Let Internet Marketing Expert Frank Kern’s Tested and Proven Step-By-Step Advice Show You How To Make Your First Of Many Affiliate Commissions

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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

If you’re like me, a non-techie kinda guy, with a shit-ton on your plate you might think that making affiliate income isn’t worth the gigantic learning curve you’ll have to endure. At least not at the moment.

Well, Frank Kiggity-Kern, the lazy man with the plan, laid out a ninjafied easy way in his Promotional Strategies course for you to haul in some extra money just by recommending someone else’s shit – no big ass learning curve required – no need for you to become a full time affiliate.

Just copy the affiliate link you get from the person who’s product your referring people too and paste it wherever you’re going to make it available for your audience to click upon.

Then you just kick back and let the money rain down upon your head like the strippers down south do. Like the old librarian in the Shawshank Redemption movie would say, you’re about to see that this is “Easy, Peasy, Japanesy.”

The core of this strategy is zigging when everyone else is zagging. Now let’s take it to the detailed notes on this section of the course so you can get paid some extra cash that is in such a big wad you need a broccoli rubber band wrapped around it to keep it all together . . .

1st Step: Find what kicks ass, not just

what sells

People like to follow and so if everyone is else pitching something because everyone else is selling it, this may mean it’s because it sells well. But maybe something will sell better to your specific market – something more relevant but less popular with the mob.

2nd Step: Come Up With A Way To

Educate Your List On This Topic and Enhance Their Awareness of Its Importance

One woman that uses almost nothing Frank talks about yet I imagine is doing some very nice business, rose to fame using this very step is a woman named Michelle Phan. She’s big on YouTube/Facebook/offline showing women all the possibilities at your disposal when you’re not in the dark about make-up.

So in her case, if she were promoting a specific mascarra and she made a video that shows how she could completely make herself look like someone else using it and how you could do the same thing too – for free, she’s adding to the coolness of promoting this. She’s not just sending an email to you with a link telling you to buy.

3rd Step: Use The Triangle of Trust For


When you use this method, the information you’re giving away is valued and it’s consumed because you’re giving 95% value and only pitching 5% of the time. You’re educating and enhancing your prospect which boosts your good will with them.

4th Step: Design the Video/PDF To

Increase Desire For More

He talks about how the café at Neiman Marcus, when you’re seated, you’re offered a free shot glass sized chicken broth appetizer thingie where you dip these tiny little thumb-sized biscuits into it and it tastes amazing.

Well, if you weren’t already starving, this little tease gets you starving and this makes you want to order everything on the menu.

You want to do the same thing with your videos/PDF. You want your info to be valuable . . . but incomplete if the person watching or reading it doesn’t have the product/service you’re promoting.

Here’s an example of an email you can use to get this party started . . .

SUBJECT: URGENT (Fresh video on the blog)

Just put together a video for you here.

It’s the video that shows you the 4 ways to pump some chemicals into the veins of your marketing and make that shit grow as strong and fierce as a friendly and cool version of the Hulk. And all the money that pours in ends up being the same color as him too – if you’re being paid in American dollars that is. J

Of course, none of the other followers you get emails from talk about this stuff because it’s not what everyone else in their circle jerk is pushing onto you . . . even though it’s super easy and super powerful and super profitable.


But hey, I hope you enjoy this video and feel free to let anyone you know check out this awesome video here too if you think they’ll be served by it as well as you were. I’m sure you’ll let me know what you think of it in the comments section.

Talk sooner than later,

Mamma Beagle

PS. A couple of hours before I shot this, I was at the strip club gargling and hosing myself and the ladies down with the champagne I bought with money that poured into my bank account as a result of using these four strategies.

So if my voice in this video sounds a little groggy, it’s the champagne and the choking on stripper glitter taking its toll on my voice box. Don’t blame the ladies. Blame me.

Once again, you see the format is low key, fun, and to the point.

He believes that when you’re giving people cool stuff; you don’t need to be magical with your emails. You can send emails with this tone and the three links in there all the time and not chip away at any of the good will you’ve built up with your peeps.

If you go to his www.masscontrolsite.com/blog you’re gonna see all kinds of “Triangle of Trust” videos that he sent people to, using emails like the one you see above that have made him money.

The one example he showed the stats on, titled HOT DAMN!, was where one of Ryan Deiss’s promos made him over $24,000 with an email and a 20:36 video done with power point slides and uploaded to his blog.

The super low key pitch on his video didn’t start until 19:33.

I typed out this $24,000 pitch so that you can see it written out and if you ever wanted to see the pitch it’s available on his blog. He it goes . . .

Now if you like this kind of email stuff, Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher just put out a really great product that highlights 13 sneaky, they call them sneaky, I call them brilliant, email marketing tactics that they have tried and tested and gotten really good results for them.

They specifically show you ways they’ve increased their open rates. They specifically show you ways they’ve increased their clicks and they specifically talk about ways they’ve made money with their different offers.

If you want some good ole fashioned how to do all this stuff, you can click on the link right below this video and it’ll take you to their site and actually they’re friends of mine so I’m a little bias when I say their stuff is excellent but I think this product in particular is very, very helpful and can really help you out if you like this email marketing stuff and if you’re making money by sending emails.

Alright, that’s the end of this video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it causes you to make more money. So have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.

The key thing to learn here is that Kern is associated with having kick ass videos and he has a video guy that helps make that possible.

The video that he used this pitch in was a piece of shit compared to his ultra fancy ones – It was shot on his lap top with the lap top mic with slides while he was sitting on his COUCH = and $24,000 dollars popped out the other side.

He points out that if he did this every month, it’d bring him at least $300,000 a year and that the only reason he doesn’t do it is because he’s a lazy bastard.

You don’t have to be shooting HD “video boss” style videos to make the cash register sang. What’s more important than the quality is the system it all fits into that has been laid out in this course.

What To Do Now

One of the main reasons people don’t mail their list is either they don’t have anything to offer, or they don’t want to burn them out.

But if you know what you talking about and you’re passionate about getting tools/resources into the hands of your audience so they can dodge the drama and get results easier and faster, use this strategy. It works.

This is something you can do tomorrow. Go out and get paid to increase your good will. In fact, for this video, he got something like 132 comments and I didn’t see any bad ones.

This proves you can sell and help at the same time. Selling isn’t bad. People just sell badly and that’s where selling gets its bad name.

All you need to start using this winning promotion strategy is Power Point, Camtasia, a blog and you’re in business. This is far from the cost of buying a McDonald’s franchise. And far easier to implement.

Get to work and stock pile a few thousand of the dollars you make from using this away so that when you come to Vegas and meet me at the world famous Olympic Gardens gentleman’s club, you can buy me a couple lap dances. And then I can get paid a commission for you buying me those lap dances. Bwahahaha Just Kidding – about the commissions – not about you buying me lap dances. Smile

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you want to see all of the money-getting campaigns revealed in internet marketing expert Frank Kern’s Promotional Strategies course, click here now to put your hands all over them <—– (I need to figure out a way to make this arrow flash neon pink like the strip clubs neon lights) 

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