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It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Remember when I told you that you should pay attention to THE BLOGGESS because you could learn from her masterful story telling skills in pixel? (If not, see what I said about her in this post)

In that post I made a note that she was the only non-marketer I included but then today, I came into this post WHERE SHE PUT ON A NINJA LEVEL DISPLAY OF HOW TO NOT ONLY WEAVE A SALE INTO A STORY BUT ALSO ON HOW TO SEND THE BILL TO YOUR HERD.

Dan Kennedy is fond of preaching a concept called “Send the bill to your herd”. If you are new to Dan’s world, he refers to his list of customers as his herd. I learned from him that when something comes up that I want, I can put together an offer, send it to my list, and let them pay for it.

I remember hearing Dan talk about WAY long ago, talking about how he sent the bill for his divorce to his list by way of hosting a seminar that generated more than enough money to cover all the expenses his lawyer had racked up for him.

In Dan’s Renegade Millionaire course, the guy who does “Done-4-u” marketing campaigns for auto shops wanted to fill up a room in his new house with pin ball machines, a pool table and all kinds of cool shit like that and so he sent out a fax to his list of guys (auto mechanics still aren’t that keen to this whole interwebz stuff) offering a seminar and within days, he’d collected enough dough to pay for all of his toy room.

If you’re on our email list, you’ve seen Dexter do this a couple of times. Nothing this extravagant, but nevertheless, we’ve put it to work for us and it’s more than paid for what we wanted while giving you something that you wanted.

Below is an absolutely brilliant example of how to do this in an entertaining way that connects the offer with the story seamlessly. (Right under the picture with “OHMYGOD He is so damn happy” written on it, is her offer that covers the expense for her “Toy)

For quick background, James Garfield is what Jenny The Bloggess named a giant stuffed boar head that she wanted and couldn’t have. If you want the full back story go here. Also here’s the link to the post below if the pic I took of it is too small for your reading preference.

Now enjoy the show…

James P Garfield story

Wasn’t that AWESOME?

Now, for you to think of what you can do to use this in your business.

What have you been wanting that you’ve been putting off buying because it felt too extravagant? It is a pair of boots you’ve been lusting for? A stereo? A new computer like that shiny mac pictured above?

Think of something like that to give you a compelling “Reason Why” to create an offer around and then push that baby out to your list and see what happens. I’m telling, people will be rooting for you. Especially if they feel like they’re getting awesome value in exchange for helping you desire.

If you’ve ever done this before, please feel free to share your example in the comments below with me so that I and everyone else reading this can learn from your action. Also, feel free to come back and tell me about the results you got from rolling this out.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2