If you believe naked women were the key to Hugh Hefner’s rise to fame, you’d be dead wrong. In these marketing notes I’m going to show you the Dan Kennedy DNA Game Changer small business marketing strategies Hugh Hefner used to go from a nobody to a somebody

(HEADS UP: If seeing breathtakingly beautiful naked women bothers you, stop reading now and cheat yourself out of witnessing brilliance because within all this marketing awesomeness there’s a few ladies waiting to be admired below)

Show me any guy, of any age, anywhere in the world, at any time in history, today or tomorrow, that wouldn’t give his left nut to be Hugh Hefner at age 20, at 50, at 80. Living the lifestyle he lives, with beautiful women who adore him, happy beyond what any human being has the right to be happy.

Gene Simmons – Mega Entrepreneur/Lead Man of the KISS Rock Band

Hey You,

small business marketing strategies-marketing notes

See how Hef went from a zero to a hero

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

What if you were the Hugh Hefner of your market – the unmistakable, unforgettable, and untouchable man with the plan?

What if people were willing to give their left nut, left tit, to be you?

What if for you, like it did for Hef at one time, this seems like a pipe dream?

Well Dan Kennedy’s wisdom, Hugh Hefner’s seldom heard true Hollywood story and I are here to help you turn the impossible into the possible.

As you may or may not know, I recently descended into the belly of the beast that is Dan Kennedy’s DNA Game Changer System on a mission to drill down and sift through all the muck and filler in order to bring you the rawest, purest, and most potent business truths locked within the hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and more hours of the system and I emerged with an easy to consume at-a-glance, 118-page reference guide that flawlessly reveals every single diamond buried in this course.

Never again will you beat yourself up over missing that launch or be ashamed of yourself for being too lazy to take notes yourself. These gems are now at your finger tips, waiting to serve you, their master.

On this mining expedition, one name kept coming up again, and again, and again. That name was Hugh Hefner.

So, being the action-taker that I am, I tracked down all the Hef resources Dan referred to as well as some other stuff and that’s where I stumbled upon the documentary titled . . .

Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel

This is a documentary in which Hugh Hefner walks you through each step of his rise from being an invisible writer for a children’s magazine to pioneering a men’s magazine and a movement becoming world famous in the process.

While watching this story I continued to see DNA Game Changing Principle after DNA Game Changing Principle and so I hunkered down and painstakingly took notes on each of the lessons I found and now I’m unveiling to you how unconsciously, Hugh Hefner used Dan Kennedy’s DNA Game Changer system to build his empire and how you can take these lessons and apply them to directly to your business as well.

Let the disrobing begin . . .

DNA Game Changing Lesson #1: Principle of Purpose

The story of why you’re doing what you’re doing is of incredible importance. Your audience has no desire to hear that your purpose for being in business is just for the money.

People are looking for you to be sharing what you possess because you feel that it would be a sin to not share it with the rest of the world and take it to the grave with you.

And yet the purpose you express has to be true to who you are.

If it’s complete bullshit that you “care for them deeply,” then don’t say that. You’ve gotta find your own answer that’s got truth in it and that is acceptable to them.

Look at Hugh Hefner expressed this to the readers of Playboy. . .

The deeds that men are being moved to by Playboy and the general thrust of our move towards a less repressed society, is a healthier attitude towards sex.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh is intrigued with why people try to hurt one and other as they do or why we are not able to love one another as we should. And he thinks this is the reason he majored in psychology in college, to try to understand why we are the way we are.  And maybe to make a difference.

You see nothing in what he’s saying that’s about maximizing profit even though he was aware of the need to do so. And I don’t believe for a second that he would’ve connected with his target audience had they not felt that his actions, which you’ll see below, were an extension of this purpose.

You can’t just talk about it. You’ve gotta be about it.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #2: Principle of Origin

You want to compress time and bring people up to speed on your back story and origin stories are absolutely essential for bonding people to you.

Think about Batman. If you don’t have the story about his parents being killed in the alley by thugs, the falling in the well, the bats, the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Who the hell is this guy and why’s he running around fighting crime in this weird suit?

Look at Hefner’s origin story concisely told here . . .

Hef grew up with strong puritan roots and understood at a young age the repression people were chained down by and sinking from. He grew up in a home where there was no affection on display. So, he escaped into fantasies encouraged by the movies and music of the day.

In a dark theatre you escape to anywhere.

I create fantasies. Hef creates fantasies. Half of the fantasies we create already exist in people’s minds and all we help do is draw them out.

George Lucas – Genius creator of Star Wars 

The happiest time prior to Playboy for him was during the last two years of high school because it was a very creative time writing for the school paper and expressing his thought in cartoons. He used cartoons to express himself rather than having a diary.

Even at this young age he was very much aware of and concerned about the sexual taboos and repression that existed in America.

In a post graduate course at Northwestern, he wrote a paper called, “Sex Behavior And The U.S. Law”. In this paper he compared the sex statutes with the then 48 states, the conclusion of which was, that if these laws were effectively applied, the majority of men would be serving some prison time. He made a clear cut case for the irrational nature of those laws.

In The 50’s People Weren’t Ready For Nudity

Nudity was conservative in terms of the white house. It was conservative in terms of the post office. It was conservative in terms of movies. It was conservative in terms of lifestyles.

After college he ended up taking a job at a children’s magazine and thought to himself, “Is my life simply going to be the playing out of a version of my parents? Is there nothing more.”

Performing/singing at a high school reunion brought back all the memories of dreams put aside – dreams lost. He was in a failed marriage and felt lost.

There was a moment a few days after this where he stood on the Michigan Avenue bridge in Chicago and looked out at the lake and wondered if that was all there is. Is this what my life is going to be? In the days immediately following, he started making plans in the living room of his south side apartment for a men’s magazine . . .

He went to the bank and the local loan company and managed to borrow from the two of them, $600. He then went to friends and relatives, anyone he could think of got them to invest a total of $8,000 from which he was able to put together for the first issue.

In 1953 he was working for a children’s magazine during the day then every night, sending off countless letters signed sometimes by “Hugh Hefner: Editor-In-Chief” and sometimes by “Hugh Hefner: Advertising Director” “Hugh Hefner: Circulation Director” because it was literally a one man band.

Little Details Matter More Than Flash

Notice how Hef’s origin story doesn’t include any earth-shattering events. He didn’t talk to god. He wasn’t struck by lightning. He didn’t have his dad dying out in his arms telling him to carry out his dream of owning a magazine.

His story is similar to how lots of people get their start but what adds elements of interest are the details like “Cartoons instead of diary”,  “Children’s Magazine”, “Northwestern”, Michigan Avenue Bridge, etc.

When you see the movie all these details have an even bigger impact because there’s a picture for every single one of these, his cartoons, the paper he wrote, the bridge, etc.

These details make your story vivid and help people make connections with you and you want to include them. In this movie, his is told just about right, not too much minutia and not too little.

Your origin story needs to be told a ton of times in different ways. It can be told as above, or just compressed into a couple of paragraphs to change up how people get this information about you.

You should never underestimate your customers ability to ignore you.

Even though you may have put your origin story in front of them six million times, some people won’t know it. And the people who do know it won’t mind hearing it again if it’s told well.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #3: Principle of Proof

When it comes to proving that your product or service does what you say it will and that you’re the king or queen, testimonials are one of the ways everyone knows to use to do so.

Here’s some other things that can serve to demonstrate how influential you are that you should keep in mind . . .

Name-Dropping/Who You Associate With:

When you’re surrounded by rock stars, you’re perceived as one also.

