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Today we jump right back into the small business marketing strategies we were talking about that Dan Kennedy discusses in his Influential Writing seminar that people paid him $13,500 to hear on the easier-than-you-think-to-apply steps to make sure your book is the popular goose that lays golden eggs.

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And here’s what I mean when I say that explained in my notes from Dan’s seminar . . .

“You’ve gotta think through the purposes for having a book

In a sense, a guy would be an idiot to do a cheap thing on a $20,000 restorative dental surgery case presentation because that information should be sold in whatever format, audio,video, live seminar, for a lot of money in that instance.

And the thing to think about is learning case presentation isn’t as valuable to chiropractors. But in an environment where you’re doing dental cases for $40-$50-$60,000 dollars, the prospect who’s reading about this is thinking, “Well if he can $60,000 maybe I can get $20,000” and you’re still talking about helping them make $20 – $25, 000 bucks – for one patient – that they would’ve never made without you.

Now you’re back to the transaction value argument of, “just one case you wouldn’t of gotten otherwise pays for the whole damn price you paid to be in

the room with me.”

This means a seminar on something with this potential should be priced at $10-$15,000 thousand  dollars. If I were gonna do a 3 day boot camp on it, it’d be a $15,000 seminar – not some $30 book you could eventually end up buying for $3.00 at some used book store two years down the road.

And now you run into the roadblock of a person not believing they can pay $3 bucks and get all the $20,000 cases they want.

The process of mastering this skill which involves teaching a real top quality sales presentation to a person who is HIGHLY resistant to thinking of themselves as a salesperson.

Which really cuts your work out for you and makes logical sense that the instruction of this sales sequence  would be best presented live and in person, rehearsed with a coach live and in person and supported after the event with a live person.

This is the huge argument for not putting this information down in a book or a 4 CD program. At least not until you went and milked it from the other direction.

So What Goes Into A Book Like This?

Now if you were going to write a book on this subject at all, it would essentially need to be a book that told stories and it’s job would be to convince people that they could get big cases, which there are people who don’t think they’re clinically capable of doing that.

They don’t think they can sell this, they don’t think their marketing will support premium prices, so your stories would be about convincing them that they could do it, motivating them to want to do it – why it’s better to have this kind of practice than an in the front door, drill ‘em, shove ‘em out the back door kinda practice.

Because people have all of this mental constipation blocking their progress, it would serve not only you, but also them best to have a whole lot of the book not be about case presentation at all — even though you said it was a book about case presentation because it would be all these other kinds of stories and barely stretching to connect to that topic in order to set up the sale of the seminar, coaching, whatever.

The classic mistake authors and speakers make is they think, and I did it early when I spoke, that if you just teach the hell out of it and you give them mountains of information, they are going to see so much value now that they’re gonna want everything you’ve got.

So if I did that in one book, this will ensure that everyone is going back to the bookstores and wanting all the other Kennedy books because there was so much teaching in there.

Doesn’t work.

The format for a book is to always tell them what to do, but not really tell them how to do it.

You give them like brain dead easy little tools, so again, they feel like you gave them something and they got something they can fill out some lines in but it really doesn’t lead anywhere without deeper examination.

For example, if you’re gonna pepper anything in with the stories, and if look again at “Think and Grow Rich,” as a model, you do checklists, the 7 of this, and the 9 of this and the 14 of that and now they think they got something.

But what do you do with it now that you’ve got the checklist?

EXAMPLE: So if I covered all of this Influential Writing seminar here with a couple of chapters and gave you the 31 point checklist somebody would think they got something but ultimately when they go to work with it, not much.

There’s not enough understanding, there’s not enough reference for it. It’s genuinely taking us three days of doing exercises and conversing back and forth with each other and me showing and telling you examples of how to apply this stuff in the real world.

What About your “Ultimate Salesletter” book?

When Do You Write A Story SalesBook And When Do Write A Text Book?

“The Ulimate Salesletter is actually a reference book, not an advocacy book.

