What I’m about to share with you was inspired by Stephen Pressfield’s books. (War of Art and Do the Work).

It’s really a selfish article written to one of my closest and best friends.

He’s a Professional Poker player whom I believe is making some wrong decisions.

We will call him “Don” for purposes of this article.

I’ll start by sharing a few quotes from Stephen Pressfield.

Most of Us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.

Have you ever bought a treadmill and let it gather dust? Ever quit a diet? Quit an exercise routine? Have you ever wanted to do something greater then you and for “Good” yet find a way to not do it? Are you a good starter and poor finisher?

Resistance is that “Thing” that kills everything good we want to do.

In Other Words…any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health, or integrity, or expressed another way, any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower.

My friend is repeating a cycle I believe many of you may be repeating as well.

One I’m very familiar with.

A cycle of self – delusion.

A cycle of slowly lowering our standards and accepting the bullshit stories we sell ourselves to make us feel better.

Tell me if this sound familiar to you?

New exciting venture arises.

We eagerly and passionately set out to conquer the world and achieve our dreams through this new vehicle we’ve found.


After just a short while obstacles arise, passion subdues, energy dissipates, and our momentum stops.

Along comes a new “Shiny Object”, a new promise of riches, and we are off to the races once again.

Behind us is a road filled with the rusting leftovers of half ass efforts and dreams unfulfilled.

Let me ask you a question?

What did you do wrong?

Did you exhaust all options? Did you burn the midnight oil for month’s until you found the way?

I’ll guess the answer is NO!

Yet we find a way to blame others, find excuses, and move on.

Where do we go next?

Generally we find our way back to a familiar pattern.

Something comforting.

Something that will “Pay The Bills”.

Then we are off to races as soon as we find the new “Shiny Object”.

Only to repeat this cycle over and over and over again.

We tire as we get older.

Our dreams become much smaller and we accept that maybe we will never achieve anything.

We begin to listen to the critics.

We begin to sell ourselves and others “Smaller Dreams” and accept mediocrity.

“Don” is your classic entrepreneur.

Just like me he has a wake of failures in his past.

However, I see a pattern he’s beginning to make that’s one I think many of you are making as well.

Before I get into that let me first examine the “Career” he is choosing.


Let me say that I’m a believer and have first hand knowledge that Poker is a game of skill.

I’d set Don against anyone on this planet with limited skills and he’s win 80% of the time or more.

He’s very good at what he does.

Yet….”Self Delusion” is what may kill him.

The challenge with Poker is that it’s reliant upon YOU to make the money.

It’s a trade for money and time.

There is no leverage other then moving up the ranks to bigger games.

So unless you have a Bankroll to drastically change the leverage, you have for trading your time, then you will inevitably toil in mediocrity.

The challenge with playing this game is two fold.

One is that when your “hot” you seem invincible and you think this “shall continue forever”.

However, at some point, variance and math catches up and reality sets in.

The second, yet most important, factor that causes self delusion is “Immediate Gratification”.

In Poker you know the score all the time.

You are never too far from the “Big Win” that fools you into believing it’s around the corner.

The truth is unless your bankrolled substantially, and Don isn’t, variance will win every single time.

You can’t beat it.

It will always win. Just the same way casino’s fool you into believing you are a winner. They know that eventually the “Math” will catch up with you. Their job is to just keep you coming back.

Armed with a bigger Bankroll, an extreme commitment to self education, and a well thought out plan my advice would be different for Don.

Don is currently going through a Financial Crisis.

We’ve talked about his pattern of entrepreneurship.

Rather then look at his self delusion, patterns, habits, and “truths” he’s made a fatal error in my opinion.

He’s lowered his standards.

He’s revaluated his budget, cut things, made a decision to maybe file for bankruptcy and lower his overall bills and spending.

He’s cut everything bare minimum to “Survive”.

A pattern he’s probably done before unconsciously without even knowing it.

So my question is this Don?

When is the last time you got up at 6 in the morning and worked till midnight to “Make Things Happen"?

What is the last book you read to enhance your skill set outside of the convenience of Poker?

