Get The 26 Point Checklist Gary Halbert Gave You In His “How To Write Sales Letters That Make You Rich” Seminar That Helps You Be Seen As a Lord and Savior In The Eyes Of Your Perfect Prospect

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Do you ever ask strangers for money online or offline?

You do?

Why should these strangers believe a word you say when you’re not one of their friends, colleagues, or celebrities they’ve smelt, touched, and seen over the years?

They probably shouldn’t.

That is, not until you’ve poured out a Santa Claus sized sack of credibility and believability factors into their consciousness that helps you fast-forward the relationship between the two of you from you being a nobody who’s showed up on the doorstep of their mind, to you being a somebody who’s welcomed inside as a person of high interest to them.

Gary Halbert knew this and made it a huge part of his life’s work to be believed and trusted in the eyes of strangers and this paid off massively in the form of large targeted audiences sending him and the clients he wrote for money based on a killer offer and the 35 ways

Here’s a quick bio I pulled from the IM Report Card that emphasizes why you should listen to Gary on this topic . . .

Gary Halbert is one of the most respected marketing minds and was often hailed as one of the greatest copywriters ever.

He was a prolific writer that talked about everything from marketing strategy, copywriting, direct marketing, and entrepreneurship on his website The Gary Halbert Letter.

He had a signature writing style that pounded in real world wisdom and life lessons into every issue he wrote.

Gary’s biggest success was the Coat of Arms letter which had mailed to over 600 million people and built a multimillion dollar business. Gary strongly emphasized the ability to write an order pulling salesletter the most important skillset a person could have. He explained having the skills to sell a product or service resulted in financial freedom.

Throughout many years, Gary taught many copywriting techniques. He taught the importance of creating a unique selling proposition, how different types of offers can create a dramatic change in profitability, and how using celebrities can increase the effectiveness of ads. In addition, he revolutionized direct marketing with his out of the box thinking. He developed his A/B mail wastebasket theory to. He also used grabbers in his salesletters to get people reading and eventually order his products.

But probably Gary’s biggest contribution to entrepreneurs and Internet marketers is that he openly shared his unconventional wisdom through his newsletter. He usually delivered his lessons as a story and shared many marketing insights. He also challenged his readers to think about the bigger picture and taught life lessons which were priceless for business success.

If you don’t know anything about Gary, this gives you a broad overview of what he was about.

But hear me clearly now: I’m using this bio as an example of how NOT to do your own bio or establish yourself as an authority in the eyes of people you’re asking to give you money.

The majority of marketers would look at this bio and think it was good. It says all kinds of nice things about Gary and what a swell guy he is.

Well, the majority of people fail at everything from finance to fucking so do yourself a favor and DON’T pay attention to them.

Now here’s the 35 point checklist that lays out 35 pieces of evidence that could’ve been woven into the bio of this legend (and your bio too) that would’ve truly done justice to the mark he’s made on this industry. I’ve pulled these from the section of the notes we took on his “How To Write Sales Letters That Will Make You Rich” seminar where Gary talked about . . .

Establishing A Worshipful Level Of Believability & Credibility In The Minds Of Your Audience

Now first on the list is . . .

 Testimonials

Gary has testimonials from any and everybody who’s a major player in the direct marketing industry. Yet none of those are seen in the bio above. The following broad sentence was all that was used to establish in your mind that this man was a God in this realm, “often hailed as one of the greatest copywriters ever.”

Don’t do this.

Stay the fuck away from blah general blanket statements like this. If other people are worshipping you, LET THEM SAY IT. But make sure you use the five questions I learned from Clayton Makepeace that I revealed in this post here to make certain you aren’t getting the people who kiss the ground you walk on to make this same mistake.

 Statement from an accountant

If Gary was alive and was writing this himself, I imagine he’d be able to show you some amazing documentation of numbers of how much money he’d piled away as a result of using this checklist for himself and his clients.

I can’t imagine the extra boost in credibility a stud like Pat Flynn would experience if he had his monthly passive income report signed off on by his accountant or if he scanned in the accountants documentation of this month’s numbers and posted that and then below them told the story of each category like he does now. This evidence makes what you say even MORE real. Undeniable in fact.

If you have put up some incredible numbers for yourself, show them off but enhance your credibility by having another official person who isn’t you show and sign off on them.

