Are you an employee now, like I was years ago, who’s got the entrepreneurial bug and you’re looking for small business marketing strategies that let you bust out of your employment cage and wet your beak in the real profits that business owners make? Good. You’re gonna absolutely love what you’re about to see here . . . 

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Taking the step from being an employee to becoming a full-time entrepreneur can be scary step


It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

Have you ever been an employee working for someone else and thought it’d be cool to bring in a new profit center for the owner — and get a piece of the action for having done so?

Well, my brother works for one of the major gym franchises here in the U.S. and I brought to his attention an idea, a MASSIVELY UNDER EXPLOITED OPPORTUNITY in that niche that I believe would allow him to get paid far beyond his salary and bonuses and massively increase his value to the company.

What I’ve proposed to him is going to demand from him the courage to tell the owner of the company that for all the extra work he’s going to do to bring this new stream of profit into the business, that he will sharing in the profits of any money coming in as a result of them using the marketing strategies/tools he brings to the table.

But this isn’t something you do as an employee – ask to be paid a piece of the

action your idea brings to bear. It’s actually scary.

Think about how an amateur marketing consultant has fear of setting up deals like this. Then magnify this by 1,000 times when having someone who’s locked into an employee mindset – the mindset that says I take orders, get my pay check and keep my mouth shut because the big boys in charge will take care of keeping the ship afloat with their brilliance.

Sound familiar? I know it does because I’ve been in your shoes like yours before.

Would You Be Willing To Quit a Job That Paid You a Million Dollars A Year?

Jeff Bezos, the founder of was 29 years old in 1994. He was doing research for his boss on Wall Street. He’d graduated from Princeton so he wasn’t a dummy.

He was making a million dollars a year, got married, discovered the internet and was fascinated by it and took an idea to his boss about how to use it in their business. This was before there was a WWW or Netscape or any of that.

His boss shut him down and told him he was really good at doing what he was doing now and to just go get back to work.

At this point, Jeff exercised the “Regret Minimization Theory” asking himself, “When I’m 80 years old, what am I going to regret doing and not doing? Will I regret quitting this job? Or will I regret not chasing a dream that I really think makes sense, that’s really turning me on?”

Two days later he quit. No more million dollars a year. Jeff didn’t know anything about selling books and decided to start

 He didn’t get a pay check for 2 1/2 years. His mom bailed him out once. His dad bailed him out once. And four years later, he’s a billionaire. He has changed the world of selling online.

His ability to take a calculated risk and pursue a dream paid off big time.

Now you’re probably not starting off where Jeff Bezos did but you want to break free like he did someday in pursuit of doing something that really turns you on and lights you up and in the mean time, you wouldn’t complain about making more at your current job.

But you don’t have a job that pays you a million bucks a year – you don’t have a mom and dad to bail you out – you don’t even know the business you’d even leave your job to pursue.

No problem.

How To See Opportunity And Profit Where No One Else Does . . .

Think about how if you’re an employee, how your employer is just as scared as you are.

This person or group of investors have sunk huge amounts of capital into the business and need for this investment to continue to pay off or else they lose their money and potentially they can’t feed their family.

If you help this person get their desired income, profitability, they will love and treasure you and never want you to leave. The way you give them what they want is you spot greater and more effective ways they can make their enterprise more profitable.

So even if you’re an employee, you can do what Jay suggests business owners do and spot where the company is and how you can increase their unit of sale, the frequency of sale and all the other stuff you can do to pump life into the customers and prospects who are inactive.

You bring your solutions to your employer much the same as an outside marketing consultant would.

But you don’t do this until you make them a very simple proposition. You ask them that if you, on your own time, are able to identify, organize and implement, conservative processes, mechanisms, and activities that will increase the profitability of the company, what kind of deal could be arranged?

You help them to see that whatever you do will only increase the baseline, the value of what the business is doing now. You ask, “If these activities make a ton of money for you, can I get a dime or a quarter back for every dollar I make you? If that’s too high, can I get a nickel or a dime? If no, can I get back $5,000 every time the company makes $50,000 for as long as it keeps working? Would you mind putting this in a simple letter for me?”

The basic premise you’re operating from here is that you’re only going to be bringing things in.

But you can export also. Think about how some companies have their manufacturing system down to where they are operating at maximum efficiency per hour – man power or per hundred square feet. There’s minimal waste. They have greater tax advantages.

You can take the strategies and tactics implemented here internally and license, sell, or rent them to other people who would find them useful.

Here’s Some Deeper Guiding Principles On How Jay Abraham Would Advise You Begin This Process . . .

The easy thing for my brother to do with this gym opportunity is pay me to do the whole thing for him – write the letters to the owners, write the presentation he’d make, write the marketing that would bring in the windfall, etc.

But maybe like him, you don’t have the money in the bank to pay my, what most people would consider, expensive fees. (Yep, baby bro don’t ride for free, just like you don’t.)

Therefore I’m doing the next best thing. I’m having him go through my Jay Abraham “Joint Venture Mastery” program and my Bob Serling “Millionaire Licensing” program. 

