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It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I’ve got answers for the secret to letting all small business marketing strategies work – eliminating fear.

Below is the first part of 3 sections of notes I took on the internet marketing expert Eben Pagan’s Guru Management Summit where he kicked off the first 20% of the weekend event speaking directly to this topic.

Come along for the ride and play full on and do the exercises he asks you to so you can punch success blocking fear right in the face and get it to leave you alone . . .

If you really the master yourself and your business, this is a place where you get tremendous leverage.

This is also an area where most people don’t focus and if you do, it forces you to step outside the business so you can work on your business instead of in your business. This is all about getting yourself to do the things that result in you having a successful business.

The problems that stop people from making money don’t have to do with your thinking as much as you’re not doing the things you need to do every single day over the long term that build a sustainable business.

One of the problems we run into is that you think that one day you’re gonna do this magic thing and this is going to result in you having infinite and massive passive income with no work.

This results in you doing a little bit of work and getting a little bit of momentum and then stopping and losing momentum and then getting a little more momentum and then stopping. This is like pushing the rock a little ways up the hill and then stopping and then having it roll back on top of you on the way down. And then waking up and doing this every day or once a week.

To grow a successful business, you need to get yourself to do the things everyday that when combined and compounded over time, result in successful and sustainable business.

You also want to learn what the ‘right’ stuff is so that you don’t work your ass off only to find you were doing the wrong stuff. That’s where we get to the business plan. What Eben has found is that business planning isn’t about making a plan.

Most people have tried traditional business planning and had it not work out

The business plan is about affecting your thinking. It’s about learning to think in a different way so that you identify the things you need to do and get yourself to go do them.

And online marketing is unique in that you can’t plan on anything working past tomorrow.

There’s 3 times frames to focus on here. In the future you want to be thinking in these 3 time frames. These are really the only ones that matter.

The First Is The 3 year Time Frame

With the pro’s Eben knows and has studied, it’s agreed that 3 years is really the maximum that you can wrap your head around and project out where you think things are going. You can get close with 3 years.

It only took a few years for social networking to hit the scene and start consuming a ton of people’s time. It only took Google around a few years to go from just being an a search engine to being one of the top online platforms there are. Both of these were game changers.

The Second Time Frame 3 Months

90 days is nice because it’s a quarter of a year. It’s a season. It’s what a lot of large businesses use too. It’s also a good time frame to think in terms of projects. They do the guru mastermind trainings every 90 days because they found it’s a good time to get away from your business and think about how to do stuff better.

The Third Time Frame To Focus On Is Today

“It’s the things we’re doing when we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing that are the problem.” Wyatt Woodsmall

In the moment, what you find when you examine your behavior with a microscope, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and whatever it is that you are doing, that’s the problem.

This training is different.

In most business courses the focus is placed on what’s out there that you need to do and paying attention to the tasks and the specific actions that you need to take. Sometimes thinking is involved. Eben has figured out that there are only a few key activities that matter when planning and building your business.

When people give reasons for why they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to, it comes down typically to some kind of fear this person has. There’s some fear that’s lurking deep in the mind of your mind that’s keeping you from taking the action you need to take.

Building An Information Business Really Comes Down To Cetting Customers. That’s It.

And getting customers comes down to interacting with potential customers to learn what it is that they need, learn what their frustrations are, what they want to buy. And then it comes down to helping these people buy from you.

A notch down from here, it comes down to interacting with potential partners, whether it be affiliate partners, joint venture partners for a launch, other business owners who have traffic, lists, relationships with customers who tell their followers about your stuff.

Success comes down to getting out there and really interacting with all of these folks so that you can understand them, so that you can help them buy stuff, and so that you can partner with them.

What stops you from going out and interacting with other people? Usually it’s fear.

There’s 3 specific types of fear we’re gonna focus on here:

Fear of Rejection – The fear that other people will push us away and not love us.

Fear of Failure – The fear of doing something and not having it work.

Fear of Being Wrong – Fear about having an idea of how something is or how it should work, going and trying it out and having it be wrong.

There’s a physical, emotional and logical component to all of these similar to the three different brains. Fear of rejection is the fear of being pushed away, Fear of failure is seeing it not work in the real world and fear of being wrong is a more intellectual based fear.