Peter Lowe did with his Success rallies. He didn’t do this by being charismatic. He did it by writing checks. This allowed him to surround himself with a wise mix of prominent people.

For Dan, having spoken at those Success rallies and now being able to drop the names of former Presidents of the United States, astronauts, movie stars, etc. and say he’s shared the platform with these guys has allowed him to make a strong impression on his audience.

He says the name-dropping has been far more valuable than the money he got paid from making sales of his products at those events.

Here’s the story of how Hefner wrote a check to make an earth-shaking entrance to the market . . .

Hef was looking for some kind of gimmick.

He’d learned that the already famous nude of Marilyn Monroe, which everybody had heard about but no one had seen, was owned by a local calendar company.

So he drove out there in his beat up Chevy and talked the owner into letting him publish that photograph.

Nobody had seen this because the post office took the position that it was obscene and therefore you couldn’t send it through the mail.

This picture appeared in the magazine at the same time Marilyn was doing some of her most popular films. In this first issue of Playboy, Hef – the nobody – came out guns a blazing, balls-to-the-wall, and the rest is history.

You can do this too by pulling out the check book and it’s gonna make an impact whether it’s one, two, or ten people you secure.

You could do this with seminars, tele-seminars, coaching programs, forwards in your books, articles in your newsletters, or content on your websites.

You’re aiming to surround yourself with both people of great prominence/credibility, or great celebrity power, or preferably both.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #3: Principle of Mental Imprint

He originally wanted to call the magazine “Stag Party”.

And at the very last minute before going to press, he’d received a cease and desist letter from a lawyer from “Stag Magazine” saying that “Stag Party” was a satire example from the same root.

Then someone threw out the name Playboy, referencing there was a car that been put out by the same name. So at the very last second he changed it from the stag in a robe, to a rabbit in a robe.

This worked out very well because it’s hard to imagine girls across country wearing antlers on their heads.

 The first issue pictured below was so well received that they’d printed 70,000 of them and sold 52,000 of them.

Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy do a marvelous job of this at their conferences.

All the signs at the front and back in the sales area that they put up that people are going to be staring at for three days are there on purpose. The way product is displayed and packaged is done intentionally.

You also need to be conscious of this when describing something.

Think of how Dan uses the word picture of a “Time Vampire” rather than just saying, “person who wastes your time”. People instantly get this, even without seeing a picture. This was the core driver when they did promotion for the NO B.S. Time Management book.

The cartoon of the time vampire will always be linked to Dan Kennedy just as the Playboy bunny will always be linked to Hefner.

You want to find symbols that do this same kind of heavy lifting for you.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #3: Principle of High Concept

You want an umbrella concept that has a sturdy base supporting it that is easy for people to get and gives you a lot of room to operate under.

This is more than brand.

Renegade Millionaire. That’s a high concept. Everyone has a thought/feeling about this when they hear it. It’s aspirational in the sense that even the most conforming person likes to think of themselves as an non-conformist.

Let’s peer into Hugh Hefner’s “High Concept” . . . 

So after the “Marilyn issue” Hefner continued to buy other pictures from other calendars and used those in the magazine.

But once they started shooting pictures of women on their own, he decided he didn’t want to go with something simply shot in the studio, in an impersonal way. And, he didn’t want models either.

He wanted to make the statement that beauty was everywhere. So the very nature of the Playmate of The Month was that she was the girl next door.

In the early photos he tried to imply the suggestion of a man in the room. Something that implied you were looking at a sexual situation of some kind without putting a dong or a hairy ass crack right in your face.

The reason for this was to say without saying that sex was a natural part of life and that nice girls like sex too.

Now in the 1950’s THIS was a revolutionary idea

Especially with feminists. And not just because of the supposed “indecency.”

Some women felt that the popularity of this magazine really escalated the fear in insecure women that if they didn’t have this perfect body, this Playmate body, they were considered less-than in the eyes of men.

Porn did the same thing to men.

But men are only focused on one body part and that was the schlong. With men seeing 12 inch pythons as the norm in every single porn they watched every single day and they, like the majority of the population of guys had an average to small wang, this invites all kinds of self-imposed sexual anxiety.

Yet despite resistance from the moral majority, the response to Hefner’s high concept from the vocal or in-the-closet free-spirits of the nation to this magazine was overwhelming.

Some of the greatest businesses, like Disney, operate from a marvelous high concept – Happiest Place On Earth.

Six Flags and Universal Studies don’t get this and as long as they stay in the “amusement park business” instead of the “happiest place on earth” business, they’ll keep getting the shit kicked out of them by Disney.

This is something you definitely want to cultivate for your business – big or small.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #4: Principle of Consistency

What you teach or preach as a professional must remain consistent with the fundamental philosophy you are known for. What you do in your stories and where people see you in real life must also be consistent. Inconsistency is the kiss of death when it comes to influence.

Hugh Hefner, probably single-handedly, more than perhaps any other man in history, made it okay for women to also like sex, encouraging the notion that even “good girls” enjoyed sex.

He obviously courted controversy. He wouldn’t have started Playboy if he was afraid of controversy. He believes controversy is the way you change things.

When he started publishing Playboy, he applied for a second class mailing permit and was turned down.

When they were turned down for a second time, they went to Washington and filed a complaint against the post office and were successful in overturning not only their ban, but overturning the ENTIRE PREMISE.

“Writer’s Digest wrote . . .

Playboy has just won in a wrestle with the Post Office. The P.O. had refused to grant Playboy a second class permit because it didn’t take kindly to this magazine’s editorial matter and art work. But the U.S. Federal Court handed down a ruling granting Playboy complete second class mailing privileges. Publisher Hugh Hefner said: “Henceforth we will continue to be edited in Chicago, not Washington.”


This was the first network interview he had done after starting the magazine.

No one had ever heard of Hugh Hefner. He wasn’t formidable looking. And Mike Wallace felt he was doing him a favor by talking to him at that time.

Mike inferred that Playboy was nothing more than a “high-class dirty book.” Hef said, “I don’t think of it like that at all. There’s an important distinction here. Sex will always be a very important part of the book because sex is probably THE single thing that men are most interested in.”

Mike then states that what’s put forth in the magazine it isn’t a healthy kind of sex.

Hugh says, “I would not only suggest that it is, I would say rather strongly that we consider it a pretty healthy attitude.”

After the interview, Mike Wallace told Hef, “In 5 years you’ll be doing something else.”

Hef believes Mike was just reflecting the conservative times. Think about it – How dare this man publish a magazine that attempted to produce some decent literature with name writers (the quality of writers that wrote for Playboy magazine will go down in history as some of the very best) and also put naked or semi naked ladies in the book. How dare he!

Mike, being interviewed for this documentary now, admits that back then he was a prude and that he didn’t like Hugh.

CHARLES KEATING Attacks Hefner Next . . . 

“I think Playboy is among the most dangerous publications available today, the same as I would consider for example, socialism dangerous. We have a culture founded and based in Judeo-Christian standards. Playboy opposes this diametrically. It openly advocates the overthrow.”

Charles Keating

In the 1950’s Charles Keating formed what ended up being called, “The Citizens For Decent Literature”. It was a Catholic inspired censorship group.

“When someone tells you the church is criticizing you, what does that mean? The most vicious wars in the history of the planet were caused by the church. I don’t ever remember where the mafia got busted for raping little boys, but the church did. So that’s almost like a badge of honor when the church criticizes you.”

Dick Gregory – Comedian/Civil Rights Activist

In the 80’s the police caught up with Charles Keating and put him in prison for fraud.

