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Paint thinner melts through the old crusted up shit stuck on places you don’t want it. Potent heart-felt selling stories melt away the old crusted up beliefs that keep your perfect prospect from buying.Today we’re kicking off Part 4, the finale of the lessons to be found in Zig’s slicker than spit on a gold tooth “Spiritual Journey” presentation.

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Now because I know you’re peeing your pants with excitement waiting for me to unleash the beast, the author of “Secrets To Closing The Sale” and let him bring this baby home, we’ll let the soul saving, rescue mission roll right on where we left off.

Take it away Zig…

I hear people talk about Sunday Christians. There’s no such thing as a Sunday Christian. Ladies and gentleman, you either are or you ain’t. There’s no such thing as a Sunday man or a Sunday woman.

Your Christianity is what you are thanks to Jesus Christ. It is a 7 day a week situation. Let me share a couple of stories with you.

I want to emphasize this. If what I say is wrong, and you believe me, you will lose absolutely nothing. But if what I say is right, and you don’t believe me, you will lose EVERYTHING.

In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by listening very carefully to what I’m now going to share with you.

[NERD 2 NOTE] I’ll call this the “You can’t lose as long as you’re buying from me”  pre-frame. You’re free to do whatever you want. Listen, don’t listen, doesn’t matter to me. Pay attention to everything that isn’t said but implied here. Such as, if you don’t listen you’re ruining your whole life and you may as well just wear nothing but t-shirts that say, “I’m Satan’s child” for the rest of your miserable doomed life. You should go home and write your family a letter telling them what a pathetic loser you are because you’re damning your soul to hell. And if you don’t have a family, do the world a favor and go and get your tubes tied or a vasectomy done so you never punish them with your heathen seed or eggs.”

Anytime you can legitimately tell people “You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain,”  do it. It’s a great selling strategy if your proof is rock solid and your guarantee is bullet proof.

I’m not convinced by any of Zig’s presentation, but Zig is. And that’s what matters. I’m not Zig’s perfect prospect but if he didn’t tune me out and speak directly to his target audience, convinced that’s what he’s got is “THE WAY”… he’d never sell a damn thing.

You need to have this kind of conviction about what you sell in the face of the 99 out of 100 people who are gonna see your offer (1% conversion ratio) and are gonna turn it down. If you can’t, go get a job mopping up at the local junior high or stocking shelves at Costco. You’ll save yourself a ton of stress never having to assert yourself as an authority and ask people to buy what it is that you sell.

I well remember a gentleman that came through our 3 day seminar in Dallas. In a private session, I had the privilege of leading him to Christ. I

It had such a profound impact on his life, he’d been a member of a cult all of his life, been raised in that belief and the change in him was so dramatic that he said, “I want to send my sister to the class and if you will, spend some time with her.”

Well, when Carolyn got there I had the privilege of spending some quiet time with her and a staff member and I were talking with her and as we sat down I asked, “Carolyn, what do you believe this is?” and I held up my bible.

She said, “It’s a bible.”

I said, “Who wrote this bible?”

She said, “God wrote the bible and it was out of the inspiration of the holy spirit that every word is there.”

I said, “How much of this book do you believe?

She said, “I believe every bit of it.”

I said, “OK Carolyn, let me ask you a question. If you were to die right now, if you were to not be able to get out of this chair, would you know that you know beyond any reasonable doubt that you would spend your eternity with Christ?”

She got awfully quiet and she said, “No, I don’t really have that assurance.”

I said, “Well Carolyn, let me ask you, would you like to know beyond any doubt that if you should not be able to step out of that chair, that the rest of eternity you’d be with him?

She said, “Ohhh I would love that more than anything on earth.”

“In the book of Ezekiel I said “Carolyn, read with me,” I opened my bible and I read to her and said, “For it is by grace, the favor of god, good faith that you’re saved. That not of your works less any man should propose it is a gift. Do you believe that Carolyn?”

She said, “Ohhh yes I do. But you’ve also got to so and so and so and so and so.”

I said, “Carolyn, the bible doesn’t say you’ve got to work your way to heaven.” And then I said, “Let’s turn to another verse.” I turned to Romans 10;9 and that verse says that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord, and believe in your heart that god raised him from dead, you will be saved. I said “Carolyn, that’s clear.”