If you can deal with these 3 fears in the context of business AND understand what you need to do on a day to day basis to grow your business, this is when you start kicking some serious ass.

The challenge is that in most business courses, you aren’t taught how to deal with the fear that stops you from making shit happen. And the worlds of personal development and business development don’t usually meet but they should.

This part of this course is all about eliminating these fears that we pretend we don’t have, that we all do.

Doing the tough work that it takes to go inside and look at these things we don’t want to and facing these issues is the key to breaking through your challenges because you automatically start doing what you need to do and when you’re not, you’ll realize you’re avoiding doing what’s necessary instead of coasting into escape and distraction.

Catching Yourself In The Moment Of Wanting To Avoid The Tough Stuff In Your Business Is Important


The first transformation you to make is to go from imagining negative outcomes to imagining positive outcomes that motivate you.

You need to create your own motivation to succeed. Especially with an environment that lends to high levels of distractions.

The next transformation you need to make is to go from being blocked by hidden fears you may not even be aware of to being pulled forward emotionally with a vision of achievement by getting leverage on yourself.

Next, you want to transition from doing what impulse demands, to doing what specifically creates and delivers value.

This is important because here is where you go from doing what comes naturally to doing the thing you know you need to do. This is what’s special about being human is that we choose to do what we know we should be doing instead of just being chimps and doing what we feel like.

Next, you want to go from working sporadically to working ritually and habitually.

Next, you want to go from measuring at the end of the year, which is what most people do.

You want to start tracking, measuring, and reporting key metrics – real time, visually so that you know how you’re doing daily.

Next, you’re gonna go from doing everything yourself to only doing the high-value work and delegating the rest.

Everyone should be doing this. Every. Single. Person. If you aren’t doing this, you’re wasting a ton of time and energy.

When you think of something that’s de-motivating to you, a whole chain of events goes into play that prevents you from taking action and getting it done. The mind affects the emotions and the emotions affect the mind.

Seeing things not working out in your mind is a domino that pushes over a bunch of other dominos that you can’t see that result in business failure.

On the other side of the coin, when you imagine a positive outcome that you want to create, the mind goes to work on filling in the gaps between where you are and what you want to create. This is actually the way the mind works.

There’s a simple mechanism that happens inside of our brains and then our emotions that determines whether we believe something is possible and how motivated we are to take action on it.

If you have an outcome you want to achieve, what you immediately do, unconsciously and automatically, is look around internally and externally – in your mind, what you know, what you think is possible and in the environment to see if there is a cause for that. In other words, something that would allow that to happen.

We go inside and ask the question, “Is there a cause that will make that happen?”

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m going to imagine that I have a million dollars,” immediately a bunch of shit in your head pops up saying, “No you don’t. What’re you talkin’ bout a million dollars? What’re ya gonna trade in your double wide trailer for a million bucks? How’re you s’posed to get a million bucks dummy?”

It’s almost like our brain laughs at us for thinking this thought because it thinks that none of the circumstances you have in your life right now are going to lead to a million dollars coming to you. There’s no cause for the effect.

What’s even worse is that we look at all the causes that are around us, all the factors that we have in our lives, and then we imagine the negative outcomes that could happen as a result of taking action. We’ve all imagined negative outcomes we were sure that were gonna happen, that didn’t.

Even though the negative outcomes don’t always come true, it makes them highly likely to come true because it’s something your mind can focus on and fill the gaps to achieve. We do this all the time.

If we can see the cause, and we buy it, then the outcome is possible.

Napoleon said, “My life changed the day I realized that a man would die for a ribbon.”

What can we replace this thinking with consciously?

You can imagine the outcome you’d like to create and before you start looking for a cause that makes it possible or not, you consciously say, “Let’s not pay attention to this and why don’t we create and put our own causes in place that will allow this outcome to happen.”

Why not create the conditions where this would be possible?

Why don’t we at least think about it for a while and try some things out to see whether or not we could put these in place? Long term sustainable business success is about building a system that delivers value consistently over and over again. It’s about putting several different causes in place that all work together that create the outcome that you’re looking for.

When you work to create one and then you see it working and you’re getting closer over and over again, this automatically re-trains us so that when you imagine an outcome you want, the first thing you do is look for the causes that would need to be in place to make it real and what could you do to create them and make them real by testing.

This means you focus you want instead of the one that you don’t want.

Manufacturing optimism is key here. Operating under the illusion that a vision is possible can keep you going when things get tough.

Planning Your Own Success For Motivation

It’s important to regularly visualize, plan and calculate your own success so that your mind can see the success that you want, calculate what it will take to achieve it, see the action steps that must be taken, then act to achieve it.

By visualizing what you want, calculating what it will take to achieve it, then planning around it, you’ll come up with new strategies and tactics that you hadn’t considered before, often leap-frogging your previous “one step at a time” approach.

If the mind can see how all the steps fit together that will lead to an outcome called success, it’s a lot more believable. If the mind can’t see the dominos lined up that when knocked down, lead to success, that when it calls bullshit.

This is about what you want to get out of business success at the end of the day. Not what you want your business to get out of it or what you want your business to do. Not the things you need to do so that you business is successful but what do YOU want. You.

What 3 achievements would equal success, security, freedom for you most – 3 years from now?

Success, security and freedom are very emotional ideas.

To some people these equal a house. To some people it’s an amount of money they have in the bank or investments or a retirement fund. To some it may be having the ability to send their kids to a certain school. For some it’s having an income from their business that allows them to never have a job again.

There’s something in your life that equals success, security and freedom. Look for the things that trigger the emotion inside of you that say, “Yeah, that’s the one,” whether it’s irrational or not. What are the three, write em down, things that if you had a business running that was successful, that it could provide 3 years from today…




Describe #1 in detailed narrative, as if it were the day when you achieve it, with an emphasis on the emotional effect and thought that the emotion triggers:

EXAMPLE: We finally moved into our four bedroom dream house today. And I was able to put each of our kids into their own bedroom for the first time in my life. And as I did that, an incredible sense of success and achievement came over me and it made me remember how when I was a kid sleeping on the floor with my four brothers and sisters not having my own room and I realized “I’ve done it. I’ve achieved success for my family. And I’m gonna be able to take care of them in the future.”

That’s the kind of stuff you’re looking for. The real deal.

Most accomplished entrepreneurs are running away from being poor as kids so hard that they run into success. It’s all about creating the feeling inside of, “Oh, I’ll never have to go back there.”

Planning Your Own Success For Motivation –  Part 2

Now it’s time to focus on the specific “trigger elements” of your personal achievement objectives. By really “zooming in” on the parts of the future achievements you’re creating, you dial up the emotional drive and motivation, connect yourself to them for motivation and prime yourself to do what it takes to make them real.

When you zoom in, you dial up your emotions and motivation and this let’s you hitch yourself to something that can really pull you into the future.

For Achievement #1: What is the specific aspect or part of this achievement that feels most satisfying, motivating, relieving or fulfilling when you imagine it?

Getting out of a bad situation or feeling like a bad situation is never gonna happen again is a prime driver of action.

For the example above, it this specific aspect might be, “each child having their own bedroom.” You don’t just want a house because you want a house. You want it because as a kid you lived in a bad neighborhood as a kid and people would break into your house and it was scary and now you want a nice house because you want your kids to feel safe.

You might want to close your eyes and put your attention on each part of your outcome and feel into it.

Most of the time when you have something you want to get or achieve, we don’t ask why. This process is a zoom lens that you scan over what you want and ask, “What am I really trying to get out of this?” Finding the part that triggers emotion tells you that you’ve got it.

Do this for all three of the achievements.

20% of this seminar is focused on exercises like this. These exercises are all about connecting up to what this whole seminar is about anyway.

You want to understand the framework or the context that you’re gonna build your business on. If you don’t understand the context and what’s motivating you, you’re probably not likely to take action and get shit done.

So this all about connecting the whole thing together, personal outcomes, personal visions, personal motivation, overcoming personal issues and fears, then, for the other 80% of the program you work on the business side of things.




This is why I LOVE Eben!

He’s a thinking man’s marketer and he’s into finding the root of problems and helping you solve them. In our last coaching program we did an entire module dedicated to this subject of conquering what stops you and you can check that out here

If you liked what Eben had to say here, make sure to be on the look out for Part 2 of this series.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2