Can you say you’ve ever given anything a Real Chance?

Have you Lead the Way?

Have you worked on YOU as much your game?

Have you evaluated the Psychological Wounds that playing a “Game” has caused?

Do you want to be riding the waves of success and failure in Poker while your children are growing up?

These are not easy questions to answer.

Yet they are the very things we must look at to break the pattern that has destroyed our dreams.

Why do I say this.

Because I lived it.

It’s Wisdom…

…Not some bullshit philosophy passed on from a book or second hand from a third party.

Resistance is that Silent Killer that creeps up and stops us from doing the things that matter.

So what would I do if I were Don?

I’d pick one of the may opportunities I have in my life (he has opportunities in real estate, online marketing, etc.…) and divide my time accordingly.

I’d spend 1-2 hours every single day educating myself with the tools and skills necessary to succeed.

I’d spend 1-2 hours every single day implementing what I’ve learned that day.

I’d take a leadership position and make myself accountable to my closest friends and partners.

I’d work my fucking ass off until I succeeded. Never giving in to the silent call of the easy buck. 

I’d change my atmosphere and get out and work.

I’d ask myself better questions.

I’d set bigger goals.

AGAIN…I’d work long fucking hours and make shit happen.

I’d do all this plus more every single day by specifically scheduling my days as a professional screenwriter would write a play.

I’d commit to never allow Resistance to beat me again.

Only then would I schedule Poker or anything else without leverage in my life.

The great Henry Fonda (Actor) would throw up every single time before he went on stage until he was 74 years old.

Yet he never allowed fear or any other emotion ruin his dreams.

The Battle Must Go On.

As a matter of fact Resistance will, and probably already has, come into your life as you read this very article.

It will rationalize, self delude, and convince you that what you are doing is the right thing.


Quit buying the story.

Quit repeating the cycle.

Quit selling yourself the story.

As Antony Robbins Says;

"Now I am the voice.
I will lead not follow.
I will believe not doubt.
I will create not destroy.
I set new standards.
I defy the odds.
I step up.
I am a force for good."

I’ll end by asking you a few questions.

Have you really given an honest effort?

Does what you do have leverage? (meaning it’s not reliant upon you once you’ve “Done The Work”)

Have you worked until you can’t keep you eyes open more times then you can remember?

Are you creating systems within your business to maximize the leverage?

Are you just lowering standards rather then “Doing The Work”?

Are you believing the bullshit stories you tell yourself to feel better about mediocrity?

This post isn’t just for Don.

It’s for YOU!

It’s for me!

It’s for all of us entrepreneurs that are repeating this vicious cycle of Self – Delusion.

It’s for all of us whom allow Resistance to ruin our lives and never finish anything.

Now is the time to go look in the mirror at YOU!

Don’t look away and start asking the tough questions.

The truth is YOU are the problem.

Today start “Doing The Work”.

“Don” may not like what I’ve written here.

You may not like it either.

But I’m Don’s friend. I’m not a dog or a Plant.

Friends should be there to tell the truth.

Not the fun fuzzy feeling shit we want to hear but Truth.

Let me also say that I’m sure someday I’ll be writing about how my friend “Don” become one of the greatest Poker Players to have ever lived.

He’s that good.

But time and place requires a different approach at this point in his life and probably yours.

Quit chasing the “Shiny Objects”.

Find something that will give you leverage and see it through to the end.

Do The Work!

There is no other way.

Today I feel like shit, I miss my daughter, I miss home, Resistance is SCREAMING at me to quit, to take the easy road, to take a nap…

…But I’m going to choose to Do the Work!

My day is planned from now until 11:30 tonight. I’ll make it happen.

Stack today on top of another then another and I promise I’ll get where I want to go.

If I give in to the call of the “New Shiny Object” or “Easy Road” or “The Big Win” I’m Fucked!

You too.


Have a great day.

And to my friend “Don”.

I love ya my friend and I’ll be charging the hill with you as we hopefully “Do The Work” Together.

And for those of you here at Nerd Nation. I’ll be here as your coach, mentor, friend, or whatever you choose to call me. Helping you along as you Do The Work! as well.