can indulge in as much as I’d like… listening to, watching or reading anything that will improve my personal or my business life.

This is a true blessing. Also, it allows me to never have an excuse to not do the homework that comes with the “90 Days To Freedom” program which consists of you asking yourself tough questions that bring up all kinds of thoughts and feelings so that you can dump them.

I’ve been fighting answering all these questions thoroughly, doing what I can to just do the bare minimum. But I can’t let this beat me. Having my mind free of dog shit is way too important to me.

If you’re a student of the release technique or the Sedona Method and you’ve overcome this challenge, please let me know what helped you over come it. I’m totally open to your suggestions.

Challenge #2: Can You Really Sleep Only 4.5 Hours A Night and Be Even More Productive?

Sleep Picture

Picture from Tim Ferriss’s “4 Hour Body” book showing different cycles of sleep

Here’s Tim’s description of this process right from his “4 Hour Body” book…

Sleeping Less with Polyphasic Sleep

Scientists know embarrassingly little about why we spend roughly one-third of our lives

It can’t be as simple as tissue repair. Full-grown giraffes, as one example, weigh
approximately 1,760 pounds but sleep an average of just 1.9 hours per 24-hour cycle.
Eight hours per night doesn’t apply to most of the animal kingdom. Is there any reason why humans can’t emulate giraffes?

Is it possible to cut your total sleep time in half, yet feel completely refreshed?
The short answer is yes.

In 1996, I once went almost five days without sleep to see (1) if I could make it a week (I
couldn’t), and (2) what the side effects would be. Hallucinations cut that little experiment short, but I’ve continued to play with different patterns of sleep cycles.

One of the most fascinating approaches is that of “polyphasic” sleep: breaking sleep up into multiple segments so you can perform well with as little as two hours of sleep per day. The potential advantages of this schedule for new parents—or anyone else forced to embrace insufficient sleep—are tremendous. Beyond that, think of the books you could read, the things you could learn, the adventures you could have with an extra six hours per day.

It would open up a new world of possibilities.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, who swear by the Thomas Edison approach to
minimalist sleep, which bears little resemblance to “sleep” as you know it.

How awesome would it be to sleep a total of two hours a day and feel rested? Very awesome, of course, but there is a catch. The more naps you have (and thus the less sleep you have total), the more rigorous you have to be regarding your nap times.

You can’t miss a nap by more than a couple hours in the Everyman 2 and Everyman 3 methods, and you must have your naps within 30 minutes of their scheduled times for the Uberman method.

If you miss a nap, the whole schedule is thrown off, and you’ll feel tired for days.

The rigor of keeping the schedule makes most of these methods unrealistic for 9-to-5
employees. But if you have a flexible schedule and can manage to pick a method and stick with it for several months, you’ll find that you feel amazing and have a seemingly unlimited amount of time during the day to get things done.

This, to me, is the ultimate brain hack.

My Experience 40 Days In…

As you can see in the picture above, I’m doing the 4.5 hours of sleep with 2 20 min nap program and it didn’t take me no ‘several months’ to fall in love with this program.

Within the first week the biggest difference I’d noticed was that I felt just fine in the morning after having  4.5 hours of sleep. I didn’t feel like shit. And I also wasn’t exploding with energy. I was Goldilocks… Just Right.

What this also helps me with is getting some discipline as to when to go to bed and when to wake up. Before this program, I just let myself go to bed when I was tired and waking up when my body wanted to, which was usually 8-10 hours later.

I like that. AND I like this. It seems hard to believe a guy could voluntarily give up sleeping 8-10 hours a day and go to only 4.5 and not bitch about it. But that’s the case here. That’s how fucking awesome this program has been.

The Easy Way To Make This Totally Useless

Where this made a huge difference was in what I could script into my day.

Scripting your day involves you looking at your time for the next day and jotting down what you want  to accomplish during every one of your waking hours. This seems anal and it’s kinda of a pain in the ass in the beginning, especially if you’re used to winging it when it comes to the majority of your time, but this is just the weak part of your mind wanting to resist change and discipline.

It’s not hard. It’s just thinking about what you’d really love to experience and then writing it down. I don’t know about you, but when I just fly by the seat of my pants, the day fly’s by and I’ve done a lot of motion but not a lot of accomplishment.


