You may or may not be aware that we have been doing this “Blogging Thing” for over 3.5 years now.

What started as a hobby has become a thriving community full of what we’d like to consider “Kick Ass Information”.

  • Over 300 Pages and Post.
  • Over 1,500 pages of information.

During this time I’ve gone from being completely lost to a Blogging Master of some sort.

Now I’ve got a ton to learn. Heck I spent over 25 hours on tech support last week fixing a problem I created.

Today I’m going to share with you Part One of a checklist that you can take your blog through and if you do I promise a much more pleasing e experience for your readers and increased conversion and success for you.

Design, Readability, and “Flow”


Are your Fonts easily readable? Is there enough contrast between the background and the fonts? Are you using a compatible font color? Have you polled your reader to find out if what they see is what “You See”?

Are your links clear and visible and large enough that your readers know exactly what they are and where they are going next?

Is your layout at least 850 pixels across including sidebar?

Are you utilizing Heads and subheads to make your content skimmable at an instant?

Do you have links to subscription options below your post and pages?

Is your optin box, about me?, and all other important information above the typical readers fold?

Does your Header instantly telegraph to your potential reader what the benefit to them is?

Are your color strategically chosen so they go well together?

Building Your Blog Community and Tribe. Do you have loyalty?


Do you encourage engagement and feedback? Are you utilizing polls and surveys?

Are you making sure your RSS Feeds are Full Feeds?

Are their multiple areas for email and RSS subscribers?

Do you have “lead magnets” such as free Ebooks, consults, etc… to entice subscription?

Are you actively encouraging comments? (sidenote: we’ve sucked at this but it’s going to change)

Are you utilizing your Blog Posts by multi-purposing them as articles in article directories?

Are you using the “Next Episode” Sitcom Drama strategy to get them to come back for the next in the series?

Are you personally responding to your customers so they no you care?

Are you offering free consults, calls, or webinars?

Are you holding back information? If so…that sucks. You should be giving all you can.

Are you responding to comments?

Do you have a plugin or mechanism installed to send an email to your subscribers when they make a comment?

Do you have a detailed about page? This may be the most important page on your site?

Do you have a “Start Here” page with your most popular content on it?

Do your categories have separate pages where all those post link to?

Are you allowing your “character” to shine through. Do you customers know about you?

Are you using pictures and info graphics to further engagement?

Do you have a clear “contact me” page?

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did tweet, facebook, or make a comment below…

Stay tuned as in just a few days I’ll over Monetization, Traffic, and SEO in part two of MyNoteTakingNerd’s Blogging Checklist.

Also when I’m done I’ll put it in checklist format and you’ll be able to gain access to it.

As you may know I’m currently launching a Blogging Program where I’ll share in details the “How’s” and resources for creating a successful blog.

You can get all the details about “Why Your Blog Sucks And What You Can Do About It HERE!”

Talk soon..

Remember comment and share. Luvs ya ….Chief Nerd