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Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today we’re kicking off Part 3 of the lessons to be found in Zig’s slicker than Vaseline and potent as gasoline “Spiritual Journey” presentation. Go here to see Part 1 if you missed it or Part 2 if you missed that one.

With that said, let the soul saving begin right where we left off…

People say, “Lord, I know you created the universe but lemme tell you about that walnut I married. I don’t think you could get along with her. Or lord lemme tell ya about that man I’m married to or let me tell about that teenager or that child of mine! Lord I know you did all of these other things but let’s face it, you can’t get personal and solve our day to day problems.”

[NERD 2 NOTE] You wouldn’t expect a master salesman to not bring up objections before the prospect does, would you? This is a must in any selling situation. It’s harder though from the stage or in copy in print or pixel because your prospect isn’t right in front of you to tell you what their exact concerns are. But you’re see how Zig’s going to do it here…

How absurd can we get.

God can mend any broken heart provided you’ve given him all of the pieces.

What does it mean to know god? What does it mean to know Christ? How can you understand this bible of ours?

Well in Luke the 10th chapter and the 21st verse it tells us something rather fascinating. He says that “God hides from the learned scholar what he reveals to the child of god.”

Some of these brilliantly educated people never understand the bible. Why? Because they’ve never known Christ and he reveals to them that is what he is saying.

You see, I happen to believe that the bible, and understand that I speak and write at the 7th grade 9th month level, and in my own simple way I believe that the god who created the universe can figure out a way to get a bible printed that does not have any errors in it.

I believe in the simple eloquence of the bible and what it says. What could be more beautiful and more eloquent and more simple and more profound than “God is love.” Or, “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the bible tells me so.”

But you think about it from a realistic point of view. 39 men wrote the 56 books of the bible. They wrote it in 3 different languages on 3 different continents. It spanned over 1,500 years in time. And yet it all fits together like a hand fits in a glove.

Man could never have done that.

Simple example. If you and I were to watch a traffic accident at the same time, same place, in identical circumstances chances are magnificent that 30 minutes later, you would be giving a wrong report on it. At least one of us would giving a wrong report on it. Probably both of us would.

[NERD 2 NOTE] Ok, what do you think of the answer to the objection? Well the first implication he stands boldly on here is that the bible is the truth and that smart people (aka people who don’t think the “right” way, the way you’re supposed to) who try to tell you it isn’t, are wrong. In sales you’re always gonna have to deal with the objection of what Eben Pagan calls “The Ultimate Influencer” and this is the person who the person you’re trying to sell to, listens to and tries to impress more than anyone else on the planet. If as a salesperson you can’t overcome the questions & the ridicule this person is going to bring up to the prospect if they buy what you’re selling, you’re toast. You might as well roll up your tent because you aren’t making that sale.

So, he’s only got 45 minutes so he’s doing his best to knock that out.

What next? Let’s talk about how… “It’s good to be simple minded. You don’t have to think too hard about this stuff. Look at me. I am. And here I am on stage talking, people like you paying me to talk to you at a 7th grade level.” This is always good to address because people don’t want to think. The majority of people secretly prefer to be told what to do as long as what they’re told to do is easy and leads to pleasure.

Next comes the good use of convincing language like “realistic”.

Everyone wants to be “perceived” as being realistic. It’s a treasured virtue. And the perfect time to roll it out is when you’re showcasing bullet proof logic and proof that what you’re selling for real like Zig does here about it being impossible for men to write a fiction story book. And then what he does, being simple minded man yet ultra-wise salesman is brings the point home with an example you can understand by using the traffic accident metaphor, just in case the 39 men, 3 different languages, 3 different continents, 1,500 year argument flew over your head. Very, very astute on Zig’s part.

The “fits like a hand in a glove” metaphor was also classic convincing language.

In knowing Christ you eliminate a lot fear, doubt and worry.

Now let me emphasize a point. There’s a lot of difference in being in Christ and having Christ in you and believing that you are god. That’s new age.