She said, “It sure is.” But she said, “You’ve also got to so and so and so and so and so and so.”

I said, “Carolyn, you’re still talking about working your way to heaven.”

She said, “Well, not exactly but you gotta admit that…” and she got right back into it.

And I opened the bible to John 6;29 and I said, “Carolyn, let’s read this one real good. What the verse says is the work, Carolyn what does that word say?”

She said, “The work.”

I said, “The work of god is this. To believe in the one he has sent. Carolyn, how can it get any clearer? Don’t you believe that?”

And she said, “Oh yes I do, but you’ve got to so and so and so and so,”

Then I realized I was overmatched. You see it wasn’t Carolyn and I discussing it. It was Satan and I discussing it.

[NERD 2 NOTE] WOW. He just turned this into David vs. Goliath. What kind of objection handling question is he gonna use as the rock that goes in the sling that is his fully automatic mouth? Let’s see…

So I offered a quick prayer, I said, “Lord, help me. Give me the words to say that you might open the eyes and the heart of this woman.” Now if you’ve done a lot of praying in advance, sometimes you can cash a quickie.

I said, “Carolyn, let me ask you a question. Where do you believe the thief on the cross is right now?”

She said, “I believe he is in heaven with Christ.”

I said, “Carolyn, let me ask you a question. How much work, how much anything did this man who was a convicted criminal executed in the laws of Rome, a man who was violent and dangerous, a thief and possibly a murderer, how much work did he do between the cross and heaven?”

She sat there stunned just for a few seconds and then she started to smile. She said, “Why he couldn’t do any work, could he.”

I said, “No, he couldn’t. And yet you’ve agreed he’s in heaven. Now Carolyn, if this thief on the cross can go from the cross to heaven, don’t you believe you can go from this chair straight to heaven?

She said, “Ohhh yes I do.”

I said, “Carolyn, would you like to bow your head and invite Christ to come into your life?”

She said, “Ohhh yes I would.”

One of the most glorious moments of my life is when god used me to lead that dear lady to Christ and what a change it made in her life.

[NERD 2 NOTE] SOLD! Now I’m not gonna get all super analytical about Zig’s language patterns here but you see there’s a pattern right.

Do you agree with this undeniable evidence? Do you agree with this flawless evidence? All the way down to a conclusion that’s self evident based on what you agreed to brought about by questioning you, not telling you, if you believe this conclusion to be true.

He patiently lets you cut of your own routes of escape. And he’s doing this from the stage while you’re sitting in your seat through a story. This means you can do the same in your video or written salesletters.

The biggest key though is to find your toughest objections and handle them like this. Now notice how he used specificity in doing this. He didn’t say, “Some lady came to me,” This is Carolyn.

This subtle nuance makes all the difference in the world. 

What’s also important to note here is him going from talking about his personal story of being converted… to him having the power to convert others.

THIS is an underlying message saying “You’re in the hands of a master who’s showing you proof that god works through him and has worked his mojo in the real world successfully. Have no fear. I’m the Real Deal Holyfield.”

You want your prospects to feel this and telling stories about how you helped other people like them impresses this upon them. Especially if they were “Impossible” cases like Zig brags about here – converting life long sinners to the truth. Those are the ultimate stories you could use.

This is how Tony Robbins put himself on the map, naming himself, “The One Stop Therapist” and challenging other therapists on the radio in cities he was hosting seminars in, to bring him their worst patient, someone they hadn’t been able to cure for years and he would cure their phobia is one session. And he never failed in public and this paved the way to him becoming world famous.

People want to believe you have super powers. If you’ve done anything to get off your ass and made something happen, you are super in the eyes of most people because they can barely muster enough attention to watch a video or read an article let alone risk the fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of being wrong.

For example, if you’ve made one dollar online, you’ve done more than the majority of people who talk about wanting to have an online business. You have a super power. But you’re discounting yourself because you haven’t made a million. Stop it.

These three people may be the only people Zig ever converted from the “Dark Side” but you’d never know it. He’s prouder than hell of what he’s done and he speaks about it so authoritatively that he makes it seem like this is a normal and customary event in his life.

This is one of those times that it’s good for you to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

So you see folks, a lot of times were not very logical.