Now one might think that this would get in the way of people buying my high end copywriting courses or paying me huge fees to write copy for them. It doesn’t.

You could think of this book like you could about the proposed case presentation book.

It doesn’t get in the way because it only gives people pieces. You can come away from that book and you could write some decent headlines. And you got the structure of how a letter should look. And for the true small business buyer who would never be a client of mine anyway, they could only be a customer, where they’re the only one in their market delivering any kind of half decent marketing to their prospect, they can work out of that book by itself and actually get some value.

But the type of person who would hire me, all this book is going to do is bring them the next step closer to me because what they can do with this book isn’t good enough, but it demonstrates competence.

It shows them a model that’s different than what they’ve seen. But it is a reference book more than it is an advocacy book.

Knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have written it although it’s earned it’s keep. It has stayed on the shelf and people use it like they would a Words That Sell. They keep it to look at the templates and the structures.

It’s like Vic Schwab’s book, “How To Write A Good Advertisement” which I keep around solely for the purpose of swiping the 100 greatest headlines in there but other than that, there’s not a whole lot more you can do as a result of having that book.

It gives you a general idea that these ads are bad, and these ads are good, but exactly how to weave the magic, you don’t have it.

The nice thing about reference books is that if they get some traction, they stay around forever, but they don’t create any kind of emotional bonding, emotional movement.

Those books over the years have brought speaking engagements and consulting assignments where people tell me to come teach this stuff to their team but not a lot of customers. NO B.S. books do the opposite. I hardly ever get a speaking inquiry because of them, but we get customers.

The Missing Ingredient You’ll Be Tempted To Leave Out

One example they looked at was a marketing consultant who had a book titled something like “1,001 Ways To Market Your Business”. One of the conclusions that the participants came to was that this book implies the author knows a ton and you need to get his help implementing .

Kennedy points out that this guy’s business has always stayed small and his services have always been cheap because that’s the only reason people are coming to him.

There’s no big emotional connection, there’s no, “I want to hang around with John. I want to know more of what John is about.” There isn’t any of that.

Now if you look at the most recent editions of “Ultimate Sales Letter” and “Ultimate Marketing Plan” and compare them to the previous editions, Kennedy’s tried to fix that a little within the framework he’s been allowed to work in.

The “Ultimate Salesletter” was written back in 1991. His agent called him up and said “Adams media wants you to write something, what can you do a book on?”

Kennedy had a manual called, “How To Write A Million Dollar Salesletter” which they were selling for $199 bucks. He turned this into a book in a weekend. There wasn’t a lot of strategic thought in this.

But if you compare the first edition with the new one, you’ll see it’s fatter. The fat isn’t more teaching. The fat is getting in some stories and getting in some personal stuff. And the same with “Ultimate Marketing Plan” which was done in 1993.

Shit, 10 years from now Dan says he’ll be able to look at the NO B.S. books and think of 10 things they could do better.

And Now Full Circle Back To My Love Of Dogs And One Of The Greatest 287 Page Marketing Weapons I’ve Ever Seen

My retired school teacher step-mom actually mailed me a book titled,

The Daily Coyote – A Story Of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming

Sounds pretty gay, huh.

The picture on the cover makes it seem even more gay . . . until you a MUTHA – FUCKIN’ COYOTE STARING YOU DOWN WITH CRAZY EYES IN THAT BITCH!!!

Holy Shit! What the What is this?

Turns out this story is about a woman who moves from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco to some teeny-tiny town out in the middle of bum-fuck Wyoming.

She meets a jenna-wine cowboy out there and starts dating him. He’s a hired coyote assassin for the state. His job is to go kill coyotes who get too close to the farmers livestock.

One day he finds a den with one lone pup in it and usually he’d mercy murder it just like he did it’s mom, but on this special day, he decides to do something different.

He picks up the barely eyes open pup and puts it in a box in his truck and takes it home to his girlfriend, Shreve.

She gets the idea of taking care of him for now and see what happens day by day.


