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Today I’m sharing with you a rare, heard by very few, personal improvement story told by Tony Robbins where he reveals how to guarantee that for a lifetime you’ll grow and therefore for a lifetime you’ll feel happy and alive and wealthy every single day.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, go ahead and follow along . . .

Somebody asked me one time, they said, “Tony, out of all the books you’ve read, out of all the seminars you’ve attended, out of all the people you’ve worked with, is there one thing you can tell me that can immediately change the quality of my life forever. Make me wealthy and happy, what is it?

I looked this guy right in the eyes and said, “Listen, commit yourself to being a full on team player. Commit yourself to being a team player. That might be the most important commitment you could make of all.”

Now what do I mean by that?

Why is being a team player so important? I’ll tell you why. If you and I want to be happy in our lives, the only way we’re happy is when we’re growing. If you don’t feel like you’re growing personally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, whatever, you don’t really feel like there’s progress as you’re growing, what invariably happens to your emotional state? What kind of feelings do you get?

Bored, frustrated, tired, what else? Angry, discouraged, depressed.

Now if you’re growing leaps and bounds you’re gonna feel pretty phenomenal at those times. Those are the states we want most. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we need to grow. That is what life is. Life is expansion. We’re always either expanding or contracting. And when we contract it drives us crazy.

If you’re overeating or smoking or drinking, I guarantee you there’s only one reason. All of those are all about changing your state. You don’t like the way you feel cause you’re not growing. Period.

You want to be happy for a lifetime you’ve gotta keep growing.

Here’s the problem. Human beings get comfortable pretty easy, don’t they? What makes you grow initially? Some people grow because they want acknowledgement. They want people to like them so they work hard to be successful so they’ll be liked.

Or they do it to make money because they think if they make money, they can do anything they want.

Or they do it because they think that if they do it then what’s gonna happen is they’ll have spiritual enlightenment.

People have different reasons but the problem is that most people’s reasons burn out when you get a certain level of success. You can have a lot of people giving you praise but you get to a certain point where it doesn’t drive you so you don’t have to do anymore to get that level of acknowledgement. That’s more than enough. Does this make sense?

Or, we all have an idea of how much money we think we need. Once you get to that point, most people are pretty comfortable. There’s only so many homes, cars and toys you can buy before you get to that point where you don’t need anything more for you. So that’s no longer a reason to push yourself to grow. Does that make sense?

The trap we all get caught in is called a comfort zone.

We stop growing and then we start overeating. Or drinking. Or watching T.V. or distracting ourselves. Or going off and trying to do anything we can to get away from the feeling that we’re not expanding the way we used to.

How can you and I guarantee that for a lifetime we would grow and therefore for a lifetime we’d feel happy and alive and wealthy every single day?

The way we can do that is by understanding something about human beings that is pretty phenomenal and makes me proud to be a human and it should make you proud too.

That is, human beings will do more for others than they will ever do for themselves.

Human beings will do more for other people than they’ll ever do for themselves. That’s part of the beauty of being a human being. So how can we use this understanding to make sure we’re wealthy and happy for a lifetime?

Answer: We need to find a team of people that we care about so much that we’re willing to commit every resource we have as a human being to enhancing their lives.

And in the process, in order to keep enhancing their lives, we have to grow so that we have something to give. Then our lives get enhanced simultaneously.

I am a wealthy man. The way I know I’m a wealthy man is I’ll give you an example.

At Thanksgiving I had 50 friends over from all over the country. They’re all people I love very deeply and care about and they totally love and care about me and my family as well.

We have this incredible bond and every one of them is the kind of person that I feel incredibly lucky to know they’re my friend. They’re incredible people.

And I’m sitting here in my castle with my 50 friends, at Thanksgiving, we’d gone out early that morning and made all these huge baskets of food to hand out to poor people and went out and delivered them.

And then here we are sitting watching this incredible sunset over the Pacific ocean in my living room, 50 people having this meal together. I mean, that is wealth.

The only reason those people are in that room is because for my life, I can remember when I was 6-7 years old, somehow I linked up in my head, that if you want the deepest feelings like love, then what you need to do is give to people.

That if you’re constantly trying to give, you’re always gonna receive. You can’t help but to receive.