Now in new age, you know, they say, “Man is god.” Well there’s 3 things I know, number one there is a god. Number two, it ain’t me. Number three, it ain’t you either.

[NERD 2 NOTE] Another weapon of influence you want to keep on hand is that of invalidating any competition indirectly. Here, he says Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Lester Levenson are full of shit without slamming them publicly. This is Sales 101. New age people are despised by any religious fanatic because they say religion divides people instead of bringing them together and that thinking and acting from pure loving thoughts is good enough to be fulfilled here on Earth and beyond. This is Zig’s making their premises invalid and unrealistic. You gotta do this in your business, especially with alternatives people use that can actually in real life, be harmful to their health.

Now what you do is understand that with god in you, that you can do so many things. God gives heart transplants. I remember the marvelous changes that took place in my life.

As a Christian I’ve laughed more than I ever have in life but I’ve also cried more than I’ve ever cried.

Yesterday morning as I was reading the scriptures, and I thought about the good news we got about the impending birth of a new grandchild in our family. It’s still 8 months away but are we ever excited about it.

And as I sit there thinking about that beautiful gift of that precious life, within my daughter in-law’s womb, my eyes just filled with tears of gratitude.

I’ve been to funerals of Christians and I’ve been to funerals of non-Christians and the difference in the anticipation, the joy, the excitement is so dramatically different. I struggle with the preacher who’s preaching for a person who is lost and how he has to struggle to think of something nice to say.

Those who have known the lord, the preacher can come out and say “We know that he’s in an infinitely better place,” what a tremendous comfort that is.

[NERD 2 NOTE] Wow. Does that paint a vivid picture for you. Your family being embarrassed because the preacher has nothing good to say about you because he “knows” you’re roasting in hell. That’s heavy handed. And for this pitch, Zig’s convinced he’s saving souls so he’s pulling out all the stops. He’s of the opinion that, “Shame on me if I know I’ve got something I know will help my prospect and I don’t do everything in my power to present it in it’s most compelling fashion.

The bible is the only book of prophecy in the whole world. You’ll never find another one. Because you see, if a prophecy doesn’t come out right, then ladies and gentleman, that means something other than god wrote it because god is infallible. He makes no errors.

I tell people I believe every single bit of the bible.

[NERD 2 NOTE] Watch the words he’s using above… only, never, infallible, believe… all words that when used, help people trust in what you say. You just have to make sure that you can back up what you say so you don’t end up having  to explain yourself when your “rapture/results” fail to show up. 

So many things have happened. I remember two years after my conversion I was out in my swimming pool again and I was looking up into the heavens and as I did, my son was there and I was sitting on the side talking and all of a sudden I said, “Son, look there’s another shooting star!” And my nine year old boy said, “Daddy, that wasn’t a shooting star that was a roman candle. And I said, “No boy, I was looking it. It was a shooting star.” He said, “Dad, I was looking at it too and it was a roman candle.” And I said, “Well boy your eyes are a lot younger than mine and I’m gonna let you rule this time that it was a roman candle but it sure looked like a shooting star to me.” 

And it got awfully quiet.

He looked at me and he said, “You know dad, 2 years ago at your moment of need, that star that you saw falling, had left it’s orbit thousands and thousands of years earlier and a perfect god timed it so that it would appear at your exact moment of need.”

I said it before, my boy is smart, but he ain’t that smart.

You see, god again was manifesting himself in so many different ways.

[NERD 2 NOTE] This is interesting. Zig is stacking more proof. But the proof here seems to do something interesting. It says to the crowd, “I’m chosen. God keeps showing up in my life.” What I can see this doing for the audience is helping them see that this is a guy they need to listen to. In a world where it’s easier to remember the bad stuff that happens to you and harder for most people to remember good stuff happening to them, this guy is having these monumental conversations with god is his pool that are so memorable he can recount them word for word decades later. This is magnificent evidence that you can believe me.