And remember that amazing is a relative term. For someone who’s never been rich, stocking away an extra $1,000 a month is incredible. For someone who makes $400,000 a year, $1,000 extra a month probably isn’t enough to get them dripping wet. But there is a number and you want to put it on display. Hell, even if it isn’t dazzling but just okay, you’ll at least have the credibility of being a straight shooter who’s not afraid to show his cards.

 Endorsement

This is the one Gary considers to be the biggest and baddest one of all.

In the form of the bio, your testimonials can do a lot of this for you. But think about how your bio could be enhanced if it was written by another respected authority in your niche. And in Gary’s bio I think that the heart felt tribute that John Carlton wrote when Gary died could be referenced and linked to in order to shed light on how special of a person he was.

In the realm of influence, having someone of stature walk into the room with you and give you an introduction which includes them giving you their full praise and endorsement will mass murder the skepticism of the audience of strangers lapping it all up.

Tony Robbins’ endorsements of products or people automatically do this for me. He tells me to listen to someone, I listen. I don’t ask questions, I pay attention. He tells me to buy something, I don’t question. I trust him THAT fucking much to lead me in the right direction because he hasn’t led me wrong in two decades.

If you have someone who’s got your market’s ear like this and you’re in good graces with them, you’d be a fool to not have them endorse you to their audience.

 Checkable details of personal and business history

An example of this that bonds people to Gary is listing when and where he was born. I was born in June like Gary and when I discovered this, it brought me a little closer to him. It’s dumb I know, but it’s what’s my mind did.

Also if in his bio, there had been listed a time line of his greatest hit salesletters and campaigns these would all serve as verifiable proof that while he was here, he was in beast mode.

In his newsletter you see story after story of his life – him being in the military, him being in prison, him living in certain parts of the country, him working with this or that famous person, etc. All of these elements not only gave him story platforms to teach from but they also served to make him a real human being.

Think of it like this. No person is going to joyfully allow their mind, body and spirit to be entered by someone sexually unless they feel friendly with the other person. Their wallet is no different.

When you include these real-life and verifiable tidbits in any of the copy you put in front of your audience, you help them feel like they know you. And given the choice, people like to open their minds, legs, and wallets to people they know, like and trust.

 Magazine article

Don’t know if Gary had any prominent or not magazine articles written about him but it seems to me that if he had and they established authority in the eyes of the audience, it would’ve been cool to include links to it (them) in a timeline of Gary’s achievements.

Likewise, if you or your company has been written up, it’s dumb for you to not be using this where you can. Your “About” page is great place for this just as is every point on this list. And in any relevant sales promotion would be any great place to slip in the photo of the article which links to the article or just the mention that once again goes to article to make it verifiable.

 A Photograph of You

We all like to put a face to a name. Even if it isn’t pretty.

It would’ve been nice to see one of Gary in this bio. And if your “About” page is missing this, get it in there.

We’re always trying to make a sale when we communicate to our audience so you want to make sure that your picture mirrors the message you want to convey to your audience.

When Gary did his personal ad, you the one with the headline, “Generous Businessman . . .” he made sure to include a picture of himself dressed in nice clothes, a picture of a Rolls Royce he owned and a picture of his play boats.

So if you’re preaching about doing business from home, a picture of you in a suit is going to send the wrong message. People who work from home want to work in their fart-stained sweats they’ve been wearing for a week straight (Major side benefit to working from your home office – you can fart as loud, often, and stankdafied as you want and as long as you’ve got a window to crack, there’s no problem at all) .

But nobody wants to see you in your holey sweats so this means it’d be better to go with the picture of you with your family casually dressed, out in the backyard. But if you’re an attorney pitching your services, a photo of you dressed sharp, preferably in action in the court room pleading a case wearing a junk yard dog face side by side with a female client hugging the shit out of you in court because you just won the case would be the way to go.

Pictures tell a story. Make sure yours tell the right story.

 Copy of a business license

Untraditional, yet so smooth and subtle in telling your perfect prospect’s that this is no fly by night basement of your mom’s house operation.

 Personal story

This is especially useful if your personal story is one of you being transformed by what you sell.

Gary was a fucking master story teller. The best of his newsletters all revolved around a personal story and the business lesson he learned from it. I think a cool addition to his bio would’ve been a link to the authors favorite personal story that Gary told that perhaps had the biggest impression on the author.

You have stories and you have to remember that stories are a multi-billion dollar business. Entertainment is the United States’ most profitable export. You want to do whatever you can to can to get good at edu-taining (entertaining and educating simultaneously) so that people happily give you their attention like they did with Gary.

