Joel Marion is a guy who went from being a high school health teacher eking by on $50,000 a year, to making a $700,000 net profit online two years ago. A year later he’s made $1.9 million dollars in net profit and has zero employees and is doing all of his email marketing from a lap top. Dive into the strategies you see below and you’ll know exactly why Yanik Silver brought him to join the other internet Marketing Experts to present at his Underground 7 internet marketing seminar

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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Today I want to show you REALLY cool stuff you can do to crank up the effectiveness of your email marketing to level 11.

What you’re seeing here is the entire 16 page section of notes I took on Joel Marion’s session on making six figures a month with email. And I’m sharing this with you because I felt it was the best presentation of the entire seminar.

Let the show begin . . .

On Joel’s first launch on Click Bank he sold his first book and broke the record selling $350,000 worth of $47 ebooks in 4 days.

He’s gone from being a lowly paid teacher, to having a print continuity program, a coaching program, 3 digital products and making big money doing launches and affiliate promotions.

This presentation is all about how he’s making a shit-ton of money promoting his and other people’s stuff to his email list and how you can do the same.

And it all starts with getting people on the list. Here’s what a 76% (mixed traffic from his list and affiliates) opt-in rate squeeze page looks like . . .


As you can see, this has no header on it and in the test, no header won. He feels that headers suggest something is gonna be sold and that they bring up resistance in the mind of your prospect.

You can see that the image of what they’re getting is next to the flashing arrows taking your focus on what to do to get it.

He feels you can’t stress free too much on your opt in page because of people’s sales radar. You want to let people know more than once that this is free.

There’s no question of what he wants you to do on this page and he feels that’s why it worked so well. You never want to confuse people when asking for action.

If people clicked the “Download NOW” button a pop up that directed people to enter their email and they’d get their report immediately. Another cool thing they did with that image is continually updated how many people had downloaded it. I think this is HUGE when it comes to convincing people this is worth trading your email for.

Here’s what the page looked like beneath the fold . . .


The important factor here was putting the opt in button on the bottom so that if people were now convinced they wanted this, they didn’t have to scroll back up – they could just enter their info right here.

They had around 70% of opt ins come from up top and the rest used the bottom.

How To Crank This Page Up A Notch

If you’ve got a kick ass opt in page, there’s still gonna be some people who bail on it who you want to be on it because they’re your perfect prospect. Here’s how they wrangled even more of these people into signing up on another launch . . .


So because the report might not of been enough or exactly what they wanted so he offered them another gift which was a free workout using Mike Filsaime’s exit pop up software.

When they clicked “cancel” they were taken to a landing page that had the first 30 seconds of the workout going as a teaser and then it directed them to opt in to get both the workout and the book.

Here’s another one that kicked some ass for him . . .


Again, no header. Just the headline, graphics showing a mock up of what content they were going to get, arrows directing, FREE everywhere, “Enter Your Best Email Here” command, and they had the opt in box below the fold too.

Here’s another example of what he used for the launch he was doing at the time . . .


Again, no header. Again, Free all over to the extent of slashing out the price which itself alludes to the fact people have paid for this. Again, graphic implying this content could be a real book but is instantly accessible as a download. Again, the measuring tape points people to what to do. And again, bullets on the bottom of the page teasing what’s inside the content, picture of the guru, and the opt in box . . .


Take a note of how that opt in layout works on the bottom as Ryan Deiss has found this has worked wonders for him which is why Joel is using it.

To Single Opt-In Or Not

He believes you should NEVER do single opt-ins if you want high email deliverability.

With single opt ins people can give you dog turd email addresses thinking that if they just enter something in the field, they’ll be taken immediately to the page where they can download their stuff.

When you’re sending your emails out and getting all kinds of bounces this causes email clients to not trust you and screw with getting your content into the inbox.

The other thing that happens is you get higher spam complaints because people are thinking they only signed up to get your stuff, not to keep hearing from you. A second confirmation email spells out that you’re gonna be showing up again and if they don’t want this, to not opt in.

Single opt in also leaves room for people to spell their email address wrong which leads to emails bouncing.

You can also have someone sabotage you by entering a spam trap email in there that gets your IP blacklisted.

How Does Asking For Double Opt In Cause Problems?

People actually have to confirm they asked you to email them.

Here’s how to grease this slide and make sure people do what they need to so they can stay in touch with you . . .

On the thank you page, you want to show people exactly what to look for in their inbox. They show you the “From” field and “Subject” line of the email they should see in their inbox.

They make sure to remind people that if they don’t see this in their inbox, to check their spam folder.

They point out that the reason they want you to confirm inside your inbox is they want to make sure no one is signing you up without you knowing about it.