Coyote + Marketing = Payday For The Struggling Writer

So this woman is living in some beat to shit cabin and raising this coyote and of course, being that she’s got a really nice camera and some experience with photography, she starts taking pics of her baby and emailing them to people she knows from civilization.

Of course, her friends and family fall in love with and awe with what she’s doing and are waiting for the train wreck to occur – when is thing gonna go primal on her ass.

Of course they wouldn’t admit that because they love her but I suspect it’s something they anticipated could happen and they wanted to know about it first, and if possible see the bloody bite mark pictures from the attack she survived.

So everyday she’s emailing her contact list a pic of this pup and pretty soon her contacts are forwarding (endorsed marketing) these pics to their contact list.

She calls the email, “Your Daily Coyote”.

Well soon she realizes she’s got a pretty hot and heavy demand from people wanting to see the coyote whisperer’s pictures and gets the idea to start selling a coyote picture calendar.

Guess what? PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUY THAT SHIT! Of course, they do.

Well the natural progression from that, that the marketer in her moves toward from there is to start a Daily Coyote membership site where now you actually pay to see the new picture of the day of Charlie (That’s what she named him). This too becomes a hot seller.

This site gets popular and pretty soon, a publisher is pitching her on writing a book, a story of her experience with raising Charlie the Coyote. And this would be the book my step mom sent to me and that I read cover to cover.

Undercover Marketing Mega Mind Or Pure Dumb Luck? 

If this woman is a marketing genius, they only thing that gives it away is her actions because in no way, shape, or form does she talk anywhere in the book about doing promotions for her calendar or her website.

She could’ve very well been a student of Eben Pagan’s $12,000 Guru Mastermind program that shows you how to take your passion and make money from it with information – in her case entertaining pictures combined with story telling.

But if she did have marketing guidance, she never let on to it one tiny bit in her book. The impression the untrained eye gets is that by pure dumb luck all kinds of money starts pouring into her lap because her story is just so compelling.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

What I do know though is that this book is a perfect example of selling without being annoying

The story Shreve tells could be seen through two prisms . . .

As a passion project “The story of love, survival, and trust in the wilds of Wyoming” or . . .

As stealth marketing tool to help people fall in love with the story that is her life and want to watch the saga of her, her cowboy boyfriend, and Charlie unfold by signing up to her website.


I hope she makes a million jillion dollars. If people want to pay her to tune into the coyote soap opera, I’m happy for her. And I hope she does whatever the fuck she feels like with the money – burn it, fish fry it, swim in it, use it for toilet paper, whatever she wants.

And if this was a conscious act of marketing, I salute her because she’s rolled it out beautifully, especially considering the market she’s appealing to – animal/story lovers – who unlike me aren’t used to full frontal direct marketing in print books. You know, the kind you see in Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. books goading you towards taking advantage of “The Greatest Free Offer Ever” .

Think about this.

She got my 63 year old step mom’s computer illiterate ass to get on the computer and find her site. And the only mention of the actual site address is on one place, the back jacket cover. THAT, my friends, is the result of fucking BRILLIANT stealth marketing.  

Just the casual mentions of her site and how she was having to juggle her love life and taking care of Charlie to “service” it were all she mentioned.

She did a very good job of weaving in the fact that it was becoming popular as an “Oh by the way, the pain in the ass, damn uber popular and profitable site is getting the way of me being a good girlfriend and dog mom.”

And guess what? If there was no marketing wizardy behind the writing of this book, it could’ve stood alone just on the “A Story Of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming” theme. Not mentioning her site wouldn’t have hurt the story one bit. But guess what again?

I believe she would’ve cheated her audience had she not written in the stealth marketing tidbits. Had she had some money-hating, purist ideal, she wouldn’t have been able to let people follow her bread crumbs to the adventure that her site is on a daily basis . . .  just like they like to do with their soap operas.  

This is the type of ADVOCACY – not textbook style of book that Dan and I would advise you write to move people’s emotions which in turns moves them into spending more money with you, year after year after year, because they love the stories you tell and how you enunciate what you stand for and because of this, want to have a beer with and be like you.