But I also somewhere linked in my head that in order to give people something, the most important thing you can give them is something that increases the quality of their life. Something that would change their life.

So you know what? Since my brain wanted love, it said, “Hey, you better keep learning stuff. You better always be learning something that you can give to people so that they’ll love you.”

Now that may not be a real healthy way to set it up, I don’t know, but I like the results it created. Because what it did was made me addicted to studying and learning and then sharing it with people because I loved learning and I love sharing it and the things that I would share would cause people to love me for doing it and it was this incredible positive cycle.

The more I learned, the more I shared, the more love I get. Therefore to get more, I’ve gotta keep learning.

So I’ve been addicted to personal development throughout my whole life because of some simple neuro associations. Make sense? Not everyone get’s those associations. I was pretty lucky. I offer you the chance on how to create that for you.

How did it effect how I was growing up? In every way. I was the kid in high school that everyone came to with their problems. I loved solving problems because if I solved problems, people like me. So I got really good at doing it.

Think about it, when I started learning these techniques for changing people’s associations and I started learning Ericksonian hypnosis, I started learning transformational grammar, NLP, how to use metaphors, god man I got so excited and in the first 4 days of learning this stuff, I was so inspired that I was in a foreign city learning them and I had no place to go and I didn’t know anybody so I went to Denny’s restaurant because it was 24 hours right, and I sat down at the counter and said, “TELL ME A PROBLEM YOU’VE GOT AND I’LL SOLVE IT FOR YOU!”

I didn’t even have any rapport. I was just committed. So I realized that wasn’t the right approach so I started doing private therapies and that’s how I started doing what I’m doing now, doing private therapies one on one.

I learned things like you’re learning here and I went out to people and said, “I’m gonna help you, come here. Tell me something that bothers you and I’m gonna change your associations which will change everything. I’m gonna empower you to feel better and change your whole life.”

And I started doing those therapies and I got so good at doing them that I developed this reputation as the “One-Stop Therapist”. Come see one time, I’ll wipe it out.

Now it didn’t work every time but about 89% of the time it did.

Then it got to the point where I was doing a therapy nearly every hour of my waking day except for maybe one or two where I’d break for lunch and that was it. And I got to a point where I was just burning out. Completely.

And I realized that my goal in life is to reach the most people. I want to reach the largest number of people that I can and give them the experience of knowing they’re in control of their experience and get them to demonstrate it so they’re no longer at the effect and they have the freedom they deserve.

So I thought, I’m not gonna do this with just doing one on one therapies so I started doing seminars. And the first seminar I did was one day, then it became two days, then three days, now it’s come to a point of what we’re doing here – 4 days.

What happened was, after I started doing this program, I ended up doing this seminar 4 times a month. Flying to different cities to do this sucked up 22 out of 30 days.

Then what happened was I was still doing therapies so it was like I was spinning these plates and I’m doing these seminars and I’m doing these therapies. And I’m getting burned out.

You can contribute and not feel the joy.

And a lot of people do that and that’s called being a martyr, even if that’s not your intent.

I had 4 great business partners at the time and they were all running around trying to keep up with these insane projects I was creating each week. Each week I’d come up with a new company, “Oh let’s do this.”

I remember I came back from this week of insanity and brought them like three more huge company sized projects and they said, “Tony, why don’t you take a vacation.”

I said, “Oh no, I’ve gotta do this and this, this thing, that thing, the other.”

They said, “Oh no, we’ve already made arrangements for you. Why don’t you do this. There’s this great program were you go work out with the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Go there to Florida and work out with these guys for two weeks.”

I love the Dodgers but I said, “No, I can’t do it because I’ve gotta work.”

They said, “Tony, if you go, you can model the players.”

I went into robot mode and said, “Model, work, OK.”

So their goal was to get me out of their hair number one and number two, to get me to take care of myself, to go out there and kick back in the Florida sunshine, relax get tan, spend some time with some of these players that I really like.

You think that’s what I did? No way.

I’m down there saying, “Give me some ground balls! Give me another. Give me another. COME HERE, YOU, YOU’RE ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE, WHAT’S YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, WHAT’S YOUR MENTAL STRATEGY, WHAT’S YOUR SYNTAX?

They were like, “Who is this person?”