They ask you to do this NOW.

Here’s what this looks like . . .


Having all these factors took a 65% confirm rate up to 80%. So you definitely want to test this out for yourself.

Here’s how he went from 80% to 90% confirmed . . .


By clicking on one of these icons it takes them directly to their email client and if they’re logged in that account will come right up. This puts the step you want them to take right in front of their face.

So look at this way. If this step can take your subscribes from 65% up to 90%, this means that over the span of 50,000 people opting in you’d have gone from 32,500 to 45,000 confirmed subscribers. This is 12,500 MORE people who will actually be getting your emails delivered to their inbox.

Cultivating A List That Loves You Long Time

No one of significance cares how big a list you have if they aren’t responsive. Here’s the guidelines to take to make sure people want to please you . . .

Guideline #1: Be real – Be you

If reality TV played out like the robotronic form letters you get from the bank no one would watch it. People are attracted to personality. This doesn’t mean you have to be a drama queen but it does mean you let people see you laugh, see you cry see vent, see you show love in your own voice. Expression is the key to entertaining which if you do in your content, will lead to people being excited to hear from you.

Guideline #2: Get your list accustomed to taking action

Clicking is the only way someone can buy from you so you want to train people to click when you tell them to click.

One way to do this is to make sure you deliver your free content outside of your emails. You tease the content and then have them clicking through to your blog. You want them to know that clicking your email open is going to lead to another click that takes them to awesomeness.

When you only train people to stay with you in their inbox because you deliver all your content in the email, it might weird them out when you finally promote something and ask them to click.

Guideline #3: Foster a Community

Hosting your content on a blog can give you deep insight into the feelings and viewpoints of your audience. He showed two back to back posts on his site that had over 500 comments on there. These are his fans sharing openly on the topic that he sells information and hard products for.

This is intel and bonding to you that someone who only delivers a text or HTML newsletter to your inbox will never be able to indulge in.

You want people to have a place where they can gather and hang out with you the authority as well as other smart people like them who flock to you. You want the blog to be the place you tell each other you’ll see each other.

Blogs are a great way to get people to sell themselves on the idea of needing something. He put up a post where he asked people to post one of their goals in the comments section and pretty much told them they were a wuss if they didn’t do so and he got 1,200 hundred something comments there.

A couple of days later he started the next post thanking them for participating and then dove into the reason why so many people fail at their goals is because they don’t have a coach and remind them that some of the highlights of their life have probably come as a result of having a coach guiding them. And this segues into the pre-launch of a 16 week coaching program he’s gonna be doing. End Result: $120,000 in the bank.

Then, the do a post that talks about how they’re giving away 10 spots in the program to the person who can give them the best 150-200 word response as to why they need it. Result: Over 3,000 comments of people sitting there in front of their computer selling themselves on why it’s a good idea to give this guy money.

This would’ve been a thousand times harder to sell without the under the radar selling the blog mechanism did for him. is the master of setting up the need for a solution and you should pay very close attention to how they launch with the help of their blog.

How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog

Sell Why Commenting Is Important

Encourage people by letting them know this is a community and it’s one of the ways we can support and help each other get the results and encouragement we want and need.

Prominently Ask For Comments

One slick thing I saw him do was preface the post with letting them know he wanted their answers to a question at the end of the post. This made sure they looked for the question and let them know ahead of time he expected something of them.

One thing I’ve seen done that helps this is having a clear subhead that says DISCUSSION at the end of the post that follows with the question you pose to them for debate in the comments section below.

Leave The Discussion Open

Your word doesn’t have to be the end all be all. For the most part, someone who comments isn’t usually a complete dumb ass. You probably have some sharp people following you. Ask them to fill in and add to what you’ve written about with their take on what you covered.

Demand Comments

If he does a series, he’ll end his post saying, “I need at least 100 comments here before I post part 2 of this post”. He always gets more than a hundred comments. And if he didn’t, he takes this as a message that it’s not worth talking more about because they don’t give a shit.

If you’re starting with zero comments, ask for ten and if you’re good and you’ve got any kind of following at all, you’ll get the ten and you’ll get people used to the idea of commenting.

When people anticipate the happy feelings they get as a result of commenting on your blog, they’re happy to open anything you send them because they associate these happy feelings to you. This contributes to them being more responsive.

Guideline #4: Quit Being a Wuss and Mail More

He believes you should be showing up in the inbox 3-7 times a week. He concurs that we talk with the most important people in our lives once a day and so he makes it a goal to talk to his list 5-7 times a week.

Guideline #5: Ask For Money More Often

You want to link to something you sell or that someone else sells and you get a rip on, in every one of your newsletters. You can be overt about having something to offer or you can just drop in a PS. as an “Oh, by the way,” kinda thing. Or you can link to products you’re an affiliate for within the post.

