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The internet marketing experts and writers I’m steering you towards are who I deem to be some of the finest on the planet.

These posts are hand selected by me as one of their best offerings of productivity tips and strategies that help you save time and money and give you back some sanity you may have lost doing things ineffectively.

And oh yeah, these aren’t in a top 13 order, they’re just listed in the order I found them . . .

1. Glen Allsopp and his Revealed: Behind the Scenes of My Premium Product Launch

While the world of marketing products online is constantly changing and evolving there was a timeless principle I picked up from the stud Glen Allsopp from over at on handling customer support issues that I believe will apply from here to the end of the world when the zombie apocalypse arrives. Here it is . . .

One of the angriest people who got in touch (swearing in every email, and never happy with our responses) actually added me on my personal Skype account. I recognised their name instantly, and wasn’t expecting a pleasant chat. This person was actually the total opposite of their email self, praising us for the creation and thanking us for the personal support.

I came to the quick observation that when someone is dealing with another person, rather than just an email address they can shout at, they’ll treat you with a lot more respect.

We’ve experienced this same phenomena not with Skype but with directly getting someone on the phone. This is definitely something you want to do to deescalate a heated interaction.

If you’re not an Eben Pagan or a Frank Kern and you want to see how a really small business can tear some shit up on a product launch, go see the rest of the FULL DELUXE insights this ninja gained while doing his latest launch here <——-

PS. If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see we are using the plug in he launched and we are LOVING THE HELL OUT OF IT!

2. Marie Forleo and her Feel Not Good Enough? Here’s The Cure . . .

In quick educational and entertaining videos, this super woman handles issues her audience of small business owners run into and in this one she takes on that bastard thought we all have of, “I’m not good enough.” Go check out how she bitch slaps this issue by clicking the link above.

3. Jon Morrow on How To Be Interesting

Do you ever feel that if you were a more interesting person in the eyes of others that you’d be more successful and happy than you are now?

You ever feel like it’s a challenge to be interesting and that all of the three to four ways you know of to accomplish this aren’t compatible with your personality or skill set?

Well, by clicking on the link above and indulging in this post you’ll see 21 ways, most you’ve probably never thought of before, that you can use to become a more interesting person in the eyes of others which of course means that more people will listen to you, more people will want to give you money for your attention, and more sexy people will want to rip your clothes off and lick whip cream off of your body. The last one only applies if your body doesn’t isn’t covered with a sasquatch-like pelt.

4. Erika Napoletano on The Bitch Slap: Just Fucking Fail Already

If you’re human, you fight bare-fisted with the fear of failure every single day.

Here in this post you’ll find the raw insights into why it’s in your best interest for you to stop resisting and start seducing and welcoming the “possibility of failing” into your career, your business, your hobbies, even your bedroom.

If you’re sick and tired of being bullied by your fear of rejection, go get yourself a loving bitch slap by clicking the link above.

5. Neil Patel on How to Get Bloggers to Reply to Your Comments

Now seeing this post and thinking, “I don’t want to talk to bloggers through blog comments so this doesn’t apply to me,” would be a mistake.

The reason it’d be a mistake is because what you’re really seeing in this post are 11 ways to get noticed by the person you’d like to do business with. And there’s a way to adapt and modify what you see here to whatever social media channel a person uses. If it’s a social platform, you can use what you discover here to get the attention of someone you’d like to connect with.

So click the link above to see the key to getting on the radar of the leaders in your industry who can radically enhance not only your skill set but also your fame and fortune.

6. Julien Smith on Lessons I Learned Reading Over 200 Books

Not only will you discover, or be reminded of, some kick ass books to read here but you get Julien’s 140 character summation of the essence of each of these 200 books.

Click the link above and go see this list now.

7. Ramit Sethi on What The Pros Know About Networking That You Don’t

Here’s where you’ll see the top psychological barriers that keep you on the outside looking in.

You’re kicking yourself in the balls by saying, “I’m not the kind of person who could network. I hate selling myself,” or, “I wouldn’t know what to say,”. What you’ll discover in this post will help you put an end to this self mutilation.

Click the title above to fix your fear of talking to strangers.

8. Rich Schefren on How I Got Started In Business Interview With Dan Kennedy

As a mega-fan of both Dan Kennedy and Rich Schefren, I’ll have to admit I got a little wet when I bumbled into this interview and saw these two shooting the shit with each other.

Pay extremely close attention to the key strategy that helped Rich take his dad’s failing business from doing $1.5 million dollars a year to doing $7.5 million dollars a year at minute 1:37 of this 17:10 video.

When you see what Rich reveals and how Dan marvels at it and how it won’t be rocket science for you to implement, I believe you’ll be very happy you clicked the title above and watched this fucking spectacular interview.

9. Jenny Lawson on How To Deal With Trolls

I love this woman’s sense of humor so much that I want to take it behind the junior high and get it pregnant with octuplets so that if times got real hard, the welfare checks would keep her sense of humor and I living in the lap of luxury we’d grown accustomed to. And as a bonus we’d be upping our odds of having at least one of the kids hit it out of the park like Lil Wayne and we’d guilt them into buying us our very own shrimping/house boat to retire on so that we’d be able to feast lavishly off of the ocean AND be able to hear whale porn live in the Gulf of Mexico once a year.

And if this one winner offspring does well enough, they’ll even be able to buy us the video  camera that allows us to not just hear the whale porn with our super sonic sonar system but to ALSO see every position change on our 96” flat screen TV.  

Click the title above to see how she puts a humorous spin on the very real issue we all deal with living in a world where they’ll always be someone who doesn’t like us.

10. Clayton Makepeace and A Conversation With The Legendary Copywriter Gary Bencivenga

This is raw conversation between two of the best copywriters/marketing strategists on the planet. One of my favorite sections is when they talk about how the subconscious is one of their greatest allies and how it can be the same for you when you do what they suggest.

Click the title above if you’re at all interested in more people doing what you ask them to.

11. Chris Brogan – Learn From Adele – Build Your Platform

Here is a brilliant example of what you can do to resonate with an audience that you have the privilege to serve. This is how to boost your conversion minus all the Shinobi ninja technological wizardry. Click the title above to see how being human and relaying day to day living experiences is a sure fire way to get into the hearts of your fans.

12. Tim Ferriss on The Top 10 Fiction Books For Non-Fiction Addicts

I love the way this guy loves seeking the zig in areas of life where everyone else wants to zag. I fucking cherish that shit. I’ve gotten my start on this list by reading Zorba the Greek and I’m very grateful to him for recommending this book. I’m looking at it now on my book shelf and it serves as reminder to not wait to live. Click the link above to what lessons these 10 books will impress upon your spirit once you’ve read them.

13. Susannah Breslin on Why Crazy People Make Better Bloggers

Susannah lays out 1, 2, 3 the reasons why all the people I’ve listed above have the attention of raving fan audiences. See how many of the three you meet on your blog or in your communication with your list by clicking the link above.

That’s it. I’ve kept you long enough. But if you want to hang around a little longer and contribute the link of a post you feel is evergreen and brings massive value to everyone reading here, please, be my guest.

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