Full Frontal Notes That Undress Small Business Marketing Strategies That Dan Kennedy Uncovered While Interviewing The Mayflower Madam – Sidney Biddle Barrows

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Most business owners erroneously think that the core product or service is the most important thing. More often than not, it is far from the top of the list.

The relationship between the business owner and client is much more important in many cases. Certainly the benefit to the end user is far more important to them than whatever your product or service is. They don’t care how you do it; they care what they get out of it.

For a very graphic example of this, consider that an escort service would have young ladies out for many hours of an evening, but they’d actually only end up having about seven minutes of sex.

But here’s the kicker:

Everything else that happened that night was just as or more important than the sex itself. Otherwise, people would be paying for the escorts by the minute.

Very interesting point, one of the things that 50-year old and up female cosmetic surgery patients have major concerns about, even more than the credentials and track record of the doctor, is the age appropriateness of the staff person who is interviewing them.

Sydney brings to light the question of, how can you fully open up about getting a facelift if the person who is working with you is in their late 20s, and won’t need one for another 20 years?

It’s a fantastic point, if they are uncomfortable at any stage in your sales process, you need to fix that shit and fast.

Sydney mentions the detailed client cards on all of their clients, which included: how old he was, where he was from, what he did for a living, what type of young lady he was looking for, what his particular interests were (for example golf, sailing, travel etc.) and these cards were pulled out when doing any sales or marketing to that client so that everything had a personalized touch to it.

The Importance of Image

It’s crucial.

You have to look the part, to consider the impression that you are making with everything you do.

Consider this: Pulling out a Bic pen is not congruent with trying to sell thousands of dollars worth of consulting services. It’s not something that they would ever be able to describe to you, but it creates or leads to a negative impression of you in their head.

Consider this: Services have packaging just as physical products do.

It may not be a box like a product has, but your presentation and your choreography and all of the little details of your service are the packaging.

An example from Sydney’s escort business . . . 

If she was selling a client on a certain woman being “The girl next door,” then she wouldn’t have that girl show up in a lot of makeup and a sleek Versace dress.

However, if she’s selling the image of a model, then she would. It’s all about presenting and wrapping the package in a way that allows you to manage and meet the client’s expectations

You want them to have as good an impression of you as they’re leaving, as they did when they first came in. That means after their roll in the sack, the girl is instructed to go in the bathroom and put herself back together so that she looks just as stunning now as when she showed up. It’s all part of the packaging.

Here’s another very subtle, powerful example . . .

When they girl would show up to a client’s door, she was instructed to stand back while he opened the door, because if she’s standing close, all he will really see is her face. And, if her face wasn’t what he was looking for, then instantly he had a bad impression. However, if she stood back when he opened the door, then he could see the whole package so to speak. There would be more for him to appreciate.

The lesson to take from this should be obvious, but if it’s not . . .

. . . for the salesperson, it’s about choreographing your entrance and your exit from a presentation or a sales meeting. For a doctor, it’s about choreographing the procedure of bringing a patient in to see you and presenting the reports of findings to them…etc.

Come back for Part 2 of this post and I’ll be showing even more examples of why your business has more in common with an escort service than you think it does.

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