Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Note Taking Nerd #2.

Today, like the title says, I’m sharing with you 5 of my favorite blogs, that you may or may not be familiar with, that I believe will serve you in their demonstration of how first class content marketing is done so that it puts rent money in your pocket while simultaneously  transforming you into a hero to your ideal audience. Just click on  the blogger’s name or the name of their site and you’ll be delivered to the excellence that is their site!

First on the list is …

Readhead Writing


Erika Napoletano lets her ice pick of a tongue and warm fuzzy heart speak out loud on topics ranging from following your dreams… to web marketing… to death and dying… all with equal amounts eloquent grace and sock-it-yo-ass soul.  I feel like I’m at home when I’m with her because as her site describes her…

“Always irreverent but never insincere, engaging with Erika ensures one thing: tuning in to unfiltered content, blunt advice and unpopular thoughts designed to shake you up and move you forward.”

She’s Raw. Daddy Like. Go get on her list if that’s your internet marketing bowl of hot sauce.

PS. She has a wickedly wonderful sense of humor which allows her not to take herself too seriously as is evidenced in this reply to a comment I left on her site…


And on deck is…

Johnny B. Truant


This guy is one of my favorite marketers who plies his trade via blog.

If you’re looking for someone to model for how to masterfully use your blog as a hub to introduce people to your information products or consulting… while simultaneously providing kick ass content, go sign up for this guys list and you’ll see  edu-tainment (educating AND entertaining) marketing at it’s finest.

He’s a cool operator. Yes. I said cool, not smooth. There’s a fine line between the two, but to me smooth, in a marketing sense, has the slight implication of working sleight of mouth/hand over on people.

Cool, is just… muthafuckin’ cool.

He’s got quite a bit to offer to marketers and he’s not afraid to offer it, but his offers always land on you in a way that genuinely feel like, “Hey, if you want some of this ossumness, that’s cool. And if you don’t want some, that’s also cool,” which in my mind is the best kind of selling/marketing.

And, like Erika, his bidniz content is free from censorship… just the way I prefer it. Next up…

The Bloggess

The bloggess

This bitch is B.A.D.

When I grow up, I want to be able to write a real-life, humorous story just like her.

If I had to describe just one of her super powers, I say she effortlessly applies every critical principle 12 people paid over $10,000 a piece to learn from Dan Kennedy at his “Influential Writing” course except for the part where you get money from the people of whom you have influence over.

I imagine she gets paid by advertisers who want to monetize the eyeballs glued to her addictive site because she’s not in the bidniz of marketing any product but her, and her fuckin’ HUH-LARIOUS accounts of what’s going on in her life.

You might have selling/marketing in pixel down pat, but until you weave all the interesting parts of your personality and life into the mix, you’ll never keep your audience plugged into you year after year after year.

What she has to offer indirectly is THE X FACTOR in marketing to your list – turning the boring day-to-day, into a saga… an adventure… a drama!

Jenny’s a Jedi when it comes to having personality in pixel. She doesn’t sell anything or talk about bidniz kind of stuff but if you’re looking for a prime example of someone to model for personality in copy, she’s the woman you DEFINITELY want to pay attention to.

And oh yeah, she doesn’t let the nun inside tell her what to do. She’s a professional F-bomb dropper. So, OF FUCKING COURSE that’s one more small reason she’s near and dear to my heart.

Who’s next? The illustrious…

Pat Flynn


This guy is Mr. Transparent.

In internet marketing this is  kinda rare. Here’s one of the coolest benefits of getting on his list…

Once a month, I write a detailed report about my online earnings. I always begin by describing the things I did within the previous month that might have an impact on my income. Then, I breakdown the sources of my income to the cent and always finish with what I’ve learned.

These reports have been the most popular and helpful posts on The Smart Passive Income Blog based on the responses and emails I get from people like you. It’s my hope that you can read these and take something away from them that will help you and your current (and future) online businesses.

See what I mean?

Before Pat, I’d never come across someone who’d show you their monthly stats like he does and THEN show you what he learned so you do what he did and avoid doing what he did that lost him money.

And the evidence that other people like you and the interwebz love his site is the 5,671 alexa ranking as of the date I wrote this and the majority of his income showing up in his bank account directly from affiliate offers connected to the blog.

His fans love him and support his work from home online lifestyle and if you aren’t already one of his lovers and you’re interested in having your site make you famous and make you money, you need to join in on the orgy of value he’s delivering.

And last but not least…

Tim Castleman


Tim is an offline and online consultant who provides what he calls “Marketing advice for the real world.”

And when you read his content or watch him presenting on video on his blog, you’ll see exactly what he means. Once again, like everyone else I’ve named here, he a no bullshit kinda bidniz man who shows up in your inbox with valuable “tested on the street” marketing advice – not just product launch content or theory.

His content on his site is bad ass but also keep your eye on his emails, especially the “Sunday Cigar” edition. They’re to the point and potent.

You know the So Cal Syndicate made up of Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, John Reese, Andy Jenkins, and Trey Smith? There’s a group of guys and gals, of which Tim is included, who are selling the same results that the group above can offer you for like 60% less than the Cali Cartel above is asking.

Same. Fucking. Results Or Better.  Spend 60% of the money. They’re the underground of “Making Shit Happen Online” with internet marketing.

I call ‘em “The Central Time Zone Click”

The reason I call Jason Fladlien, James Jones, Rachel Rofe, John Rhodes, Brian G. Johnson and others I haven’t included here, “The Central Time Zone Click” is because I know at least three of them live in the Central time zone of the United States, some I know mastermind with each other, and they all recently got together and presented at the “Practical Profits Seminar”.

I have no doubt that all of them learn from the So Cal Syndicate but these people are the few that actually bought the coaching and the courses and then turned around and applied what they learned to their own businesses. So what hey share with you is the result of not only what they learned from the Cali Cartel but it’s also fused with what they picked up as a result of taking action in the real world.

And once again, they promise and deliver the same results the million-dollar launch guru’s do… for WAY less dolla.  Trust me, if you don’t know these names already, you will in the future. They’re on the cutting edge of what’s working online RIGHT NOW!

So go check out Tim and let him show you what a real-world marketer like yourself can do to make the merchant account moan in ecstasy because so much big-money love is being shoved into it.


These are just 5 sites of people who are interwebz famous but not Oprah interwebz famous. These are the people I love paying attention to and who I feel there’s a shit-ton both you and I can learn from. Go check ‘em out and see what you think.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2