What I Would Make The Daily Coyote Book Look Like Going To People Wanting To Start A Membership Site From Scratch 

It wouldn’t be much different at all.

All that would be tagged onto the original headline would be something like . . .

“How a Dead Broke Blond Busted Out of Poverty With Only Half-Assed Internet Connection, a Camera, and a Coyote”

I would keep the book just the same.

The only difference is at the different intervals in the book where business came up, I would give some notes on what I did to get the calendars printed, how I shipped them, what I priced them at as part of the story and also teaching them that only having a membership site is a dumb idea when people will buy other shit from you too.

And then later in the story when I got to the reason why I thought starting a membership was a good idea for me,  I would lay out the checklist of what I did to set up my membership site – affiliate link to the services I use. Maybe a checklist for why a membership site would be good for you. No more. Not for no $16 dollars.

Also within the book I’d address the internal objections I had to starting up a business. You know like, “Who are you to think you can charge people a fee to see your stupid pictures? What do you know about building membership sites, merchant accounts and business checking accounts?” And all the dog shit that would keep someone from taking the leap.

I’ve got a text-book style book sitting here on getting to know WordPress better. I’ve never even opened it. Well, I opened it and glanced at a couple of pages. 

But in the time this book has been sitting on my night stand, I’ve taken Stephen King’s simple but not easy advice of, “If you want to write better, you have to read a lot  and write a lot,” and read the 17 novels series  of a Janet Evanovich’s female bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum series. Which I may add, is fuckin’ HUH-LARIOUS.

I’m one of the few people attracted to learning and I STILL spent that much time edu-taining myself. You better believe that if people have the choice to be entertained and taught vs. just taught, they’re gonna take the first option every time.

One way to think of Daily Coyote is that this book is nothing more than an entertaining and heartwarming sales presentation on why you should give a shit enough about her and her coyote to pay to see them in your inbox every day.

Shreve might disagree with me because it’s the polar opposite view that most authors would take about their writing, wrongfully believing they’re in the writing business, not the marketing-self aggrandizement business.  

But even if you looked at it from a pure writer eye, you’d have to realize that one of the core jobs of the author is to make you fall in love with the main character so that you’re compelled to see what happens, how this story ends and what happens next.

And yes, I said “fall in love with.” You must be someone lovable to your perfect prospect. Be Satan to people who would never give you money, but do your best to be a worshipful saint in the eyes of people who pay your bills.  There are no enduring multi-decade, multi-generation comic books where the villain is the main character. You need to be doing honorable or dare devil things your perfect prospects admire.

Also notice the part above, “what happens next,”. Your books, your newsletters, your blog posts, your content should always leave people wondering what you’re gonna say next time. You always need to be readying the next act.

Otherwise you’ve written yourself out of the story of their lives and that equals no more money for you. Means maybe you end up having to close your business and go back to slaving for the man in a cubicle.

What To Do Now

Go get this book or , Pscyho Cybernetics, Think and Grow Rich, The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches or How To Win Friends And Influence People and look at them again from the marketers point of view.

Notice how they’re useful, but incomplete. All books designed to get you all lathered up about making a change in your life and taking the next step and hiring them, going to one of their courses, or signing up for their service.

Then realize you can do this too.

Now come to the conclusion that 4 of those 5 books above weren’t written by authors. They were written by businessmen. My guess is they had a shit ton of help from editors on how to lay the book out and how to organize the knowledge in a way that made sense.

In the day and age, you have access to that kind of help to for cheaper than you’d think. Look at any of the freelance sites and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people who can help you make your story book become a reality.

Last but not least, click here now and get these notes on Dan Kennedy’s Influential Writing seminar so that you know exactly what you need to be including in all of your stories so that you’re moving prospects towards the idea that they’d like to have a beer with you.

If you have questions or opinions you’d like to voice on this topic, go ahead and let ‘em fly in the comments section below.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2

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