 A phone number and your real address

You can separate yourself from the shit weasels with your online business by simply listing your physical address.

No address on anything is the sign of someone who’s trying to hide. Don’t let the absence of these on your site or any copy you put in front of your list be the barrier that keeps people from coming into your tent to give you their attention and money.

Listing your phone number is more obvious for some promotions and businesses than others. If it helps forward the sale and you can man the phones, give it. Even if it never gets used it will serve as reassurance for a segment of your audience.

 Specific test results

Show prospects what specifically has happened to people as a result of using what you offer.

Nobody wants to be the guinea pig.

You want to show people evidence of your product or processes in action and that you’ve taken these serious enough to test them in the real world. People are certainty junkies so the more you can wow them with your scientific approach, the more certain they’ll be they can get high off your supply and the more sales you’ll get.

Stay the hell away from abstract theories or broad general statements.  

 Copies of bank statements and tax returns

These documents notarized by your accountant, included in your promotions or on your About page can be a crushing blow to the skepticism of your perfect prospect.

And of course, it’d be wise if you use this include the name, picture, address, phone number and website of your accountant with these documents.

If you’re the real deal, this is an easy way to declare it with data, not talk.

 Guarantee

Gary’s guarantees were game changers.

It would’ve been cool to see this fact brought about in his bio and then an example of the most famous of his which was probably the Nancy Kwan Oriental Pearl Cream guarantee that said . . . "If your friends don’t actually accuse you of having had a face-lift, return the empty jar …"

You guarantee what you sell whether you state it or not. If you’re not a total douche canoe, it’s not like you aren’t going to give someone their money back if they cry for it. Why sweep this fact under the carpet? Why not lead with it and if possible make it King Kong strong like Gary did with his Kwan guarantee?

If your product or service does what you say it will, guarantee it.

 Use a celebrity

People world-wide are obsessed with fame. If at all possible capitalize on this.

I think it would’ve been nice to see in Gary’s bio how he turned himself into a local celebrity in L.A. with his world famous, “Generous Businessman . . .” personal ad he ran in L.A. Weekly. Or even how the copywriting celebrity Gary Bencivenga called out to him as fellow copywriting celebrity to make a point during his one and only $10,000 seminar he hosted. 

Now when it comes to hiring celebrities yourself, if you can’t afford Justin Bieber like Guthy Renker can, Gary pointed out that using celebrities whose moment in the spot light is far behind them (Justin Bieber in 10 years) but that your target audience will recognize immediately are the next best celebs to use if you can make them relevant to the pitch.

 Reflected glory – I used to work for such and such

Gary worked for and side by side with lots of the masters of the direct marketing universe – yet there isn’t one mention of Kennedy, Carlton, Abraham, or anyone else in the bio I included here.

That’s just plain dumb. Especially since the bio is a segue into them trying to sell you on what a bad ass Gary is.

If you’ve worked in some arena or for some company or for someone your perfect prospect would be in awe of, DON’T HIDE IT. Especially in your relevant sales pitches, your bio, or your About page on your website.

This is also a good time to say how long you’ve been in business.

 Photographs of customers

Gary has had some famous clients. It would’ve been very cool to see some shots of them, especially the hot babes.

You don’t have pictures of hot babes you’ve done business with?

Don’t worry. Any pictures of people excited about the results you got for them will do. Photographs of customers, especially in crowds, like at a seminar of yours (at the moment of a standing ovation would be nice) or a special store event prove to your perfect prospect that people are responsive to your calls to action.

 Show that you identify with them – empathy & resonance

Gary was a copywriter so when he was selling copywriting seminars and products, he could speak copywriting-ese. He knew what that lifestyle was like from the time you woke up to the time you went to bed and all the joy and pain that came with the profession and he could, through his personal stories, help you see that he understood your world.

If you are one of your customers, tell them, preferably through personal gory and glory stories.

Help your perfect prospect see that you’re not just a spokesperson or a salesman but that you were where they are now at one point in your life and help them see that because of the wisdom you’ve had beat into you or the resource you’re offering, you’ve transcended the mediocre and average existence that the majority of them are experiencing.

 Write an article with a soft offer at the end and run it as an advertorial in a paper – Now you can say, “Here’s what people read about me in the New York Times”

I’m guessing Dan Kennedy fell in love with this as a result of Halbert using and preaching it.

Somewhere in some box here at the office we have an old tear sheet that Dan mailed out where it was the full page ad made to look like an article the newspaper was running.