I’ve been going through the Jay Abraham course (can’t recommend this course high enough if you’re serious about breaking up with being employeed) with him and I came across some really cool and quick guidelines that I think can further help you in your quest for freedom such as . . .

The Art Of Writing Compelling Joint Venture Proposals

What is Jay’s mindset when he writes these proposal to share in profits with them? 

He’s always thinking in terms of what he would respond to if he were on the receiving end.

He’s thinking about demonstrating a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of the other person’s situation.

He’s thinking about conveying that he sees it from a dimension they don’t, thus demonstrating that he’s got a competence and capability that is evident just in his verbal expression.

He thinking about all the negatives that he would probably would sense if the tables were turned and how he can overcome them, reduce them, nullify them.

He’s thinking about what’s going to evoke a relatively immediate action.

He’s thinking about not being hyperbolic but being very straight forward and business like but in a very personalized and humanistic way.

He’s thinking about demonstrating from the get go that he’s got a proposition that is meaningful, that is real, has enormous merit and at the very least deserves serious and immediate consideration.

He’s wanting to convey that he’s put a lot of thought into this idea and that he does in fact have the capability of making the promise real if you’ll cooperate with him.

That’s what he’s thinking.

Here’s a Couple Of Examples Of How He’d Go About Introducing The Opportunity In A Letter . . .

Now you won’t be able to use these examples word for word and you shouldn’t because you want to customize your letter. But the frame work and key points he touches on in them are going to save you a ton of grief and touch on the hot buttons that lead to your desired outcome . . .

Mr. Dusty Rhodes,

You may not know me, but my name is well known to people in the business building arena.

I’m renowned for finding hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, lucrative new revenue streams, profit centers and cash cow bonanzas that have here to fore escaped you and your staff’s awareness.

I’ve looked at your business from afar and seen something very, very, potentially lucrative that I don’t think you see and I think that if I’m at all correct, conservatively speaking, it could be worth an extra $750,000 to $12 million dollars a year in newfound income that should, if again, my premise is correct, sustain for years to come.

When I make a prediction as such, you know it’s one I can take seriously because I have to my credit $7 1/2 billion dollars in increased windfalls I’ve created for companies large and small in 450 industries world wide and this has been validated and credentialized by people ranging from Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, to Brian Tracy, USA Today, to Forbes, to Investors Business Daily.

I’d like to fully more discuss and explain my idea to you and I’m willing to do it without even binding you to a confidentiality agreement because I alone am probably the only one that can make this happen because I understand it and have the skill set and the success experience to pull it off.

It’s that lucrative. It’s that over-looked. It’s that immediate. It requires virtually no effort, no expense, no risk on your part. I would be doing 99.9% of the heavy lifting. You would be basically having total control and controlling the money. We would share, with you getting the lion share.

If you would like to talk, call me at 000-000-0000.”

As a rookie (like my brother) who’s gone through his Joint Venture Mastery course, here’s something you could start off with . . .

“Mr. Jake The Snake,

I am a specialist in engineering new profit centers, income streams, and strategic profit centers and alliances for companies around the world.

I have been trained by the man who has been acknowledged as being the preeminent expert in the field and has been recognized by over 300 experts and 40 major business publications.

He taught me his methods and his approaches and I’ve been able to use one of them to create and opportunity I don’t think your business has ever recognized that you’re sitting on.

It should be worth a meaningful windfall to your company in the 6-7 figures if I’m right, and I tend to be conservative. If I’m wrong it would be evident to us very quickly and with almost no energy expended on your part.

I’ve taken the time because I think it’s something you’ll be very eager to pursue once I lay it out for you in it’s entirety. I’ve spent a lot of time putting together a plan of action, working through the elements, really detailing it all.

I’d be very pleased to give you a very quick, short course overview of the whole big idea, all it entails and why the probability of the financial payoff I’m projecting is quite realistic and conservative.

If you want to talk by phone we can do one of two things: I will call you or your associate or assistant early next week to share my schedule and see if there’s a time that’s convenient. But you don’t have to wait. You’re welcome to call me weekdays between blank and blank to work it out.

I should probably tell you in conclusion that I’ve modeled this concept on a successful version that my mentor turned into a twelve million dollar a year profit center for one of his personal clients.

I can’t promise anything close to that for you but I would think that given it’s successful lineage and heritage that it’s something that you’d at least benefit from talking through with me.

Here’s my number . . .


Highest regards,

Tony Soprano

PS. One more thing; it’s probably significant. When we talk I will provide you with total detail, with the rationale, with the formula of projection I used in my assumptions, and complete details on the successful activities it’s been modeled upon and then let you be free to on your own well-reasoned decision whether to move forward or not. ”


Jay acknowledges that by going through this course with him, you know more than 90% of people you’ll ever meet, on this topic of joint venturing.

I agree with him.

Even if you are an employee. And once again, I tell you that if you’re serious about taking advantage of an opportunity like this, I can’t recommend his Joint Venture Mastery course highly enough. It’s absolute gold, especially for the beginner.

I hope what you’ve discovered here has broadened your horizons and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below or just email them to me if you’re shy about having your name in the lights.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

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