These guys get the job done quick and dirty and so can you...

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Do you feel like your need to be perfect has held you down?

You ever felt like your fear of failure, your fear of rejection, and your fear of being wrong pushed you into a corner and didn’t let you get blog posts written, products produced, videos shot, calls made to key affiliate partners?

Me too.

Dan Kennedy at his super expensive “Business Of Copywriting Academy” that he hosted for the folks over at AWAI spoke to this issue. And as “Done 4 You” services become an even more popular benefit to offer to clients what Dan covers here is essential for ALL consultants to know.

In Every Business & Every Task There’s What Dan Calls a “GOOD ENOUGH” Spot

Not all GE spots are in the same location.

Southwest airlines has a different GE spot than American Airlines does. You have expectations about what you’re gonna get from Southwest that control whether you’re gonna be satisfied with them or not.

You’re ok with being herded like cattle into the plane and you don’t care because you know in advance what you’re getting into. Southwest is all about getting where you need to go, on time. That’s it. No frills.

You fly first class on American and you’ve got an entirely different set of expectations, therefore they’re saddled with an entirely different GE spot. All businesses have this.

A Ritz Carlton has a different GE spot than the Hilton does. Rooms, personnel, everything.

This Is Situational – Never Absolute

The most important thing to remember is that there is little benefit to you in achieving more than “good enough” results… unless your royalties are tied in to results.

If Cost Per Sale (CPC) is $200 bucks, and you get it down to $180 and then you end up spending a ton of time getting it down to $165, and don’t move the client on to six other opportunities within their business that are bigger and better and therefore are better opportunities for you to work on, and the client was happy with $180, you’ve accomplished nothing in all of your effort getting it to $165.

There may a chair further away from the burner in the afterlife for gunning for maximum results in every situation, but there’s no real reward here unless it is directly affecting your money.

And even then, you’ve gotta be careful to not be spending too much time in one place at the expense of not tapping into 3, 5, 7 other opportunities in the business.


Dan had a client who came to him to improve their front end results – the first transaction and conversion to customer.

Dan discovered these guys had 35% refund rate. They’re making so much money though that they’re ignoring it. This, was the huge opportunity in this business because they’re not doing anything to improve it. 

He knows that with a series of stick letters reminding people of why they bought in the first place and were happy about buying,  he figured he could cut that down to 20% – 15 points. And this 15 points is a ton of money.

So all he wants to do on the front end is enough to improve where they are now. He wants to spend a week blasting this out because he wants to play where the money is. 

He knows that if he spent 4 months doing research and testing more variables that they could improve the front end even more. And maybe if they have a long relationship, they’ll get all the way back around to the refund cash cow.

But he wants to do just enough to satisfy them on this front so they can move on to focusing on where there’s an enormous amount of money to be had and guess what?

On the front end where the cost of acquisition is high anyway, the kind of business they’re in, the volume they do, they can only give him a 1% royalty.

On the refund reductions, which they don’t see as a big opportunity, they’re willing to split the reduction in refunds. Well if he gets it down 15 points, 7 of those points go to him.

For them and for him, it’s better to spend the time here than it is on the front. But the client can’t see this and won’t see it until you address the issue they came to you for in the first place.

So knock that out and ride on this momentum into the next opportunity. You’ll get far less resistance from them, and in fact your ideas will now be welcomed.

The very same is true within your own mind.

You complete a project to a good is good enough point to roll it out and your mind will be ready to begin the next one. If you don’t do this and just leave a bunch of projects half finished on your computer, your mind is gonna fight you when you want to start something new.

This is where the “Fuck It” mindset can overwhelm you

You might to the point where you label yourself a failure because you never finish everything, throw in the towel, and settle for acting like  a loser or worse… a victim. Fuck it all – the world is against me.

It might seem like getting things done is too hard. And it is, when you’ve gotta be perfect, when you’re afraid of failing, and when you’re scared of rejection.

But guess what? Anybody who’s somebody overcame all of those fears and I bet you money that most of them got their start with “Good is Good Enough”. You can too.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2


These guys get the job done quick and dirty and so can you...