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See how to avoid being disappointed with your list building results

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I wanted to share notes with you from one of the internet marketing experts Dan Kennedy brought in to present at his Social Media Money Magnet internet marketing seminar . . .  

Jason Van Orden of InternetBusinessMastery.com.

The notes on the part of his presentation I wanted to show you now are on . .

List-Building 2.0

The email list is where we make the bulk of their money. A lot of social media champions will try to tell you that email is dead but it isn’t true. (We agree with this by the way and if you want to know how we kick some serious ass using email, you’ll definitely want to click here now to see this)

And with 2.0 list-building, our list can consist of…

  • YouTube subscribers…
  • Facebook Fans…
  • Feed Subscribers… These are the most valuable social media wise because they’re subscribing to your site, of which you have control . . .
  • Twitter Followers…
  • As well as your customer/prospect list… And the thing to focus on is getting them back to here because if YouTube or Facebook or Twitter decides to shut your account down then you lose contact with all of your followers.

You want all of your social media to be driving people to opt in to your email list. And you do this by giving them something valuable that they can’t get anywhere else in exchange for their email address. This is also where your sales are made.

Mini-Oprah Effect

Oprah can make or break a person, product or industry. That’s influence. You only need a teeny fraction of Oprah’s influence power to do very well for yourself.

Oprah has become a person of influence by building trust with her audience over time by sharing awesomeness with them. You can do this with your audience by being seen as a peer and expert to them.

To be a person of influence, you’ve got to be cool . . .

Cool – This about sharing jokes, sharing real life tidbits from your life, quotes, etc.

Helpful – This is about delivering valuable and relevant content. You know a lot that your market would love and just eat up.

Authentic – People can sense if you’re fake on social media. They need to know you’re there for more than the reason of making money.

True – Be true to yourself. This is the way you don’t become a commodity like a book. One of the highest compliments you could ever receive is that, “You’re the same in real life as you are in your marketing.”

Laws of Magnetism:


He knows that while his audience wants to learn how to set up an internet business, the underlying thing their heart desires is freedom. Freedom from a boss telling them what to do.

You can get to the desire of your market through creating an avatar.

They know their avatar for their list makes around $40k a year, has around 2 kids, is around 40 years old, he wants to get out of his job, has a college degree, and he doesn’t want to spend the next 25 years doing something that sucks the soul out of him.

(If you want to see the detailed process Frank Kern’s goes through to figure out who your avatar is, you’ll definitely want to make time to go see this post here . . .)


You want to know what your market wants, not just what they need. And the more that you can expand on this in everything that you put out in your social media outlets, they more you’ll get their attention.


There’s this thing wired up in us that when someone gives something to us we feel like we owe them something back.

Your social media activity builds up reciprocity in the reciprocity account when you give value, not sales pitches. You want people to buy your stuff, feeling like that’s the least they can do for how much free awesome shit you’ve given them, AND feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth even if they don’t use the product.


This makes getting people’s attention far easier.


Make it easy for people to start a relationship with you because you’ve expanded what you qualify as your list through using all the different media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, podcasts, Blogs, as well as email.

Not everyone wants to read your blog but they’re excited about reading your 140 character tweets.

Meet people where they’re at instead of hoping they come to where you’re at.


The core of Glazer/Kennedy is their newsletter. Why is this? Monthly contact allows them to stay at the top of the mind of their customer.

You’ve gotta be consistent in your activity on Social Media. Once a month on any of these channels won’t cut it.


Before you decide to go see a movie, you might see the trailer once and think it looks interesting. Then, you read a blog on the internet where Ebert is talking about how he liked it. And then finally your friend comes to says they saw that movie and that it was awesome and then at that point you tell yourself that you’ve got to go see this movie.

Everywhere you look, people are raving about the movie.

Everywhere your market looks, everywhere there’s a significant number of eyeballs, you want them seeing you because that’s an instant association in their mind of Authority. And people make their decisions based on listening to peers and experts so you want to ride that wave.

Everything usually starts online with SEARCH, whether it’s Google or not is irrelevant; your best customers are out searching for solutions to their problems. And the number two search engine now is YouTube.

When his iphone 4 was fucking up because of the reception issue, he didn’t call them. He didn’t Google the problem. He went to Twitter because he wanted to find out the latest news on what people were saying right now and what solutions had they found to the problem.

Twitter is a search engine. Facebook is a search engine. YouTube is a search engine

You want to be showing up in these places because that’s when you become the authority in the minds of your market.

Content Marketing is The Strategy You Can Wrap All Of These Strategies Up In

Content marketing is all about creating frequent, authoritative, relevant content that your target customer can’t live without. And you syndicate this content strategically using social media channels.

Magnetic Media

Whether it’s a tweet, or a facebook update, a blog post or a youtube video you want to be creating a piece of magnetic media.

Formats . . .

Blog posts, audio programs, videos, shared media, status updates, email newsletters

Here’s One Example of Strategic Syndication of Your  Magnetic Media …

1. He starts with the podcasts which are about 20 minutes long and all it is a topic they’ve outlined that him and his business partner talk about.

2. Then they post that to their WordPress blog. People can listen to this on the site.

3. They also send out their email newsletter once a week telling people that there’s a new episode available.

4. A link to listen to the podcast also gets put on Facebook.

5. Then they transcribe the podcast and put it on the blog so that Google has something to pick up and rank because audio doesn’t show up in search engines.

6. With video, they make slides for the podcast and turn into a video they put on YouTube.

7. And then they take a link and put that on Twitter telling about the new show.

8. Which leads to them taking their transcription of the show and then turning those into 2-3 500 word articles that can go into article directories or other peoples content.

They spend about an hour outlining one piece of content. A half hour recording it. And then they syndicate it all across the internet so that when someone’s searching they can see it itunes, YouTube, Facebook, twitter or in google.

You can do this too with any kind of content – written, video or audio.

But you can do SO much more with not very much effort with the new process map that Dexter put out that lays out the steps for getting your magnetic media found by WAAAY more people than just taking those 8 steps above.

You can download the process map here and it shows you each step to take to make sure that your content is being bitten by a radioactive internet marketing experts spider and given mutant powers that make it highly visible,  super strong and super sticky in the minds of your perfect prospects

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne aka Note Taking Nerd #2

PS. If you want the full internet marketing experts notes from Dan Kennedy’s Social Media Money Magnet internet marketing seminar, you’ll definitely want to click here now to put your hands all over them . . .