All of our lives, we’ve done as I did. I tried through my own strength and will to live for Christ. I didn’t believe in him but I didn’t doubt him. I did not doubt his presence but I did not acknowledge him as my lord and savior.

I tried to do things in my own strength and after 45 years I was broke and in debt.

I want to be very careful to say this. I’m just so grateful it’s true. I tithe today and I give substantially more than we were earning before I became a Christian. My taxes are dramatically more than I was earning before I committed my life to Christ.

I want to say this carefully because not for one moment do I want you to ever get the idea that when you become a Christian, god is going to bless you financially.

 [NERD 2 NOTE] Now, we handle the people in the audience motivated by the need to avoid poverty and the desire to gain riches.

And we show that even a broken down 45 year old man making nothing to something just by handing the keys over to the lord.

But wait, we’re saying that but not saying it. Notice the language in the last paragraph, “not for one moment do I want you to ever get the idea…”

Remember, when you tell someone what NOT to focus on, they focus on it. If I say, “Don’t think of a hippopotamus,” you think of one. I doubt Zig was ignorant to this fact but this strategy is so innocent sounding to the zombies in the crowd.

Especially when you throw the lawyer/scientist/philosopher word, “Logical” at the start of your spiel.

Now I don’t want you for one moment to doubt the power of telling people not to think of what you want them to think of under the guise of you warning them away from it and not condoning it for that use that they secretly covet.

The idea that you can name it and claim it is an absolute abomination to the lord.

The idea that you’re broke because your faith is not strong enough is absolute heresy. It simply is not true.

I know so many Christians, including my mother, the strongest Christian I ever knew in my life, and she never had a dime in her life. God doesn’t mind you being prosperous, particularly if you use it for his glory. But god will give to you what is best for you.

Money might be the worst thing on earth for you. But he will bless you according to what is best for you.


First of all this is brilliant on Zig’s part, guaranteeing that what he’s selling is perfect. Might not work the way you like, but it works. There’s nothing wrong with the service AND at the same time there’s nothing wrong with you either.

Them’s just the breaks.

Yet this being folded in with his admission of being broke for 45 years gives you room to doubt that god wants you to be a bum forever. Maybe you are destined to be rich if you’d only give up your soul to the lord.

But even then, Zig’s results are not typical.

How do you use this, “Something beyond you and me is deciding whether you’re gonna be rich or not,” stuff in our marketing? If your market is heavy duty Christians, I recommend swiping the hell out Zig’s masterful shtick here.

If not, then you can use Dan Kennedy’s favored strategy of leaning on the Pareto Principle. The 80/20 rule based on vast empirical scientific research and studies, not superstition or fate,  says that no matter how great your product is, how awesome a guru you are, only 20% of anyone who buys from you will do something with your product or service.

Here it is…

80% of People Are Losers or Average and 20% Are Winners

Within any sub section of society we always have an 80/20 split…

80% of kids in classroom are C to F students, 15% average C’s and B’s and 5% hit A’s consistently.

Out of the players in the NFL – The National Football League – made up of the best players in the United States, 80% of them are gonna stink up the joint like there’s no tomorrow and of the 20%, only about 5% of them are gonna be superstars.

84.9% of all companies in America never break a million dollars in sales in a year. Approximately 15% break $1 million dollars and 4-5% break $5 million dollars in sales. If you’ve broken $10 million… you’re in the top 2%

3% of Harvard MBA’s Make 97% of the Money? All Of Them Have The Same Training. What Gives?

The first reason this is an important point to make is because often as leaders we try to change those numbers. We frustrate ourselves intellectually and emotionally by trying to crack the code of human behavior.

It’s kind of like the “No Child Left Behind” program. I’ve got news for you. There’s gonna be some kids left behind. They ain’t coming. No matter what you do.

And so as a human being, I don’t feel it’s in anybody’s best interest to have a “No Person Left Behind” program.

The second reason it’s so vital to get a hold of this concept is that from a personal stand point… you choose the group you’re in.

The Huge Philosophical Difference Between Winners and Losers

The socialist, apologist, lack of initiative position on this is that the 95/5 and 80/20 realities tell us that life is too difficult. And that it’s our obligation to somehow make it easier for everybody. Because, obviously if people could cope and life was fair and just, then the percentages would at least be inverted.