And at the end of each day around 4 o’ clock, what the players usually do is kick back and have a beer and relax in the club house. You think I did that? No. I go back to my condo where I’d brought my computer with me so I could work more. I’m on the phone calling people, calling the office and those guys had to be thinking, “I thought we got rid of him?”

I did this for like 4 straight days.

On the 5th day, Tommy Lasorda was coming to town. He was the coach of the Dodgers and I wanted to go hear him so I went and sat down with him and listened to him at this meeting and got to hear his story, and I promised myself that right after that story I would leave back to my little condo and work on things but I didn’t.

You know why?

Something happened that changed my life forever and maybe relaying the story will change you as deeply as it changed me.

I’m sitting in this room, Tommy Lasorda leaves, and all of sudden this guy  walks up on stage and demands the attention of the room. He was one of the original Brooklyn Dodgers, his name was Carl Urskin.


And I’m going, “What’s this?” but all of a sudden I turn around and I look and about 20 professional baseball players stand up in a deep trance and start walking down this hall.

I’m like, “What is going on here, this is weird?” And I think, “I gotta go back and work on my stuff,” and my brain says, “No, no, no, you’ve gotta see what this is. This is weird.”

So the next thing you know, I’m walking down the hall and we go sit down and watch this film called, “The Boys Of Summer”. Now it was about the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team.

I wasn’t even alive when the Brooklyn Dodgers were around so I don’t know much about them. So I got up to get up and leave and my brain said, “Wait a second. This guy was too intense. There must be something here.”

And I’m glad I stayed because it changed my life.

That film was not about the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team and what they did. Even though that’s what it looked like on the surface. The movie was really about the power of team to transform the quality of your life forever.

It never said this explicitly, but if you watched the film and didn’t get that, you missed the whole film.

The Brooklyn Dodgers were probably the single most important element of change, leverage for change in our society in the last 40 years. Because the Brooklyn Dodgers didn’t just change baseball. They changed our society.

Particularly at that time, there were a mass number of people in our society that judged other people not by the quality of their character, but rather by the color of their skin.

And the Brooklyn Dodgers were owned by a man who was disgusted by that fact. His name was Branch Rickey. He saw people judging people by color and said, “This is insane.”

But saying it’s insane doesn’t change people. He said, “I need to give people an experience that destroys their present belief.” And he thought, “You know, the way I could do that was if I could get a professional baseball player, a black man to play in the big leagues, play as well as any white man, right now they don’t let a black man play because they say, 1) He’s not as good, 2) he’s like an animal and couldn’t take the emotional pressure. If I can get him to do that, telling them that they’re lying is one thing, but if I can demonstrate it, numbers don’t lie. And I could destroy that belief and they wouldn’t be able to say it wasn’t true.”

So I want to know that before a gentleman like Martin Luther King Jr. could get up in front of 100,000 people and march to Washington D.C. and talk about his dream, and before Rosa Parks got on a bus and said, “No,” to a bus driver, the change started in sports. And it started with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

It started because one man decided he wanted to make a change.

He was gonna interrupt the pattern of association that an entire country had. The only reason people would treat someone a certain way is because of what they associate to color or shape or style or voice or whatever.

He spent two years looking for a guy who could play because he really needed a guy who could not only play better than almost anybody else, but also no one would go through the kind of abuse this man would go through unless he was doing for more than just himself.

So he had to be what kind of player? Clearly had to be a team player because he knew this man would go through tremendous abuse. He spent two years and finally found the man, Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was the man to find. He could steal, he could hit, he could field. He was an unbelievably intense competitor. Brilliant man. UCLA graduate, been an officer in the army, and most importantly he understood his position in history and most importantly, he was a team player.

Cause when Branch Rickey pulled him in, he said, “I want you to understand what this means. If you snap back – you’re gonna get abused verbally, physically, in every way – and if you snap back at somebody verbally or physically, they’re gonna say, ‘See, he’s an animal and can’t handle it.’ and it’ll be another ten years before another black man get’s a chance. So this isn’t just for you. And it’s not just for the black race. This is the chance to create an opening in people’s associations. We’ve got a chance to show that those old associations are lies. But you’ve got to absolutely direct and control yourself.”

Talk about state management.

And he said, “It won’t be worth it if you’re doing it for your own glory because you’ll give up. But if you’re willing to do it for something bigger. If you’re willing to commit yourself to something much bigger yourself, you’ll get the ultimate rewards.”

