Use this strategy to emerge as the number #1 contender for your prospects dollars

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I’m sharing with you some notes from Dan Kennedy’s Selling Strategies program.

A tactic that Dan uses very effectively is the “shock and awe” box.

This is a large collection of material that is sent to prospective clients, that sets the stage for doing business with you. It might include audio CDs and DVDs, special reports, testimonials, reason why selling or explanation of the sales process, a comparison or checklist of things to look for when retaining somebody in your line of work…

All of this stuff is focused on resetting the buying criteria so that nobody could possibly stack up better against you.

This is an example of spending way more money than your competition in order to generate a prospect or a client. This all costs about $35 per box. So 100 leads or prospects means shelling out $3500.

Most people would never think of shelling out even a 10th of that dough, but what’s it worth it if it increases your closing rate? What’s it worth it if it increases the amount of sales that you might get? The only thing that’s relevant is return on investment.

Nobody you’re competing with is willing to do this.

Real Estate Example: Mary who may have called and set up to have 5 different realtors come pitch her on listing her home but when she calls Dan’s client, Craig Proctor’s company, to do so, this thing arrives the day after she called.

The shock and awe box arrives at her door and it’s so big and there’s so much stuff and she may not read it all but she’s going to listen to something. She’s going to watch some or do something. Just in case she doesn’t we start the follow up steps.

I’ll tell you what the first follow up step is…

The next day, out goes a letter. The letter goes with a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, really nice chocolate chip cookies. And the letter basically says…

“Yesterday because you asked for it and we sent you that great big giant box of stuff. And if you sit at your kitchen table and go through it all it’s going to take you a couple of hours probably and that’s a lot of time. But you know this is the most important financial decision you’ll ever make in your life but it’s a lot of time. So we figured you’d want to get a cup of tea, cup of coffee, cup of cocoa, glass of milk, and sit down to go through it. So here’s some cookies to enjoy while you sit down and do that. By the way we could’ve sent you a little cheap chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store and saved a whole crap load of money but all chocolate chip cookies aren’t the same. Our realtor’s are not the same either, which you’ll discover as you go through this material.”

Then there’s a series of postcards that starts and then on and on and on and on. Nobody else is going to show up this way. By the time they call how do they sound? Dan’s experience is that they now sound like, “We want to list and sell our house with Mister Proctor. Is there any possibility of having someone from Mister Proctor’s office come out and write a listing contract any time soon? We can be available like whenever.”

One of the really powerful features of the shock and awe box is the guide to resetting the buying criteria.

You want this to tell the client what to look for when other people are making their presentation, and if they do that they can’t help but discount the other people. They can’t help but put you at the top of the list.

Nothing else will so dramatically increase your closing rate than sending a the preemptive box like this, sending out the preemptive strike that sets the stage for your sales presentation and your relationship from that point forward.

This is an example of changing your sales process to insert media in the place of manual labor, so that the prospect comes to you, predetermined to buy from you.

How can you apply this process to your business so that you sit supremely atop the mind of your prospects ?