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What you’re about to read is my experiment on taking marketing notes on a 49 minute interview that Gagan Biyani of mixergy.com conducted with internet marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk without stopping the audio. This was sheer hell. I’ve never done it before and did it as a stretch to get myself better at taking notes on the fly like you’d have to do if you were at a seminar.

I’ve done one small edit and then I stopped myself so if these notes seem a little raw and more fast paced than my others, this is why.

Let the show begin . . .

Gary is the founder of wine library TV February 2006 is when he decided to launch it.

It was then when he knew internet TV was gonna be the future. He had complete certainty in himself because he gave a shit about his market. Dominating this market meant he’d be happy doing what he did while working his ass off.

He likes the idea and is excited about turning people onto wine that never were before.

He got started hustling by making comments on blogs and going to wine

forums and answering all emails to came to him.

He started taping without knowing how to do shit. He had a kid grab a camera and grabbed bottles of wine and went balls to the wall.

One of the things that broke him in 2007 was doing a wine tasting for Technorati.

He barely looks at his stats. He admits to being bad at this. He doesn’t make decisions based on them. He makes his decisions based on knowing what he’s talking about, how he’s polarizing, he believes the stats were irrelevant based to saying he’s juiced about what he’s doing. He believes the details – page views, visitors, aren’t relevant until later.

His first shows were shit. But his getting active in going to  make comments on blogs, making sure he answered all of his emails and calling blogs up and asking for mentions, working his ass off are what made a difference.

He knew working his ass off would pay off. He doesn’t believe businesses are built fast. Making personal connections and relationships he believes are most important and were key to his success.

He’s not scared to connect with people.

His business scaled because he knows his shit and he was willing to work. The scalability was in people caring that he responded to them. He believes that laying on his deathbed at 94 and knowing people cared, will make him fulfilled.

He only started because he knew it was gonna be big. If he didn’t believe that, he wouldn’t have.

Conan O’ Brien exploded his success. He was one of the first internet celebrities to be featured on this big of a platform. His parents came here with no money and no english and were super proud to see him.

There ended being a ton of people with big pull online that spread the interview was huge. It was a huge deal. He got on the show through some huge interviews and articles, in Time, he did it with no PR person.

He hired a PR person in 08 after he made the huge name for himself.

He believes PR people need to change their mindsets and the only reason he hired her was to get access to The Today Show and others.

It was clear to him he needed to be a somebody in the techworld on all the platforms and he spent all his energy there thinking it’d be easy to get relevant with the networks television.

He loves the pressure. He loves the light. He thrives when it’s game time because he loves it and he respects other humans opinions.

Who are you? You may be embarrassed of it. If you embrace who you are, you can shine at what you’re great at. Too many people want to be someone else, something they’re not. This is why they have to pump themselves up which he believes is shit. He doesn’t endorse personal development because a lot of it isn’t embracing who you are.

He doesn’t process failures like most people. One thing some people may consider a failure is his saying no to having his own TV shows. He doesn’t. He’s holding out for bigger and better deals. He want’s to own his content. He doesn’t need to be a celebrity. and doesn’t believe he needs TV to build his business.

As a business professional he used internet dating to meet his current wife. He liked how he could scale the opportunity to meet people.

In relevance to working, he does what’s best for him. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t love. He loves working a lot because he’s good at it what he does. He’s gifted with energy and passion.

He likes getting pieces of a company for helping them. He does this instead of the company giving them $20,000 – $30,000 dollars of month. He helps with your story and business strategy on line and the brain power of navigating online.

All this opportunity came to him because he cared about what people were consuming of his. He let stuff come to him. He’s very good at paying attention to what his market is telling him. He’s not so good at strategy. He’s a shark and moves on what the market tells him and blows it up.

Twitter and Facebook are a place where everyone wants to be but he see’s some of the smaller Bebo’s and other networking sites are where he wants to pay attention to.

He doesn’t watch anything. He doesn’t read any blogs.

You want to leverage interview on top of interview up and up and up. And in the same light he says you shouldn’t discount the nobody. He was a nobody at one time.

Go shake hands at conferences. That’s how you get to know big people. You can’t buy friends. Be a real person and everyone’s good at something they can monetize but they don’t embrace it.

He loves that people believe he has the potential to be one of the best business men on earth eventually becoming rich enough to buy the New York Jets. 

You can build the biggest building or tear down the ones around you. He wants to build the biggest building.




Hope you’ve had some great insights here! I love how passionate Gary is about buying the Jets. I’d love to see that happen.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a L.L. Cool Nerd

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