And I know know Dan talked about at his recent Business of Copywriting seminar how instead of showing up at the latest National Speakers Convention, he ran a full page ad like this in the USA Today only in the region of the country where the event was being held to get people talking about him there and I imagine that he turned around and had copies of this made and mailed it to his speakers list sometime after the event.

This is still a valid tactic. And this is why it would’ve been cool to see a clip of how Gary used this strategy back in the day in the form of an image in his bio.  

 If you have any questions you can call me at – you want to give them the idea that they can reach out and get in touch with you

Dan Kennedy talked about this recently and said you tell people they can call and you give them a phone number but you don’t tell them that you’ll ever answer it. Hahaha

Another example of an marketer using this strategy today is Brendon Burchard. Part of what he throws in for his $30,000 dollar a year coaching group members is his cell phone number that you get to call under certain guidelines.

As you can probably concur, the price point of what you’re selling dictates whether you pick up the phone or not if you use this strategy.

 Give them a free sample such as a free report, past issues of newsletters, etc.

The bio I used here did give the link to Gary’s newsletter which was good but they failed to sell it. They didn’t mention that once upon a time people paid Gary a hefty fee to receive Gary’s high-potency content that you are now able to access for free. 

 Free trial

Gary made a shit ton of money on the back of telling people, “I won’t cash your check for 31 days.”

This was huge for him back in the days when check writing was the only option besides cash. Nowadays you could test not dinging their card for the product you sent them for 31 days.

What this communicates is that you can trust me to do what’s right because I trust you to do what’s right if this product or service does what I say it will. 

 Payment plans – break it up into monthly installments for later sequences

I believe the power of payment plans when it comes to credibility is that it says you’re this isn’t some fly by night show like some of those damn hut/kiosk things you see at the mall.

Payment plans imply you’re not hard up and that you’re in good enough place financially that you can wait for your money.

Who else does payment plans? Only every single credible business your perfect prospect has ever given money to. Use this strategy to mirror and mimic and take advantage of this trust element that the big brand names have established.

 Patent it and show it

Patents prove once again that you’re in it to win it.

They prove that you’re serious about what you’ve created and that you’re taking all the steps to make sure you’ll be in business bringing the advantage you bring to customers for the long haul.

They establish believability and credibility because this is what all grown up and professional businesses do. 

If you’re not paranoid about protecting what you’ve created, at least patent your stuff and show the proof that you’ve done so you can reap all of these benefits. 

 Put down credentials and letters after your name

As you could clearly see, Gary’s bio above didn’t list any of his credentials. Not even the self-given “Prince of Print” title he bestowed upon himself like a boss.

Don’t do this to yourself. You want to use everything you’ve got to establish yourself as royalty in the thoughts of those you wish to influence.

This means you lay down all the alphabet soup you have and all the certifications you have but please don’t think that by listing these, you can cheat the rest of the stuff here.

You might find it hard to believe but where you went to school and the plaques on the wall you’ve acquired are probably the least important factor in establishing yourself as an authority out of all of the points on this list. Yep. I said it. Your treasured diplomas and certificates play the lowly caboose to this train of persuasion. Wipe your eyes and get over it.

Many people think they can list all their accreditations and people will drive a stampede to them because they’ve done so. Tis’ ain’t so. I imagine you’ve proven for yourself by once upon a time doing this and seeing it didn’t make one damn difference.

Add them, but don’t rely on them to do the heavy lifting because they have the marketing muscle of a 12 year old girl.

 Admission of flaws

Admitting you’re not perfect makes you more human and non-threatening.

If there was ever the place where you’d want to appear human and non-threatening it would be a personal ad. But, as I explained earlier, the majority is wrong about everything so of course they screw these up and end up looking boring, desperate, or flat out creepy.

Not Gary. Look at how he masterfully reveals who he wants to alienate from responding to his personal ad while showing you that he’s not some douche bag who think he’s better than everyone else (I’ll highlight the damaging admissions just to make them abundantly clear) . . .

7 Things Gary Does NOT Want From A Woman!

#1. DEATH OR DISEASE: This is my number one no-no.  Listen, I’ve never had sex with a gay man, a bi-sexual man, a transsexual man or any kind of man at all.  I hardly ever go near Santa Monica Boulevard and, when I do the only place I ever stop is Barney’s Beanery.

And, even then, I never eat quiche.