I well remember in those days we didn’t have the corporate structure that we do these days and I kinda ran a one person outfit. We’d paid our expenses and I remember one week the red head had written a check for the tithe and I looked at it and said, “Gracious, I didn’t know we made that much money this week?”

She said, “Yeah, we had a good week.”

I said, “Wonderful!” And then I said, “Wait a minute, I was all over the country this week, and you didn’t deduct all the airfare.”

She said, “No, I sure didn’t.” She hesitated for a moment and then smiled and said, “Honey let’s just leave it like it is. We can’t out give god.”

So true. So true. You can not out give god.

I hear a lot of people talk about negative Christians and I say to people, “There’s no such thing as a negative Christian. Now you can be negative or you can be Christian but you cannot be a negative Christian.”

Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t have some down time because all of us do. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have those moments but I am talking about your nature.

Let me tell you why you can’t be negative and be Christian.

You see the bible clearly says that if you’re a Christian then you clearly understand and believe this, it clearly says that god has forgiven us for the sins of our past. That brings our plate up to date absolutely clean.

The bible also says that we can have life and that we can have it more abundantly. We read in the bible that, “I wish above all things my brethren that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul past.” Christ says that “I am with thee always” which takes care of the present and then as far as the future is concerned the bible clearly tells us that we will go to heaven if we buy and believe his concept that it is “by grace, through faith, that not of works less any man should boast, it is a gift.” And in Romans we read that that gift is irreversible. That once you’re god’s child, you are forever god’s child. You cannot be saved and then lost. It doesn’t go together.

So if you’re past has been forgiven, your present more abundant than ever and your future irreversibly, irrevocably guaranteed, what have you got to be negative about?

[NERD 2 NOTE] Is that not one of the finest evaporations of a objection that you’ve ever seen. Systematic destruction at the hands of a jenn-wine {red neck pronunciation of ‘genuine’ in celebration of his down south heritage} objection demolition expert.

I hear people talk about Sunday Christians. There’s no such thing as a Sunday Christian. Ladies and gentleman, you either are or you ain’t. There’s no such thing as a Sunday man or a Sunday woman.

Your Christianity is what you are thanks to Jesus Christ. It is a 7 day a week situation. Let me share a couple of stories with you.

I want to emphasize this. If what I say is wrong, and you believe me, you will lose absolutely nothing. But if what I say is right, and you don’t believe me, you will lose EVERYTHING.

In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by listening very carefully to what I’m now going to share with you…

[NERD 2 NOTE] I’ll call this the “You can’t lose as long as you’re buying from me”  pre-frame. You’re free to do whatever you want. Listen, don’t listen, doesn’t matter to me. Pay attention to everything that isn’t said but implied here. Such as, if you don’t listen you’re ruining your whole life and you may as well just wear nothing but t-shirts that say, “I’m Satan’s child” for the rest of your miserable doomed life. You should go home and write your family a letter telling them what a pathetic loser you are because you’re damning your soul to hell. And if you don’t have a family, do the world a favor and go and get your tubes tied or a vasectomy done so you never punish them with your heathen seed or eggs.”

Anytime you can legitimately tell people “You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain,”  do it. It’s a great selling strategy if your proof is rock solid and your guarantee is bullet proof.

I’m not convinced by any of Zig’s presentation, but Zig is. And that’s what matters. I’m not Zig’s perfect prospect but if he didn’t tune me out and speak directly to his target audience, convinced that’s what he’s got is “THE WAY”… he’d never sell a damn thing.

You need to have this kind of conviction about what you sell in the face of the 99 out of 100 people who are gonna see your offer (1% conversion ratio) and are gonna turn it down. If you can’t, go get a job mopping up at the local junior high or stocking shelves at Costco. You’ll save yourself a ton of stress never having to assert yourself as an authority and ask people to buy what it is that you sell.


Now to see Zig’s knock out punch, his master close for this sale, you come on back here for Part 4.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2