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Look fear in face and tell it to fuck off


It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today we’re rolling right into the next 7 pages of notes I took on the not-so-traditional lead in to the small business marketing strategies Eben Pagan taught during the “Guru Business Plan” part of his Guru Management Summit.

If you missed the opening of these notes, you can go here, PART 1, to catch up. Otherwise let’s get on with how to kick fear in the balls so that it leaves you alone…

Planning Your Motivation For Success Exercise – Part 3

In order to realize your 3 year outcomes it’s very helpful to figure out how much money you need to achieve them running the numbers backwards so that you can see a road map that shows you each step of the way.

This starts with your overall financial numbers working toward how many products you’ll need to sell daily, weekly, and monthly.

Then, you need to know how many people you need coming to your site. Next, pin point where your traffic will be coming from. Then you can figure out what you need to personally do to make sure this number of visitors, sales, and profit show up in your world.

Think of this as coming up with the picture of the puzzle on the box. This makes sure that when you’re standing there with all the pieces of the puzzle, you know where they all go.

>>>How much money do you need to bring in every month to accomplish your top 3 achievements in 3 years? Make sure to do gross AND net.

>>>How many of your products do you need to be selling a day, a week, a month to hit these achievements?

So if you’ve got a $100 product and you need to be bringing home $10,000 bucks a month, which would mean that you need to sell 100 of these products to make $10k this isn’t your true number because this is gross. You have to figure out how much you need to sell to make $10k of the net.

>>>How many people need to be coming to your website every day to achieve this many sales?

If you don’t know, the most optimistic you should be is having a 1% conversion rate.

>>>What channels are going to be bringing you the traffic you need to make this happen?

PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, product launches, what do you think it’ll be coming from?

>>>What will you need to be doing everyday between now and the day that you reach your top 3 achievements so that you’re building the connections in order to get this traffic?

This is huge. Who do you need to be talking to? Who do you need to starting building connections with and know of so that this outcome becomes a reality?


So one guy there figured out he’d need 100k after expenses to meet one of his major outcomes which was to “spend more time with his kids”.

He originally cited that he wanted “overall freedom” but Eben helped him narrow it down to “spend more time with kids” by asking, “If you could have more freedom and no time with you kids, or if you could have more time with your kids and no other freedom, which would you take?”

Then he asked if there was something in particular that he’d be doing with more time with his kids. The guy said, “World travel with his twin boys.” This is juicy. Did you find something this motivating in the previous exercise or did you be all lame and just leave it at “Freedom”?

Next he asked if there was a specific place in the world that was the most motivating to take them. He replied, “Disney. He wants to hit every Disney in the world in 12 months or they have to start over.” THIS IS WHERE THE REAL JUICE IS. This is a more motivating picture to experience than just “time with my kids.”

Even deeper is asking, “Is there a particular place in Disney where the super good feelings happen?” For him it’s the robot rides at Euro Disney.

Look at your most motivating goal do this. Go deeper. Go to specificity. Keep chunking down.

The real battle is won or lost in those moments when you have the choice between doing what’s going to get you to Euro Disney, with your twin boys, checking out the robot rides, or . . .  what you feel comfortable doing, what you’ve always retreated to in the form of small shiny objects grabbing your attention.

There’s a tremendous difference between the motivation of “Freedom” vs. “I’m going to Disney with my boys!!!”

Next, you’ve be crystal clear on what needs to happen to make this real. For this guy he said he needed to find the “right affiliates” when really he needs “To find the right affiliates, build relationships with them and get them to mail his stuff.”

Now when the time comes and you’re staring at a bunch of leads and asking yourself if you want to pick up the phone go through the process of building relationship – potentially facing rejection – and asking them for commitments to mail your stuff, when it’s time to manage yourself, now is the time for this guy to think about being at Euro Disney with his kids.

A little secret Eben gave up here is to tell people the reason why you’re working so hard to make this promo a success. Won’t work all the time but people like to think they’re helping you create magic moments in your life instead of just stacking up digits in a bank account.

The humanity is where the juice is at.

If your mind can’t see the individual steps, it’s very hard to motivate it and keep it on track. All the steps you lay out now may not be the ones that get you to your outcome. The most important one is the next one. What to do now.

*****If you want step by step what to do in reference to building these affiliate relationships, you’ll definitely want to see this post here*****

Success is like a stair case and the steps to your goal light up one at a time. You can usually see the next step. What you have to picture in your mind is the idea that there is a stair case and that you have to keep stepping up to the next step having faith that once your feet on the next step, you’ll be able to see the next one.

Building this in advance is to give your mind the idea that there is process that could work.

What’s The Problem With Fear?

It takes you out of the part of your mind that allows you to solve problems and think strategically. It shuts these newer and higher abilities down.

It stops you from moving toward what you want and triggers feelings in you that make you start doing things to get away from what you don’t want.

When you’re in the now and thinking short term and driven by impulse, you pretty much can’t do anything to be successful. These are conditions that cause you to fail. These are the states of mind you go into when you self-sabotage. And it cause you to gamble on actions based on not losing instead of actions that allow you to win.

When gamblers start losing, they start betting more thinking that if they make a bigger bet, they’re gonna back to even faster. We’re all gamblers and we’re always doing this. Our favorite place to do this in life is in the relationships we have with the people we love.

