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"Hey Fear, you talking to me? You talkin' to me? You must be talkin' to me"

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

You ready to place the final karate chop death blow right at fear’s throat so so that it will leave you the hell alone so you can go balls to wall implementing your small business marketing strategies? Alright then, let’s get to it!!! Heee-yuuuhhh!!!

The Guru Business Plan Notes Part 3 – Managing Fear

What you’ve accomplished in doing the previous exercises (go here to Part 1 or to Part 2 if you haven’t been there yet and finished the exercises) is identify places where rejection surfaces in your life.

And now you know the places you’ll need to do things that let you face the fear of rejection or the fear of failing or the fear of being wrong.

What one activity in your business scares you more than hairy bats and hairy spiders and what’s the one thing one thing you need to do on a regular basis to overcome this fear when it shows up?

One thing people learned in the crowd was that all the things they didn’t

want to do, were the things they needed to do in order to become successful.

The Peter Principle in business states we rise to our level of incompetence.

If you get promoted to a position that’s really unfamiliar to you and that you’re no good at, most people instead of doing what it takes to improve, throw the game and do a poor job. But this person doesn’t get demoted. They usually just get stuck in this position doing a bad job over the long haul of their career.

This is why there’s so much incompetence in business world.

We’ve all risen to the level of our incompetence and now everyone’s doing stuff they’re no good at. And most people can’t deal with the ego blow that would come with taking a step back into a position where they’re better suited.

Are You Guilty Of This?

Another insight a woman had at the seminar is that she was more afraid of what non-buyers were gonna think of her marketing than what the buyers think.

She was afraid of feeling their rejection because her marketing requires her to go so deep into people’s fears and flaws. THIS IS HUGE!

Even though reality says that only 1 out of 100 people are gonna give us money for what we sell, we unconsciously think about the 99 and what they’re gonna think and feel about us instead of following the Gary Halbert line of thinking that says, “Don’t worry about the dogs. Only focus on the foxes.”

When you’re too focused on getting the approval of people who don’t matter, you completely dilute your message for the people who want to give you money and have money to give you.

This means that to sell 200 units of your product, you may have to present it to over 20,000 people and if he keeps only the 200 people in mind he’ll probably sell 400. And in doing so, he’ll drive away the other people.

Another way fear shows up is with paralyzing perfection – believing that if you’re not perfect, no one will buy your stuff

So instead of doing something like making a video of you talking that would influence the 1% who were going to buy from you, we procrastinate and distract ourselves with stuff that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

One thing Frank Kern pointed out to Eben when he went to him for help with his launch was that he needed to add some variety to his marketing and quit it with his “buttoned up shirt in every video” approach.

When he was going to interview Frank for one of the biggest launches he’d ever done, Frank turned it around on him and started asking him all kinds of personal questions that took people into his past, behind the blue buttoned up shirt.

Eben was afraid people wouldn’t like this stuff so he never talked about it but he found out he was wrong. Now Eben, in every launch makes it point in at least one of his videos to take you behind the scenes to show you the “Real Eben.”

The more you communicate who you are, what your point of view is, what you really stand for and say things that will ignite emotions in people, the better you’ll often do.

When he first launched “Self Made Wealth” he expected to only sell 100 units of it at $997. He’d gotten great feedback on the pre-launch content on the launch blog and had a good feeling about it because of this.

Well, they sold 250 units, but something else happened. He got a shit-ton of people complaining, angry that he was selling it for so much. This was an important lesson to him emphasizing the point that the risk of success is ridicule.

You have to be ready to deal with this.

Doing things to reveal where you’re not accurate, instead of where you are, is the road to success because taking all the steps to making something “perfect” and then having it fail makes your mind say, “If it doesn’t work when I do it perfectly, then it CAN’T work. That ends up being a logical conclusion to chimpanzee thinking.

This is why you need to be constantly testing your assumptions.

It’s crazy how many wildly successful people have lost it all only to have rebuilt it from scratch again. This shows you it’s about getting how not to do something and learning from that experience.

What pulls you through the fear is focusing on the juiciest of your three year objectives and looking at that knowing if you take the actions you need to in this moment, that vision is going to be realized.