I like the idea of giving them great content and then directing them to a resource that enhances what the big promise of the post was.

IMPORTANT: Your subject lines are going to reach and attract a certain portion of your list – never 100%. The reality is that 85% of your list never even saw the email or gave a shit about what it promised. So you send something different the next day with the aim of tapping into some of the same readers who opened before but intriguing to others who didn’t. This is why you can mail everyday without overwhelming people. That’s the thing with email – people have a choice of what they want to pay attention to or not. But if you’re not there on the door step asking for money, you leave the door wide open for someone else to step in front of you and ask and receive.

He feels one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make if you want people to buy from you is to ONLY deliver content.

If someone has clicked the link in your email, read your entire blog post, made a comment, they’re telling you that they’re a prime candidate for services that enhance their ability to get the outcome you were talking about in your content. This means you’re cheating them by offering them a resource that can help them get what they want faster, cheaper, and easier.

By linking this way you’re sending them where they already want to go but never knew how to get there before.

Writing Kick Ass Emails And Subject Lines That Get Attention

  • Ask your reader a question they really care about

Example: Does penis size really matter? (answer)

Anyone on your list who’s hung like a camel or who is dating a person hung like a camel isn’t going to open this. That’s fine because they damn sure aren’t going the buy the penis pump you’re linking to at the end of the email so you don’t care that they didn’t open it.

  • Shocking Or Contrary To What They Believe (Curiosity)

Example: Why doctors who treat sick people all day never get sick

  • Odd and Specific Numbers

Example: 27 Ways To Maim A Potential Rapist

  • End with – Article, Video, PDF, Audio, or Blog

Example: Why plus-size models are better in bed than the rail thin ones [VIDEO]

Putting this at the end of the subject line helps the reader clearly see what form of CONTENT –not sales pitch – they can expect when they click through.

  • Scarcity/Urgency

Example: Only 3 sets of tickets left for the Celine Dion concert giveaway . . .

  • Humor

Example: Why is daddy crying?

  • FREE

Example: My favorite head cheese recipes (FREE)

And remember you can combine these subject lines with each other . . . 17 fat melting strategies that transform you into one of the M.I.L.F. soccer moms [PDF]

Email Body Copy Guidelines

Keep the end in mind and always remember that your goal is to get people to click through.

He feels that short copy in emails works best. You sum up what’s waiting on the other side as sexily as possible.

HTML or Text Email?

He feels you should send HTML because they allow you anchor text in your links which gives you a higher click through, allows you to use images which leads to a higher click through, allows you to track your open rates, and allows you track your click throughs with inserting ugly links in your emails.

ATTENTION: your anchor text should be the same as your subject line of your email because they clicked and opened the email based on the subject line and so if they see a link with the same text it’s a logical response for them to click it again.

How Many and Where do you put your links in your email?

Two – The intro and the body.

Here’s an example of what this looks like in the wild . . .


See how this HTML but it’s not hyper aggressive HTML. It’s short, sweet and slick. It still looks like personal text. You want to use arrows pointing to your links and language that directs people to what you want them to do. The rule is not be misunderstood.

He periodically will throw an image in his emails and hyperlinks them to wherever he wants to send people and believes it can increase your click throughs. He does this with video images or images of a bonus he’s giving away for a launch.

You can see all of this stuff out in the wild by going and signing up for his list at

Making Money With Your Emails

You want to be promoting something in pretty much every one of your emails. Find a way to link to a product or service that relates to the topic of your content.

Video salesletters are kicking ass. If you can find offers that are using them and are converting well that you can send traffic to, do so.

The banner ads on his blog have been converting well for him.

You can of course make money being an affiliate for a launch.

You can do 3 day promotions where you offer a product 50% off.

If you’re sending people to new offers that provide kick ass resources, it never gets old. It only gets old when you’re sending them old stuff that promotes shit products over and over again hard selling the hell out of them.

The Email Money Multiplier

If you’ve ever sent a solo promo email and had it do well here’s the way to make a shit ton more money off of this email.

Step #1: Recognize an email that absolutely killed it.

Step #2: Resend the same email again and put FWD: in front of the previous subject line to your entire list. You do this 4 days later. He’s done this 7 times and had it bring him at least 100% of what the previous email did. 75% more money with 4 seconds worth of work.

Step 3: Send the same first email again two weeks later to everyone who didn’t open on the previous two times you sent.

You’re crazy if you think your response equals everyone opening your email and then not responding. RESEND THAT SHIT with the belief that not everyone even saw the first ones, let alone opened it.


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