See How The World Famous Comedian Jerry Seinfeld Accidentally Taught Me Two Blogging Marketing Truths That Cause More People to Not Only Buy You, But to Buy From You

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

I love laughing and I love learning.

Showtime’s recent series “Inside Comedy” has allowed me to indulge in both. Pretty much every episode I’ve watched where celebrity comics like Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Don Rickles, and many others have been interviewed, I’ve picked up a powerful business building strategy that was worth noting and today I have two of them for you that I picked up from Jerry Seinfeld.

This particular episode was the one where both Don Rickles and Jerry were being interviewed. In this portion the host and Jerry were marveling about how Don is still able to get a room of people laughing hysterically with his comedy at the ripe old age of 84 years old.

Now here’s where the host leads you and I into a comedy lesson that an easily be carried over to your blogging marketing . . . 

David Steinberg: It’s amazing when you learn how to do something and you stay with it, Don stayed with stand up comedy for decades. 

Seinfeld: “There’s nothing better for a comedian than being hemmed in, being closed in, shut out, and not welcome. That’s what you want as a comedian.

Acceptance is a very dangerous thing for comedians because your energy starts going in lots of different directions – ‘Will they like me here? Oh, they want me there.’ That’s not stand up.

Stand up is loud desperation. You know they say people live lives of quiet desperation? This is a loud desperation.

So when I finished my T.V. series, I had success and a lot of open doors and I saw it as a very dangerous thing. So I left L.A. and I tried to break back into the middle. After being on top I said, ‘I gotta break back into the middle.’

By going on the road and working on my routine this has made me feel comfortable.

To be honest with you, I never felt great being at the pinnacle, the point where the show was at a very high level, it was THE thing for a period of time. And I thought to myself, ‘This is not good. This is not where I belong. This is not comedy.’

‘Comedy’ and ‘Star’ are mutually exclusive. There’s no comedy star. You’re either a star or you’re a comic.

Big Lesson #1: Differentiate Or Die

“There’s nothing better for a comedian than being hemmed in, being closed in, shut out, and not welcome. That’s what you want as a comedian.”

Just plug “marketer” into that sentence above in the place of “comedian” and you’ll have my idea of how you know you’re doing shit right with your blog.

You want to be closed in with a group of your perfect prospects. You want to be shut out and not welcomed by the audience you don’t want anything to do with.

One huge mistake marketers make is trying their damnedest to have marketing that no one will disapprove of. What most people never learn is that a business that is for everyone . . . is for no one.

Figuring out who you don’t want to do business with and who you actually want to repel is huge.

If  has bought something from you, this is HIGHLY PROFITABLE information to know.

This little fact frees up you from ever having to consider these people in any of your marketing messages or the media that Asian people favor and channel everything towards messages in media where your target audience spends time.

If you’ll look into your list of buyers and poll them, you’ll find biases there. This could break out by age, profession, where they live

And people buying from you is the end result of you having a message that conveys you’re the man with the plan for their particular tastes.

Jay Abraham is fond of saying that marketing is the never-ending education as to why someone should buy from you over any other option they have.

And you don’t want to be in the business of converting virgins to join your swinging society because you’re right and everyone else is wrong . This is an uphill battle. You want to educate the uninhibited people who are already inclined to love the idea of freaky sex that you’ve built a home just for them and they’ll always be welcomed there. 

We can type cast ourselves into any role we choose.

Look how the plain vanilla, ultra non-offensive Bill Cosby is hemmed in for the people who like clean comedy. Jerry Seinfeld falls into this category as well. And they’ve both become rich on that path. I look at a site like Copyblogger and it occurs to me that this is the path they’ve taken. Very smart.

Then, you’ve got the comedians like George Carlin who I believe did 10 HBO comedy specials (I don’t think any other comedian has done more than that). Fucking love this guy. He hemmed himself in as the thinking man’s renegade who doesn’t play by the rules the uptight moral majority wants him too and his message is the siren’s call for this portion of society. He liked to point out the stupid shit people do and make fun of it just like one of my favorite bloggers Helen Killer does at her site

These blogs are the polar opposite of each other and yet they both have massive followings. And they’ve both found a way to monetize these followings (one with advertising – one with products/services). For me this is proof there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Now onto the second lesson Jerry taught me about how blogging marketing is a vehicle for connecting with your perfect prospect . . . 

Steinberg: We talked about your first Tonight Show appearance and how it was a seminal thing for you. It was the biggest for you up till that point. What kind of material did you do? Do you remember?

Seinfeld: Yeah, I do. I remember everything. I actually had similar

experience recently. Believe it or not.

I was asked to perform at the White House. They were honoring Paul McCartney. I don’t even know how I got there and that was what I was thinking the whole time is, ‘Why am I here?’

Getting up on stage in the East Room of the White House and performing for the President and Paul McCartney felt like my first Tonight Show performance.

I haven’t felt like that, scared thinking, ‘Gee, I hope I don’t dump this one.’ The Tonight Show was 1981, 30 later this was the only time I ever felt like THAT. I felt electrified. But not in the good way. Bad electrified.

I wrote a monologue for this event and everyone else was getting up and doing a Beatles song. So afterwards I’m talking with Paul McCartney and he says, ‘You were the only one who had anything at stake tonight.’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I know.’ It was truly terrifying. Everyone else is having a blast thinking ‘I’m gonna sing Long and Winding Road, what could go wrong?’

But I don’t like to complain because the truth is, stand up comedy is the most intimate performance I think that there is.

That relationship, when it’s locked in, is so intense, so rich that all of the negative things about comedy that people say about how difficult it is, how humiliating it can be, they never recognize comedy movies, all that stuff, I embrace all that because I think the ledger still tips in our favor.

You get so much and you’re also so much more in control of your life and your destiny and your art than anybody else is.  

Big Lesson #2: Blogging Marketing Is Your Show

Yes, speaking from the platform to an audience in a seminar is more akin to what Jerry is referring to here when being locked into and feeling into a group in the moment.

And yet, I’m still saying that blogging marketing is one of the most intimate forms of communication you can have with your audience.

Not only does it give you the affordable space to express your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to your audience, on a day to day basis if you choose to do so, but it’s also a media that allows them to immediately talk back and share their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs with you which serves as feedback akin to the laughs, the groans or the silence that the comic gets.

It’s hard for me to fathom not doing business online where the pool of your perfect prospects that you can connect with is exponentially increased compared to just having a bricks and mortar location and only reaching out to the people within driving distance of you.

Through running our show, the way we want to, the Chief Nerd Dexter and I have intimately connected with some amazing people from all over the planet that we never would’ve met just doing business in our community.

And we started out at zero. Just two guys with a shitty site with a free template and some ideas we thought would useful to some other people like us.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who are experiencing the joy running our own blogging marketing show can bring to the person who will reach out and touch someone with their message.

There is long list of blogs out there where you can see the evidence of single personalities who have taken their destiny into their own hands and run their own show they wanted to and have done a magnificent job of connecting with their perfect prospects.

If you want to be true to yourself and you want to be in control and you want a potent marketing media that allows you to have a massive impact on your perfect prospect for very little cost, blogging marketing is definitely a viable option that gives you all three.

This post here highlights thirteen different examples of platforms where people put their unique personality on display and touched the hearts and minds of their audience and are reaping the rewards for having done so. Go check each of them out and experience the different flavors of freedom.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a L.L. Cool Nerd

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