The realist position is that no matter what you do, you’re not going to change the percentages. The only thing you can actually control is your choice of which group you’re gonna be in. You’re not gonna change the groups. Nobody else is gonna change the groups.

So, whatever profession you’re in, these percentages are there. Whatever community you live in, these percentages are there. Whatever sub-section of the profession you’re in… these percentages are there.

If you’re a car dealer, these percentages are in your niche. If you’re a Lamborghini dealer, these percentages are in the Lamborghini dealer niche. If you’re a Lamborghini car dealer in California where there’s 8 of you, these percentages are in Lamborghini dealerships in California. There’s 1.6 of the 8 of you who are doing fabulous.

These Loser/Winner Percentages Never Change… They’re The Same As When We Didn’t Have Electric Light.

The overall population stats, the social security stats first published in 1952 said 5% of the people end up at retirement age with enough money to retire and 95% don’t.

The last time I saw they were published in 2003 and the they said 5% of people wind up with enough money to retire and 95% don’t. Now think of everything that’s changed since 1952.

Hasn’t had any impact whatsoever on these percentages. Why? Because it’s not a matter of technology, it’s not a matter of tools or equipment. It’s not a matter of opportunity. It’ not a matter of education. It’s not a matter of any of that.

Now Here’s What’s So Important…

It’s a matter of choice and behavior. That’s all it is. The thousands of people besides you, who have access to the internet and access to all the free kick ass info on how to build a successful business and are reading it now would reveal the same data. The same thing’s at play.

If your choice is to be in the 5% group… if you’re consciously saying “I want to be optimally successful despite our market conditions so I can bring home lots of money and not feel like a loser… And I want it to be easier… then here’s what you gotta get…

You can’t stubbornly cling to any thought or behavior that is owned by the group you don’t want to be in.

Not even one. One bad apple spoils the bunch. One stubbornly clung to belief, one stubbornly clung to behavior that belongs to the 80% group is the anchor that will keep you in the 80% group.

20% of people are winners, 80% are losers. Neither you, I, Napoleon Hill, Jesus, Tony Robbins, all of us added together are gonna change the percentages of human behavior.

