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Shoot holes in all of your prospects objections using what you learn in these notes…

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It’s #2.

These notes are for anyone selling anything. Pay close attention. Especially the very last Advanced Secret at the very end…

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Information is the least important component of what info marketers do. People do not want to buy information.

The information marketing business is based on writing copy that motivates people to buy and you should not outsource it.

Read Think and Grow Rich in the context of a sales letter. It’s a sales letter masquerading as a book.

Before You Write A Word You Need:

1) Inside info you have about your business

  • Your clients & prospects
  • Your product or service
  • What has worked up to now
  • What hasn’t worked
  • How they bought before

2) Competition

Everything about others who are successfully selling to the market over a
sustained period of time

How did they evolve to get there

3) Comparable

  • Sell different stuff to the same market
  • Sell using the same media
    – How do you pick the magazines to advertise in?? – Besides the obvious ones you should find where successful competitors or comparables have been advertising for 4 or more months (past test phase) and advertise there
  • Sell using the same price point

4) Industry or market information

  • What can you get from industry resources to get a complete picture about the prospect such as…
    – demographics,  – geographics, – Statistics – Psychological – Trade publications often carry out surveys

5) Sales Strategy

Payments or no payments

Start low and go high

Get competition’s copy and look for commonalities

Build a strategy on how you will create and use your copy

Psychology of Copy

1) Who Buys Info?

2) What Do They Actually Buy?

3) Why Do They Buy / Not Buy?

4) The Hurdles To Overcome

1) Who Buys Info?

  • Slight Edge Buyers –

Successful already, eager to do better – Looking for a new twist – They believe there is something else to be discovered and in search of the slight edge – Generally best customers of all & Easy to satisfy – Little hinges can swing big doors

  • Junkies and Addicts –

Passionate and deep interest in a subject or subjects – Hobbyist buyers such as gunsmithing, etc – Attachment to a particular author(s) – They will want everything you do

  • Reinforcement Buyers –

The Limbaugh Syndrome – (why extreme and clear philosophical position matters) – They reinforce the opinions they already have i.e. they want to be told they are right and validate what they already believe – Have a clear philosophical position to voice in your copy

  • Unplugged Joiners –

Why ‘recent expires’ lists are so valuable in newsletter business – They need to belong – 30% of the population – If they get unplugged they are looking for the next thing
immediately, they are not leaving the area of interest – Good for joint ventures –

Chronically unsatisfied

Legitimately disappointed –

Move-ups –

The Lonely

Desperate …Life Raft Grabbers & Magic Pill Buyers –

Confronting new or unexpected adversity, sudden change, marketplace disruption – Good buyers – Another section in this are Perennial losers – Never do anything with what they buy and always bad mouth what  they buy – Do things in your copy to discourage them

Life Event-Driven Buyers – Mid-Life Crisis – Why Boomer Demographics are so important – Divorced guy 45 to 50yrs old – Read Marketing to the Affluent

We are trying to do 2 difficult things with copy:

1) Create a connection from a distance

2) Sell an intangible

Copy is about Connection. Most people handicap themselves severely by insisting on crafting “one size fits all” messages and delivering them to too broad of an audience and try to overcome the handicap with extraordinary copy.

  • They sacrifice connection
  • If you or your client list has different categories then each category should be spoken to differently.
  • Difference in geography can affect this to.
  • You need better matched copy.
  • You need a precise match as close as you practically can.
  • They all think that my life/situation is different and you must overcome this
    in your copy as they converse with it. Your copy must talk to them.

You need Empathy

The more you disclose the more people with connect with you. Disclose things that most people would not reveal. The more you reveal the better the chance someone will connect with that topic.

DK used to reveal that he was bankrupt in his Magnetic Marketing speech. He revealed that he stuttered. There are 11 disclosures in his “Success Tour” speech.

Current Events

This requires you to update your copy all the time to stay current.

What’s already going on in their minds is related to current events


You can connect to anchors that people already have a sense about  Ben Suarez wrote an ad emphasizing that Amish people made this special indoor heater mantle

Amish means to people old fashioned values, great craftsmanship, trustworthy, etc.

It creates instant trust

TJ Rohleder sends photos with his letters and the reasons for photos and detailed descriptions of his small town is to convey what they are not selling. Small town means trustworthiness in peoples’ heads.

2) What Do They Actually Buy?

What They DON’T Buy (Or Buy LEAST)

  • Products
  • Information
  • Education

What They DO Buy…

  • Ideas & Concepts – the concept of the 4 hour week for example…
  • Antidote, Solution
  • Relief – from pain, frustration
  • Positive Benefits
  • HOPE of a better life
  • End Result Outcomes – Meaningful Specifics
    – Amounts of money to be made
  • Tools- Not the easiest to sell
  • Speed / Convenience
  • “Secrets”
  • Personality, connection with you
  • Association
  • Status, Recognition, Respect
  • Safety, Security
    Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
  • 3) Why Do They Buy? They arrive at a place and have Confidence or Lack of Confidence to buy. They need confidence in:
  • Seller – Seller’s Basic Premise (people can earn more by using these strategies, someone who hates selling can learn how to do it)
  • Seller’s Understanding of Them (they will not buy from someone  who does not understand them)
  • Seller’s Factual Assertions (you know as facts but they don’t so you need to back it up)
  • Quality / Legitimacy of Product – Seller’s Promises (how do they get their money back, back of magnetic marketing has a bit about how many have been refunded and this backs up this point)
  • Value Proposition – Urgency (why do they have to do it now)

Advanced Secret: They need confidence in themselves

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