Beware of falling into this trap...

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

You and I both know how crucial copy is to the lifeblood our business – Nothing happens until something is sold, right.

But the  key part of that sentence is the word “until”. Until you publish your salesletter, no one can buy from it. And what stops you from publishing it?

Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of being wrong.

So what do you do to try to combat those fears? Buy a copywriting course from the authority on the subject. And this is where you think you’re solving your problem but you’re actually shooting yourself in the leg.

Let me explain…

When I took notes on an interview one of our mastermind members, Seth Larabee, did with the marketing whiz Tim Castleman, for his ‘Defining Moments of Internet Marketers’ series and I learned a VERY powerful lesson.

Here’s how it flowed to me…

How’d you get interested in internet marketing?

He started out wanting to be a copywriter. He studied everything. Then, he discovered he was the world’s greatest copywriting student.

The only problem was that he never wrote a single piece of copy. He could talk a good game and critique the hell out of your piece but he never had anything to show anyone that he’d actually done.

Tim’s big “Aha!” moment came when his Cpanel revealed he’d spent a total of a week’s worth of hours JUST on a copywriting forum and had not been paid a dime.

One bone he has to pick with the copy gurus is that because they make a very very comfortable living writing full time, they have the luxury of taking weeks to build a sales letter, they imply that you should do the same to make sure that everything is pin-point perfect.

But if you wear all the hats in your business – you’re customer service, you’re the marketing manager, you’re the copywriter (not only sales copy but content also), you’re the shipper, you’re the person building the site, you’re the person managing aweber, you’re building your sales page sites, you don’t have no damn WEEKS to create a piece.

Taking forever to get a sales page published will kill your business.

So with this understanding and all the marketing lessons woven into these copywriting courses, he came to the realization that marketing was where his heart was. He found the warrior forum used a product on there and sold his reported results for really cheap and his call to action was, “Email me and I’ll send you a pay pal button.” That’s called not fucking around, waiting to be perfect.

If you’re a one or two man show running a business and you’re hypnotized by the idea that it takes weeks to build a salesletter, slap yourself out of it

I don’t know why it took me so long to get this lesson, but it has finally sank in. And I have Tim and Seth to thank for it.

Like Tim, I’d dreamed of having the copywriter’s lifestyle sold to me in the salesletters and in the courses sold on copywriting by the honcho guru’s like Bencivenga, Makepeace and AWAI.

You know, being able to just sit and write for 3-4 hours a day and let the big bucks roll in while those big mail houses do all the “running the business” shit.


But then the Chief and I started this nerd site and I was introduced to the world of “You – Person in charge of half of everything that needs happen in order to promote and maintain a blog”.

Is this where you’re at? Are you the guy in charge of everything? If so, I’m glad you’re here.

Previously, when I could afford to be a copy snob, I’d scoffed at Jason Fladlien’s “Stopwatch Copywriting: How to Create ‘Near’ World Class Ads in Less Than 3 Hours That Pull as High as 13%” product.

This was templates and I was waaay too cool and original to work off of templates. What I was, was wrong. Really wrong.

Jason knows his shit. As a one man show + one virtual assistant pulling down over $100,000 a month, he’s someone I needed to be listening to more than any other copy guru on the scene.

He writes salesletters the way he does out of necessity and guess what? It Works. His less-than-glamorous letters bring him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in an ultra-competitive niche (teaching internet marketing).

I own this his Stop watch product and highly recommend it to you if you’re not just a copywriter who’s only job is to write salescopy. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d put an affiliate link to his product here, but I’m leaving him all the money for when you go buy it here.

Another resource you can turn to if you don’t buy Jason’s product, is the salesletter template I got from Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint Course that I laid out in this post here.

The only way you’re gonna make money AND get better is when you walk into the fear of being rejected, the fear of failure and the fear of being wrong.

My rant today is intended to knock you outta this place of being afraid that unless your copy is “Guru Perfect”, it won’t sell. That’s bullshit I used to believe.

Good is good enough. Especially when you’re using the two great resources I’ve laid out for you here. Take advantage of them and feel free to let me know about the kick ass results that came as a result of you taking action on them.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2