I highly suggest you use this in your marketing if you don’t go the Jesus route like Zig did in his.
I close with this example…
When I committed my life to Christ, my number one objective was to have each and every one of my family, children, brothers, sisters, everybody in the kingdom.
These are the ones I love the most.
I immediately started witnessing to and trying to live in a way that they would be attracted to the benefits of Christianity.
A lot of people don’t realize this, that as a Christian, as a church goer you’ll live 5 and 7/10 years longer than a non-church goer. You have 55% less chance of having a one car accident and 60% less chance of having a fatal heart attack.
There’s some other benefits that go along with it. My greatest benefit has been in the world of relationships. I always thought I loved that red head of mine. I really did. The kids always called us the love birds.
But until I learned to love her through Christ, I did not know what love was all about. We’re infinitely closer today after over 47 years of marriage than we’ve ever been. We talk more, we laugh more, we do more, we have more in common. We grow closer by the day.
God has opened my eyes and my heart in so many different ways. It just makes such a difference.
You know you’re beholding a master at work, right.
Look at how he’s stacking even MORE PROOF. And it’s proof from different angles. Not monetary proof of benefits but emotional and life and death proof of benefits you’ll get if Jesus feels like you should.
What is also masterful is his use of the word “KINGDOM”. Fuck the standard “Inner circle” or “Insiders club” or “Mastermind Group”. Those are tired.
They have nowhere near the sexiness of being allowed inside “THE KINGDOM”. Who doesn’t want to brag about going to “THE KINGDOM”. If you beat me to using this power term for your coaching group, I salute you.  
One by one, each and every one in my family came into the kingdom with the exception of my oldest daughter.
She was “an intellectual”. A lot of this just didn’t make any sense to her. She could see how excited I was. She could see changes in me but she’d say, “Dad, you’ve always been excited about a whole lot of things,” and she kinda thought it was a passing fancy.
Well, you can only witness so much, even to your own child. And after some time I grew really discouraged. And then one day the lord whispered to me and I want to emphasize a point there too.
In 99 9/10 of occasions god speaks to me through his bible. There have been about 5 instances in the years I’ve known him where I felt his presence was so real that I felt he was audibly speaking to me and obviously he was impressing my mind.
[NERD 2 NOTE] Remember, that if you’re bragging about your super powers and they sound unbelievable, call it out like Zig keeps doing here when talking about his direct line to god.
Get into the conversation your prospect is having, acknowledge it, and address it in a way that serves yours and their highest outcome. Or just hope they don’t think you’re a nut job or a blow hard. Your choice.
But god mostly speaks to his bible but it seemed to me on this occasion god whispered, “Why don’t you write her a book.” And I very quickly said, “Alright lord, WE will write her a book.”
Every word, every phrase, every verse of scripture, every example, every illustration, every prayer in ‘Confessions of a Happy Christian,’ was put in there with the hope and prayer that it would be instrumental in bringing my daughter to Christ. 
Well, in the mean time she had gotten involved with an organization that had a strong witnessing Christian and he started talking about Christ and in the mean time also she’d gotten married.
And one day she told me you know that she was in church and all that really tickled me.
But when my book came out, and I gave it to her as I did all the other members of my family and one by one they were saying “Oh dad, it really is a great book.” And I just couldn’t wait for my oldest daughter but she never opened the book.
A couple of Sundays later, she and her husband were seated in our den and as we talked, I felt god spirit moving and I said, “Are you two ready to commit your life to Christ?”
My son in law said, “Well, I already have.” I looked at my daughter and said, “What about you sweet heart?” She said, “No daddy, I’m just not ready.”
It really broke my heart because the bible says that when the holy spirit beckons, you must respond because there’s no guarantee that he will beckon again.
It really bothered me and yet, I felt that I could go no further. And I didn’t. 8 days later on Monday night I was doing a seminar here in Dallas. My son in-law works with me. He went down and was manning the display of books and tapes there.
My son decided to go with me that night and my daughter went also. When it was all over and I’d finished bidding everybody goodnight my son and son in-law were loading the books and tapes that were left into the car, my daughter was standing in the back and I walked back to her and she put her arms around me and she said, “Thank you daddy for finding Jesus Christ when you did, because had you not found him then, I would not know him now.”
I grabbed her and I hugged her and kissed her and I spanked her and I cried and I hugged her and I kissed her and I spanked her again and I cried some more.
We made an agreement with my son and son in-law that we were gonna meet down in the coffee shop and have a bowl of soup. She and I walked on down, we took our seats, I sat, my son sat down and I looked at him and said, “Son, guess who Susie knows.”
He looked startled just for a moment and then his little eyes filled with tears and he bowed his head and he wept. Your parents who’ve had the privilege of knowing Christ and leading their children to Christ know the unspeakable joy that I felt.   
We got home, we walked in the front door, the red head was all the way across the room and for the benefit of the visitors, when I keep saying the red head, I’m obviously talking about my wife.
She was all the way across the room. When we walked in before anybody said a word, she said, “Susan knows the lord doesn’t she.” (Nerd 2 Note: Awesome how his wife has magic powers too!!!) And I said, “Yes, she’s safe. She’s safe.”
The question is, do you know the lord?
It’s a given that all of us are going to die. I believe with all of my heart that heaven is a real place and that hell is a real place. We will go by our choice to one of them.
And I say by choice because you see, “God’s voted for you. Satan has voted against you. And the deciding vote is going to be yours.”
THAT, is how you close a sale. Actually he was closing throughout this whole long ass post, following the ABC – Always Be Closing selling strategy but this is the knockout punch.
Clayton Makepeace calls this “The Cross Roads Close”. You’re either in or you’re out. You can take the shortcut or you can be like the Jews wandering around in the desert lost forever. This qualifies as the ultimate life and death Cross Roads Close. You’re either a devil worshipper or you ain’t. And guess what? You get to decide.
Man, I wish you could hear this. It’s nowhere near the same reading it on the screen but if you didn’t have it on the screen, it be too easy to let all the lessons just fly right on by while you’re being whisked away on his magic carpet ride. I love it!
This is it for this episode of “The Stronger Than Paint Thinner” Selling Stories.
Use what you’ve learned from Zig and go on to convert some prospects into customers! 
Talk Soon,
Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2