Everybody has a sexual self. Everybody enjoys the pleasures of life. And you can pretend otherwise but as we have known from the past, most of those people who do that are the most problematic.

George Lucas – Genius creator of Star Wars

After the storm comes sunshine . . .

Hef thought the magazines circulation would top out somewhere around 700,000 because that’s what Esquire magazine was selling.

By their 5th anniversary, the magazine had reached a million. They had passed Esquire. He felt successful beyond his wildest dreams.

Your Fans Want To See You As Consistent As Monday Coming After Sunday

Can you see how after attack after attack after attack Hefner held fast to the position that he was doing nothing wrong?

You can bet that his enemies and his fans both respected this about him. And your enemies and fans will feel the same way about you if you take a strong polarizing position you believe in and crusade for.

Because Dan is so conscious of this he has to be very careful when talking about brand building because he’s beat up on it so much, spending the majority of his effort telling everyone to spend their money on direct response advertising instead of image advertising.

He knows more than he lets on about the internet but has to watch what he says about it. And unless he’s dead, he’s never gonna call in sick on a speaking gig.

The box you put yourself in is the one you’re gonna stay in.

This is why Dan has never been a big fan of the personal development business. It imposes standards on you that teaching other stuff doesn’t. It asks you to be perfect and this is very hard position to maintain.

If you can find the polarizing profitable position or and passionately carve out a unique space for yourself, in the name of a high concept that empowers an audience and remain consistent under fire, you’ll find yourself living a worthy purpose.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without having withstood MASSIVE resistance from people who held the opposite values or beliefs. This is a little something to keep close to your heart on your way to making a name for yourself.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #5: Principle of Fascination

In the 50’s in Chicago, most of the night club performers were friends of Hugh Hefner’s.

Don Adams, Buddy Rich, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bill Cosby would come over day and night to the Playboy offices. One night Tony Bennett gave Hugh the idea to start a jazz festival.

At the end of the 1950’s, they were successful in putting together what turned out to be the most historic jazz festival in the history of the music.

It was called the “Greatest Weekend In the History of Jazz.” Everybody was there. It was two days of the most phenomenal music in the world.

The jazz festival had really broken through in terms of turning Playboy into a mainstream brand.

Dan Kennedy points out that if you think Playboy is about naked women, you’re dumb

One of the things that means the most to Hefner is his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because Hollywood and his love of movies is so rooted in his  childhood.

This was a pinnacle of recognition for him from an industry he adored. 

What drove Playboy was Hugh Hefner’ s personal narrative that his fans bought into. Who was this guy who popped up out of nowhere and now has all the most famous movie and music stars and most beautiful women in the country coming to his home? How did he do it? Why did he do it?

One observation worth noting from the book about Hefner is, “Hef has starred in the movie of his own life.”

He’s turned himself into this bigger than life personality and included everything into his persona that a great fiction character has. He has quirks, odd habits, heroic acts and all of these have helped him stay an object of fascination to generation after generation after generation of men.

Think of how people plot and scheme trying to get invited to one of his parties. If you follow these DNA Game Changer Principles your fans will have feelings like this about you too.

In the movie that is your life, you want to be showing scenes to people for different purposes, purposes that turn you into a character that will resonate with your audience.

What If I Haven’t Built The Playboy Magazine and I’m Boring?

Think sitcom T.V. here.

Seinfeld is the show about nothing. Certainly nothing exotic. On this show, the stories aren’t about hair-raising action or doctors dramatically saving people’s lives and yet it’s one of the most profitable shows ever written in the history of television.

The most enduring sitcoms tell stories that everyone can relate to. You don’t have to have any decimating ailment you’re battling, you don’t have to been raised in a cave with bears in China to have people fascinated by your stories.

All that you’re doing with fascination is giving people ways to connect with you. This comes through disclosure. And you keep revealing to keep them interested.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #6: Principle Of Point Of View

When Hugh Hefner expanded his media into television, he came out from behind the desk and started to literally reinvent himself and become the character he was espousing in the pages of the magazine becoming Mr. Playboy himself.

The notion of doing a television show as way to promote the magazine was natural to him. He started taping the show in October of 1959. It was a variety show to be aired at late night.

The thing that set this apart was the concept.

The show place in a penthouse apartment and a subjective camera came up and gave you the view as if you were a guest arriving a private party of beautiful/hip people who came to watch the comedy and hear the conversation and hear the music. 

This picture shows Hef welcoming Tony Bennett to the show taking his coat for him and calling for someone to get Tony a drink.

Hef picked the most incredible young artists that all ended up being huge. Great artists, great comedians, great actors and the guests were of every race. There were no racial taboos he was concerned with on the show because there were no racial taboos in his life.

This was extremely controversial in 1959-1960. And because of this, the show got no distribution in the south. It’s very difficult for people to remember what it was like back then or to even comprehend what it was like if they were born decades later, the racial bigotry, the separation that existed.

Sammy Davis Jr. was anxious to be on the show and they did an entire episode around him. And this is a picture of Hef giving Sammy the gift of a St. Bernard puppy named “Playboy”honoring Sammy for having been on the show.

Hef not only had black people on the show, but he also invited mixed race groups singing jazz or whatever the hell on there which was an outrage because the races weren’t supposed to mixing with each other like this.

And with his actions, he didn’t have to be the white guy on TV saying he wasn’t racist. He just took the actions that said it all for him.

How You Want People to See You Should Color Everything You Say And Do

Your point of view is your philosophy.

And your philosophy you want your market to connect with needs to be woven into all of your stories. Your philosophy lets people know who you are and where you come from.

People are constantly seeking out value connections, not mechanical connections.

People won’t always admit to this because it’s not the “intelligent/logical” factor to go on to make your decision to do business with someone or not, but in the end, it’s the x factor that can work in your favor or not.

A great example of this that Kennedy pointed out was during the Republican Debate during the year when Obama got elected. That year they were letting people on YouTube ask the candidates questions.

Well, instead of people asking, “How do you propose to keep proposition 10-2-89 from ruining the industrial sector of steel mill production in Pittsburgh?” they’re on there asking religious litmus test questions which were great for a guy like Huckabee who was a minister. But the pro debaters running the debates who are focused on transformation of policy hate those “irrelevant” questions.

But this is a glimpse into what people really want.

People don’t give a shit about how you’re gonna eliminate the IRS. That’s not how they make their decisions but they have to say they want the resume or else they look dense and emotional. Maybe it should be that way, but that ain’t the way it is.

People are always sifting for what part of your philosophy they connect with and they don’t even have to be perfectly matched with you.

Think about the small business owner sitting in the crowd of that debate.

Most people in his shoes value independence and work ethic and believe that if you work hard, and play by the rules in America, you can be successful. He’s looking for the candidate that trots these similar beliefs out for him to connect to, not the plans you have that will never be realized.

What you’re about NOW is different than what you’ve been about or what you’ll be about in the future and people need to see this in order to let themselves be influenced by you.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #7: Principle Of Unique Importance

The House On American Activities Committee began investigating people who they believed to be un-American and the very notion of defining who your neighbor was by their politics was abhorrent to Hefner.

Neighbors were spying on neighbors. People lost their jobs and he felt that they had fought a second world war to put an end to all of that. And to some extent he felt that we were becoming the very people that we had defeated.

In his magazine, he allowed black listed writers and celebrities to voice their opinion. Any opportunity he could get to push the envelope, he did.

He exchanged letters in 1960 with Ronald Regan long before he became president because Ronald objected to the fact that he was running pieces by Dalton Trumbo, an unfriendly witness in the House Of American Activities Committee, and ran a profile on Charlie Chaplin at a time when he was considered the most hated man in America just because of what some people thought his politics were, when in actuality, his politics were very American.