And Robinson really was committed to that. He was a team player that committed to something bigger than him that he got rewards for and the pain of too.

He got abused more than anyone in the history of baseball. First of all he played better than anyone else but he got everything from, “Go home nigger,” and all the other verbalizations but he got a lot worse. He got psychological abuse.

The other team would walk right up to him before a game and stare him right in the face and then spit their chewing tobacco all over him. Yeah. Then they’d walk up to him and say, “God, that’s disgusting, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, and they’d come up like they were gonna wipe it off and spit the rest of it all over his face.

And he had to manage his state, not say anything, turn away, wipe it off and go back on the field. You talk about state control, I don’t know if I have that much state management.

Then they said, “What are you a yella nigger, what’re you yella?” Interesting.

Known fact that before the game was that Jackie would get these letters that would say, “You go out on the field today, we got a gun and we’re gonna blow you away.” Big joke on the Dodgers was, “Don’t you stand too close to Jackie, huhhuh.”

If you played second base or short stop on the other team, it was a known fact throughout the league that large numbers of players would sharpen their spikes the night before so they were razor sharp. Invariably Robinson would get on and try to steal second and if you couldn’t tag him out, you came right down on him and cut his leg wide open.

He was scarred for life all down both legs. People purposely cut him open just to try to get him out of the league.

How do you think his team responded when they found out they were taking on the first black player in history? You think it was, “OH BOY! WE GET THE FIRST NEGRO!!! ISN’T THIS EXCITING GUYS?”



And they all said, we’re all going on strike.

And Branch Rickey said, “Fine. I have your contracts. Go on strike and you’ll never play baseball again for the rest of your life.” also known as, leverage.

They changed their tune and decided they could still play.

But you know what, they totally abused Robinson. Verbally abused him, they isolated him, they took his uniform and cut it up. They gave him every kind of verbal assault, they’d punch him in the locker room, knock him around, probably the worst thing that ever happened to him was after a game, he went to put his dress shoes on and cut his feet wide open because someone had rigged razor blades in the insides of his shoes.

His own team.

Has that ever happened to you? Has that happened where you feel like your own team who you thought cared about you most, seemed to turn on you? Anybody ever have that happen in their life?

What do you do when your own team is going against you?

I’ll tell you what Robinson did. Robinson decided that even if no one else was going to play team, he would. And you know what? He pushed to give 100% even though no else supported him.

And what happened is he got more hits, scored more runs, stole more bases, he got so successful that it became clear that he was going to be rookie of the year.

Some of the people that hated him most, became his biggest supporters.

I’ll tell you something about results, in spite of everything, you’ll push to give 100% and produce results, sooner or later the tide will turn. I promise you. Even though it seems unfair and even when no one else will, you’ll get the results you want.

In fact one man once said, “The greatest revenge is massive success.”

Jackie Robinson was so successful that finally what happened was that the Brooklyn Dodgers called their own team together. The captain of the team was named, Pee Wee Reese. He pulled everyone together except for Robinson and said, “Gentlemen, we have a problem. Just in case you haven’t noticed we got a guy here on our team and he’s probably the best player we got. He’s stole more bases, he’s got more hits, scored more runs, he’s gonna be rookie of the year, and we’re busy losing ball games and the one’s we’re winning are because of him and we’re abusing him. We treating him worse than the other guys. We’re treating him like he’s the enemy. I suggest we do one of two things: Either just get rid of him once and for all or let’s accept him as our team mate and maybe we can learn something from him and start winning some ball games. Now I want to know who here will support this man, as a man, as a team mate regardless of the color of his skin?”

And it was just quiet.

Finally, one guy stood up and I think it was Preacher Rowe. He said, “I’ll support him captain. I’ll tell you what. I think the way we treat him is disgusting. I don’t care what color his skin is. I’ll tell you one thing – I’m a pitcher and he has scored and made us win more games for me at least, saved more games for me than I care to count. The bottom line is I’ll do whatever it takes to support him. I’m behind him 100%.

Pee Wee said, “Thanks. Who else?”




Come back for Part 2 and you’ll what happened in the locker room and you’ll also see why Tony Robbins credits this day with changing his life forever and how it can do the same for you.

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