You get set off and put into an intense state of body and mind, you start doing things to not lose and you end using losing big time.

The Three Key Fears To Address

And these fears are directly related to what we need to do to make things happen in our business.

There’s one physical fear, one logical and one emotional that correspond with the three brains in our head – the reptilian, the mammalian, and the neo-cortex thinking brain.

The First Is The Fear Of Rejection

This is the fear that another human being is going to push us away. Maybe all the way to the point of being banned from the tribe.

The Second is Fear of Failure

The fear of trying something and it not working.

The Third Is Fear Of Being Wrong

Trying something and having it be incorrect.

One theory of where these fears came from is that they’re related to our core needs for survival and reproduction.

In the society that we as humans evolved in, if we were rejected by successful people (today- successful business owners, potential partners or customers), who we depended on for resources, we were as good as dead.

We’re wired to feel fear when one of these potential situations shows it’s face.

Fear of failure might have come from our wiring that said if we tried to kill a beast and failed, it might try to kill us. We feel this same fear today when a situation comes up where we might not be successful at.

Every time the advertising super star David Ogilvy created an ad campaign, there was a voice in the back of his mind that said, “This is the one that’s gonna fail.”

Eben has this before all of his product launches.

Where does the fear of being wrong come from? Ever since we’re babies, we have the need to feel like we “get it”. Because if we don’t understand then we’re not in control.

Believing that we “Know” caters directly to our need for security which we need to have any kind of success in the world.

Human beings have an incredible need to be right and not wrong which would mean their reality is being attacked. Copernicus was not welcomed for challenging people’s view on how the planets worked which was, in essence, challenging their story of their god.

All the fears of being burned at the stake still live within each of us.

These fears stop us from doing the specific daily things we need to do grow our business and even more specifically, the things that get us interacting with customers and potential partners.

This means that a good business planning sessions should focus on how to deal with these three fears so that you take away the major impediments that get in the way of you taking action.

Defeating The 3 Key Fears That Stop Our Success Exercise

If you’re gonna be successful with an internet business, you’ve got to be good at reaching out and interacting with potential partners and customers.

Fearing rejection, failure or being wrong is what leads to financial and long-term business failure. This exercise is designed to shed light on your specific fears of rejection, failure, and being wrong when it comes to taking the actions you know will help you grow your business.

>>>What activities in the business world (contacting potential partners, selling one on one, etc.) makes you feel like you’ve been rejected, embarrassed, ridiculed, confronted, or even being ostracized?

>>>What makes you feel like a failure in your life when you think of something you’d like to do? What can’t you even imagine doing because you’re too afraid of failing? What thought would be worse to have than if you ever even tried in the first place?

>>>Where does the fear of being wrong strike in your life? Where does your ego fight you if it can’t be right all of the time?

Not one person in the crowd could admit to not having fears in any of these.

Defeating The 3 Key Fears That Stop Our Success Exercise – Part 2

You mastering these 3 fears is crucial to your success.

This is the exercise where you focus in on all the awesome stuff that’s gonna happen when you feel the fear and do it anyway. Courage isn’t about making the fear go away. It’s about acting despite being scared.

Eben has done a ton of work on how to overcome fear over the years and his favorite technique he’s come across is to do the thing you’re afraid of, while feeling the fear. You can’t buy with money what this does to positively impact your self esteem.

When people succeed online, we always think to ask them what ad they used or what niche they went into instead of asking, “How did you overcome your fear of rejection, your fear of failure and your fear of being wrong?” Figuring this out is way more valuable than any marketing tactic someone could give you.

>>>What key communications do you need to make that involve you going out on a limb to contact people you don’t know, and what impact will these contacts have on your outcome for your business in 3 years if you take action on them daily?

>>>What actions do you need to take in your business that might end up failing and how will you taking these actions make an impact on the outcome of your business in 3 years if you take action on them daily?

>>>What assumptions do you have that you need to test and potentially see that you’re “Wrong” about so that you can have success in your business and how will testing these impact the outcome of your business 3 years down the road when tested daily?

Do You Ever Do The Following?

When someone tells you, “I tried something and it didn’t work!” within this response is the implication that it’s somebody else’s fault and that they actually did it right i.e. perfectly so they shouldn’t be blamed.

Another assumption implied is that it should’ve worked the first time they tried it. Yet another implied belief is that their business is unique and this won’t work in their business.

There’s a ton buried in this response. You hear all three of these fears in that response. This is a victim response.

What Eben hears in this response is that these people haven’t figured out yet that there is a path to success and that if they keep learning through testing, they’ll come into success.

These people don’t fully believe in themselves and a vision of the future that is bright and shiny.

A person that does embody this mindset would say, “Here’s the ad I ran. Here’s the results. What do you recommend I do next to improve this?”

A person’s tone of voice when asking this question lets you know if they’re committed to figuring this out or committed to making you wrong.

Living in a reality where you welcome your fears and act in the face of them is the ultimate existence. Anything else is victim bullshit.




Now follow along in the song book and do these exercises so you can can punt fear’s testicles into outer space.

Be on the lookout for the finale – Part 3.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2

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