french Kiss life

This challenge has totally helped me embrace this mindset of french-kissing life, fears and all

Hey you,

Guess what?

There’s 56 days down but on Day 54, I missed doing one of my “5 To Thrive”  activities that I agreed with myself that I’d do before I laid down to go to bed.


I’d exercised for the day, I’d studied some kind of marketing/copywriting material, I’d spent 30 minutes on Typing Master honing my typing skills, I’d downed 75 ounces of water… and then I forgot to do some release technique homework.

SHIT! Oh well.

It didn’t even occur to me that this had happened until the next day and it seems kind of weird because I’m just going on with the challenge like it didn’t happen. In the past it seems that it would’ve been easy for me to just throw in the towel being that I wouldn’t be finishing at 100%.

But I know I’ve got a ton of momentum going with everything I’ve already done and that I’d be being a pussy if I just stopped because I spaced out on one day. I’ve stayed trues to…

UPDATE: Challenge #1: No Distractions

I’ve still have had no TV, no movies,  no alcohol, no caffeine, no reading novels – almost the equivalent of watching TV for me, no listening to music, or cruising and socializing with friends on Facebook (which I could easily spend hours a day doing).

And still, this hasn’t been difficult.

You know what has been hard? Avoiding junk food. I’ve been doing the 4 Hour Body diet at about 70% not yet committing myself to it. What’s STUPID FUCKING CRAZY about this is that since I’ve been doing this diet AND working out again AND sleeping less than I ever have… is I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my energy and focus when I eat Froot Loops for a meal instead of pinto beans.

Sounds stupid huh, like “Duh, retard, OF. FUCKING. COURSE. you should feel different when you pour pure refined sugar into your body for a meal vs. pure nutrition. But you know what? I never felt it in my body like I do now.

Maybe me pushing my sleep limits, my actual working hours, and my exercise is requiring zero to little slacking off.

Even eating oatmeal, like I’ve done today has made me sleepy, waiting for the last 7 minutes to tick off this egg timer here so I can go do my first 20 minute nap and rest this “Processed Food Coma” out of my body. (Update: I woke up from this, maybe 10 minutes of real sleep, nap and ate a cucumber and surprise, surprise, I feel fan-fucking-tastic.)

For years I never made nor felt nor appreciated these radical shifts in my focus and body. AND IT’S ALL RELATED TO THE FOOD I EAT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.  Maybe it’s because I always retreated to coffee or caffeine to  counter the drain I put on myself by guzzling empty carbs and candy coated cereal. Shit, maybe I even felt like this sluggish state was normal. Eeek.

So, once I stop stop being a pussy and using food as a distraction, THEN I’ll really be firing off on all cylinders.

UPDATE: Challenge #2: Can You Really Sleep Only 4.5 Hours A Night and Be Even More Productive?

As for this, it’s still been absolutely wonderful for my previously undisciplined ass  having a set time to lay down and wake up and having a compelling reason why I must stick to it.

I’m still loving this because I’m always ready to go to bed when it’s that time and I almost always wake up perfectly fine. Once again, if I don’t, it could probably be related to me eating a full on cheese quesadilla meal deal from Taco Bell right before I lay down which makes my body work when it’s supposed to be recharging.

So for me, less sleep hasn’t been an issue. But putting food into my body that doesn’t offer me any energy does.  This has been the most critical distinction I’ve made during in this challenge up till now.

I’m still a huge fan of this process and you should go back here to see all the details of what it’s about and the guidelines to follow if having more time is of interest to you…

UPDATE: Challenge #3: Peak Physical Fitness

One of the major shifts I’ve made here is doing all of my workouts  barefoot. Even the  jump roping part.

Years ago, Pete Egoscue, the developer of the Egoscue Method and author of Pain Free (A book every human should own) turned me on to the idea that it’s healthier for your posture if you go barefoot as much as you possibly can because this over-engineered footwear that everyone wears nowadays deactivates your foot muscles, making it even easier for you to get injured.

Back then and for years after I shunned this idea, hating the idea of having black-bottomed  Flintstone feet or stubbing the fuck out of my toes on stuff around the house.

And only recently have I fallen in love with feeling the ground with my feet.

There’s a book that I recently started reading called “Earthing – The most important health discovery ever?” that shows all kinds of proof of how you get energy when you spend 15-30 minutes a day with you feet in contact with the earth or a substance made up of the earth like a concrete floor.

Then, yesterday, I got this email from Mark Sisson, author of “The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weightloss, vibrant health, and boundless energy” over  at Mark’s Daily Apple talking about this same topic. I found it fascinating and have included it below…

For this week’s PB Insider, I’m going to challenge you to dare to flout one of the most fundamental social protocols currently in use: the wearing of shoes. No matter your plans, your circumstance, or your foot odor problem, I am challenging you to remove your shoes for the entire duration of the day. If you were already planning on just staying home, that doesn’t count. Assume the challenge on a normal day, so that you’re forced into a potentially uncomfortable position.

Going to the grocery store? Leave the shoes at home and feel the cool, air-conditioned tiles beneath your feet. A place like Whole Foods might be more amenable to your particular condition.

Walking the dog around the block? Get those feet dirty, but be sure you watch where you walk. Not everyone cleans up after Fido.

Is today a workout day? You may have to surreptitiously mosey your bare feet into the gym, but once you’re in, you should be okay – as long as you don’t call undue attention to your shoeless feet by doing handstands right in front of the trainer desk. Stick to deadlifts and squats – exercises where your feet remain firmly planted on the floor – and no one will be the wiser. Your joints will thank you.

I don’t like shoes. I think they’re unnecessary in many cases, and, as a former endurance athlete, I’m convinced that running shoes have been responsible for a huge number of running injuries. At the same time, I don’t think the average person who’s been wearing shoes all their lives, through all their workouts, should drop the shoes and leap into training and living barefoot right away. Especially when it comes to intense exercise, going from one extreme (shod) to another (unshod) can be dangerous. Barefoot exercise must be transitioned to gradually, and the feet must be strengthened as you go.

The social aspect, however, is an entirely different story. In my opinion, the best way to get over a social hang-up is to abolish it altogether. Just launch full bore into the “offensive” behavior. Going barefoot definitely qualifies as a socially malodorous act, but it’s essentially a victimless crime (unless, of course, you have a particularly potent foot odor problem). That’s why I’m challenging you to get over your hang-ups and just lose the shoes for a day. Don’t go on any full-day hikes or run barefoot sprints just yet, but it’s important to get over that mental hurdle.

Prepare yourself to be the subject of weird looks, raised eyebrows, and possibly even legal censure. If you get thrown out of a place, go willingly. You don’t want to make a scene and ruin it for the rest of us barefooters! Remember, when you sally forth boldly and shoe-free, you represent an entire demographic. Be respectful and try to refrain from climbing all over everything (I admit that going barefoot will probably make you want to climb and jump around), but maintain your sense of pride.

After all, you should be proud. You’re giving your feet what they truly deserve.

Seeing this message inspired me to take my barefooted-ness beyond my home and neighborhood. I’m gonna challenge myself to go to the mall and the grocery store with no shoes. I have some beautiful non-stanky feet if I do say so myself so this should be fun. Hahaha.

The one thing I would caution is taking the working out barefoot slow. I went right into jump roping barefoot without first doing walks to build up muscle and I definitely felt it. But my feet adapted and now they love bouncing on the concrete of my driveway.

Ok. That’s it for this update. I’ll be back to talk with you again and please, if you have any questions or any feedback on resources I might want to check out to make this whole challenge go smoother, let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2