Forever and ever I’ve wanted to improve my typing skills.

I’ve had the software on my computer for YEARS now and I’ve always I found a way to tell myself the story that I didn’t have time to do this.

Now, that I’ve opened up time with my sleep program, gotten rid of all distractions that pull me away from doing what I want, it’s been easy for me to commit to not making a big red X on my calendar and going to bed every night without doing at least 30 minutes of ‘Typing Master’ – the software I’m using, until I’ve done this, along with 4 other activities.

Of course shit happens that doesn’t allow me to do what I set out to do, but shit isn’t the norm. But as I’ve kept going,  getting shit done I want to get done, no matter what happens, gets to be the norm.

This can be the same for you.

Challenge #3: Peak Physical Fitness

Do you know the absolute wrong way to get yourself back in shape? I think you do, but if you don’t, here’s what I think it is…

Most people set themselves up to fail when it comes to exercising. They haven’t done shit forever and then they put themselves in an environment (gym) where they’re surrounded by a whole lot of people who’ve been working on their physique for months, maybe even years.

So when they bring their busted ass in there and they can only lift an embarrassingly low amount of weight or they can barely run on the treadmill without feeling they’re gonna die, it’s not hard to see why so many people quit.

That’s just the emotional pain.

For the people who can tough it out through that, the physical pain they experience from their body being all whacked out of alignment is the death blow.

Years and years ago, Tony Robbins introduced me to a man named Pete Egoscue. He’s the creator of what’s now known as “The Egoscue Method” and the author of a few books, one of which is called “Pain Free”.

About 10 years ago I started running with my dad who’s ran like 12 marathons, and after I’d gotten to where I could run around 8 miles, my knee started bugging me. My dad sent me over to his sports doctor and this guy proceeded to tell me I had Patellar Tendinitis.

He put me on prednisone on told me to stay off my knee. This didn’t help and I didn’t go back to him to see what else he said because in the mean time while my knee was still buggin, I got the book “Pain Free”

The book laid out a few little stretches and light motions I could do which would take around 30 minutes a day and within a week… no more knee pain. No more then, no more now.

Since that time, I’ve run sprints, done intense plyometrics, squatted 335 pounds with a 160 pound body, deadlifted a shit ton more than that and all kinds of other physical activity that a guy with bad knees shouldn’t be able to do. All with a $10 book, a few motions and some light stretches. That’s it.

What I’m doing for my fitness challenge:

For almost a year and a half I didn’t do anything that wasn’t sexual that  required me to sweat.

I’d lost pretty much all the awesome muscle I’d built and all the endurance and heart strength I’d logged in the bank.

Knowing that I was totally out of shape, I didn’t most people would, and sign up for a gym membership and hire a trainer. Nope. I bought that calendar you see in the picture above and dusted off “Pain Free”.

For probably about 40 days I’ve been doing the beginner maintenance program, which is combo of some yoga stretch moves, his custom stretch moves and some really light bodyweight resistance stuff, in this book which is designed to awaken and activate all of your body core joint/postural muscles so that you can move freely and effortlessly.

Even when I was working out in BEAST MODE I did this regimen knowing that Pete talks about coaching famous athletes who come to him for help and have problems doing even his simplest movements because their workouts aren’t designed to stimulate all of the core joint/postural muscles.

So I’ve been doing this Egoscue workout and started a few weeks ago doing some bodyweight exercise routines… squats, pushups, jump roping, pull ups, etc. Nothing fancy.

And guess what?

My body likes this. It wants to workout. And it remembers how much muscle I’ve had before and it’s already filling everything out nicely. Especially in the abs department. Smile

If you’re just getting back in the game OR you’ve got some kinda of injury, OR you’re interested in being in peak physical form, you MUST go to this site and buy what this guy tells you to. Even if it’s only his book that you can afford.

Pete Egoscuse is the REAL FUCKING DEAL!!! If he wasn’t such a shitty marketer he’d already a been on Oprah, Larry King and all the other big shows. Hell, he’s got celebrity endorsements, he just doesn’t know how to put them in front of the people who can make him famous.

And that’s too bad for people like you because his super simple technology if in-fuckin-credible!!! GO CHECK HIM OUT!!!

So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll be back to give you an update on how this is going and if you have any suggestions for me, please feel free to hit me with them.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2