What Hef didn’t know at the time was that Reagan himself had been working behind the scenes as the President of Screen Actors Guild, giving names to the FBI.

Hef, in his letters back and forth with Reagan pointed out that those with a view, perhaps more liberal that what Reagan’s was, were certainly just as American as he was and that ALL PERFORMERS were welcome on Playboy’s Penthouse.

There was no network that told Hef what he could and couldn’t do and that’s why he created the show that he felt the audience would enjoy. So even Lenny Bruce, who was being arrested across the United States in clubs, for obscenity, appeared on the show.

When Lenny was pulled off stage and arrested in the very Catholic city of Chicago, the cop said he did so . . .  “because he was very offended as a Catholic.”

Hugh got his lawyer on the case and got Lenny out of jail and this is when Hef started writing about the injustice of it in “The Playboy Philosophy” and in the process commented on the inappropriate relationship between the catholic church and the city government in Chicago.

This was cultural suicide.

In June, the cops came and arrested Hefner. The supposed reason for his arrest was because he was running a pictorial on Jayne Mansfield from her movie, “Promises, Promises”.  

Well there was nothing in that pictorial that was any different than the spreads they had published in the past and there was no doubt in his mind that the real reason for the arrest was because of what he wrote in his editorials about Lenny Bruce.

They took him to court with a jury of 11 house wives (a number of them from a religious organization) and one lone urban male. But it ended up being a hung jury and the city dropped it.

That June issue with Jayne Mansfield in it ended up being their best-seller up to that point.

Hef feels that the Playboy Forum and the Playboy Foundation changed the landscape in terms of a lot of social and sexual values and hurtful laws and actually got some wrongly accused people out of prison.

The letters they published in the forum were not as important as their answers to them because it allowed for a continuing dialogue between their fans and themselves.

One letter they received was from a disc jockey that was serving 10-12 years in prison for fellatio, a young fan gave him a blow job against all logic and against all odds, they arrested him for sodomy.

Sodomy laws in all 5o states were the most serious sex laws. In Georgia you could get up to 50 years if found guilty of it. This guy had already been in prison for a couple of years when he wrote to Hef.

Hefner was outraged by this and he sent word that he wanted the Playboy foundation to get behind this, to get this man out of jail because he didn’t belong there.

They got the man a lawyer and managed to get him off.

This foundation also played a major part in the changing of the laws around abortion and birth control and a lot of the things that are thought of today as women’s issues.

Much as the way that there are a lot of black athletes. who don’t know who Jackie Robinson is and have no idea why they’re the beneficiaries of what his pioneering was all about, there are probably a lot of people today out there enjoying freedoms who have no idea that Hugh Hefner was the pioneer who got all the arrows in his back.

Bill Maher: Comedian – Talk Show Host

Hefner used the “Playboy Philosophy” column and his foundation to give unique importance to his magazine.

Hefner was the prophet of the Playboy Philosophy and he believed and stated that this philosophy was destined to liberate us all from what he variously calls superstition, tyranny, moral absolutism, etc.

If that’s not a claim of unique importance, I don’t know what is. In essence he’s saying, this isn’t just some nudie book. THIS is a MOVEMENT! A CAUSE! A FORCE FOR GOOD NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH.

You see this theme of “Hero to the Oppressed” reinforced over and over and over again not only his writing but most importantly, in his actions.

What actions are you taking that are sharing your unique gift and making an important and significant splash in your market? If you answered, “None”, it shouldn’t surprise you that you don’t dominate your pond because you aren’t the big fish there.

Take Dan’s advice and follow Hefner’s lead in DOING SOMETHING that gets attention and simultaneously allows you to experience fulfillment in your life.

And be ready for some peers in your market not liking you becoming a big shot based on your polarizing views. Not all of them like you now. They’ll just be more vocal about it when you’re famous.

So if everyone isn’t going to like you whether you’re broke or rich, you may as well ignore the haters and bask in the love of your perfect prospects and make some money in the process of being true to yourself and making a difference in your own little corner of the world.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #8: Principle of Place

Here’s How Hugh Hefner teased this . . .

“The Existential Importance of Hef’s House Explained”

Playboy carton, 1970: A man has clambered to a mountain peak to beg wisdom from a cross-legged guru. Guru tells the man: “In a place called Chicago . . . there’s a wise man who lives in a mansion full of beautiful women and wears pajamas all the time. Sit at his feet and learn from him, for he has found the secret to happiness.”

The actor James Caan talks about showing up the house and seeing 20 half naked women by fireplace and feeling like this was a mini-Disney Land for adults.

Hugh Hefner served the best wines you could imagine, yet he didn’t drink wine. He had the best food you could imagine. He didn’t care about food. He used to eat pork chops and fried chicken. He had a closet full of beautiful clothes and he never wore anything but his pajamas. He had a swimming pool, he didn’t swim and it goes on and on and on like this.

Tony Curtis talked about how when you got into you town you went over to his place, he’d give you a room and there you were, these beautiful girls roaming around and if you were clever, if you had a flair, if you weren’t a ding dong, and you didn’t make anyone feel unhappy, you could have fun with any of the girls who wanted to have fun with you for the weekend or for the week. 

Hef was known to say that the front door was a screen and people were projecting their own fantasies on the screen. Hefner was a director behind the scenes, directing the scenes.

What Is The Existential Importance Of Your House?

How does your place verify to your perfect prospects that you have found the secret to real success, real happiness, real fulfillment. When you come up with a great answer for this, you’ll have a shit-ton of the right people wanting to get in.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #9: Principle of Fable

In the 60’s is when they started doing the interviews section of the book and Alex Haley did the very first Playboy interview with Miles Davis and in the interview Miles talked more about race than about music.

Their interview format became the definitive interview that set the standard. The layout of the interview has never changed. There are things in the magazine like the interview and the centerfold that are so iconic that Hef would not want to change them.

Alex Haley did a great number of great interviews . . .  Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and then he finally wrote “Roots”.

The most extraordinary interview Alex did was with the Ne0-Nazi Norman Rockwell. Norman didn’t expect Alex to be black. When they met, Alex said, “His face was mottled with anger.”

He said, ‘I’m gonna tell you right now, and be truthful with you. We call your kind niggers and we think you should all be shipped to Africa.’ And I’ll never forget how somehow a calm descended on me at that moment and I just said to him very calmly, ‘I’ve been called ‘nigger’ before and this time I’m being paid very well for it. So now you can go on ahead and tell us what you’ve got against us.’”

Jim Brown, the retired hall of fame football player (also interviewed in Playboy) says, “There’s a truth of the Ku Klux Klan. There’s a truth of a racist. They have a truth that they live by. If we allow them in the right forum to express themselves, it’s better for the country.”

The most controversial interview they ever did, was with Jimmy Carter before he was elected president and the Republicans used it as THE major source of controversy during the election period. And despite all the shit talking, Jimmy got elected.

Piggy Back On Other People’s Stories

Do you see how Hefner was able to add a whole different intriguing element to the magazine just by relaying a story to you about another person’s experience in the form of an interview?

And the interviews always supported the high concept of the magazine – freedom from the suppression of opinion – the expression of the self.

Why couldn’t you do the same thing with your newsletter, ezine, or blog?

There’s four basic types of stories you can tell . . .

  • Yours, from personal experience
  • Your telling a story about another person’s experience
  • A parable; story told as if fiction (Richest Man In Babylon, Acres of Diamonds)
  • Fable; story of the tortoise and the hare is a fable

The interview model would fit best with the second option on the list above.