World Famous Technique For Managing Your Fear

Being able to manage your fear is one of the most important skills you could ever have in your life. Especially in business where nobody wants to admit to having it.

Here it is…

When you’re in a situation where fear comes up inside of you, the negative emotion that might arise when thinking of picking up the phone and calling a potential JV partner, or walking up to them or getting ready to sell someone something, or whatever stirs up fear, what you’re gonna do is project yourself in your mind into the positive situation you’ve imagined yourself in 3 years from now and from the place of fully soaking ourselves in this scene, and from this place you imagine looking back to now, from there.

This is a combo of a couple of things. One of them is called dissociation. In NLP they discovered there’s two ways you can look at your emotional states and manage them.

One way is from within your body, in the moment. Fear is really good at sucking you right into your body. Fear tells you you’re alive. This is where you start making short term decisions to avoid failure based not wanting to lose instead of higher mind long term decisions to succeed.

What they learned in NLP is that you can mentally take yourself out of your body and you imagine looking at your body over somewhere else, like Euro Disney with your two boys checking out the robotics and this takes you outside, above and beyond.

Just doing this alone changes your emotional state – from fear to neutral – to excited

Associating is when you’re in your body, feeling everything for example when someone startles you, and dissociating is when you’re standing in one place and imagining yourself in another.

So right now, imagine the scenario you’re going to face in the future where you’re gonna need to call someone and risk being rejected, the action you’re gonna need to take that put you in danger of failing, and the idea you’re going to need to challenge with a test that risks you being wrong.

Which one stirs up the most fear?

The one you know will be triggered based on it happening in the past. You have it? Now think of all the stuff you imagine happening if you do it that would trigger your fear most until you can feel the fear in your chest and/or stomach. Make it even more vivid, the sounds sharper, the smells stronger, the image bigger.

Now, go to that place in the future, three years from now into your specific and detailed situation where you’re going to be that’s the most attractive, the sexiest, most motivating to you and zoom in on the action you’ll be doing then that will give you maximum pleasure.

Could be having wild, heart-connected gorilla sex, could be flying a helicopter, could be picking tomatoes from your garden in Italy. Imagine that you’re there seeing what you’d be seeing, hearing what you’d be hearing, feeling what you’d be feeling, smelling what you’d be smelling. Be there.

Stay here and imagine and while you’re here look back on the movie screen, a memory, of the frightening experience where you’re experiencing fear three years earlier and notice the effect it has on your fear.

Disconnecting from the experience changes the way you experience it now. Keep noticing how it’s different.

Do this while seated comfortably, with your eyes closed.

Right now can you think of a time in your past where you faced some fear and you did it any way. And notice how this made a huge difference in your life because it went on to build self confidence in the fact that you can deal with tough situations.

How do you feel about that fear now?

It feels kinda good or a lot of good when you can look back on a situation where you went from enslaved to freedom because you were courageous and you took action. You get that feeling of “I did it!”

We’re actually grateful for having had these experiences and the same thing can happen here.

The thing to realize is that the fear isn’t gonna kill you. You need to feel it and walk into it. This is a natural part of life.

Your Ultimate Success Scenario Exercise

Write a detailed first person story of your ultimate scenario.

A vision for what it will feel and look like three years from now on the day when you’ve accomplished your important visions for yourself and your business.

Focus on what triggers your emotional motivations that give you feelings of winning and success and avoiding feelings of failure and pain.

In this story what you want to do is to specifically mention the fear that you overcame to get where you are now and the outcome that you got that led step by step to your ultimate success.

Example: I picked up the phone and called my first potential JV partner and I could tell I was annoying them and got shot down. That taught me that no wasn’t the end of the world. Then it took me 6 more no’s, each call getting a little better, and I finally had someone agree to interview me for a tele-class. And then this led to this and this and this and this.

Be realistic. Go.




A little bit different than what you’ve ever heard when “Business Plans” were being discussed, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s a LOT different but I  feel it’s absolutely crucial to marry head trip and small business marketing strategies together in any discussion on developing a course of action because the best written plan not acted on, is worthless. So, I’m sitting here hoping you take everything you’ve learned in this three part series and tear some shit UP!!! And I’d love to hear the first fear you’re gonna use these ninja techniques on first.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2

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