See how I totally pulled a "Frank the Tank" this past weekend...

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Just this past weekend I went and watched my baby brother graduate from college out in the middle of bum fuck Iowa.

And during the four days of being out there, I partied my ASS OFF with him and all of his friends. Tim Castleman’s table of liquor and beer bottles atop his hotel suites dining room table from the after hours party of the last Practical Profits seminar didn’t have shit on what we put down. Hahaha

I woke up on the floor of my brother’s old empty bedroom in a sleeping bag one morning. The next morning I woke up on the couch spooning some college chick I didn’t have the heart to leave passed out on the rocking chair the night before and on my last night I made out with one of those big ass cute female college softball players you see on TV (I can scratch that off of my bucket list now) and I actually made it back to my hotel room that night. 

On Monday morning I texted my brother saying I still felt drunk, which I did. It’s Thursday now and I’m battling a cold onset by poisoning my body so heavily during those three days (I didn’t even drink Sunday). And I won’t even go in to the story about me literally sharting (shitting instead of farting) my pants at the car rental parking lot coming back here to Phoenix. Let’s just say I was grateful to have had packed my Charmin wipes in my carry on and that I had some minutes to burn before catching my flight.

What Do You Think Of The College Experience?

I never went to college.

After this past weekend, I wished I had. No, not for getting the experience of walking across the stage and getting a diploma. I wished I’d gone and experienced 4 years of what I did this past weekend.

While talking to the Chief about all the fun I had, he told me that if his kids choose to go to college, he’ll be sending them with the full understanding that it’s not about book learning. It will be about the kid’s first experience being away from home and building friendships with people and getting their first taste of managing themselves.

I have another brother who not only graduated from the University of Utah but also went on to get his masters degree from an elite private college. He’s a little fuckin’ genius and while he’s got those pieces of paper that couldn’t get him a job for forever, I think he got cheated.

You see, he lived at home through all 7 years of his college education and could never really let his hair down. Maybe he didn’t want to. I don’t know for sure but my gut says he did but was afraid of being judged as being a “bad” boy by his parents whereas when my brother went thousands of miles away, he could be a bad boy and the only thing that reflected that was a report card that had “Partying more than studying” written all over it.

What I do know is that he’s still kind of socially awkward. He was out there with us and went out but maybe only spoke 5 sentences the whole time he was out. ALL WEEKEND.

And he’s 4 years younger than me. I’m gonna be the same age as Tim Castleman – 31 years old and I talked to a shit-ton of people everywhere we went. I was the one who was supposed to feel weird hanging with a bunch of 20-21 year olds but I didn’t.

He did and this is why he would bail back to the hotel room early every night. And I think the story he told himself was that all the people he met weren’t worth his time to talk to. This would be a lie though. At least in my book. This is a SUPER EXPENSIVE private college so it’s not like the people we were with were dummies. They were also cool. I didn’t meet anyone I was repelled by. On top of that, the majority of the women we were with were HOT. Combine all those factors and you’ve got the recipe for fun.

While I didn’t go to college, I did my share of partying at that age and younger. it’s been almost a decade since I went as hard at it as I did this weekend but I think there’s something to partying that helps a person acclimate to the real world where talking to strangers is what moves you ahead.

The value in partying isn’t the drinking. It’s in getting your ass of the couch and out meeting and connecting with people who have the potential to enrich your life.

This is what the Chief also believes to be one of the key benefits of having attended college is the networking opportunities after you’ve finished school. Especially if you’ve got Stanford, Harvard, or Yale connections.

Those connections can juice you into a job fast enough to make you head spin. Yeah, your education is important, but I venture to say that if you don’t have the inside connections, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Even if you are the smartest dude in the room.

People prefer giving jobs to/doing favors for people they know, like and trust

My kinda awkward brother got his masters degree for teaching history almost a year ago and shopped it around trying to get a job ever since he graduated.

Nobody took him on. Nobody took him on until a cousin of ours who’s teaching art at a reform school put in the word for him and only then was someone willing to give him money.

Yeah, his degree is shiny and he’s an incredibly smart guy but he’d pretty much given up hope on finding a job just on his own. This job wouldn’t have been his first choice. It’s dealing with problem kids AND it’s a long ass commute. But he took what he could get because his shining credentials were enough to get the job done on their own.

Here’s another example of how being juiced in saves the day with my baby brother who just graduated.

He went back for part of a 5th year to play on the football team and so he could’ve graduated at the end of 4 years but waited so he could play another season and play some more with the college cuties. Hahaha

So in January when football had finished, he goes out to live with a friend of his in San Francisco and BOOM! within 2 weeks lands a salaried job with a company this same friend works with.

And what’s crazy about that job is that even though he’s got his business degree, almost none of that stuff he was forced to take tests on is really helping him in a profession that’s entirely built around business growth.

He’s been asking myself and the Chief for help from everything on how to get hired there in the first place to how to market so that he can get more leads and sell them. Smart kid, right! Coming to the pro’s who are in the trenches everyday making shit happen.

It’s my guess that his college education will never come to his aid in any job he gets, other than being able to pronounce he’s got a degree which can open doors because a lot of people are impressed by that.

But as for what the professors drilled him on through the years, I think he’d be lucky if 10% of it was still in memory. Go five years out from now and I’d be there’s 5% or more of that knowledge that’s forgotten.

That’s because nothing he learned had to be put into use in the real world. All the instruction handed down was all given with the outcome of helping him get the right answers on a test — not in order to implement solutions and solve problems in a business he was operating right now.

In medical school it isn’t like this. You learn and then put into action with your hands what you learn so that you know how to do it in the real world once you’re done with university. Then, you learn even more hands on, life and death on the line, while doing your residency.

Medical school doesn’t send you out into the world with book learning and a professor’s theory, why should business school?

I believe that if our college students graduating with business degrees were sent out into the world only after using what they learned everyday in their own businesses or businesses of others, the economy here in America would prosper immensely.

And you know what?

One guy named Peter Thiel, a 10% investor in Facebook, is on a mission to change this. Gary Vaynerchuk highlighted what he’s doing and you can check it below…

So what do you think is the real value in college? You know what I think about this topic. If you want, feel free to give me your opinion here agreeing or not. I’d love to hear what you think.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2