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It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

One of our very near and dear up and coming super star clients launched a new product recently on the Warrior Forum and ended up having a situation where he had an absolutely amazing closing ratio.

Yet, he was beating himself up.

He was saddened by the fact that he didn’t have anywhere near the volume of sales as one of the past masters there had recently raked in.

Our client thought the low sales had to do with his copy but that wasn’t the case at all.  Chief pointed out to him that his closing percentage was WAY better than that other awesome marketer on there he was comparing himself to who had hauled in over a thousand sales of a similarly priced $8 dollar dime sale product.

Then, he pointed out that the big difference between these two marketers sales was in how many page views they each had. Our client had FAR fewer views to their Warrior Special Offer than the other gentleman did.

The missing ingredient was endorsed traffic.

This Warrior Forum guru is juiced in with some real heavy duty underground internet marketers and over the past couple of years has built his list working on projects with them getting customers from their lists and bringing them customers from his lists.

Combining not only his ability to create great products and connect with his market with his ability to network has made it possible for him to hit “Send” in his email auto-responder and drive a shit ton of hot prospects – proven buyers to his offers.

Today I’m giving you the notes from Eben Pagan’s current Guru Blueprint seminar on how to find partners who will want to help you sell your stuff so lack of qualified traffic is never a problem for you.

Let the party begin…

The most powerful form of marketing is endorsed relationships

Jay Abraham has said that if he could only have one marketing weapon, and only one, this would be the one he would choose.

It’s one thing to run an ad on someone’s site or to have an ad on Google or to have a search listing, but it’s another thing to have them mention you in their newsletter or other publications.

But it’s an entirely different thing to have them go to their entire list of customers and say, “Eben is the best on the planet at teaching people how to build a business online and you should go and sign up for his course.”

An endorsed relationship is based on mutual trust.

This is where someone who already has a relationship with a group of customers says to them, “You should trust this person,” that is the most powerful form of marketing on the planet.

Why is this more powerful than any of the others?

Because as humans, we don’t trust other people until we get to know them and figure out they’re the good guys and not the bad.

When someone we trust, says trust this other person, we’re much more likely to do it.

Think about when you walk into someone’s home for the first time and they have a dog. Most of the time, the dog’s gonna bark at you. But when the dog’s owner walks up to you and hugs you and asks how you’re doing, the dog can calm down and feel like everything’s alright.

Same thing happens with a kid. Kid doesn’t know a stranger but the parent greets them warmly, the kid can relax knowing this person is trusted.

At a deep primal level we’re always asking ourselves, “Who Can I trust?”

How To Use Endorsed Relationships In Your Marketing

You can set up an affiliate program and get your affiliate partners who are marketing to their lists, to endorse you and give their word that your stuff is good.

It’s one thing if I send out an email and say, “This person’s doing a product launch, you should go check it out.” There’s an implied endorsement there.

If on the other hand you say, “You should go to this website and take a look at this product, I used what’s in this product to make a million dollars,” that’s a much, much, stronger endorsement.

And, if you say, “I know the person who made the product personally, they’re a great person, their stuff is great. I’ve used what they taught to make a jillion dollars AND I’m going to give you a bonus on top of it because their stuff is SO good that I think you should buy it.” This is stacking on levels of endorsement.

Often times when big time guru’s do product launches, they’ll write the email for you and then you just send it to your list. And if you’re a good marketer, you’ll want to tweak certain parts of it and put it into your own language.

But offering to do things for people usually works really well because people are lazy and they prefer simple ways to get shit done.

The point here is that if you can start with endorsed relationships you will do better. You see this all the time used by big companies who pay famous people to put their picture on billboards, and ads, commercials, next to, wearing, or saying they use their product.

These companies shell out huge money because they know there’s nothing more powerful than an endorsement from a person their prospect knows, likes and trusts.

Endorsed Relationships Exercise: How to take advantage of marketing leverage

There are many businesses and individuals that have invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, energy and money to find prospects and customers for their businesses – that are GREAT prospective customers for YOUR business. Identify these potential partner businesses, contact them and build relationships, then get them to endorse you to their lists of customers.

What does your prospective customer need to do before and after they are your customer?

Consider the things that your customer does right before and right after they purchase and use your product or service…

Who already has a relationship with your customer?

Who already has invested the time, effort, energy and money to attract and build a relationship with your prospective customer? List the possibilities below…

What’s the best way for your new partner to transfer their trust and endorse you to their list?

How can your new partner introduce you to their subscribers, customers and clients – in a way that connects the needs of their customers and the benefits that you offer – AND includes an endorsed testimonial from the person who has the relationship already?

If you’re just getting your info-business off the ground…

He recommends you start an affiliate program first because they allow you to get affiliate partners who will help you sell your stuff. And the great part is, you don’t have to take a bunch of risk on the front end because you only pay if they sell your stuff.

