Can't say No to what I've got to offer

“Betcha can’t say no to what I’ve got to offer…”

Hey You,

It’s #2.

I’m back with MORE kick ass notes on how to make sure that your product sells like gang busters when you finally roll it out so that you can feel like a hero to your family, friends and employees instead of the guy who gets snickered at behind his back.

In this post, Part 2 – The Single Most Important Marketing Strategy That Eben Pagan Hammers To Death In His Guru Blueprint Program … Eben covers an outstanding outline of what you need to do to create grand slam product that you sell a shit-ton of themselves.

What I’m sharing with you today is the notes I took on the advice of the Direct Marketing Legend Gary Bencivnega on “How To Create Blockbuster Products” at his one-time only, $10,000 per person seminar he hosted for pretty much the elite of the elite of the on and offline marketing arena professionals from all over the planet.

If you look at both Gary’s and Eben’s lists you’ll see that while they may use different methods of getting to the same outcome,  they both stick to similar truths.

Enough of me, go hang out with Gary now…

1 New Product Checklist

1.1 1. You wanna make sure it meets all criteria of Bencivenga Persuasion Equation

1.1.1 “Are we addressing an urgent problem?”

1.1.2 “Is the promise unique?”

1.1.3 “Is the proof unquestionable, strong and utterly compelling?

Joseph Segel is the founder of over 20 American companies, most notably QVC, an American television network, and the Franklin Mint, a producer of mail-order collectibles, did not shop for products. He shopped for proof elements

In other words, he would go looking for the proof elements that if built into the product from the start would make the sale very, very easy

1.1.4 “Is the proposition virtually irresistible?”

1.2 2. Large base of reachable, passionate fans

1.2.1 Franklin Mint going to Harley and dipping into their fan base was brilliant

1.3 3. Other hot products already in the market

1.3.1 The best products have ample precedents already succeeding

1.3.2 If you can give an already desired product a new twist, that’s your best, most predictable opportunity

1.3.3 Tweak the offer

1.3.4 You don’t want to re-invent the wheel. You want to invent one that looks snazzier, rides smoother, lasts longer.

1.4 4. Good margins

1.4.1 Can’t have razor thin margins and survive

1.4.2 The greater your uniqueness and proof, the greater your pricing power and the higher the margins you’ll have to work with.

1.5 5. Repeat business potential

1.5.1 Why sell one thing when with the same effort, you can build in an automatic revenue stream from renewals or repeat purchases.

1.5.2 Example; Newsletters are more profitable than books

1.6 6. Ancillary product sales potential

1.6.1 You want to know if this market is likely to buy lots of related products.

1.6.2 If you’re selling a health newsletter, this lends the possibility of selling vitamins and sups and then one product turns into 10 or 20

1.7 7. Easily shippable

1.7.1 Perishable or heavy stuff causes problems for you

1.8 8. Can we get an exclusive

1.8.1 You don’t want to teach your competition the right way to market, only to have them imitate your ads and be able to sell the same products out from under you.

1.8.2 Franklin Mint locking up Harley in an exclusive to make a knock off proof product

1.9 With one fell swoop Joe segel got an exclusive with an authorizing company, agency that confers credibility. He taps into the preexisting fanatical fan base in that product category. And he forever locks out competition through the trademark laws. Competitors can’t breach his defenses. He’s got his own “monopoly” within a very passionate base of customers.

1.9.1 Here’s how Joe did it in the 70’s with The Official Air and Space Ingot Collection…

He contacted the officials at the National Space Institute and said something like “We’d like to honor the heroes of space and air exploration. We’d like to create 100 ingots and have you be the exclusive authorizing agency. Naturally, we’d get an exclusive. When we do this together, we’ll pay all the expenses, and when it works, you’ll receive a royalty.”

Brain dead simple for the National Space Institute.

They receive extra money coming in just for authorizing something that’s done in good taste and that publicizes the importance of their organizational mission.

1.10 Major Lesson Here

1.10.1 No matter what you sell, no matter what field you’re in, there are hundreds and hundreds of groups, organizations, famous people, owners of unique processes, trusted clubs and community groups, and scores of other entities out there you can partner with to gain much greater marketing leverage than you could ever hope to wield on your own.

There are scores of groups, organizations and people with names and reputations already revered by your market and who thus possess amazingly powerful credentializing authority to give you a blockbuster product, one with magnificent built-in proof and a built-in exclusive that will prevent your competitors from knocking off your product once it’s successful.


  • The only automobile anittheft device so effective, it’s authorized by the International Association of Police Chiefs…
  • The only toothpaste endorsed by the American Dental Association…
  • The only golf ball that flies so far, it’s officially banned by both the USGA and the PGA for tournament play…
  • The only cigarette so completely free of tar and nicotine, it’s allowed to be advertised on T.V. and the Radio…
  • The only complete golden oldies collection certified by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…
  • The only camper’s survival kit endorsed by the New York Explorer’s Club….

1.11 Another Major Lesson Here

1.11.1 One of the smartest ways to lock in a high response rate right from the inception of a new product launch is to build a powerful proof element right into your product itself and then feature it in your headline

French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure

1.11.2 Two Rules to Remember:

1. A powerful proof element is a blockbuster product waiting to be born

2. You can find such powerful wealth-building proof elements almost everywhere, once you start looking

Frank Kern’s original “Mass Control” letter started like this.

The original “Formula 5” salesletter written by Clayton Makepeace started like this.