A prime example of how information marketers used other people’s stories is the Chicken Soup For The Soul book series. While Canfield and Hansen didn’t interview people, the authors posed the question and let other people tell them their short success stories that rallied around a theme the author wanted to build up your confidence about.

The Defining Moments interviews that Seth Larrabee did rode on the this same strategy of relaying to you another persons story. They tapped into the feelings that up and coming and super star internet marketers felt when they recognized that they were actually making a living at this internet marketing thing. The theme these interviews revolved around was, “This isn’t easy but don’t give up because it’s not as hard as you think it is to have the internet marketing lifestyle.”

Look at this post. It’s me turning Hugh Hefner’s story into content. You can do the same thing and I highly recommend you do so because stories stick and make your points memorable.

Here’s a story Dan tells at this seminar to demonstrate this point . . .

Who’s Peeing In Your Pool Right Now?

Traveling sales guy gets a pool in the backyard and sets up a condition that because he’s on the road all week, that his little son Johnny is gonna pick up the slack and take the net out every day and clean the pool and clean the filter.

First week, he arrives home on Friday and says to the wife, “How’s little Johnny doing?” She says, “He hasn’t touched the pool all damn week.” He grabs little Johnny by the scruff of the neck, takes him out to the pool, picks up the pool cleaner, throws Johnny in the pool, throws the pool cleaner in with him. Johnny cleans the pool.

When the dad isn’t looking, Johnny pisses in the pool.

That’s one way this scenario could go down. Or, you do things differently and the dad throws Johnny in the pool, throws the pool cleaner in the pool, and jumps in himself and helps him clean the pool. The moral of the story is that people will piss in your pool if you don’t handle the delegation process exactly right.

Now telling this story is gonna get you more traction than all the diagrams and lists and analytical teaching you can do.

The other bonus is that it’s memorable and easy to re-tell. Dan will have people referencing it back to him like, “Yeah, I caught Bertha pissing in the pool the other day and it’s probably my fault just as much as it is hers. . . ”

So you come up with your theme – in the story above it’s the need to delegate correctly – and you tell someone else’s horror story and another person’s success story. Or, you ask them tell it in an interview fashion.

I imagine it’d be easier to get a response to asking a guru to recount for you one of their scariest or funniest or most tender stories of doing something wrong and then how they learned how to do it right than it would be to get them to agree to a 60-90 minute interview or to submit a content article for your ezine.   

Just keep in mind that you want your story or stories all driving home one point on the theme you’re advocating.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #10: Principle of Prevention

He wrote the first installment of the Playboy Philosophy in 1962 with the notion of simply doing it for one issue.

It was really just an editorial in response to his critics because if he was going to be damned, he wanted to be damned for what he really believed – not what people pretended he believed.

He believed that we we’re apt to have a truly more monogamous society if we do more realistically come to grips with problems pertaining to sex.

He believes an individual should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t impede on your choices for happiness.

He wants to live in a society where people can voice un-popular opinions because he knows that as a result of that, a society grows and matures.

A lot of America didn’t want this to be the case.

In his typically obsessive way, he continued to write the Playboy Philosophy every issue for the next 2 1/2 – 3 years.

All of the editors on staff HATED it. They felt they were trying to produce and entertainment magazine and this was not entertainment. This was him talking about his thoughts in one installment. Well, THE READERS LOVED IT!

FUCK YOUR STAFF if they don’t get this. Most of them won’t. Look at how it would be assumed that if you were working for Playboy, you’d be a renegade and yet, his staff were scared shitless of supporting what their fearless leader believed in. If he’d a let there be a democracy in that office, I would say Playboy probably would’ve been killed years ago amidst the heavy duty competition (Penthouse, Hustler, etc.) who came out with more raw and in your face ‘entertainment’ (penetration sex scenes, full on shots of wet vaginas, etc.).

I love how Kennedy addressed this at his Renegade Retreat when someone brought up the idea of “My staff won’t let me do it.” Kennedy’s question back is, “Who’s working for who here? I didn’t realize they got a vote! What’re you running over there, a democracy? You do that shit you’re gonna be outvoted every time. You may as well just hand over the check book and take your ass home.”

Today, Hugh believes we’re relatively free in terms of our sexual behavior and I believe the evidence is here to say he’s had a hand in making this possible.

What is Your Philosophy?

Hef’s philosophy enunciated not only made an impact on his fans but on his critics and on the future of our society.

It’s important to decide what you want to be known for. It’s equally as important to decide what you DON’T want to be known for. This step is about everything you do to prevent assumptions.

You always want to remember that fixing something negative that is found out about you is far more difficult to do than just preventing it in the first place. In other words, it’s easier to diffuse the bomb before it blows up in your face.

Robert Greene in his book “The 48 Laws of Power” explains in the 5th law…


“Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Make your reputation unassailable. Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen.”

You don’t want to leave room for something to spread about you that doesn’t serve you well. This means you have to think about what those things are and preemptively address them and if they do get talked about, you go about correcting them.

Don’t Be An Idiot Like Dr. Laura and Al Gore

Dr. Laura didn’t think this principle out.

Think about how she lied about being a doctor. She didn’t need to do this. The people giving her money, her fans, didn’t give a shit about her being a doctor or not. She lied about this seeking approval from her peers. This is a death trap.

The only way the public cared about her being a doctor, or not, is after she got busted for lying about it. And she’s got a doctorate but Kennedy says it’s from some shit bird place, Columbia Pacific University, a P.O. Box where you send your filled out four pages of paperwork and you’ve got yourself a doctorate.

There’s a lot of those floating around on the walls of people who want a doctorate but don’t want to do the work. Please don’t attempt to be another person thinking this is what you need.

The public doesn’t give a shit if she had a PHD or not. She didn’t embellish her story, she made it up. And this leads to her looking like that idiot Al Gore who got his hand caught in the cookie jar, not once, but twice when he lied about inspiring some love story that was written by someone else and got called out on it and then going and telling the press of all sources to tell, that he invented the internet.

Kennedy says word for word, “That’s stupid shit because you can’t support it, it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t essential or even helpful towards their storyline so why put yourself in that position in the first place?”

Dan, at one time has aspirations of running for a political office and while creating his list of disclosures for his announcement speech, he said “Screw this.”

He figured his speech’d a been three hours long because he’s got all kinds of relatives, living and dead that have been in jail, chased each other down the street with guns, dealt drugs, gotten DUI’s and you’ve gotta dump all this shit on the table because it’s gonna come out anyway, especially if you win.

He’d a been three hours into the speech and not even gotten to all of his shit.

He said, “By the time you get done, the campaign is over you’re still giving the disclosures so that was a discouraging factor. But that’s the way to play the game.”

Hef understood this. Dan understands this. Now you do too!

DNA Game Changing Lesson #11: Principle of Transparency 

His first concern in reference to the Playboy Clubs was how they could create the fantasy that they reflected in the pages of the magazine. They put it all together and people brought the fantasy with them.

The idea was to create a private club, a key club and instead of simply having an act or two, they tried to have a platform for new talent. The popularity of the concept was overwhelming.

They started to franchise the club concept and the first two franchises that opened soon after Chicago were in Miami and New Orleans. Well, Hef acknowledged no color line when it came to the Playboy Clubs. So when the black key members went to New Orleans or Miami, they were turned away.

Hefner told the franchisees that if they were going to run a Playboy club, they were going to have to accept all of their members – black and white. In New Orleans the manager said they couldn’t do that because it was against the law in Louisiana, you can’t have black and white patrons sitting in the same club together.

There was segregation in the south bound by law. On that basis, he believed the laws were unconstitutional so he re-purchased the franchises and ran them their selves and opened them up to ALL of their members.

They ended up taking a huge hit, having to buy back those franchises but the exclusion of blacks from anything, any kind of segregation, was outrageous to them.

Hefner was one of many during this era that fought against this injustice and fought to bring about a truth in this country.

One night Erwin Cory was supposed to appear but couldn’t. Dick Gregory was a comedian who worked out of the south side of Chicago part-time and they put him on stage.

The room had been sold out to a private convention. A group of southern white men that were in the frozen food business. Well, the manager, when he found out about the situation, was waiting on the stairs to tell Dick that he didn’t have to work, but that he would still be paid.

Well, Dick was in such a hurry to make sure he wasn’t late for his great opportunity of working the Playboy room that he pushed the manager out of the way,  hit the second floor, walked out onto the stage at 8:00 and at 11:00 he was still on the stage talking.

In the early 1960’s, there was a racial bias related to stand up comics for reasons that Hef did not comprehend. It was appropriate for a black to be a musician and play jazz or sing but to be a stand up comic was not acceptable in those days.

And here comes Hefner into this climate of, “You can sing to me nigger, but don’t talk.” And now white people found a new voice in the stand up comedy world and the world has never been the same.

It goes to show you that one person with courage like Hefner, is the majority. I don’t even know if it took courage for Hefner. Maybe he just never gave it a thought.

Dick Gregory

Once Dick was working, the door opened for everyone else.

Jesse Jackson was attracted to Hugh Hefner because Hef was so committed to Dr. Martin Luther King and Jackson is the one who brought King to the mansion to discuss doing a fundraiser when he came there to address segregation issues.

Hefner ended up having a close relationship with both men, more so with Jesse.

And Hefner ended up publishing, shortly after his death, the last piece ever written by Dr. Martin Luther King (shown above).

Dorothy  Storck, writer for the Chicago Today, said . . .

“THERE IS THE OUTRAGOUS incongruity of it all, of course. That we should be sitting there in the Hef-pad listening to Martin Luther King’s dream.”

Hef says, half talking to himself looking at the page after reading the copy above from the cut out article taped in his scrapbook, “Well, people don’t recognize or realize the extent to which it was part of my dream too.”

Jesse Jackson recalls Hefner having once every two weeks at the mansion these sit downs at night where he would just sit and listen for hours and invite the top people in to engage in evocative social commentary.

He would play a kind of Socratic role, asking certain basic questions.

So there’s the Hef with the pipe and the robes and Playboy, that’s his brand name but then there’s Hef, this serious thinker and activist and the magazine was used as a tool.

In 1976 Jim Brown nominated Hugh Hefner to get the “NAACP SPECIAL AWARD” and the committee agreed.

Brown was also able to present it to him.

Jim felt this was special to be gift this kind man with an award from an organization that fought for the rights of African-Americans and that nobody would be able to take this away from Hef because no one back then got one of these easily. 

And Hef believes America having Obama as President is a confirmation for him of what America is all about – equal opportunity for everybody. It’s a renewal for America, a whole new beginning.

The Self Is Always Coming Through 

I don’t imagine that back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s it was perceived by the upper class of wealthy white Americans as acceptable to be vocal and active in the civil rights movement.

Hefner could’ve kept his beliefs that racism was deplorable to himself and maybe anonymously made some donations to some causes to not draw attention to himself but he didn’t.

He was transparent.

Even though he knew that the racist privileged and the middle-class white males of America were very good prospects and had the money to spend on his magazine.

He didn’t try to hide what he believed. He put his damaging admission on display for the world to see and helped people chip away at their racist mentalities.

He helped America say, ‘Hey, come on, the time has come.’ It’s a little like Obama today. Obama, running for President of the United States? Gimmie a break. And when he came along and began to talk sensitively and he was attractive and interesting and had the message of hope and change, there was an audience. I think that Hef helped build that audience despite not being a protestor or a loud mouth.

Mike Wallace, correspondent of the famed CBS TV show 60 Minutes

What Damaging Admissions Are You Scared Of Making In Your Business?

Look at this ad here that Dan Kennedy included in the workbook for this seminar . . . 


Vote for a man. For ability. Character.

Vote for a leader who can attack problems and solve them.

Vote for the man who can rally all the people of Cleveland.

Vote for the man who believes.

Carl Stokes.

Carl Stokes was elected as the first black Mayor of Cleveland on the back of this campaign.

Dan Kennedy makes the point that guys like Herman Cain and Obama and other people who have the odds stacked against them right out of the gate don’t have the balls to run ads like this. And yep, he said ‘balls’. 

When you aren’t doing a one on one presentation with people, you can’t feel into what their response is to you and draw objections out and handle them on the spot. That’s why this ad is so great, especially today.

Hardly anyone is willing to admit in public that they wouldn’t vote for Obama because he’s black or Hillary because she’s a woman. Better to trot this out, put it on display and make it go away instead of hoping it goes away on its own.

One of my favorite speakers is a black man by the name of Les Brown.

When Les would speak on the Peter Lowe Success events, he would only do well selling from the stage in metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc.

They couldn’t put him on in Birmingham.

No one would buy from him and the elephant on the stage was the color of his skin. Dan tried to get him to use this strategy at the start of his speech, something to the tune of, “There’s a number of you in this room who are going to tune me out right now because of the color of my skin. If you do, you’re going to miss out on badoom, badoom, badoom,” but he wouldn’t.

The Stokes ad took cajones to run and if in fact you are racist, this message makes you actually have to question your prejudice. This is what’s possible for you to do with any perceived negatives you have working against you, if you’ll only have the courage to address them head on.

DNA Game Changing Lesson #12: Principle of Self-Identification 

This is where you allow people to quickly assess whether they’re in the right place or not, without you directly telling them they are.

It’s not blatant like segregation, holding up signs that say “NO COLOREDS”, but instead is based on what you’re saying that gets someone’s heart racing and eyes focused because they’ve stumbled upon someone who’s saying what they already believe – maybe for the very first time in their life or the first time in a long time – describing their experiences exactly the way they unfold.

One of the ways Kennedy knows he’s getting this right is when people tell him that it seems like he’s been hidden under their kitchen table recording their conversations and then feeding them back to them. That’s the point.

In the 60’s thru to the 70’s the readership of Playboy grew from over 1 million to over 7 million readers. He was saying something people liked and identified with. But a minority rose against him that he never thought would – feminists.

He never perceived that women would perceive him as an enemy. The first feminist diatribe against Playboy came in a confrontation on the Dick Cavett show.

But they couldn’t cut his legs off liked they hoped to. 

One militant feminist on the show claimed that the role that Hef selected for women in his magazine was degrading to them as sex objects, not as full human beings. She believed the Playboy costumes women had to? (chose to is the proper word here) wear in his clubs denied their humanity and their femininity. She stated he made them look like animals.

Hef thought, well, if women are animals, what’s left? Vegetable and mineral. Of course we’re animals. When someone suggests that Playboy turns women into sexual objects, women are sexual objects. They’re a great deal more than that but if women weren’t sexual objects, there wouldn’t be another generation.

That’s what makes the world go round, that attraction between the sexes. And this fact doesn’t objectify women in that other negative sense.

A lot of women don’t understand that in a lot of states, contraceptives were illegal and he was one of the first people out there putting cases before the court to change that so that women would have a right to choose not only the choice of abortion or not, but issues of contraceptives.

But a real testament to his appreciation of women is that all of girlfriends, past, present, future still show him love – no bad blood, no messy separations, no drama. Most men alive can’t pull this off with one women let alone however many he’s dated over the years. It was completely the opposite of what he was being criticized for.

I thought “Who better to help women who were dis-enfranchised as prostitutes.” On the other hand, it couldn’t have been a bigger risk for anybody other than him. He taught me to hold my head up high and look the world right in the eye.”

Dr. Lois Lee – Founder/President ‘Children of the Night’

World Famous Female Sex Therapist Gives Hef The Nod Of Approval

Dr. Ruth, the famed sex therapist adores Hugh and has visited the mansion many times and has been impressed at how he won’t retire but insists on staying active.

The Mansion serves as a Mecca where you can leave all your fun loving and sexual inhibitions behind because it’s a safe place to express yourself.

Some people believe that without some suppression of the sexual genie, happiness isn’t possible. One guy says that full liberation is possible for Hugh Hefner because he has an unlimited supply of young females to whom he owes nothing. He doesn’t believe this is available or desirable for the rest of society.

And yet this fits perfect with being an authority – people want to be you – and more often than not, they’re getting their own way if they aren’t where they want to be.

Hefner Crusades To De-Criminalize The Use Of Marijuana

Hef felt that putting people in prison for the use of a relatively harmless drug seemed irrational and bizarre to him. Life sentences were being handed out for possession of small amounts of Marijuana.

He was really concerned about these Draconian penalties being handed down. They built NORML into a national lobbying force that both helped people who were charged with these violations of these drug laws and also helped to change national policy.

Because of this, the government came to the false conclusion that he was some kind of drug user. And in the 70’s they tried to build a phony case against him.

One of his secretaries started dating a guy who dealt drugs and the two of them, her and her boyfriend, got busted with cocaine and next thing you know this headline hit the scene . . .

Well, she lived at the Playboy mansion so this gave the feds what they thought was a gift.  

They were no longer interested in the wholesaler in Florida. They weren’t interested in the boyfriend. They were suddenly interested in the secretary who was a user but not a dealer and they built the case around her.

When the secretary wouldn’t give them what they wanted, something incriminating in reference to Hef, of which there was nothing, which she kept telling them, they gave her a 15 year sentence and they let the drug dealer in Miami walk.

This led her to kill herself. Her family actually asked Hugh to be one of the Paul bearers.

The DEA reviewed all the evidence and then made a public and personal apology and dropped the case.

Hugh believes this is an example of what happens when a government becomes corrupt.

Next The F.B.I. Comes After Hef . . .

Starting with Reagan, America has allowed the Christian right to become a part of politics. And Hef doesn’t believe that’s good for politics, nor for religion.

As a result of this Hef discovered that the FBI had him under surveillance. Edgar Hoover had assigned one agent to read every single page of the magazine. Hef didn’t know if they were concerned about the sex in the magazine or what they said about the government, the FBI or him personally.

Mike Wallace: “Politicians have been hypocrites down the centuries. And I dare say that Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover, from what we have been told about him, were fairly hypocritical in the business of sex, sexual freedom, etc. etc.”

Jerry Fallwell put on a porn protest and this rally was payback from the religious groups who had supported Reagan. They started a witch hunt going after what they deemed obscenity but what they were really harassing were publications like Playboy.

He saw this a a parallel to what was happening with McCarthyism in the 1950’s. The Justice Department sent threatening letters to stores like 7-11 and other convenience and drug stores and other places where Playboy was sold.

He felt the best response to this was satire.

They did a nude pictorial of eleven women who worked at 7 Eleven.

This was a form of Playboy protest and protest by the employees themselves – one them quoted in an article as saying, “When someone comes in and asks if we sell Playboy I tell them, ‘No. We don’t sell magazines featuring beautiful women. But do have magazines that feature guns, violence, and war we’d love to sell to you.”

Nothing defuses censorship like humor because it is after all so silly in it’s premise.

Hef says, “We live in a world and in a country where obscenity is defined by things sexual instead of things related to war, killing, hatred and bigotry. What kind of world is that?”

Playboy actually sued the Attorney General Edwin Meese and won that suit and he publically apologized saying that he didn’t mean Playboy and that Playboy isn’t harmful but the damage had been done – Playboy had been dropped from several thousand distributors, they’re still referred to as porn and they still don’t have anywhere near the distributors they had in the 50’s and 60’s.

Hefner was pissed not only at Playboy’s reputation getting marred but also sex getting it’s reputation marred.

Some people call Hugh Hefner a pornographer but if you go to a museum and see a painting of a naked woman, that’s art. But if that same art is displayed in Playboy, it’s pornography.

In America we have a sexual fault line just like we have a racial fault line. But this country was found on two traditions, one was the Puritans and there is a Puritan strain in this country, there is no doubt about it. We still giggle over tits and pee-pees. People are uptight. But there’s also the Libertarians strain, the ‘don’t tread on me’ strain of America. So those two factions have always been at war in America.

Bill Maher

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of press and you cannot have a free society if you do not have both.

Who I am is an open book with illustrations but how one interprets those illustrations is very much a war shop test of someone else’s values. The magazine and my life are a reflection of some very controversial subjects. When you deal with sex and success it’s very controversial in America.

Hugh Hefner

Can you see how Hef’s message allows rational renegades to self-identify with him and his pursuit of freedom?

Hell, I’ve completely identified with him after hearing his beliefs throughout this whole documentary whereas before I’d heard him express himself, I was neither for nor against him. I had no clue as to who he was and thought he was just a smooth dude who used his wit and money to build an empire based on marketing images of nude women.

I only had the surface level impression.

This is the same thing that happens with you and your audience if you don’t weave any of your personality into your marketing and content in your own unique expressive language.

Help Your Fans See That They’re Home Sweet Home

If you look at any of the opening pages of books that have endured for decades and still sell hundreds of thousands of copies a year with no marketing or advertising at all like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” or “Think and Grow Rich” you’ll find they use language like this at the beginnings of their chapters to keep re-engaging their reader and keep them denying negative thoughts and self identifying with what’s being taught in that chapter.

This is obviously something that can and should be used in anything you write, including your salesletters. You want to use these language patterns to keep reestablishing your connection and keep people saying, “This guy gets me and we have mutual enemies and he’s got answers to my problems”.

This principle is universal and belongs in books, products, newsletters, faxes, daily emails, salesletters, marketing materials, tweets, Facebook comments, blog comments, etc.

Do You Have A Deep Seated Passion Keeping You and Your Business Alive?

Hefner cherishes relationships with young women because he feels they’re key to his relationship with his own childhood. So his life is continuously filled with young women and young women’s laughter. He feels that this is what keeps him alive.

When you see him today on television with his covey of companions he’s a very happy, prosperous, decent man. And you know something, I trust Hef. Haven’t seen him in a long time. I like him.

Mike Wallace – One of the original correspondents/journalist for CBS’ 60 Minutes

Hef told all the Playmates at the 25th anniversary party, that without them, he’d a simply be the publisher of a literary magazine and not the editor of a magazine that has had such an immense impact on society the way that it did over the last three decades.

He pointed out how much society has changed over that time, and that they’re sharing in an experience, the likes of which, will probably not come again.

Sorry Dr. Ruth, But You’re Out of Of Your Fucking Mind With This Belief . . .

It’s actually in my way of thinking, sad that he mixed up his personal life with his mission because people don’t take him seriously. People that I talk to at the universities and my colleagues, I can’t mention Hefner because they don’t think about the free speech. They only think about his 3 girlfriends. That’s sad.

