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Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

There’s so many places you can spend your time being productive.

But not all productivity is created equal.

Filing is productive but it doesn’t pay the light bill. Studying is productive but it doesn’t pay the rent. Socializing on Twitter or Facebook can be be productive but it doesn’t put food on the table all by it’s self.

Nothing happens in your business without marketing.

This is why you need to spend no less than 3 hours of your day focused on what Eben Pagan calls your Marketing Time Management Plan. I learned about this in his Traffic Intensive Summit and I think you’re really gonna like it.

Here we go…

1. Writing and designing your marketing (60 UNINTERRUPTED minutes everyday)

This could be writing your ads, your blog posts, your articles, your video scripts, your landing pages, designing banner ads or anything else you use to bring in leads and sell your product online. 

2. Testing and tweaking your marketing (60 UNINTERRUPTED minutes everyday)

Here is where you’re taking all of the awesome marketing you’ve designed and written and put in front of eyeballs to see what happens. Then you’re taking what you’ve ran and testing variations on the different variables like headlines, colors, buy buttons, etc.

If you want a comprehensive list of stuff you want test, make sure to see this post here covering Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher’s 43 Proven, Brain-Dead-Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Sales Pages or Ads.

During Eben Pagan’s Get Altitude seminar he found that all the people in the audience making over $1 million dollars a year were testing daily. Get on it if you’re not doing this already!

3. Cultivating relationships with partners and advertising channel contacts (60 minutes everyday)

One of the worst things you could do is to just put your offer up on an affiliate network or put up an affiliate program on your site and hope that affiliates beat a path to your door. This is stupid.

You’ve gotta contact affiliates. Ideal, is in person. Second best is over the phone. Lamest is by email.

Live events/conferences where affiliates are at is a great place to get in contact them in person. Get out and do this.

If you can’t see them in person, you want to get them on the phone to talk one on one with you. One of the best ways to open up a conversation with these guys is to say, “I was looking at your site and I think there’s a couple things you could do that would allow you to make a lot more money. Let me help you out.” This is where you take what you know to help them make more moola.

Help them with headlines. Help them design their site so it goes from jumbled mess to clean and pleasing to the eye yet potently effective. If you want to know the 14 Strategies For Great Design For The Direct Response Online Marketer click here…

You want to lead giving them something they want while simultaneously showing them you know your stuff. If you help them make money and have proven yourself, the chances of this person wanting to help you market your stuff goes WAY up.

This is totally different than how the majority of people come at them. The traditional approach is, “Here’s my stuff. Sell it to your list. I’ll give you 40% of the money.” Lame.

The Next Step Is To Make It REALLY, REALLY SIMPLE To Work With You.

The way to do this is to hand them valuable stuff they can give away to their customers.

Then, make sure you put great marketing into hands so they don’t have to anything but copy, paste, send.

The content can be reports, videos, audios, interviews, articles, software, etc. After you’ve helped them out, you say, “Hey, I’ve got this set of interviews I did that shows people how to get this or avoid that. You’re welcome to give them away to your list as a way to help them. And hey, if they decide to buy something from me, I’ll give you some of the money.”

And what greases the skids even more is saying you’ve done all the marketing work for them and handing over your proven marketing that’s kicked ass for you. When you do the marketing for them, they don’t have to think and that’s always good when you’re asking someone to help you.

If you help people who can help you, then give them awesome stuff they can give to their fans, then do all the heavy lifting for them, THEN say if these people buy anything, you’ll give them some of the money, you’ll have set yourself up to win.

If you’re just getting started, Eben suggests you create a 60 minute tele-class or a webinar that’s loaded up with 3-5-7 of your very best concepts, techniques or ideas. Make it simple. Use powerpoint or key note for an outline. Get a go-to-webinar account for $50-$100 bucks a month or go to and host webinars for free.

You could even offer to, as the free thing you offer to their list, to host a webinar just for his list and suggest that you teach them some of your best techniques. You can mention at the end of the webinar some of your stuff and if someone buys, you tell the person you’ll give them some of the money.

Webinars have a high perceived value because they’re live and people can ask questions. And once again, for this, you’re doing everything – giving them the marketing and the links of where to send people to sign up.

And there you have it.

Spend 3 hours a day devoted to these activities and you’ve definitely put yourself light years ahead of the majority of your competitors who pretend they’re busy doing stuff that matters.

If you’ve got any other suggestions for how to maximize these 3 hours, please feel welcome to drop some knowledge on me!

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2