In other words, I’m straight.  Also, I’m not a hemophiliac.  I’ve never had a blood transfusion. I’m not a junkie and I never stick needles into my body.  I’m not promiscuous.  I don’t mess around
with prostitutes (I tried it years ago and it was boring),
and I’ve never even been close to Africa or Haiti.

What this means, of course, is with any kind of luck at all (knock on wood) I do not have AIDS.  Also, to my knowledge, I do not have any other type of dreadful communicable disease including syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, or even the bubonic plague.

If you can’t say the same, please, please NOT respond to this ad.

#2. DRUG DRAMAS: Do you like to drink a little or get a little high once in a while so you can loosen up and party down?  You do?  Good!  That means you and I can have some fun

But please… read that first sentence again.  See where it says "a little" and "every once in a while"? Those words are important to me.  Therefore, if your idea of "a little" and "every once in a while" is to get drunk or stoned every day, if the way you like to use cocaine is by freebasing or injecting it, if you gulp down Valium or Quaaludes by the fistful, if you use PCP or heroin in any way, shape or form, then I must, once again, ask you to please NOT answer this ad.

#3. DESPERATE DILEMMAS: Are you sleeping in your car because your rent is six months overdue?  Is your ex-husband a hatchet murderer who is trying to track you down and who swears to mutilate any man who so much as looks at you?  Are you in desperate need of fast money because your poor old mother need a kidney transplant in order to keep on living?

I’m sorry.  I really am.  But I’m just an ordinary everyday nice guy.  I’m not Superman or even Lee Iacocca.  I’m very compassionate and very understanding but I have recently retired from trying to save the world.

Therefore, I’m not qualified to save your life. However, if you will let me, I might be able to enhance it by adding to it some excitement and romance.

#4. MARRIAGE: I’ve been married twice and, both times it spoiled a great romance.  I don’t want to get married again and I don’t want to live with you either.  You see, at this point in my life, I don’t want to own a woman.  I just want to enjoy one.

It would be nice if you decide to answer this ad, if you already have some sort of life of your own.  I don’t want to be your everything.  I would much rather be that special somebody you see two or three times a week and who makes you feel good.

Would that be OK?

#5. I DON’T WANT A SEXUAL SWINGER: Do you spend your evenings attending orgies at the A-Frame?  Do you have a lifetime membership at Plato’s?  Do you refuse to call yourself a prostitute even though you run a credit check on every man you meet before you go to bed with him?  Do you have a time clock in your panties and a cash register in your bra?

Sorry, we’re not compatible.

You know, even though I’ve been married and I’ve been around, I feel that by Southern California standards, I’m almost a virgin.  For example, someone told me recently Hugh Hefner has been to bed with more than 3,000 women.

Could that be true?  I don’t know but, if it is, he is, in my opinion, a man to be pitied, not to be envied.

I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

#6. I DON’T WANT A SEXUAL PRUDE: I bet by now you think I’m repressed, don’t you?  I bet you think the hot throb of lust does not live in my loins.  I bet you think if you and Kelly LeBrock showed up at my door with a suitcase full of excitement from Trashy Lingerie (they’re located at 402 N. La Cienga and they’ve got the hottest stuff in town!) and suggested we have a menage a trois I would toss you both out on your ear and report you to Jerry Falwell.

You are wrong. You are wrong. You are wrong. You are wrong.

Fear not.  I may be cautious but I’m not crazy.

Hark unto me.  Listen.  Just because I’m not into freebasing, orgies and non-stop promiscuity doesn’t mean I’m dead.  It’s true I don’t want a woman who’s been sleeping with everything in pants.  However on the other hand, if you are a 35-year-old virgin who thinks foreplay should be 1/2 hour of begging and "oral sex" is the name of a disgusting new group of punk rockers then, you may rest assured, our stars were simply not meant to cross.

#7. I DON’T WANT A WOMAN WHO CAN’T STAND PROSPERITY: Don’t laugh. I lost the love of my life because things got "too good." Some people are into the struggle and not the reward.

I’m into both.  As you already know, I like to work but work without reward is senseless.  It seems to me many women (and men) just insist on filling up their lives with a lot of needless trauma.

Not me.  I want the payoff along with the pain.


"If you don’t want the good
And just want the bad,
Don’t waste your time
By answering this ad!"

Good Lord, that was corny, wasn’t it?

