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small business marketing strategy notes that can protect you from feeling scared to write your own How-to book for your niche


It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I wanted to give you some small business marketing strategy notes that can protect you from feeling scared to write your own How-to book for your niche or have this style of book written for you.

In this post I’m going to give you some specific instructions and models to follow to help you make sure your book is not only a popular goose, but is also a goose that lays many golden eggs for you.  

First, let me give you some background on how I stumbled upon what I consider to be one of the greatest  287 page marketing weapons I’ve ever seen . . .

My step-mom shares a couple of traits with me. We both love to read and we both love dogs. Up at the top right corner of the post you’ll see her laid out on the carpet snuggling with her two pups. The tan one, a little prancing muttley named Lady whom she rescued from the pound. The other, a Catahoula Hound named Dozer.

Another thing we have in common is our love of reading well-written stories about a dog owner’s relationship with their pup.

“Marley and Me” it seems to me, made this format popular.

She got me addicted to this by turning me onto a book called, “Merles Door – Lessons From a Free Thinking Dog” written by Ted Kerasote. And after I read the book I’m about to tell about, I totally understood what Dan Kennedy meant when he said that . . .

“Think and Grow Rich” Is Nothing But A Disguised Salesletter?

If you hadn’t heard this before, now you have.

I’ve mentioned it here before and he also believes that “Psychocybernetics”, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, and “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches” are the same thing  and that these books are Influential Writing at it’s finest.

I would say the majority of authors have hang ups about their need to promote and the factt hat they are, as Gary Halbert put it, in the self-aggrandizement business — not the writing business.

With Influential Writing, you’re looking to make the connection with someone somewhat similar to how people are voted into the office of President Of The United States.

I don’t give a shit to follow the news about the stooges paraded in front me and suffer under the illusion of my vote actually having an influence as to who’s going to go on and be the puppet for the behind the scenes puppet masters (richest, elite, inner circle of families/resource owners – Global banks, land, commodities, and other wealth generating necessities) who actually call the shots.

Kennedy does.

He’s a self-proclaimed political junkie who’s actually considered running for an office before. And he says that almost no one has ever been elected president based on their actual qualifications for the job with the possible exception of George Bush Sr.

He says people vote based on feelings they have about the person and that the deciding question of who’s name they’re gonna check off on the ballot hinges on thequestion, “Would I want to go have a beer with this guy?” if they’re a man, and if they’re a woman, “Would I trust this person babysittin’ my kid?”

If you get enough yeses to those two questions, you’re in.

My common sense says he’s right. Of course I have zero desire to come up with empirical data that proves he’s right. And of course if you asked any voter if they agreed with this, I imagine they’d look at you as if you said you worship Satan and want to start a debate over why this thinking is wrong.

Why? Because it’s far from the answer that makes you look smart and rational. So of course it’s perfectly understandable how no one would publicly agree this is how they’re making up their minds.

Just like it’s not enlightened to say you want Obama out of office because he’s black. There’s a ton of people who harbor that belief but unless they were in conversation with someone they trusted with secrets or tortured, you’d never hear it come out of their mouths.

My belief is that it’s not very smart to take it all too seriously.

The serious jillionaire money players are going to get what they want. They’re about 50 steps ahead of 97% of the population of the planet and they know exactly who/what they want where in order for economic events to fall in their favor. And they get their way.

But hey, that’s just my opinion backed up by a shit load of publicly available information anyone can get they’re hands on if they’d only be willing to look for and at the ugly, yet freeing truth.

Remember, the American Revolution was about wealthy power figures being pissed about someone else telling them what they could and couldn’t do with their money. Money. Pissed off enough to the point of getting brave enough to do the modern day equivalent of sending an email to the President telling him to fuck off, and that they now refuse to obey the rules, rallying the troops and then hoping for the best.

Now back to . . .

You and Dan Kennedy Say That People Decide Who To Vote Into Political Positions, President Included, Based On If They’d Like To Have A Beer With That Candidate or If They’d Trust Them Babysittin’ Their Kids?


And I believe it’s the same way someone decides to stay loyal as Lassie to you and your message.

As you’ve probably heard Dan Kennedy say to you before, if you’ve gotten his newsletter for two years and you’ve got Magnetic Marketing, you’ve got pretty much everything he knows.

All he’s doing is recycling the same concepts over and over again with current examples from clients and current affairs to make the teachings new and relevant.

Perfect example, “No BS Business Success For The New Economy”. 95% of the book is the same as when it was published over a decade ago. All it’s got now are some new stories and examples to make it seem custom made for this era.

And despite my being aware that Dan is doing this, I cheerfully own everything new he puts out and if I sit down and tell the truth, I’m only half interested in the any new distinctions via fresh examples he lays out. The other half of me is anxious to hear new stories and what’s new with him.

I buy Dan Kennedy products because he’s someone I’m genuinely interested in having a beer with

There’s a shit-ton of other ways I get the “Information” I get from Dan but it doesn’t come in as entertaining a package.

Shit, now-a-days I could probably find the answers I need free in blog posts and reference books like “Successful Direct Marketing Methods” by Bob Stone.

Remember how I said that “Psychocybernetics”, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, and “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches” are nothing but 200+ page salesletters that give you the feeling like you’ve actually done something just because you’ve been wooed by story from front to back.

That’s how most books should be because you can only do so much in a book.

And most people will only do so much with a book. Why do you think Bob Stone’s text book is invisible and Napoleon Hill’s story book is world renown to small business owners, selling 100,000 plus books a year with ZERO marketing, and quoted in study after study as being the most influential book after the bible – another story book.

Which leads us to  . . .

The Biggest Mistake You Could Ever Make When Writing A Book


Which will be covered in Part 2 of this post.

Come back so you can make sure that you don’t end with a book who’s only value in this world is keeping fireplaces roaring.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2

PS. If you’re looking for another example of a book that was set up in this fashion, go see this post here . . . and if you’re looking to get the full small business marketing strategies to be gained on this topic directly from the notes we took on Dan Kennedy’s Influential Writing course that people paid him $13,500 to hear, you’ll definitely want to click here now to put your hands all over them . . .