Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Have you ever heard that it’s not a good idea to work with friends?

I have.

And in most cases this good sound advice. Why? Because the majority is wrong about everything – money, sex, work, and anything else of significance including friendship. 

But a few people get it right and I wanted to tell you a quick story about one guy who serves as a shining example of what a friend would do for someone he cared about.

The story/lesson comes once again comes from the gems of wisdom I’ve heard in the interviews in the series, “Inside Comedy” that Showtime has been airing.

This particular wisdom came while the host David Steinberg was interviewing the comedy legend Don Rickles and the section on the friendship he had with Frank Sinatra . . .

David Steinberg: Tell me about the inauguration in Washington…


Rickles: Oh, you know about that? That was, I think, that was one of the highlights of my life. Really.

What happened was Sinatra said, ‘Listen Don, I want you to come to Washington and perform at Ronald Regan’s inauguration.’

I said, ‘Frank, you’ve had a little of the scotch again, come on.’

He said, ‘Oh no no, don’t give me the jokes. There’s no scotch. You’re doing the show with me. You, me, and Dean and a few other people. Just pack a bag and come.’

Fast forward, I got to Washington and Frank gets a call from the cabinet, ‘Well Frank, who you gonna have?’

Frank says, ‘I have Don Rickles…’

They say, ‘Oh no. Don Rickles?!? Are you crazy?”

Frank says, ‘Well, if you don’t have Rickles, you don’t have me.’

I’ll never forget him for that. That touched me.

They say, ‘Well, what is he gonna say?’

Frank says, ‘Whatever he wants.’ Cuz Frank trusted me. He did. It was great.

Anyways, I did the show and it went great for me.

I said things that no one had ever heard before. I went, ‘Mr. President, there’s no napping when I talk.’ Reagan’s sitting there laughing like crazy.

That’s the first time I played a big theatre or a big arena. This changed everything.

Do You Have A Friend Who Has Stepped Up For You Business?

I hope you do.

We all need someone who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Why do I say that? Because the business world is no place to be a lone ranger trying to tough things out on your own. Things go a lot smoother for you when you’re connected to people who can help you.

Hell, even Dagny Taggart, Ayn Rand’s vision of the hard core rational business person deluxe, was ‘friendly’ with Ellis Wyatt, Ken Danager, Dan Conway, and all the other renegades who had fled to Galt’s Gulch.

I know Atlas Shrugged is a work of imagination but there’s always some truth in fiction.

In case you haven’t read this book, the characters I’m referring to above left behind a society of looters who wanted something for nothing and sought to make these honorable and productive business people who provided value for others carry the burden of the losers who provided no value, yet expected to reap the rewards of those who did. These renegades opted out of this plan and went and lived in a private community where no one asked them to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the lazy and the greedy but instead asked them to contribute their gift in exchange for an equal or greater value from others. This harbored a friendly and peaceful existence where respect and honor and encouragement were the norm.

But most people don’t know how to be a good friend. Sadly, we get our “friend making’ training from people that are mildly to highly dysfunctional and can’t be good friends to themselves let alone others.

Me, I’ve been very fortunate. The Chief Nerd was the friend who encouraged me to start writing. And it’s hard for to imagine I starting otherwise.

I can remember the day I did and the place I did so like it was yesterday.

There was a guy we knew of who put together posing routine music for body builders. At the time, we were both pretty heavy duty into lifting weights and following the body builder scene and the Chief even had a guy he trained for body building competitions.

At this time I was also deeply immersed in Jay Abraham’s material and for some reason I started writing headlines for the guy who was doing posing routine mixes. All I’d had to go on for copy coaching at the time was Jay’s adamant statement that a headline should consist of the self-serving benefit to the customer. The guy didn’t know the gold mine he was sitting on and the Chief thought that he could help him with his marketing and when Dexter looked at the headlines I wrote, he was impressed.

Well, this led to me writing sales letters for the fund raising business we were in where he let me say whatever I wanted because he trusted me. And that was the beginning of us taking that office from pretty much invisible to becoming the top grossing office in the United States.

And when we the germ of an idea to sell notes sprouted in the Chiefs mind, he asked me to come up with the name for the service and “My Note Taking Nerd” was born.

I wasn’t anywhere near ready for what came next. I don’t even remember why but we started this site on the back of a wordpress blog back in 2008. We didn’t know how blogging marketing would explode in the years coming.

Well, this blog needed content and guess who the Chief Nerd asked to start writing blog posts? ME. A guy who hadn’t any kind of paper on anything, let alone business concepts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, since junior high (high school ended up being nothing but a convenient place to meet up with friends for me).

But, once again he believed in me and I did the best with what I had which was this. I’ve never looked back since. And like Frank Sinatra, he’s okay with me saying whatever I want here because he trusts me.

Now I know there’s a ton of writers out there who are better than I am at this point in time but I believe I am now armed with the confidence and a skill set that will serve me for the rest of my life.

All of this as a result of having a friend who believed in me more than I believed in myself and gave me the platform to do my thing.

Thank You Dexter! I’ll never forget you and I love you for doing this for me. For being a friend to me.

I hope you, faithful nerd fan reading this, will find 1, 3, 5 friends through out your life in business who will believe in you more than you believe in yourself and help you reach your potential.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you’re looking for the blueprint on how to connect with the right people in the business world, the people who can take you to the next level, I highly encourage you to put your hands all over these notes here now . . .