So make sure you’ve got an affiliate program set up in your shopping cart or sign up with a company like clickbank that handles the affiliate program for you so that you can go out and find good partners.

How Do You Find Partners Who Will Want To Help You Sell Your Stuff?

  • Create something that’s REALLY valuable that you can give away to any prospective customers & create a REALLY great marketing piece.

Using everything in this course, you can create a great video, a great report, or a great tele-class that you can offer to anyone who came to your site AND you’ve created a sales video or a salesletter that tells your full story and sells your product.

You need both of these. You need some great free-line content to give away AND you need a great marketing piece.

  • Next what you’re going to do is do some searches on Google, on Clickbank, on any website that’s relevant to your topic, and try to find websites that would be similar, but wouldn’t see you as a threat

With his dating business, at the start he asked, “Who’s got a similar business but that doesn’t see me as a threat?”

And one of the answers that he came up with was, “Dating Websites”. He does dating advice, they put people together. So he called them up and said, “Would you be my affiliate partner, sell my stuff to your list and I’ll give you some of the money?”

A great question to ask yourself is “What does my customer need to do before and after they get my product/service?” What else are they buying, reading, researching, and when you ask questions like that, you get answers like, “Well, if they’re buying dating advice, they’re highly likely to want to go test it out on an online dating site.”

  • Don’t just set up an affiliate program and then hope people sign up for it!!! Call people up on the phone or go meet them in person

Go to their website, find their number, pick up the phone and call.

If there’s no phone number, only an email, send them an email and say, “Hi, I found your website and I offer this training or product and I think I figured out a way where you can make a lot more money with your website. Can I give you a call and discuss it with you?”

Then when they send you their number, call them and while on the phone, use everything that you’ve learned in this course…

Ask them, “What are biggest challenges and frustrations? What are you trying to do with your website? What are you trying to accomplish? What do you need right now?”

And then use everything you’ve learned about sales and marketing here, to frame your offer as a benefit to them.

Whatever they tell you, you can say, “Great, I’ve got some ideas I can give you for doing that,” then try to connect them to other folks or do whatever you can to help them out and then say, “Let me show you what I’m doing.”

Then show them the free valuable content that you’ve created whether it’s a free video, report or whatever it is, that you’re giving away on your site and then show them your product and your marketing.

And say, “I think this would be great for your customers, why don’t we give away my video to them and then everyone who comes, we’ll give it to em and anyone who buys, I’ll give you some of the money. It’ll be a real benefit to them. They’ll all get something for free and if anyone buys, we can share the profits.”

This is a much different approach than most website owners or list owners get.

Most of the time the call or email they get is, “Will you send my stuff to your list?” not “What are your needs? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your big frustrations? What are your challenges? Let me see if I can help you with those and then let me show you the cool stuff I’ve got and let’s give this away to your list.”

This is a different approach that works much better.

Affiliate Relationships Exercise: Building an army of marketing partners to sell your products

The affiliate marketing model is one of the most powerful marketing models ever created.

Many of the top e-commerce businesses in the world have built their businesses with very little risk – using affiliate partners to market and grow their businesses.

Start by setting up an affiliate tracking system and marketing creative, then begin building relationships with marketers who specialize in generating customers for businesses like yours.

  • Who specializes in generating traffic and customers in your niche?

This is a different way of asking, “Who should I have as an affiliate partner?”

So as you’re searching out partners online and you’re going to realize that some of them get a lot of traffic and you might see that their customers would be perfect for you. A great site to use to help with this is Alexa.com. They’ll show you a sites webrank based on how much traffic they get, how they’re doing in the moment and the past with momentum, and they’ll also show you related websites. Make a list of them…

  • What’s the best way to reach out and contact these new potential partners?

If there’s a phone number listed on the site, use that. If there’s only email, send a message asking to get together on the phone. Get to personal contact.

How do you present yourself as someone in the know? Someone who gets it. Not an outsider lurking. And it’s best to be seen as someone who’s calling to help them. And this next question helps with this…

  • What can you offer these partners to help them with their marketing efforts?

When you ask people what their biggest fear, frustration or desire is, you’re typically gonna hear that people want more customers, or that they want more traffic, and so you’ve gotta ask yourself…

“What can you offer them to help them with their marketing?”

You might have a piece of content that you could put on their site that helps draw more customers to them, or incentivize their customers to buy more stuff, or maybe you know some aspect of marketing you could help them with, you could help them write better headlines or bullets or videos using what you’ve learned here, you can apply everything you’re learning here and apply it to their business.

You should be talking to at least one new affiliate partner a day live from now on.

Now you know what to do. Now get to it and prosper.

Let’s talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2