I fell in love with this woman during this movie... maybe you will too...

Hey You,

It’s #2.

For the first time in a long while I spent a few hours on Sunday vegged out watching movies.

After looking on the website “rottentomatoes.com, and seeing that a show somebody told me to watch had received a 100% rating on the site, I watched a documentary called, “The Last Train Home” which highlighted the lives of a Chinese family struggling to survive.

The second one I watched was another documentary called, “Joan Rivers: A piece of work.

I liked and appreciated both of these movies for different reasons.

“The Last Train Home” follows the lives of two peasant parents who left their two very young children with their parents on the farm land of China to go live in one of the far away industrialized cities of China in order to make money to support their family.

The movie starts out showing you what’s known as the largest human migration known to man. 150 million migrant laborers in China who can only afford one vacation a year, all go home at the same time to see their families… Chinese New Year.

The majority can’t fly into the nearest airport to their village and be picked up by their family in a car at the airport and the bulk of them don’t have cars so this mob of people crowd the train station and the once reserved and polite citizens turn into an angry mob jockeying for position to get themselves and their bags on the train.

I guess it’s like Southwest Airlines and there’s no assigned seating because even though you have to have a ticket, these people are going infuckingsane trying to get on the train like it’s first come, first served and they’re worried about being left behind.

Think about those videos of retard people getting trampled when Walmart opens their dooors on black friday and you’ll have a picture of what happens here.

These two parents who are followed for this movie work in a factory sewing clothes. The space where they get sleep and bathe is probably half as small as one of Joan River’s Manhattan condo’s guest room walk-in closets.

Some people might see this and feel like this is an injustice and that if the wealth gap wasn’t so large, these people wouldn’t have to live like this. Not me. I see it and appreciate what I have but I don’t get the sense that this is unjust or unfair.

The reason I feel this way is because I believe whole heartedly in the 80/20 – 95/5 rule which says…

80% of People Are Losers or Average and 20% Are Winners

 Within any sub section of society we always have an 80/20 split…

  • 80% of kids in classroom are C to F students, 15% average C’s and B’s and 5% hit A’s consistently.
  • Out of the players in the NFL – The National Football League – made up of the best players in the United States, 80% of them are gonna stink up the joint like there’s no tomorrow and of the 20%, only about 5% of them are gonna be superstars.
  • 84.9% of all companies in America never break a million dollars in sales in a year. Approximately 15% break $1 million dollars and 4-5% break $5 million dollars in sales. If you’ve broken $10 million… you’re in the top 2%

3% of Harvard MBA’s Make 97% of the Money? All Of Them Have The Same Training. What Gives?

The first reason this is an important point to make is because often as leaders we try to change those numbers. We frustrate ourselves intellectually and emotionally by trying to crack the code of human behavior.

It’s kind of like the “No Child Left Behind” program. I’ve got news for you. There’s gonna be some kids left behind. They ain’t coming. No matter what you do.

And so as a human being, I don’t feel it’s not in anybody’s best interest to have a “No Person Left Behind” program. Because there’s always gonna be some delusional, hare-brained entrepreneurs who’s worthless ideas need to be put to rest before they infect anyone’s bank account.

The second reason it’s so vital to get a hold of this concept is that from a personal stand point… you choose the group you’re in.

The Huge Philosophical Difference Between Winners and Losers

The socialist, apologist, lack of initiative position on this is that the 95/5 and 80/20 realities tell us that life is too difficult. And that it’s our obligation to somehow make it easier for everybody. Because, obviously if people could cope and life was fair and just, then the percentages would at least be inverted.

The realist position is that no matter what you do, you’re not going to change the percentages. The only thing you can actually control is your choice of which group you’re gonna be in. You’re not gonna change the groups. Nobody else is gonna change the groups.

So, whatever profession you’re in these percentages are there. Whatever community you live in, these percentages are there. Whatever sub-section of the profession you’re in… these percentages are there.

If you’re a car dealer, these percentages are in your niche. If you’re a Lamborghini dealer, these percentages are in the Lamborghini dealer niche. If you’re a Lamborghini car dealer in California where there’s 8 of you, these percentages are in Lamborghini dealerships in California. There’s 1.6 of the 8 of you who are doing fabulous.

These Loser/Winner Percentages Never Change… They’re The Same As When We Didn’t Have Electric Light.

The overall population stats, the social security stats first published in 1952 said 5% of the people end up at retirement age with enough money to retire and 95% don’t.

The last time I saw they were published in 2003 and the they said 5% of people wind up with enough money to retire and 95% don’t. Now think of everything that’s changed since 1952.

Hasn’t had any impact whatsoever on these percentages. Why? Because it’s not a matter of technology, it’s not a matter of tools or equipment. It’s not a matter of opportunity. It’ not a matter of education. It’s not a matter of any of that.

Now Here’s What’s So Important…

It’s a matter of choice and behavior. That’s all it is. The thousands of people besides you, who have access to the internet and access to all the free kick ass info on how to build a successful business and are reading it now would reveal the same data. The same thing’s at play.