Well, anyway, that’s my laundry list of what I don’t want and in fact, what I can’t handle.  Now comes the hard part.  I really feel awkward about saying what I do want. I’m afraid if I get too explicit it will seem like I’m an insensitive clod ordering something from a Chinese menu.

On the other hand, if I don’t set down some guidelines, I’m afraid this ad will be answered by many women with whom I would not be at all compatible.

Fucking. Brilliance.

That’s all I have to say about that copy and you should make a serious study of how Gary does this in his ads because if you’re like most people, you think it can’t be done without making yourself look bad in the eyes of the reader.

The sweet spot is looking bad in the eyes of the person you don’t want to do business with, the person who you would not be at all compatible with.

 Never use a spell check in your writing

This is part of what Gary believes humanizes your copy.

The one caveat I would say with this is that you don’t want to correct where your finger hit a key one too many timess or where you hit the completely wrong kry. Unless of course your writing is a complete disaster zone of typos. Then quit being lazy and go back and fix 95% of the wrecks you’ve made.

But if you’re totally winging it when it comes to spelling and you know it and you’re writing sounds like Ebonics meets Jed Clampet and you’re COMPLETELY spelling shit wrong and ignorant unintentionally, hit the spell check.

If you lighting up the spell check like the 4th of July because the paragraph above looked like this . . . 

“Butt ef your totallee wynging it whin it cums to speling and you now it and your wryting sownds lyke Ebonecs meats Jed Clampit and your CUMPLEATLEY speling shit rong and ignant unintenshionally, het the spel chek,”


Errors like this just make you look retarded and there’s a big difference between that, and the writing of the absent-minded and rushed non-perfectionist.  

 Plain talk

I got lucky when I sought out an advanced marketing education.

I started with the Gods – Kennedy, Carlton, and Halbert.  

My brother, bless his soul, started with some dork pants professor at a ritzy private college. Pretty much everything he endured the torture of is now either useless or forgotten. Why? Because it was dressed up as ugly ass, useless text book fluff that you only wanted in your mind long enough to regurgitate onto an answer sheet. And after it’d served this purpose he happily shit it out and flushed it into the cosmic sewer where all the rest of the useless pieces of trivia that was rammed down his throat in all his prior years of schooling in what Eben Pagan calls the dis-education system floats like the turds they are. 

Halbert brought/brings you universal marketing and life truths dressed in plain talk that walk right in the common sense part of your mind and fuck it wide open right up against the wall and leave it in an orgasmic blissed out stupor.

Anything you write or speak should do this.

Why would use words that make people’s eyes glaze over in confusion?

Why would you bore people to death by writing to them in the zombie tone of medical journal?

Why would you abuse the people who can or do give you money by not speaking in plain talk they could breeze through quickly, relate to, and get the message or the point easily and be excited or relieved that they had?

Your pussy ass ego. That’s why.

You’re trying to put on a show and sound all smarty arty for colleagues, your parents, or your sister who’s a fifth grade teacher and loves to point out when you’re breaking the text book rules directly or indirectly by writing like you talk.


Ditch the big important sounding words. People have so much information coming at them that they will appreciate you making your point easy to absorb more than they will your putting on a display of how baronial, resplendent, and stately your vocabulary is.

I trust that if you’re reading this, you aren’t stupid, so please leave behind your worries about coming across as an idiot by not flexing your vocabulary muscle. Your Joe Six Pack speak should be fine.

A good rule of thumb is, if you freeze the Homer Simpson of your market with a word in your salesletter, you’re derailing the sale. 

You’re not trying to win a scholarship to Yale; you’re trying to sell some shit. So get the fuck out your own way and watch what happens to your sales.


So there you have it. 

The 26 Point Checklist Gary Halbert Gave You In His “How To Write Sales Letters That Make You Rich” Seminar That Helps You Be Seen As a Lord and Savior In The Eyes Of Your Perfect Prospect.

And now I ask you to review at least one of your salesletter or the About page on your site and run this checklist against what you have and see how you can enhance what you’re doing by adding something you see here that’s missing on your page. Then fix it.

As always, I’m open to women throwing their panties at me in the form of praise for what they’ve read here as well as high fives from the guys as well as you telling me I’m dead wrong.

So if you have questions or feedback, leave in the comments section below, in the orange box on the right there, or hit me in my email inbox (address is on the About page).

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you want to put your ability to create trust and credibility and bonding with your perfect prospect on steroids, you definitely want to put your hands on the notes I took on Dan Kennedy’s DNA Game Changer copywriting course by clicking here now <—–