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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

Here it is. The final installment of the “How To Build a Business Around a Blog” notes from the Third Tribe course which revolves around the premise of blogging marketing and how to go from zero to having a blog/site that’s putting money in your bank account and learning how to do so directly from internet marketing experts who’ve done it like Darren Rowse, Johnny B. Truant, Leo Babauta, Chris Brogan and Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame.

Now let the show carry on (If you missed Part 1 go here. If you missed Part 2 go here) . . .


Brian wonders whether Copyblogger would’ve hit this point of Acceleration if Sonia Simone had not come on board.

And the reason he brought her on board is because he believes you’ve got to be willing to share the wealth to gain more. One of the greatest things you could ever do in your business besides making sure you deliver outstanding value to your customers is to do what you can to make sure your partners or affiliates make more money out the deal than you might make or at least as much.

You can take the opposite approach and insist on cutting yourself the biggest slice but if my partner makes a lot of money, they’re gonna be happy and I’m still gonna make a lot of money.

And “happy” is important because if that’s missing, everyone’s plotting their exit or the overtaking of the throne. You’ve seen this play out over and over again in businesses.

Zig Ziglar got it right when he said, “You can get everything you want if

you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” You can’t grow alone. You’ve got to reach out.

So Acceleration is the point where your business is up and running and profitable. Bills are getting paid and you and your partners families are being taken care of. Things are “good,” but maybe you want “outstanding.”

Brian has no interest in stopping at good. The first reason is because he’s got some logical paranoia about never knowing when this revenue stream is going to end. Next, he has fun doing what he’s doing.

And the key to taking things to the next level is new business relationships. Whether this be with partners, employees, freelancers, etc. Brian favors partnerships.

Lawyers Are Incredibly Necessary

The one thing you want to make sure of is that you have a collaborative business-minded transactional lawyer who’s looking for ways to get business deals done and . . . the junkyard dog attorney you keep chained up for when you go to war. You need both for those two completely separate services.

Acceleration Also Means You Progress In What You Offer

So maybe you start with selling your time. Next you roll this into a service business and people are working under you that are fulfilling on the billable projects and you’re the guy bringing in clients and running the deal. From there you might move on to a product based model where you’re not getting paid for your time or anyone else’s time. Or you can be doing all of this.


Digital products can be copied. One thing that can’t be re-produced and re-distributed is personal access to you.

With Teaching Sells and Third Tribe the access is the interaction. He really came unto this conclusion via watching what the company, 37 Signals was doing. Their model is give value and charge for it.

Brian’s theory is that people who can put together content are the best equipped to become entrepreneurs because entrepreneurism is nothing but never ending education as to why someone should buy from you vs. any other option they have including doing nothing.

The foundation of online marketing is content. If you can create content, you can create a business for yourself. And what’s cool is that you can partner with people to help you create more or create what you couldn’t on your own like Brian did with his Scribe SEO product.

One thing that will really help you ramp this process up is being the customer.

Brian generated content for the web and needed his stuff to be SEO optimized. This is why it was easy for him to recognize why it was a great idea to partner with the guys at Scribe and sell this service to his market of people running businesses just like he does.

If you don’t sleep, eat, and breathe a market you want to enter, at least make sure one of your partners does. The insights into the mind of the prospect that you’ll gain from this will be invaluable. Market research can’t match someone who knows all the language, the power words, the worries and the aspirations of the market.

If you’re a member of the market you want to sell a certain piece of software to, your opinion on what people want can majorly influence what gets built into it or not. You can ensure it doesn’t get overloaded with bells and whistles the common customer would never use that only software geeks get off on.

Action Steps:

Does your content have the strength to support a Copyblogger-like bidniz? You’re not looking to be published in the New-Yorker but you do need to make sure what you’re pumping out is perceived as highly valuable to your readers and perfect prospects.

Is your site going to be driven by your personality, or just have glimpses of it? What boundaries will you not push? You want to determine this early.

Developing Your Core Site

One way you can go about doing this is to follow the Copyblogger model – multiple streams of income which rotate around a single site like the planets do the sun, that chugs out high quality information people would be sad not to see. The one question to ponder as to whether you’re writing good stuff is, “Would people be so upset they’d email me if they didn’t see me showing up in their RSS feed?”

With this as one outcome you can shoot for, here’s some questions that can lead you to building a business that can sell a ton of your own products . . .

1. What do your readers need? Usually they don’t want to see this because it involves work or asking themselves tough questions.


2. What do they want? What problems are nagging the hell out of them?


What evidence do you have of what they need and want? Or, or you simply assuming? Have you lurked in social media sites like Twitter or on forums, or blog comments and taken notes on specific and consistent frustrations you’ve seen? Or, are you assuming you’re the target market?






