These are the fears you have to let your prospects escape from

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It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Right now I’m smack dab in the middle of taking notes on what I feel to be Dan Kennedy’s most current and best-to-date program on consulting  – Business Of Copywriting Academy.

The reason I say this is that the other two courses he’s done (Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp – Advanced Coaching & Consulting Bootcamp), while outstanding, had to have time allocated to them for running “coaching groups” also.

This one didn’t. It’s 2 days and a 253 page manual JUST on getting clients you actually like and keeping these clients writing you check after check after check.

Anyone in any mode of consulting can use what he teaches in this seminar in order to be taken seriously by prospective clients which is really what leads to you getting them to respect you what you bring to the table. ANY MODE.

The frame work is universally applicable, from computer consulting, to selling local businesses on getting found online, to being a dog whisperer, as you’ll see with what I’m going to share with you right now about the 8 fears you’re probably ignoring when prospecting and wooing new clients and what to do about it…  

1. They Fear Being Seen As Weak Or Incompetent Or Foolish In Other People’s Eyes

Most people worry non-stop about what other people think of them.

Some of it’s justified business paranoia – bosses, partners, shareholders, staff, spouse. But when it’s their peers, friends or non-buyers influencing decisions about their business, people who aren’t paying them any money or bringing them money – that’s not so justified.

And there’s the fear of being seen as weak because they’ve admitted they need help and sought it out.

Answer: Admit what you yourself are clueless about and why you zero shame in hiring an expert to handle it for you. Me, I’m pretty worthless when it comes to fixing or diagnosing what’s wrong with a car.

Even though I grew up with a mom who had nothing but piece of shit cars, I never learned anything about fixing them. I was still in diapers when I was jumping them but beyond that, I’m  useless. And may I live to be 150 and still not know. I have zero desire to fix anything mechanical. I’m not wired that way and that’s if you can find a wise mechanic who you can trust, you don’t question the bill when he hands it to you.

The key is to find pro’s you can depend on who love doing what you hate or are incompetent at. These people make your life easier and are worth their weight in gold. Especially if their expertise lines your pockets with gold.

2. They Fear You Being An Un-Manageable Asshole

Clients want to know they’re not gonna have any conflict in their organization – especially if they’ve have horror stories to tell from previous relationships.

They want to know you’re cooperative, reliable, accessible and that they won’t lose control of the project to an egomaniac.

Answer: Let the client know in your signed agreement what the famed boxing referee Joe Cortez does and say, “I’m fair but I’m firm.”

Now what you consider to be an asshole and what they consider to be an asshole might be two completely different things. Your agreement process is the way to lay out the rules of the road and address these issues before they sprout and ensnare you on the path to success.

Some clients will feel the need to be clingy and/or have you be submissive and at their beck and call whenever they feel to call upon you. One of Dan’s favorite lines to put into his agreement is “Consultant rarely available on short notice.”

He puts this line into his contract along with the other ways they’ll stay in touch. This way the both enter the relationship knowing what to expect. So if the clients starts getting fussy about not having a puppet, Dan refers them to the agreement they signed.

If you don’t do this upfront, neither party can make the other one wrong for breaking rules they didn’t know existed. 

 3. They Fear Being Over-Charged

Approximately 84% of people who hire consultants or copywriters do so without comparison shopping. In this industry there is no “standard rate” or “Minimum wage” to use as a scale, so most clients have nowhere to look.

This means most clients feel vulnerable because they don’t know how the advisor is calculating their fee and whether that calculation is fair or not.

Clients then naturally fear being embarrassed at revealing what they paid to a colleague and feeling like they’d been taken advantage of.

Answer: One way to handle this is to be the be ULTRA-EXPENSIVE and INACCESSIBLE. This way you give the clients paying high fees bragging rights.

The correct positioning and managing of the process of accepting clients totally ERASES price objection. Until you’ve seen Dan Kennedy’s process for doing this unfold step by step, like it does in his “Business of Copywriting Seminar” you might find this hard to believe. In this course it’s laid out even better than both of his Coaching and Consulting courses.

Another way is to sell money at a discount. More often than not in businesses you can paint a worst case scenario picture/equation of what their numbers will be once you implement a tactic. You can show them that what they’re investing in you is nothing compared with what’s possible… even in a worst case scenario. 

In the instance of working on marketing or advertising for a a client, you can also re-assure them that as long as they’re testing, you’ll keep tweaking until you guys get satisfactory results. You especially want to do this if you’ve set it up to get royalties on gross sales of the products or services. 

4. They Fear You’re Gonna Be Too Busy And Juggle Them

If you’re in demand, or presented yourself as in demand, you’ve invited the worry that they may have been wined & dined during seduction but after you’ve gotten what you want and the deals been signed and money has exchanged hands that you’ll drag your feet having a full belly.

The prime example of this is the remodeling contractor who takes your money and then leaves your kitchen torn up forever because he’s juggling too many other jobs with too few resources now to give yours the attention it needs to get wrapped up.

Answer: State in your agreement that you’ll only give yourself 15 days after the due dates you’ve named to finish work and after then you’ll be in breach of contract.

This lets people know you acknowledge their fear and that you’re willing to stand by your word and do what you said you would.

And if you don’t, you deserve to have a shit storm rain down on your head.

5. They Fear You Blabbing About Their Trade Secrets

Most clients obsess over this unreasonably. And Kennedy believes most consultants cannot and should not consent to non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements so this invites conflict.

Answer: In most cases people are too lazy to have looked into the history of, or into the current full scope of their industry and they think they’ve got something revolutionary and unique, when in fact, they don’t. Save yourself a ton of grief and let the ultra-paranoid stay paranoid about this and move on.

6. They Fear Not Being Able To Collaborate With You Or Implement Your Strategies And Work

Most clients won’t admit this but very often they’re embarrassed at their own mental and financial limitations that are revealed in the process of you selling them your consulting/copywriting services. (A great diagnostic questionnaire that they fill out at the intake process exposes these weaknesses)

And the more dysfunctional the client, the greater his fear will be that money spent on you will be wasted because of his or his companies own inability to contribute to the process or implement to get the best results.

Answer: This is a valid concern.

And the sad thing is, as awesome as Done 4 You services are, they aren’t enough to put the ultra dysfunctional client back together again.

This is why in your marketing you tell story that allude to you firing hopelessly incompetent people who couldn’t or wouldn’t implement.

Also, when someone makes an detailed inquiry about what they want from you, which should a precursor step to you even speaking with them, you want to be explicit as to what they should be willing to spend on implementation.

This will root out the broke pretenders who waste both of yours time and magnetically draw in the guys/gals who are serious about handling their problem. 

One of the cardinal sins you can make when entering a consulting relationship is to muddy the waters with 8 jillion things to do, all over the map. These people already have too much on their plate. You’re supposed to be there to make things dreamier, not turn them into a nightmare.

This means you’ve gotta show the client an exact, proven action plan you guys can realistically roll out. You know exactly what’s needed to get the job done and if they can write the check and get their people in place (which, depending on the scope of the project may be just you or vendors you bring in), it’s as good as done – money in the bank.

7. They Fear Depending On You

Clients are worried about being the patient who never gets off the couch and gets well. And they simultaneously fear losing the good feelings you bring to them that no one else does.

Answer: “We preach independence and we breed dependence.” Werner Erhardt Founder of est

You might think as a consultant that this is what you want, but it isn’t. This is the mindset that puts you to sleep at the wheel drunk on thinking you’re hot shit who’s untouchable.

Next thing you know, some kid shows up and cleans your clock and if you’ve been REALLY stupid, you haven’t been consistently marketing, so now your pipeline is dry because you were sucking on this bountiful tit for so long thinking the dream would never end.

You want to be overt about letting them know that you get that the number ONE is evil across the board in business… having only one vendor, one client, one employee who can take care of certain task, one stream of revenue, one source of leads, etc.

This is as much for your benefit as it is for theirs.

One of the things Dan K. taught me was the power of letting people know that if that if they can’t agree to work on your terms or at your fee level, that you’d be more than happy to refer them to other people… right out of the gate.   

This lets them know you’re not some petty person who might resort to dirty tactics if they lose you as a client or fear losing you as a client. You’ve gotta get control of this fear in their mind by making it clear that you’re a marketing machine who’s got another train coming if you guys ever choose to part ways and they should feel the same way. A mutual agreement.

8. They Fear Whether Or Not Your Competent

The client is concerned about you having general competence as well as specific competence of an advisor or copywriter.

They’re looking for reassuring signs of competence because they know interviews and samples from your resume can be misleading. They’re gonna accept or reject you based on how certain you make them feel one way or the other.

Answer: This is why specialization to a category is so crucial.

There’s no way on earth that you have time to become an authority on every possible business category you could consult for.

Trying to be everything to everybody makes it harder for you to display expertise that gets your perfect prospect saying, “This is my go-to guy!!! He totally gets not only my industry but me too!”

Why do you think Joe Polish kicks ass selling done 4 you marketing systems and coaching to carpet cleaners business? Specialization. He’s selling coaching and proven marketing copy to these guys and everything he says in his marketing looks, feels, and smells like it’s built for carpet cleaners.

When he talks, he not only comes across as one of them, but he’s what they aspire to be –wealthy yet free from being a slave to his business. And so they flock to him as you’ll see when you go to this site.

During this seminar Dan talked about how one of the ways he built his reputation back in the days was by narrowing his consulting focus down to chiropractors. As a matter of fact Dan got so good at speaking to this crowds needs and talking their talk, that guys would greet him at the convention as, “Hey Dr. Kennedy!”

This is an easy way to give yourself an aura of authority and competence,  especially if you’re new to game and building your reputation.

What To Do Now

Go look at any of your advertising and make sure that you’re defusing these unconscious, often unspoken objections before they blow up in your chances of landing a client out of the water when you thought everything was smooth sailing.

And please, I know there’s a ton of other ninja stealth answers to these 8 forgotten objections that come up in peoples minds when considering hiring a consultant that I didn’t take the time to list here. Feel free to list them in the comments below.

Let’s talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2