Here’s the marketing notes on 221 point checklist Jay Abraham says, “I use to jog my own thinking when engineering small business marketing strategies for myself and my own clients.”

Hey You,

It’s Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

If you’re gonna come up with a market domination strategy, you’ve gotta know all the resources, options, alternative actions, sources of information, etc. that you can use to build it.

If you don’t, you’ll most likely end up with a two-legged stool of a strategy that causes you to fall flat on your ass, crippling yourself before you even begin.

People usually develop a strategy based only on what they know based on their experience . . . not on what’s possible.

You can use the check list below to:

  • To help you develop your strategy . . .
  • To help you become aware all the options and resources that are ready for you to use. Use this list to awaken yourself to all the tools that are at your finger tips for engineering a kick ass strategy for your company. Think of each section as a “Pantry of opportunity” . . .
  • To ensure you’re not leaving anything absolutely essential to the creation and success of your marketing strategy . . .
  • And of course, you won’t be able to implement everything on the list at once but you can use this to focus in on what you can apply next that augments your current master strategy.

Use this list to keep yourself from wandering aimlessly like so many of your competitors do. Let’s get this party started . . .

Data, Research and Information Sources

Employee Surveys

Focus Groups


Customer and Prospect Questionnaires

Point of Purchase Surveys

Research Companies

Trade Shows

User Groups

Sales Historical Records

“” School of Research – use Amazon reviews to see what customers love or hate about best selling books on your topic. Also look at the table of contents to give yourself ideas of the problems your market is looking to have solved. Also use the reviews to glean the jargon or emotional power words your prospects are fond of using.

Internet Sources

Competitors Literature, Customers and Web Site

CRM Systems and Databases

Trade Magazines & Newsletters

Training Programs


The Library

The Bookstore

Coaches and Consultants


90 Day Plan

1 Year Plan

3 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

Purpose & Company Values; What you aspire to

Mission Statement

Product Vision

Long Term; Global Vision

What is Your Company’s Legacy?


Cash Flow


Net Worth


# of Customers

# of Products Sold

# of Orders

Inventory Turns

# of Employees

Amount of Cost Reductions

Return on Investment

Return on Equity

Increased Square Footage

Return on Square Footage

Your Strategy

Your Current Master Marketing Strategy

Your Current Command/Field Strategies

Your Current Integrated “Game Plan”

Your Current Specific Working Tactics

Key Indicators & Concepts

Marginal Net Worth; Lifetime Value of a Client


Dream 100

Financial Resources

Angels Investors

Personal Savings

Credit Lines

Cash Flow

Vendor Terms & Quantity Discounts

Your Bank

Alternative Funding Sources; Current Cash Cows



Role Models


Your Pricing Structure

Remarkable, Unique or Differentiating Attributes and Characteristics of The Business

Certifications and Accreditations

Unused, Dormant or Hidden Resources

Your Inventory

Your Personal Values

Obstacles, Restraints, & Limitations

Company Culture

Your Current Company Momentum

Your Company’s Core Competencies

Personal Core Competencies

Intellectual Property & Patents

Your Current Selection of Products & Services

Your Store, Plant, or Office

Your Vehicles

Peer Recognition

Your Machinery or Tools

Your Technology

Your R&D Department

Your Vendors

Your Mastermind

Your Bank

Your Landlord

Your Employees

Business’ Experts (Lawyer, Accountant, etc.

Joint Ventures

Management Resources

Current Automatic Operational Systems

Current Policies & Procedures

Financial Reporting Information Systems

Your Company’s Ability To . . .


Be Clear


Build a High Quality Product or Provide Extraordinary Service

Build Extraordinary Value Into Everything You Do


Educate and Inform Your Market

Question Your Assumptions

Lead Your Team and Your Clients

Adopt, imitate or Emulate From The Outside

Build Enduring Relationships

Focus On What You Do Best

Create Trust

Generate Loyalty & Affinity

Satisfy The Client

Get Publicity and Media Attention

Eliminate Delay

Create Strategic Alliances

Manage by Commitments, Objectives and Goals

Research and Collect Valuable Information

Be Proactive

Follow Through; Keep Your Commitments

Be Efficient and Effective


Leverage Your Resources

Be Action Oriented

Notice Patterns and Trends

Understand what your Customer Wants and Needs

Know Your Market (Go here to

Know Your Competitors


Shoulder the Risk of the Transaction Instead Of Asking Your Customer To

Marketing Resources

Customers & Clients

User Groups

Affinity Groups

Current Advertisements

Current Sales Letters

Current Sales Scripts

Current USP’s

Winning Headlines (If this is something you’re looking to maximize now, you’ll definitely want to see this post here)

Winning Offers

Your Target, Prospect, Lead Mailing Lists

Collaborative Resources Like Copywriters, List Resources

Co-Marketing Programs

Your Brand

Shelf Space

Your Product’s Packaging

Your Name

Slogan or Tag Line

Dream 100

Your Industry’s Weaknesses

Key Clients & Accounts; Client Roundtable

Your Logo

Sales Training

CRM Systems

Sales Management

Sales Executives

Account Managers

The Telephone, Telephone Conference Calls



Media Recognition

Approved Customer References

Direct Response Media



Chat Rooms

Discussion Groups

Web-Site (If you’re looking to improve this part of your business, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to this here)


TV Commercials; Cable TV


Print Ads; Newspaper, Magazines, Newsletters, Journals, Trade Magazines

Sales Letters

Post Cards

Magalogs; Books

Other People’s










Products or Services



Field Strategies and Tactics

Review and Optimize Existing Marketing

Referral Systems

Reactivating Old Clients

Joint Ventures (Host Beneficiary/Endorsements)

Risk Reversal

Upgrading Skills of Sales Staff

Using Public Relations

Point of Sale Up Selling and Cross Selling

Increasing Profit and Hence Margins

Changing the Profile to Upscale

Offering Greater Units of Purchase

Deliver Higher Than Expected Levels of Service/Support

Communicating Frequently To Get People To Buy More/More Often

Develop Back End

Run Special Events

Price Inducements

Program & Pre-Frame Your Customers To Buy More Frequently

Communicate Frequently – When Prospecting for New Clients

Process Marketing – Getting Qualified Lists, Using Direct Mail, Telemarketing, etc.

Irresistible Offers

Marketing Business Assets not Normally Sold

Acquiring Customers at Break-Even Up Front and Profiting on the Back End


Special Events

Increase Perceived Value

Direct Response Advertising

Buy Another Company (to acquire Other Products, Customers, etc.)



Multi-use/Re-Purposing Products

Being an Expert in Your Industry

Sequential Marketing

Abraham “Nine Drivers Of Your Business”




Business Model

Current Relationships

Distribution Channels

Products and Services

Processes, Your Procedures and Your Systems


Benefits of Your Products or Service

Increase Time, Money or Control

Reduces Risk; Increases Security

Increases Protection

Make You More Attractive




If you think you’ve got little to nothing working for you, go back through this checklist of marketing notes and find and take inventory on all the tangible and non-tangible small business marketing strategies and tactics you are already in possession of, that you thought you didn’t own and look for ways to fully express and exploit them, and also search for opportunities to approach ones you see here that you’d never contemplated before.

Have fun with this and feel free to let me know in the notes below or in at my email address which one you feel is going to be taking advantage of. Could be something you’re doing already but given up on or something brand new you’ve just discovered.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd