See How You Can Apply This Small Business Marketing Strategy Tony Robbins Used To Overcome The Skepticism of Total Strangers and Blast Past Being a Nobody, To Becoming a Great Somebody Known and Worshiped World Wide

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Have you made it you’re life’s study to figure out why people do what they do?

If you answered “No,” and yet you want to increase the number of people who say “Yes,” to you, then I highly suggest you keep your mind open to the discoveries made by a man who has for decades now, made millions upon millions upon millions of dollars based on what he’s discovered about the key factors that get people to take steps to improve their lives and what they do with their thinking that keeps them a prisoner to mediocrity or worse, poverty.

If you make a living selling products or services (or aspire to someday), you’re in for a real treat because you’re about to see the slight tweak Tony Robbins made that allowed his Personal Power Infomercial – to become one of the greatest sales presentations ever delivered on a mass scale.

You’re going to absolutely love seeing how his extensive and expensive research found the answer to the nastiest objection your prospects will ever have.

I found this story for you while listening to one of Tony’s Power Talk tapes and I’ve brought this wisdom here. So let the show begin . . .

The Secret Reason People Don’t Buy, That They’ll Never Ever Admit To You

The human brain is always working hard to avoid pain. And it’s on a constant quest for pleasure.

After trying and trying and trying, and failing and failing and failing some people link up in their mind something like, “Getting excited, getting worked up to go for it, equals pain so I better not even try. I better stay right where I am now because at least I know I can deal with this.”

This leads extraordinary people to settle for mediocre lives.

You don’t want to fall in this trap but it’s so easy, isn’t it? Haven’t you ever been at some point in your life where you felt jaded and you tried so hard and you gave your all and it still didn’t work? And you ended up feeling like, “Why should I even try?”

Well, I have and that’s where Tony was years ago because he felt like he’d given his all and failure was the reward. Why even try? Why even do this? He started adopting the power of negative thinking, the power to destroy his life and it didn’t take long.

The Poisonous Effect Some Innocent Negativity Can Have On Your Life

It took about 120 days for him to destroy everything he’d created in 4 years.

It doesn’t take long at all when you indulge in negative thinking. It only takes a little bit of poison to kill someone. You don’t need to drink six gallons of strychnine. Just a sip and it’s lights out.

This is why you’ve gotta make sure and stand guard at the doors of your mind every day. You want to direct your mind rather than just falling for what’s dumped into it by the environment around us.

This is critical because what we think about daily determines how we feel, what actions we take, therefore what we think about every day is shaping our destiny.

You know what’s scary? Sometimes the poison is offered by a friend. One of Tony’s original mentors, Jim Rohn, said, “Tony, everyday you’ve gotta watch your mind, you’ve got to watch what’s getting in there. Watch who you surround yourself with because friends can poison you.”

Tony thought this was kinda harsh. Jim said, “Tony you’ve got a cup of coffee here and your best friend comes by and puts some sugar in your coffee when you’re not looking. What’s gonna happen?”

Tony said, “Well, I don’t drink coffee but if I did, I guess it’d be pretty sweet coffee.”

Jim said, “That’s right. What if your best friend, even if by accident, dropped a little bit of poison in your coffee?”

Tony said, “I’d be dead.”

Jim said, “That’s right. Lesson #1: Watch your coffee! Lesson #2: While you’re watching that coffee, make sure that you put into it what you want and you don’t let other people do it for you.”

You’ve gotta watch your mind. You’ve gotta put something positive in your mind, something that’s gonna help you construct a greater quality of life.

If you don’t do this consciously, what will the news provide for you? What will the internet provide for you? Negativity is constant just like gravity and you must resist it in order to have the muscle and the will to shape the quality of our lives.

13 Random Strangers Off The Street Put Millions Of Dollars Into Tony Robbins Bank Account

Here’s an example of where our society has gone . . .

Tony surrounds himself with so many positive people that sometimes he forgets. But all he has to do is turn on the TV. Or, think about this experience he recently had.

His television show “Personal Power” was the most successful infomercial that had ever been done. It’d broken all the records and he was really proud of it but they wanted to come out with a new show and he wanted to make sure they reached even more people.

So he thought, “Why don’t we bring in a focus group – a group of people who don’t know who we are and lets have a professional moderator really find out what they think of our show and find out if we’re reaching them or not and figure out to impact even more people.”

They proceed and now he’s in Marina Del Rey in a room behind a two way mirror and nobody knows he’s there. Tony watches the moderator interviewing 13 people and he learned some AMAZING lessons.

Behold The Tony Robbins Smack Down

Tony figured that based on the response they had to their show that these people were all gonna love his show too. Not the case.

When the moderator interview them in advance, one guy happened to mention, when they asked about personal development information, if they were ever involved in seminars and stuff like that, the guy mentioned he’d been to seminar of someone else’s before and listened to some tapes.

You should’ve seen how the mob jumped all over this guy. They started prodding at him implying that he was dependent on somebody else and how they didn’t need it because they were already confident and balanced.

It was incredible the amount of emotional negativity they dished out towards this man. Then the moderator asked the group if they’d heard about Tony Robbins. One person in the group had heard about him, read his book and was enthusiastic. Other people were bothered by that.

Then they showed the film and after doing so the response was pretty amazing.

They had everyone fill out a piece of paper and on it was a drawing of people talking with each other and the moderator told the group, “These people are talking about the show that you just watched. Please write down what they’re talking about.”

Next they gave them a chance to score Tony and other people on the show on terms of their sincerity, their vitality, their passion, etc. Well, Tony got really high scores and so he assumed that when the conversation started, everyone’d be really enthusiastic.

They. Were. Not.

One man stood up and said, “I love him. I want those tapes. This seems fantastic. It seems different than everything else.” As soon as he did, you can imagine what happened. Other people in the group jumped him saying, “What are you crazy? Don’t you know these people are trying to rip you off? They’re just trying to make money off of you! This is TOTAL SCAM!!!”

They went on and on and on about how if this guy bought these tapes, he was gonna get ripped off.

The moderator asked, “What do you mean? Why do you think it’s a scam?”

They said, “All those people on there talking about their results are all PAID for their testimonials! Those people are saying that stuff because they got paid to do so! That isn’t what really happened for them!”

Tony couldn’t believe that out of the 13 people, that 7 of them thought they were paid endorsements when not one of their testimonials was paid for.

Then the moderator said, “How can this guy get ripped off if the tapes come with a money-back guarantee and if he doesn’t like them, he can send them back and get a full refund?”

The group shot back, “You’ll never get your money back. That’s a total lie. That’s a total scam too! There’s no way!”

They carried on and on and on saying “Well if this guy is so successful, why is he teaching other people? Why isn’t he just keeping this for himself?”

The Light Bulb Turns On In Tony’s Delusional Mind

Tony thought, “This is AMAZING! I had no idea people thought this way.”

If he’d used his intelligence, he would’ve remembered that seven years ago that was how he used to think which was ironic because one of the ladies there was real emotional talking about how this must be a rip off saying, “Yeah, I believe that Tony Robbins is sincere but he’s a LIAR!”

This caused Tony to think, “WHAT?! How can I be sincere, AND be a liar?”

She said, “He’s sincere and I believe he really cares and all that but he never lived in 400 square foot bachelor apartment in Venice.”

By the way, they did this focus group about 10 minutes away from where he used to live. 2516 Pacific Avenue, Venice, California. Pretty amazing.

The bottom line is she went on and on and on and she was so intense and she was so angry, so upset even though she’d never met him, and he was taken aback. But after being taken aback he got real curious.

He thought, “What is this dynamic? Why are these people so emotional?”

The moderator worked with the group for almost two hours. After conversation after conversation after conversation asking each person if they’d see any value in these tapes at all, one older gentleman said, “No. I’m retired and I’m happy about it,” with a terrible frown on his face as he’s saying this.

So after a while, the moderator asked, “What would convince you that these tapes were at least worth listening to and then sending them back for your refund if you didn’t want them?”

They said, “We need some real evidence that this stuff works – not just paid testimonials!”

The moderator agreed with them and told them he’d be right back. He left the room and walked into where Tony was sitting and asked him if he wanted to talk to these people.

Tony said, “I guess so. These guys are pretty mean but okay.”

Tony Walks Right Into The Shit Storm

And so Tony walks into the room and you should’ve seen the state change when they saw him.

There was the gasp of disbelief and they all got excited saying, “It’s him, it’s him,” nudging each other. Tony sat down and said hi to them and they said hi back and smiled back at him being very nice after they’d just beat the shit of him and his show.

Tony said, “I want to thank you all for being here because you just gave me an unbelievable education. See this mirror here? It’s not a regular mirror. On the other other side I was watching and listening to your feedback on my show. Fortunately I don’t take it personally but I had no idea people could be this pessimistic. All those people you see on the show are sincere. No one was paid for their testimony. The bottom line is that they’re all sharing because they got results. They’re all sincere.”

Then he turned to the woman who said he’d never lived in Venice before and said, “2516 Pacific Ave. Apt. 3A” Check it out on your way home, it’s only 10 minutes away.”

He said, “I needed to hear this. I needed to hear your responses to this because my goal is to reach more people. Some of you said I’m doing this to make money and you’re absolutely right. I’m a business man. I make money but I get to do something that I love to do that makes a difference in the process. If I wasn’t making any money, I wouldn’t be reaching any people, so yeah, certainly I want to do well but I really want to impact people and I’m not impacting you guys. You aren’t hearing my message. I want to reach you. Help me. How can I reach you? ”

It’s was fascinating.

They said, “Well, tell us more about what you do.” And Tony told them what he did and why he did it and sure enough in about 5-1o minutes they’re telling him, “This is what you should do. You should be on that show. Don’t have as many of those testimonials because you’re really great. We really like you.”

And Tony said, “But I’m the same guy who was on the infomercial.”

They said, “It’s different having you here in person. Now we know you’re real. You’re not like all those other scams.”

They kept talking about all those other scams and he listened to that. To the one man who was retired, Tony asked, “Would you never get some tapes like this?”

He said, “I would’ve got them years ago. Years ago I used to get tapes all the time. I used to go to the seminars. I’d give my all and it wouldn’t work and I finally got tired of trying to give my all. I don’t need that. I’m happy the way I am,” with this terrible scrunched up look on his face.

Tony thought how interesting this was that this man kept giving, kept trying and it didn’t work and it didn’t work and it didn’t work and it dawned on him!

The Great Wall Of Skepticism That Keeps Your Conversion Rates Low

He thought about why these people were so emotional, so angry about trying to prove this stuff wouldn’t work. Tony finally realized what it was. These people had been disappointed so many times that now they’re deathly afraid of getting excited.

Their brain tells them that if they get excited, they’re gonna take a fall – “If I get all jazzed and pumped up about this thing, what’s going to happen to me is what always happens to me – it’s not gonna work out and I’m gonna look like a fool! I’m gonna tell my friend about this great business opportunity and then the company goes under and my friend is gonna hate me forever! Or this guy’s gonna get me thinking I can really succeed and I’m gonna go out there and make some investment or put myself on the line and really stretch myself and then I won’t pull it off and then I’ll really be a failure and I’ll feel really shitty so I’ll just stay right here where I am and not do ANYTHING and watch my life drift away.”

He turned to these people after he’d listened to them talk for awhile and he said, “You’re paid to be here and you don’t have to take anything from me, you can get up and leave at any time but I think the real reason you guys wouldn’t order these tapes in not because you didn’t believe in the guarantee, not because you think these people are lying. I think it’s because you guys are afraid to get excited. I think you’ve been disappointed so many times that you’ve given up and . . .

I think the real reason you wouldn’t buy these tapes is because you don’t believe in you.”

Tony looked over the room and of the thirteen people, 11 are shaking their head, ‘yes’, and the other two kinda saying they don’t agree with him.

Tony tells the 2 people, “You don’t have to agree with me, but what do you think?”And after contemplating deeper they came around and said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

After the focus group did Tony’s show, they did one for a diet product. And the one woman who’d been so against Tony’s show in the beginning, when asked later if she’d use the diet product, she said, “No, because the truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t succeed at this until I used something like Tony’s product and learned to love myself more.”

It was unbelievable the totally different view this woman began to look at things from.

As they were closing out on time, Tony said, “I’ve kept you here longer than we were supposed to but I’d like another 20 minutes with you and I’ll pay you for your time or you can leave, or I can give you a set of my tapes instead.”

And guess what? Out of the thirteen people there, guess how many people wanted the tapes? Every. Single. One.

Only one person had said they wanted the tapes before talking with him and even that had shifted when the mob turned on him for saying so. But there was a problem. Tony only had twelve sets of tapes with him.

So he said, “One of you can’t have the tapes right now, who of you would be willing to wait to get the tapes?” The older guy said, “I’ll wait to use them because I probably can’t benefit from them that much anyway.”

What was really fun was that by the time Tony was done speaking twenty minutes later, after he’d got a chance to really chat with these people and as they’re leaving, the older gentleman who said he was gonna wait for his tapes, fought with another woman to get the last set of tapes so this woman that really wanted them had to wait because this old guy took the tapes and bolted with them.

Tony got several things out of this eye-opening experience . . .

One, he got to see how negatively conditioned, pessimistic, and skeptical a random group of Americans could be.

Second, he saw why people would be negative.

He never understood why before.

He just thought people were being negative and he’d make people wrong because of how hard he worked at being positive. He realized this negativity was oozing out of their fears.

He realized that when someone is negative, they’re fearful. It’s the same thing that happens when someone is throwing their big ego around – it reveals how insecure they are.

These people have tried things and they didn’t work and they have a lot of references-experiences where they tried something and it was painful now their brain has linked up and says, “You get excited, you really go for it, you’re just gonna get disappointed. You’re not only gonna get financial pain but you’re gonna get pain in the form of shame.”

And this is why those people were so emotional about making Tony’s product wrong. They didn’t want to believe because they were afraid to believe. And all of this was unconscious.

Third, he learned from the old guy, that everyone still wants to dream.

Everyone still wants to make it happen.

Everyone still wants to slay the dragon and be the hero by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. EVERYBODY WANTS THAT!

And everybody somewhere in their gut believes this is possible for them and they’re waiting for someone to come along and kick them in the ass and show them how it’s still possible for them to dream and be heroic.

And now he’s got more reinforcement for his mission and what he does.

He tells this story to remind you of the kind of environment you live in. You’re pretty positive if you’ve read this far. But if someone around you is being negative, they’re not wrong, they’re not bad, they’re not a negative person. They’re fearful.

What are the consequences of being a fearful person? What are the consequences of looking for what’s wrong instead of what’s right? The consequences are the destruction of your dreams.

What Does This Mean To You and Your Customers/Clients/Prospects?

This means it’s up to you, barring you bring the truth, the fuckin’ ruckus, the light to your universe of potential buyers, to show them how your service, your product is gonna allow them to sign the death certificate of that fear of “I’m too lazy to see this through to the end.”

As ugly as it is, you’ve got to believe that the people who can keep your business afloat are simply scared children in grown up bodies looking for the approval some certain somebodies in their life. Could be a spouse, could be a brother, could be friends, could be the 5th grade teacher who told them they were just a shit spark off the old shit flame and that they’d never amount to anything.

But that somebody is out there and if your perfect prospect can’t see how spending time and money with you will allow them to “Show Them”, then I guarantee you’re making less sales than you possibly could.

Anatomy Of An Info-Product People Love To Buy

If there was a Hall of Fame for information products based on longevity and profitability, I guarantee you “Personal Power” would have a spot in it.

And what’s cool is that this product’s blueprint for success isn’t hidden in a vault from you like the design specs for next Apple product. It’s out in the open for all to see.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Personal Power product, it’s 30 or so hours worth of content broken down into Day 1-30. You’re only supposed to listen to one a day, unless of course you’re an overachiever and you want to take a weekend or something and blast through a huge section of it.

Here’s three components of personal power that have contributed to it’s legendary success . . .

1. Matches Learning Format They’re Familiar With

The first thing I believe contributed to the success of Tony Robbins’ Personal Power course was that the end of each days session, you had action steps to take that once you did them and felt the momentum shift for the better in your life, you felt you were getting your money’s worth and that it was only going to get better.

Another thing that was different about this, that I believe allows a person to suspend the doubt they have of themselves was that Personal Power is stretched out over thirty days under his supervision on each of the days.

People don’t like to be handed a box of 20 DVD’s, 3 big ass manuals, and left to their own devices. Think of how this completely goes against the way they absorbed information from the time they were 4 years old all the way till they were 18 years old and 4-6-8 more years for the people who went to college.

Nearly everyone on the planet is trained that the path to success with a topic that’s unfamiliar to you has to do with having a teacher who serves you bites of information one day at a time and then at the end of the lesson asks you to take some action that is manageable.

Of course some kids can’t hang, even with a system that demands very little of them, but the majority can. The same is going to be true of your pool of perfect prospects. They all can’t be winners but if you show up in their world and you don’t make success with your system achievable for them because of the structure, you’ll have the people who should be winning, losing, which of course leads to you losing money in referrals, refunds and future sales.

Another aspect of this that helped people along was Tony taking on the position of “Stern but loving parent”.

If you didn’t do the action he’d asked you to do the day before, he’d break your balls but he’d do it in a way that allowed you see he was doing it to help you, not just to control you. Tons of parents and teachers are guilty of doing the latter under the guise of helping you, but even kids can see and feel through this.

If you’ve ever had a teacher you loved, you know how important this aspect was in you wanting to do whatever you could to avoid disappointing them. If you want your buyers to get results, they’ve gotta feel the desire to get your approval for a job well done.

2. Make The Transformation Believable

Tony never had to sell the Personal Power as “Go To Sleep and Wake Up Fixed”.

This product actually breaks all the rules of marketing that say the majority of people gravitate towards fast, easy, and cheap products. And yet, since the early 90’s he’s kept rolling it out year after year after year.

It’s an evergreen content just as useful in the 80’s as it is now (hidden lesson here) and everything you learn in the course has the ability to completely transform how you show up in the world but he did a marvelous job of meeting you were.  

At the beginning, the action steps were simple, but not insignificant. He knew you were just getting your ass of the couch so he didn’t make it impossible for you to take the first step on the journey to walking proud through life on your own two feet.

And if I remember right, Tony made this one of the selling points during his infomercial. He let you see in your mind how this was different than a book or a Nightingale Conant program. He let you know how this course was built to be action-oriented towards progress – not perfection.

3. Build For Maximum Impact And Maximum Profit

It’s been so long since I’ve read Tony’s 9,000 page book, “Awaken The Giant Within” but I’m guessing that most of what’s in Personal Power, is in there.

But which product can you clearly charge more for? That’s right – 30 CD’s.

Think about this too. When he first started selling these in CD format, a CD bought in the store went for $15.99 or more and this allowed someone to see the logic of why they’d be paying hundreds, not singles, to get access to this information you couldn’t just run to the store and buy it(another hidden lesson – give people limited access to your product to boost it’s value).

So now not only are you having a greater impact on your buyers by stretching out your lessons making them easier to consume but you’re also having a greater impact on your bottom line.

What Other Marketing Master Has Followed The Guidelines Above And Taken It To the Next Level?

One information marketer who’s used similar steps with his high-end information products is Eben Pagan.

Eben recently re-released Wake Up Productive and if memory serves me correctly, the product is broken down day by day and he called it the  “New Years Wake Up Productive Class”.

Look at The Guru-Blueprint Course – which was broken down into two days (even less than Personal Power) a week over the period of a month, or longer, I can’t remember. And did you notice how he labeled it a course, with classes scheduled on specific days –  something people who’ve attended or know what a college is, are familiar with. 

If you’re going to sell information products, you need to remember that’s is completely unnecessary to ever start with the blank slate. There have been successful models rolled out in the past that have done the job of conquering the mightiest objection a person could ever have to buying your product or a service.

Follow in the foot steps of Personal Power or Eben Pagan’s products and you’ll be light years ahead of the majority of people you’ll ever compete with in your niche. That’s a guarantee.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. Dan Kennedy helped build an informercial for one of the Tony Robbins Personal Power releases and I’m about 99% sure he influenced the decision to bust it up into 30 days worth of content instead of just one big “modulized” data dump you consumed however you got around to.  If you want Dan’s small business marketing strategies on building information products that sell for big money, you definitely want to click here now . . .