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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

Do you think of yourself as a writer? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you do.

I say you are. Here’s why . . .

If you type or hand write even one line of communication to another person consistently, you’re a writer. Sure, you’re writing skills aren’t allowing you to pen 500 page novels or non-fiction books but you’re still a writer. Just not a very good one.

Your ability to pump out volume might be limited. Your quality may be horrible but this just makes you a weak writer. Not everyone is going to go from weak to amazing but it’s very possible to go from “weak” to “good enough”.

It’s kind of the same premise of “Everyone is a sales person.”

Every single one of us is in charge of selling the people we come in contact with on who we are, what our beliefs and values and standards are and how people should treat us.

Some people’s daily sales presentations allow them to become Dan Kennedy – The former stuttering man, turned $9,000 a day marketing consultant. And some people’s allow them to become Dan Owens – the 47 year old guy making your sandwich at Quiznos.

But the difference that makes the difference between Dan Kennedy and Dan Owens is the sales presentation you make to yourself everyday about what you believe is possible or not and what standards you’re going to live by that day and what actions you will or won’t take.

Some people’s sales presentation leads them to collecting unemployment/welfare checks while spending all day smoking weed, eating generic cheetos and masturbating.

Some people do like Dan Kennedy and take their stuttering ass to a real estate office and deliver a presentation on the importance of personal development to a room of six people who are basically ignoring them. (If you’re interested in how Dan Kennedy has become the ultimate platform sales machine, go see this here)


Some people say, “If you can talk, you can write.”

I believe this for the purposes of bonding with people so that they’ll feel comfortable giving you money for your products and services.

I think there’s some kind of Michael Jordan intangible talent that guys and gals who’ve written novels for decade after decade have that not everyone’s got the talent for. Sure they’ve gotten better and better because they do a lot of it but think of it like this – everyone has access to a basketball and a basketball hope but almost no one gets paid to play professionally.

Novelists who have rabid fan bases are being paid the big bucks because they’re able to have elaborate make believe conversations with themselves and trap the stories they make up onto paper in an order that makes sense and moves at an exciting pace. I won’t say any one can do this at the pro level. Even if they wanted to. Maybe I’m wrong.  But the good news is, you don’t have to be anywhere near a pro to bring in the big bucks.

Blow Jobbing, Bail Bonding, and Bar Room Brawling

When you’re an expert at a topic, you don’t ever have to have even set eyes on a book or a computer to be able to write.

Think about how much shit the Native Americans showed the settlers about this new land they arrived on. They couldn’t write shit except for hieroglyphs but that didn’t stop them from having a beginning, middle, and end process for teaching people what they knew. Even without being able to speak English.

If they can get an idea across of how to do something, so can you.

How To Not Suck At Sucking

If you know how give world famous blow jobs, you can write a basic outline, talking points if you will, about how you go about doing that, use that for your guide to shooting a step-by-step – beginning, middle, and end video on how to do this and put together a 20 page manual of all the steps explained with screen shots included from your video and a one page quick action guide you tape right to the head board to serve as a reminder.

Boom, you’ve got yourself an info product to sell via your sex blog or even a blog post, which by the way can be entirely video based where you ask people to send you questions and then you answer them on video. There’s actually an old timer porn star that does her weekly article for Sexis Newsletter from the camera and mic attached to her Mac computer.

You don’t have to be a novelist or have a jillion dollars of equipment to bring this concept to the world and you’ll have a ton of men who are grateful to you for doing so.

Remember Dog The Bounty Hunter?

Did you ever watch him on TV? Hard to say because I don’t know him personally but I’ve yet to see and don’t think I’ll be seeing anytime in the future some prolific novel writing coming out of his mind.

But you want to know what is prolific about that dude though? His ability to catch criminals. He could easily write out all the necessary questions a bail bonds man needs answers to before they bail someone out, to how to capture them when they jump bond, to how to make sure you get paid when they show up to their court dates.

Then he could answer these questions by typing them out or just having someone interview him on video and answer the questions there and post single Q & A’s as blog posts. But the best outcome would be to have everything in his mullet-wearing voice. Not cleaned up. Street and cowboy booted.

How many bail bonds man went to Harvard and are a part of their local country club? None. So the perfect way to screw this up is to have someone come in ghost write everything for him and have it sounding like a text book from Harvard.

But more interesting than just a data dump would be lessons he learned from specific adventures he experienced.

Punching Is For Wussies

Let’s say you wanted to rival the boys at TRS Direct (one of John Carlton’s favorite clients to write copy for) and show people regular Joes and Judys how to defend themselves.

We’ll if you’re like Vin Diesel’s character from the movie “Knock Around Guys,” and you’ve got 500 street fights under your belt and you know how to show people how they can go home instead of the hospital if they ever get into a fight, but you haven’t written anything except for a text since you left school years and years ago, you might think you’re assed out.

Nope. Once again, if you can speak it, you can translate it into a beginning, middle, and end outline you can put onto video just TRS does with all it’s instructors who are showing people why you don’t want to throw a punch when you can finish the job without doing so by going for the throat, eyes, testicles or other places they point out to you.

Worst case scenario for any of the “Writers” if they had to have something that wasn’t video is that they could use Dragon voice recognition software and have what they speak transcribed automatically.

Jon Morrow, one of the guys that Brian Clark, boss hog over Copyblogger, loves and has partnered with has some kind of problem where he can’t type and relies entirely on voice recognition to produce all of his content.

Some people say this software doesn’t work as well as they’d like it to. Go read this awesome post Jon Morrow to see this post here to read about how he tweaked Dragon so that it kicks ass.

Moral Of The Story

The reason I used all of these worst case “writer” examples is because all of these people can “write” consistent content even though they’re the least likely people you’d think of when you think of the word “Writer”.

If these people, who may have never graduated high school can do this, you have no excuse.

I’m taking the word “Writer” back from all the people who have a pen shoved up their ass and think that the only way you can call yourself a writer is if you’ve got a half-ass, half-written screenplay, novel or non-fiction book you’ve been working on for 3o years in a drawer of your desk or if you’re a published author.

Here’s the Key Tactic That Allows Even Your Elementary  Writing To Sound Like The Some of The Greatest In The Game

Below I’ve listed 5 of my favorite fiction authors. They each earn their living with their writing and have written 10, 20, 30, 40 books and one of em, Carl Hiaasen, currently writes for the Miami Herald in Florida.

That’s it for today. Come back to see Part 2 of this post and see the people I believe can take your writing from weak to good or from good to great.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you want to see what I consider to be the bible of small business marketing strategies for writing for blogging marketing or any kind of writing to your customer or prospect list, click here now to see this . . .