If your choice is to be in the 5% group… if you’re consciously saying “I want to be optimally successful despite our market conditions so I can bring home lots of money and not feel like a loser… And I want it to be easier… then here’s what you gotta get…

You can’t stubbornly cling to any thought or behavior that is owned by the group you don’t want to be in.

Not even one. One bad apple spoils the bunch. One stubbornly clung to belief, one stubbornly clung to behavior that belongs to the 80% group is the anchor that will keep you in the 80% group.

20% of people are winners, 80% are losers. Neither you, I, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, all of us added together are gonna change the percentages of human behavior.

So What Do Joan Rivers and Struggling Chinese Immigrant Workers Have in Common?

Hustlin’ like a muthafucker.

They both put in a shit-ton of hours to make money. But to what end? One person believes they’ve reached as high as they can go. The other, keeps going higher and higher despite getting older, older and older.

The movie I watched about Joan River, the female comedian who was shot into stardom after Johnny Carson told her on the air that she was gonna be a star, gives a behind the scenes peek into what she’s up to at the ripe age of 75 years old and I’ve gotta say, most 20 years olds probably couldn’t keep up with her schedule.

Just in this movie she had worked to bring a play she’d written to life, was working on her comedy act in a club at least twice a week outside of flying out to a casinos to do her act, going on home shopping network to sell product, doing multiple book signings, winning the Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and even more.

Once again, on rottentomatoes.com this had a super high rating at 91%. It totally deserved it and if you’re an entrepreneur, you owe it to watch this to see what hustlin’ to keep the pipeline full looks like. This woman hits the grind like a beast.

The one thing that strikes me though is that it doesn’t seem to me that Joan has an “enough is an enough” number.

She talks about how she could quit hustlin’ and live “carefully” but chooses not to because she loves living lavishly.

But you sense a ton of tension in her. Tension as a result of fear. Which I think all peak performers feel if they’re pushing their edge in front of a crowd. But I don’t get the feeling she’s got “Fuck You” money or a “Fuck You” beingness.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe she’ll cuss somebody’s ass out and speak her mind when she feels like it but in Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire, (Dan actually had her speak at one of his conferences a few years back) he talked about the concept of having an “enough is enough” number or what some people fondly refer to as “Fuck You Money”.

An “enough is enough” number is realized by you figuring out how much money you need to have squirreled away in order to live the lifestyle you want. And once you have that nut buried, you do whatever you want, whenever you want, stress-free.

“Fuck You” money is an amount sitting in the bank that is sufficient enough for you to be able to turn down any work you don’t want or to leave work you don’t want, saying in essence, “Fuck you” to someone who thinks they can bully you into working under conditions you don’t like.

You sense a paranoia in Joan Rivers that almost makes you believe she’s on the verge of going broke, which I highly doubt is the reality. She openly is talking with agents saying she’ll take ANYTHING.

She has lots of people throwing money at her but I wonder how much of the money she dreads earning because she’s doing something other than what fulfills her.

Eben Pagan talks about how the fear of “Going back there” is what’s driving most entrepreneurs.

Going back to being broke and not being able to register their piece of shit car that’s sitting on 2 different kinds of bald tires. Going back to not having enough money to get your hair cut. Going back to living off the dollar menu at McDonalds.

This is part of what I believe is fueling Joan, especially since having had the experience of having her husband killing himself and leaving her and her daughter alone with massive debt.

But when does she get to only do what she want to? Not retire, but only focus on stuff that allows her to sleep in her own bed every night like she loves too.

What Are You Meant To Be Doing

The other day I was listening to Wayne Dyer, the spiritual leader who’s written about a jillion books on the topic – most famous for writing “Your Erogenous Zones” speak at one of his Maui conferences and he was talking about how he couldn’t settle for doing anything small scale for an extended period of time.

His dharma says he’s here to do it big. Be a 5%’er. And in his 60’s he’s taking action that shows this to be true.

He said that even if he was working at McDonald’s he’d be scheming on ways to go from mopping, to doing fries, to seeing what it takes to become a manager and finally seeing what it takes to get stock in the company and have one of these businesses of his own.

Wayne just knows that’s a part of what drives him. I believe Joan has this kind of drive. I believe Eben has this kind of drive. I believe Dan Kennedy has this kind of drive.

The Chinese migrant workers highlighted in the movie “The Last Train Home”… not so much. You can see defeat in their eyes. They’re done. They’ve resigned to the fact that they’ve reached the pinnacle of their potential… and are even on the decline. The woman talks about how she feels slower on the sewing machine than last year.

You don’t sense an aliveness in their spirit about a shiny bright future where they’re taking on the next challenge. Yet one of the last things Joan says is that the one time she really feels alive is when she’s on stage.

Maybe that combined with the fear of “going back there” to being in debt, embarrassed and  invisible to the world is what keeps her keeps Dan Kennedy going, keeps Wayne Dyer going.

Are you meant to be a 5%’er in the arena you’re most gifted at?

If not, what can you can do to pull yourself out of the 80% and put yourself in the top 15% of people who get great results?

Remember, there’s always a choice to be in one of these three categories. And the choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2