10:05 – Check out this cool video I just found that reminds me of “Me”

10:15 – I’m about to eat at Wendy’s …Anyone tried the new Blue Cheese Burger?

10:27 – This song reminds me of the old days

10:37 – Just leaving Wendy’s and …

ON and Fucking ON!!!

Are You An Un-Paid Clown Fooling Yourself With Empty Manufactured Feelings?

Let me tell you something.

I don’t use Facebook.

Yet I know probably more about using it as a marketing tool then just about anyone you’ll ever meet.

I’ve studied it.

I understand it.

But I also know that at this time I don’t have the Time necessary to do it right.

It’s not something that should be outsourced to “Robert” in India.

It’s a relationship vehicle that if used properly can be extremely powerful.

However, I get sick when I see how most people use it.

Let me ask you a question.

Whom are you really trying to entertain when you Facebook?

If your brutally honest with yourself You will find that it’s YOU!


You are meeting a crap load of your own needs with the mindless stuff you spend hours on end putting on “Your Wall”.

Guess what?

99% of the 437 “Friends” you have don’t give two shits about you.

You are simply entertainment both of you are meeting each others needs by wasting time and feeling space so you can avoid the “Real Shit” you need to get done.

Facebook is ten times worse then TV ever was.

It’s interactive.

You are the Star!

And you get instant feedback.

But it will rob you of the most precious commodity you have. YOUR TIME!

All while you trick yourself into believing your having meaningful relationships with these so called “Friends”.


I’ve been a bit brutal here.

But I’ve done so for a reason.

As far as business goes if your going to Facebook you simply must have a purpose for everything and anything you do.

If it doesn’t lead to something it shouldn’t be written.

You should have an effective strategy and plan if your going to use this media.

The same goes for Twitter.

You may think you’re a Star.

But in the end your nothing but an Un-Paid Clown if you are spending any amount of business time on Facebook and it’s not directly leading to commerce and money.

And even in your Personal Life if your not contributing and connecting on a deep level then I’d suggest you reevaluate how your spending your time.

You just might be filling a hole in your life with meaningless mumbles.

Time that could very well be spent on activity getting you closer to your goals, dreams, and desires.

Your sometimes harsh friend