Personal improvement notes on THE single surefire way to avoid being seen as a bum in the eyes of your peers, your family and your friends

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

I imagine you’ve heard the passage “Leaders are readers,” before and the speakers who say this usually back this statement up with data like this that I found and revealed here . . .

A study by the American Book Sellers Association said that the average business person reads .7 professional books every 5 years. No, that’s not a typo that’s .7 – there are so many people who don’t read that the national average is less than one book. Wow.

People perceive reading to be hard and they don’t do it because they don’t have to. There’s no bitch of nun beating them in school for not having the right answers and there’s no douche canoe father indirectly threatening to leave them out of the will and his good graces if they don’t graduate from the school he wants them to so they can work in the profession he wants them to.

On the flip side, the average Fortune 1,000 CEO reads six books every year.

Tim Sanders rolled this stat out to make the point that “leaders are readers” but I’m not all that impressed by this number and it doesn’t bring that point home to me.

This number speaks volumes about the 95% majority of these CEO’s who are dragging this average to the paltry number of six books by reading nothing at all while the 5% at the top are probably reading a book every week or two.

So what this stat clearly states is that you be ahead relevance wise of 95% of Fortune 1,000 if you can muster up the eye strength and will power to read one book every nine weeks. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

What I want to share with today are four key compelling reasons Dan Kennedy gave in one of his Gold Plus faxes 7 or 8 years ago that puts some some actual muscle behind the blanket statement of “leaders are readers”.

I’ll give you his reason first and then I’ll give you my take on it. Here we go . . .

Why You Must Read A Lot To Succeed

Incredibly Important Reason #1: Varied, diverse input of ideas, viewpoints, life stories, examples, all the essential raw material poured into your subconscious mind, for it to sift sort, try matching up with other puzzle pieces it already has, so it can occasionally yell “Eureka!” and hand you something profitable or life changing. Without the new stuff it just sleeps an you wander aimlessly through life. Wealth Secret: You can’t manufacture anything without raw material.

I would be hopelessly paralyzed when it comes to writing posts for this site if I didn’t embrace this reason.

And it’s not because I’m stupid and the brain tank is on E. What happens for me while hearing different takes on ideas I know or entirely new ones is that it makes me remember what I’ve already learned.

How does it do this? Well, for learning to happen we have to link the new information coming in to something we’re already familiar with.

Tony Robbins talked about how if he was talking with a physicist who was trying to explain something very complicated to him, he would stop the person ask them to explain how what they’re trying to teach him is like making a sandwich – or some other thing every one knows how to do. This is linking new ideas to familiarity so the new knowledge can be absorbed rather than rejected.

Well something special happens when your mind is exposed to something you read year ago. Take for example these four reasons. I see these and they’ve triggered a flood of memories of things I’ve learned since the last time I’d read them, memories I hadn’t brought to surface in years. And now I’ve got a blog post out it.

And none of this would’ve happened had I not valued the idea of loading up the subconscious mind over the years with high octane knowledge and instead choose to fill my mind with useless trivia that allowed me to have the answer to the question of, “Who was the first person to ever win American Idol?” on the tip of my tongue.

We’re all loading the subconscious. The question is, with what are we loading it with and what are the consequences of stock piling away all that we did? Are you gonna have the straw house mind that caves at the first opposition of it’s feeble structure . . . or will you have the brick house mind that can’t be blown down by the big bad wolf that consists of the inevitable failures, assholes, and challenges you’ll meet in the future? 

The choice is up to you. Choose wisely.

Incredibly Important Reason #2: Without exposure to others’ thinking your own range of thought shrinks. Soon, you’re a mental midget. Your range of thought narrows, like your range of motion shrinks if you don’t move and stretch.

In Renegade Millionaire, Dan declares that 95% of people are mental midgets – not by capacity, but by their own decision to be so.

I can’t imagine how big of a retard I’d be if was still on the same plane of thinking I’d been on when I was 15 years old.

Can you believe that some people actually think that just because you’ve gotten older, you know more? I have evidence to the contrary – acquaintances I’ve re-connected with on Facebook from that era of my life who are just as back asswards now as they were back then. Shit, I don’t even have to extend to acquaintances on Facebook because I’ve got family like that. You probably do too.

All that has expanded in their mind is bullshit – sports trivia, TV show trivia, music trivia, and movie trivia. What the majority has accumulated in reference to something that actually can make them healthier, wealthier, and wiser pales in comparison to all of the above.

Now some of your old acquaintances might not have been raised in single parent homes in the projects or gone to jail multiple times or had 4 kids with 3 different dad’s by the age of 30 but I’m guessing that if they don’t embrace this reason, they’re far from a pillar of innovation and inspiration in their industry.

Maybe your old acquaintances consist of those people who did everything right – went to school, got good grades, got their diploma, got married, and now if they stop numbing the pain of being themselves with their phone, Facebook, Twitter, TV, video games, alcohol, drugs, etc. and shut their mind up for a few seconds and look at who they’ve become they might feel like they’d be scared out of their goddamn mind and feel like they’d be better off dead because they hate the chicken shit, debt-ridden, passion-less life they’ve boxed themselves into.