Your Own Personal Sideways Salesletter

Think about five different ways you can sell what you sell over an extended period of time and have people love for it using your blog and/or email marketing?






This is a strategy where all the content you rain down on your audience supports the product or service you’re about to launch and makes people wish they could own your solution to this challenge you’re addressing.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of all this content you’re delivering is to chip away and then haul out any doubt your perfect prospect has about how much of genius you are and how trustworthy you are.






How To Not Completely Overwhelm Yourself When It comes To Social Networking

Rather than having a half-assed presence on multiple sites, narrow your focus down to one or two social sites where you can connect with your audience and it wouldn’t hurt to bond with other bloggers there who speak to your same topic.

One way people shoot themselves in the foot when doing social media is to spread themselves too thin. What two are you going to begin with?



How Are You Going To Approach “Authenticity”

Some people are cool with going with a personality intense site like Erika Napoletano at Redheadwriting.com. Some people like to keep their site more focused on taking extreme measures to not rock the boat with too much personality and have their site set up like Copyblogger’s.

1. How much are willing to let your audience in when writing your content and marketing?




2. What are bare bones simple things you can share about you and your life that will allow people to connect with you, yet still not make you feel like you’re baring your soul?



3. What will you avoid and hide from your audience?


This could be stuff like your home address, your kids names or your photos, etc. Or, it could also be skeletons hiding in your closet that are a matter of public record that you hope never surface, but can easily happen in this internet age if you get a big name for yourself. (In this latter instance, I, Lewis LaLanne, suggest you diffuse this bomb before it goes off in your face. Before it can ever be used as a weapon against you, you disclose it and give people your perspective on the situation (put it into a lesson you’ve learned that you hope they can learn?) while you’re in a state of mind where you don’t feel backed into a corner feeling like the world is on top of you, coming from a defensive position.

(To learn how Dan Kennedy addresses this critical situation and more, you definitely want to mosey your ass on over here now)

All of these are to be held in a delicate balance because you want to seen as God who turns water into wine by to your audience, yet a real person like them who’s flawed and vulnerable. No one loves the villains in the comic book series. They all love the heroes and all the enduring heroes have weaknesses.

Site Details


1. Are you still running your site on typepad or wordpress? If so, get your own domain while still using that software.

2. Would people say your site looks professional, polished, and functional? If not, get it redesigned.

3. Is there so much shit (ads, widgets, etc.) piled up on the sidebar of your site that people get confused as to what to do? Change it. Clean it up. Unless, of course the money they bring in justify the cost of looking like a disaster zone.

All of this stuff costs money. A lot less money than a traditional business would, but it’s gonna cost you money or time. Three ways you can haul in enough to cover these expenses are . . . affiliate sales, consulting, partnering or bartering/trade.

How You Can Accelerate This Process

Screw trying to do everything yourself. You need to get shit rolling and the key to this is expanding your ability to get shit done but you can do this with a partnership rather than having to go out and absorb all the knowledge and take all the action yourself.

The cream dream is to find someone who’s great what you don’t do well or, someone who can enhance and expand what you’re already doing because they’re great at the same thing.

Name Your Weaknesses/Kryptonite . . .

What are the five things that are important to your business that you suck at?







Countering Your Weaknesses

1. Where are five places you can go to hire muscle to spot/support/take over the areas of your business where you’re weak?


You could have partner you pay like a virtual assistant or an equity partner who owns a piece of your business. You could even trade/barter your skills for the skills of another entrepreneur friend of yours (forums are an awesome place to find partners).






6 Elements To Cultivate In Your Business If You Want To Be Like Copyblogger

Don’t think you need to do all these at once. Do one, getting it working well and then move on to the next one. You’ll save yourself a ton of drama going about it this way . . .

Kick ass premium quality affiliate offers: Usually the safest option to bring in money before you’ve got a choke hold on what exactly the majority of your market wants.

Free consulting calls: These allow you to gather intelligence on what your market wants.

Extended/extensive consulting: This usually comes as a result of the client wanting more of what you have to offer after being wowed by you in your free consult.

Info Product (online based or not): This could be a smaller single payment home study course with audios, worksheets, etc.

Membership/Continuity Site: Site where people pay to have access to other members, you, and the new info you release on the topic

Software/tools: This could be plug-ins, themes, etc.


So, there you have it. 

Three posts that give you in-depth penetrating insights and questions and answers that can lead to your blogging marketing and other small business marketing strategies kick some serious ass.

As always, if you you have any questions feel free to talk to me in the comments section below or in my email inbox.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd