I've broken on through to the other side; discover what I've learned...

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Well, I’ve come to end of my 90 day challenge and what’ve I got to show for it? If you missed the previous posts where I talked about this before, go here to catch up.

In the interest of getting clearer on what was possible for me to achieve in the world and as an experiment in self-discipline, for 90 days I gave up some  attachments of mine that let me avoid asking myself tough questions, avoid growth, and avoid getting shit done.

Here’s the list of what I did and what I learned from it…

Avoid Porn:

For the first time in my adult/teen life I didn’t retreat to porn to satisfy the horny part of my personality.

I told myself that if I got the urge to be jerkin’ my Gerkin’ that I had to be learning while doing so. How do you do this do you ask? Instructional videos.

Yep. Stroke and learn sessions about everything from g-spot stimulation to deep spot orgasms to positions of the Kama Sutra and beyond.

Let’s just say the nerd in me who loves making discoveries was happy with this compromise. Mission accomplished.

Avoid Caffeine:

Since I was 4 years old, I don’t think there’d been a day where I hadn’t had a least 1 cup of coffee, or a coke or some kind of bullshit “energy drink” to satisfy my body’s craving for caffeine.

Often times it was all three in the same day.

During these 90 days, I caved only once. I was driving 12 hours and had my 4 year old niece in the car with me for 6. I didn’t want to take any chances so I wussed out and drank a cup of McDonalds coffee. Then on the way back, I figured I’d already fucked the no-caffeine-for –the-day deal up so I had a latte too.

But outside of that, it’s been 89 days of no caffeine and I’ve LOVED it. I learned from Thomas Leonard, the author of “The Portable Coach” that caffeine takes away your sensitization to the subtle nuances of your creativity and that when you’re revved to 100 mph, people who aren’t on as much caffeine as you just don’t move fast enough for you so you behave as an impatient asshole who snaps at people.

I have to say that my impatience has been pretty much non-existent. And my mind racing, increasing my ADD tendencies has stayed a lot calmer. Especially in stressful situations where I find myself catching myself INSTANTLY so that I can auto-correct.

This is something I may just keep up after 90 days.

Avoid Facebook:

While I’m totally sucking moose cock when it comes to rocking our business Facebook Fan Page, I was a master at wowing women with my wit, humor, and charm on my personal page.

The hit of excitement I’d get when something landed positively was addictive and it was easy for me to get this feeling there because I’m fucking good and I almost always land on my feet.

But this habit of seeking this feeling could easily take up hours of my day. Hours that I could spend making my life better in REAL LIFE. Hours I could spend sharing love with people face to face, hours I could spend coming to know thyself better so I can work out the kinks in my personality, hours I could spend making myself more valuable.

And even though I’ve made some marvelous connections on Facebook and love it death for putting me in touch and back in touch with really cool people, I realized that I was going there too much. I was going there to avoid doing the things that would allow me to become proud of myself in more lasting way.

So I’ve learned that I was addicted to being a full-time dancing monkey there for a while and now I’m aware of that and have avoided it for 90 days now with ease, I’m confident that I can still have fun with it but only as a reward for kicking some serious ass in my day only on time set for decompression.

Avoid Music and Movies:

Thinking back to 90 days prior, I realize, Ho…ly… Shit! I spent a ton of time laid out watching movies and TV shows and listening to music.

I would blow through entire seasons of TV shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “The Wire”, or “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” in a couple of days. Hours evaporated.

And this wasn’t after I’d crushed it for the day (which by the way, I’ve learned during these 90 days, when you do this, there’s almost no time for TV & Movies). This was stuff I was to doing to AVOID crushing it.

For me, music wasn’t too bad because I’d listen to it most of the time on N.E.T. time (No Extra Time) while driving or cooking or working out but all that time adds up to some sizable hunks of time that I was spending with Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and Kayne West.

And those guys along with all the movie stars I’d been spending gobs and gobs of time with are talented but I’ve learned from not hanging out with these dudes for 90 days that I was only trying to blank out the really important things I needed to handle for enough time till I could go to sleep and continue blanking out until the next day.

Going 90 days without these forms of entertainment has shed light on how much I was abusing this awesomeness and helped me see that I don’t have to do that anymore because I was just fine without it.

Avoid Sleeping 10 Hours a Day:

I went from sleeping 10 hours a day, to sleeping 5 1/2 – 4 1/2 during the night and two 20 minute naps.

Sleeping that long was just another way for me to chew up hours that so I wouldn’t have to bring massive value into my life. It let me, well, how do I put it, sleep on life.

And even though I slept until I wanted to wake up, I ended up being tired throughout the day still. Shit, most days I’d take a long ass nap. So by sleeping that long,  it never even felt like I was getting super maximum benefits of energy.

But when I started sleeping only 4 1/2 and gaining all those hours in which I could do stuff that would increase the quality of not only my life, but the lives of people like you that I have the privilege of touching, I was completely sold. Especially when I felt like I had more energy during the day than I did before. I think I also loved the fact that this sleep schedule gave me an excuse for napping at noon. The good kind that leave sheet wrinkles in your skin when you wake up. 🙂

Avoid Alcohol:

This is something the jury is still out on.

For the first time in my since I was 16, I went 90 days without any booze and unlike everything else, I haven’t noticed that big of a difference in my life.

Yeah, I saved a shit-ton of money on vodka and imported beer but I haven’t noticed anything really health wise, emotions wise or anywhere else.

I think this is because the I didn’t have a problem with it in the first place. There was only one time during the 90 days when I thought it be nice to have a drink. Other than that, it was a complete and total non-issue.

David Deida talks about how if alcohol can open you and makes you more loving to be around who fucking cares if you drink it regularly. If it makes your life better. He talks about how needing glasses is a physical crutch but they only make your life better.

It’s too bad that alcohol doesn’t have this same effect. Like for instance, people in my family who get miserable while they’re shit-housed and need to drink just to make it through their waking hours, going to the extreme of getting pulled over for drink driving for going the wrong way down a one way street… IN THE FUCKING MORNING… in the company truck.

For people like this, for whom alcohol clearly makes their life worse, they need to stop it. They’re using it as a crutch to avoid and numb life and them being drunk doesn’t serve them or anyone else. But I believe there’s people out there who because they’re emotionally in better place than most, don’t ruin their life with alcohol.

I think I’ve learned that I’m one of those guys.


And that’s it. I’m off to get ready to go to the dentist. And I’ll be having a celebratory vodka on the rocks for you later on.

But before I go, I want to encourage you to share with me any challenges you’ve taken on like this and what wisdom you’ve gained from doing so.

Looking forward to hearing from you and I’ll…

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2