Dr. Ruth – World Famous Sex Therapist

First of all, people who she perceives she can’t talk to about him probably have a stick so far wedged up their ass that it interferes with their ability to think for themselves. They’re the same people vehemently downing nudity in public yet have a computer full of nasty-nasty porn.

These people aren’t Hefner’s perfect prospect and because he’s marketed his magazine correctly, they’re driven away.

Maybe Dr. Ruth didn’t watch this movie and see everything this man accomplished besides the herculean accomplishment of maintaining a multi-million dollar business for decades . . . despite the highest powers in the nation – FBI, DEA, Attorney General, Catholic Church, Police Departments, The Justice Department, Future President Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell – who swung a huge dick with the religious community in his day, Mike Wallace and the rest of the mainstream media taking their best shot at him doing everything they could to put him out of business.

And look at him now, bitches.

Enemy after enemy have cowered to Hefner’s loving mission once feeling that his resolve was definitely something to take be taken seriously.

Could You Handle All The Scandal And Keep On Stepping Like Boots And Sandals?

I personally can’t think of any business owner who sustained success as long as he has who had to face the intensity of consistent harassment he did. 

I believe the only reason Playboy succeeded and has endured for all these decades, even into these current times where they’ve transformed from being passionate renegades with a cause to just being a corporation with no differentiation from any of the other skin mags, was precisely because Hef used the DNA Game Changer principles so passionately and wove his personal philosophy into his early content.

A magazine that just stood on the single pillar of naked pictures alone wouldn’t have got him anywhere near the exposure he got.

DNA Game Changer Principles turned Playboy Magazine into a Parthenon of strength that provided Hefner with the muscle (connections/financing) that served him so well in crusading for all the causes he did.

DNA Game Changer Principles are what differentiates Hefner, from the guy you never heard of who first published Penthouse Magazine.

And to whom is “ALL People taking him seriously” in service of? Certainly not Hefner. Certainly not his perfect prospect. Certainly not for all of us who enjoy freedoms today as a result of him refusing to be bullied.

It was by people not taking him seriously – Attorney Generals, FBI, religious zealots, the press, that he won many a battle in the past. His willingness to stand up for what he believed in forced some of his most powerful enemies take him seriously. And I feel I am a beneficiary of him not caring to be “accepted” by the “serious?” moral majority. 

Times Have Changed For Playboy

When I was talking to Dino Dogan at his site, he pointed out to me how Playboy is a shell of what it was at 25. I agree with him after watching this documentary.

Before I’d seen this, I only had a very slim impression of the 21st century Playboy which is the constant pitch fest that is their email marketing which is nothing but image ads with gorgeous, naked women promoting their “Cyber Club”.

No Hef.

No activism.

No meaningful engagement with the audience.

Just nekked women (sometimes holding machine guns – WTF?!?) with, more often than not, bad tit jobs and a line of copy that tells me to “BUY NOW – 69% DISCOUNT”.

These marketing messages are the polar opposite of the Playboy Philosophy.

Playboy has officially been taken over by marketing idiots. After Hef parks his body somewhere on earth and checks into the Playboy Club in heaven, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the new parasitic regime to kill the goose that’s laid so many golden eggs.

Oh, I know it’s not gonna be a quick death as by strychnine. The “Corporate Board” is more like junk food. Their practices kill you nice and slow.

Beware This Trap

If you’re new to the game it’s tempting to see the “Big Boys” email marketing like this and think this is how you should be marketing too. 

You see the fancy graphics, slick logos, and no long salesletter you have to write or pay someone else to and get seduced into thinking that if they’re doing it, you can too.

Wrong. Wrong. And More Wrong.

This is why I feel that a blog in this day and age can be a huge asset. You can use it as a platform to put forth all of your own personal DNA Game Changer principles that rope in perfect prospects who haven’t bought from you yet and give you all the benefits of having a website AND you can just send your posts to the people who give you their email address and let these Game Changer Principles do the selling for you and if you want, put a PS. at the end of every one of your emails directing people to something you sell in a direct but very low key way.

Remember To Stay True To Your Mission

There are more years behind Hugh Hefner than ahead of him. I believe the same is true for Playboy unless some kind of DNA intervention is made. Especially if when Hefner dies the people who take over insist on competing on the cheap commodity of nudity.

I don’t read Playboy and never have but Dino as well as others tell me it’s shit now compared to what it was when Hef was Starship Commander in his prime.

In this era of Photoshop and reconstructive surgery it’s hard for me to even believe I’m witnessing genuine feminine beauty in the pictures that I do see in their ads. I can’t be the only person thinking this.

I love what Tina Fey, the huh-larious woman behind the multi-Emmy award winning TV series ‘30 Rock’ jokingly says about this trend in her book, “Bossypants” . . .

Back in my days you were either blessed with a beautiful body or not. And if you were not, you could just chill out and learn a trade. Now if you’re not “hot,” you’re expected to work on it until you are. It’s like when you renovate a house and you’re legally required to leave just one of the original walls standing. If you don’t have a good body, you’d better starve the body you have down to a neutral shape, then bolt on some breast implants, replace your teeth, dye your skin orange, inject your lips, sew on some hair, and call yourself Playmate of the Year.

She then goes on to say she wouldn’t change any of the traits her mom and dad handed down to her even though they’re imperfect and even though she makes something like $30,000 dollars per episode she writes for her show and could easily afford to zap, chop, or suck out any of the imperfections of her body.

I like that.

Tina’s look reminds me of the “girl next door”. She’s not hideous and she’s not a runway model. For me, she’s just right. Her sense of humor and the way she doesn’t take herself too serious is what makes her ultra sexy to me.

What a Playmate represents now is far from the original high concept of “beauty was everywhere and that the very nature of the Playmate of The Month was that she was the girl next door”. 

Always keep in mind that the evolution of what you represent is necessary but that it should always be in the name of forward progress.

What To Do Now

It seems to me that Hef has stopped actively engaging in the DNA Game Changing moves that built this brand into the icon that it is.

Maybe he just wants peace, quiet and love from here on out. I believe he’s earned that and more for what he’s done that will never be forgotten by those who matter.

But know this. If you’re gonna be an MVP player in the game of business, making bold DNA Game Changing moves and disclosures are necessary and they invite controversy and challenge from the universe.

As soon as Hef stopped making moves and letting his fans into his world with an ever evolving, expanding “Playboy Philosophy”, his empire started to lose the core driving source of it’s luster and now the magazine has the feeling of being a business in it for the dollar instead of the platform for a man on a crusade to operate from.

Controversy and challenge is to be welcomed if you’re on a mission to transform your market, your industry, your turf.

You can rest assured that if you’re on a mission to do something great, someone or something will oppose you. Look at any historical example of this from Jesus to George Washington and the founding fathers to Gandhi to Martin Luther King to Hugh Hefner.

And you’ll know how effective you are by how loud your opposition is and how scary your challenges are. Embracing this reality will allow you to leave a mark on the world by sharing your specific gift in all of it’s naked glory.

Use these DNA Game Changing Principles to chronicle your tale and bring people aboard to help you in battle and leave this world having pressed your unique gifts into it. 

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. One more thing and it’s important. There’s 31 of these principles and we’ve only touched on 12 of them here.

I understand that because you’re all the way down here reading this now you’re  dying to get access to ALL 31 of these principles. I felt the same way during the launch but in a way, I envy you because with these notes you’re instantly cutting right to the core of the results-getting, money-making strategies offered up in this seminar – while I endured hours and hours and hours and hours and more hours of ass leathering and hand cramping to listen for and type these out for you. 

Lucky you! (you should be doing a happy dance right now)

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