But the point that’s left out of Dan’s reason is that you want exposure to people who are playing at the next highest level

We’re all exposed to “others’ thinking” but the key lies within who the others are. Are they incredible people who are empowering others by their words and example or are they fucktards who whine and drag people into the slop that is their warped and diseased consciousness?

Think of your mind as a plant.

When a plant is exposed to water, fertile soil, and sunlight, it flourishes and gives off beauty and rich oxygen. Expose this same luscious plant to toxic sludge and it will cease to offer any value to their environment.

Who and what will you expose your mind to?

Incredibly Important Reason #3: You can’t stay current if you don’t read. You must read a monstrous amount and you’ll probably still be behind. You should be reading a book or two, half a dozen magazines, and a few newspapers every week. If not, you become a dinosaur.

This fax is now 7-8 years old now and you probably know Dan’s a caveman when it comes to technology and rails against it which is why he speaks only of consuming knowledge via reading print books, magazines, and newspapers.

Of course, I know he endorses listening to enlightening audio programs. So I’m expanding this reason to, “You can’t stay current if you don’t consistently upload information that moves you closer to realizing your goals into your mind via print, pixel, video, and audio.

The key part of that sentence is “information that moves you closer to your goals” because as we all know, all information is not created equally. You never want to mistake activity for achievement.

And I, just as much as you, yearn for idiot entertainment. For me lately this has consisted of watching both seasons of “The Walking Dead”, the first season of “BOSS”, and the first season of “The Borgias”. ALL IDIOT BRAIN DEAD ENTERTAINMENT.

I’m not immune from the siren call of this bullshit.

What I am changing though for these next 90 days is I am only letting myself indulge in brain dead idiot entertainment as a reward for reaching each of my daily outcomes of spending 30 minutes learning French with Rosetta Stone, 30 minutes improving my typing speed, 30 minutes meditating/breathwork, my regimen of voice exercises, some form of exercise/physical stimulation, and scripting my next day.

Until each of these are accomplished for the day, I don’t get to indulge in mind numbing activity. Once they are, I get to go balls to the walls completely guilt free.

This is all aside from the learning I need to do on a daily basis in order to be able to produce notes and write the posts I do for this site.

I love cruising the web for the latest memes, making people laugh their ass of on Facebook and going into a coma in front of my TV just like you probably do.

Some gurus tell you to quit all of this cold turkey – no TV, no surfing, no partying. I won’t. I would say to abstain from indulging until you’ve done some stretch activities to move your life forward. And going to work doesn’t cut it. That’s not stretching yourself. Stretching yourself is anything you do that aren’t already doing now that would move you closer to your goals.

I listed mine above. To give you a hint at what yours are, think about all the things you say you want to do, that you say you don’t have time for. Start with that list.

Incredibly Important Reason #4: If you want to influence anyone, including your children, they need to see you advancing and reading. They need to hear you talking about and acting on what you read.

My father did this by joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

When he first started he spent most of free time going to meetings and talking with his sponsor and serving others. I was a little pissed that he wasn’t around to play around with us as much. His wife and my mom ragged on him most for that but I didn’t mind because now the house was nicer to be around when he was around.

What annoyed me more was how he got all preachy with all that shit, you know like new converts do with religion,  and I didn’t want to hear it. I actually didn’t need to hear it because I saw the night and day difference. I may have been young but I wasn’t mentally retarded.

He did the same thing with running shortly after joining A.A.

He went from a complete non-athlete at the age of 39 who’d boozed the second he got off work from being a 6th grade teacher and smoking a couple packs a day . . . to running a 5k and he steam rolled this into eventually piling up 13 marathons he completed – all with a jacked-up Spondylosis spine.

My dad learned some new stuff, took massive action and therefore his whole energy and demeanor changed and he brought more to the table to offer me by his example.

How can you be, do, and have more for you and the people you touch in your life?

“Advancing” doesn’t mean you have to go to make a dramatic shift like joining A.A. (unless of course, you’re a fuckin’ degenerate), start training to run a marathon or go back to school and get a diploma but for god’s sake do something besides getting your sense of “Advancement” from reaching the next level of “Call of Duty” or from buying an information product you know you aren’t going to do shit with.

Start small in any area of life doing something that moves you closer to the goals that enrich you and those people you have love for.

Oh, and this is important – don’t ram your journey of improvement down their throat. No matter what you think, this won’t work. Never does. The only converts you’ll get will feel like they’ve been forced to join you and they’ll do everything half assed and bail on the “movement” the first opportunity they get.

Just BE more attractive and if people ask you questions about your transformation simply tell them they’re welcome to join you if they wish. Invite rather than impose.

But guess what? Someone in your life isn’t going to like this. I don’t know who it’s gonna be but it’s a guarantee that when you start dedicating time to make progress, which takes place of the time you used to spend jerking off with them, they will overtly or passively piss on what you’re doing.

This is what I think about those people . . .

My dad had to live by this credo in order to advance, Dexter had to, I had to. When you embrace this mentality, that’s when you’ll be free to think the thoughts and take the actions that allow you to grow rich – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

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