Jason Van Orden, who spoke at Dan Kennedy’s social media money magnet seminar reveals how to stop settling for just jerking your self esteem off with social media and actually start making some money with it (Note: Yeah, I know the formatting is butt fuckin’ ugly on this post. This part of my little love/hate relationship with WordPress. After reformatting this twice over 3 hours and having it revert back to fugly, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that “Good is good enough”.)

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Stop hoping that the time you’re putting into social media will pay off someday banking on the fact you’ve hopefully built up some good will and use what you see here to make your social media channels put money in your bank account as soon as today.

Today is the day you get yourself out of the “Friend Zone” 95% of the people using social media for their business languish in.   

It’s taken Jason 5 years to collect all of these and to start using them in his bidniz. He’s already discovered them, tested them, and put them to work so you’re light years ahead of where he was when he started but don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do all of them right away. Start with three of them and build out from there.

Now let’s get this show on the road . . .

Magnet #1: Your Money Map

  • Get attention
  • Get permission
  • Get engagement
  • Connect & build a relationship
  • Get Action

Keep this list in front of you, refer to it and remember all the things learned in this program that helped you with each of these steps.

Magnet #2: Media Money

  • Get more traffic from search engines
  • Increase the size of your list
  • Get higher open rates on your emails

They do this through consistent content distribution. People expect to hear from them.

  • Get higher opt-in conversions
  • Increase your sales conversions

Magnet #3: Webinars

  • You want to take baby steps

Sending people to a sales page directly off of Twitter isn’t the best strategy. But sending them from Twitter to a webinar registration works.

  • Use gotowebinar.com

Very easy to use. They give you an opt-in page where people can register by giving you their name and their email address and immediately after they get the email giving them the call-in information and then right before the call they get another one.

40-50% of people who actually registered, showing up on your webinar is a good percentage. These are hot leads.

  • Export your list

After the call you can go into go-to webinar and export only the contact info of people who showed up or, the whole list.

  • He likes using iContact for the auto-responder here

They don’t export this list to aweber because these people have already demonstrated they’re interested but aweber insists on automatically sending an email to people telling them they have

to opt into your list to actually be sent mail to them on their service, so you end up losing some of these names.

He figures they’ve already signed up for the webinar, that’s enough of an opt in for him so he goes to icontact.com, a email service that once you upload names into, it doesn’t ask you to make people re-opt in and then you can follow up with them.

  • Focus on urgency/time
  • Close the sale when done

Webinars solve a huge problem with social media marketing that’s anytime anywhere because they’re time specific. They force people to show up, and hopefully focus on one thing for that hour and warm them up to buying.

If you sold some people on your webinar, make sure you do a replay of it for the people who missed it.

Magnet #4: Cross Channel Promotion

  • You can do multi-part series

Maybe this is a 3-4 part series. Then put it out on your blog. Then tell people who watched that video that to get the second part, they can go over to your Facebook fan page and watch it there and then to twitter and then back to your email list where they can opt in if they haven’t already.

Magnet #5: Sales Syndication

  • Use all the channels you can for promotions and launches

Remember it takes 5-7 contacts to make a sale so hit people from all avenues to speed this process up.

Magnet #6: Launch Sequence

1. Kick ass headline

Grab their attention with a killer concept (his latest was “You don’t need a big list to make big money”). Flesh it out. And then tell them what they can expect to see in the next video

2. Show them results in advance

Take one of the challenges you know your market has and solve it for them now. Give them a checklist or a tool or an idea that will knock it out today so they will see results now, not some time in the future.

The barrier to entry in his prospects was the fact that they get all hung up on what niche to pursue. If their biggest concern is evaporated for them, it makes it that much easier for them to buy come launch day. So this video in their sequence showed them exactly what they needed to do in order to find their niche.

3. Use Q & A to kill objections

This is where you start mentioning that you’ve put together a product. Figure out any other excuses people will give you for not buying what you’re gonna offer and knock these out here.

4. Mafia offer too good to refuse

This video lays out what you have to offer. They send this out the day before they open their cart. They tell you they wanted to give you a sneak peek so that you had time to think about this.

But you always want to make sure that you have some kind of sense of urgency in the equation by limiting how many people you’ll work with or telling people the price goes up every X

number of sales, etc.

You can set this launch to automatically unfold for all the new people who opt into any part of your list, twitter, Facebook Fan or email, or you can do it once.

These lead to the biggest paydays for him. You want to tell people a story, while selling them. This ends up landing on people softly if you do it right.

With content videos you want to keep them to 3 minutes or so but your launch videos can be longer.

Magnet #7: Shoot Fish In a Barrel

People respond quickly to survey questions posed to them here.

You could ask one question or you could have a link there that sends them to 4 questions. The feedback you’re gonna get is gold because they tell you in their language and from their perspective what their problems are.

  • Use Facebook commenting platform

Questions to ask…

  • How experienced are they…

When he started his show, they assumed they were speaking to intermediate people and it turned out they were speaking to mostly beginners and this caused them to shift what they talked about and what they offered.

  • What’s your biggest question/fear/frustration about X?

Open ended questions are powerful for marketing because people have to pull their thoughts out of their mind and tell them to you.

  • What do you want and why?

People don’t want products. They want freedom, respect, security.

This question gives you the picture of what each of these look like to your specific prospects.

  • Ask them for any other comments or questions they have for you

Too many times in business, we make assumptions about what people want instead of figuring out what they really want. People don’t want psychoanalysis; they want to be rid of their anxiety. It’s the same as Mike Stewart figuring out he was saying the wrong shit and was losing sales because of it.

Magnet #8: Mind Reading

  • Enter the conversation going on in the minds of your customers

This is where you can use search.twitter to go an lurk in the conversation threads people are having about your niche. People are always asking questions, making statements or blowing off steam and this lets you get inside their minds.

  • Resonate with them right away

When you parrot back everything you learned, people will be able to go inside themselves and say, “This guy gets it.”

Magnet #9: Affiliate Sales Booster

  • Share and relate your experience with a service or product

Talk about them in all of your social media channels.

  • Share your results
  • Transfer trust to you

When people do this they transfer the trust their list has in them, to you.

  • Give links to affiliate content

You can link to their content on their launch blog or other content they’ve built for the launch.

  • Use the interview strategy

They interviewed Jeff Walker and introduced them to their list before they ever asked you to buy from him.

Promoting people this is way is their #3 income stream.

Magnet #10: Affiliate Tutorials

  • Pick a solution to a painful problem

If you don’t have a guru product you’re selling as an affiliate, you can do the same for a tool like web hosting.

  • Join an affiliate program
  • Syndicate a direct and to the point tutorial

Send this out to all your channels and even insert it into your auto responder sequence.

  • Lead people to your product or service through your affiliate link

Once again, share your experience with the service/product. He starts everything with a tutorial, then refers and like magic, every month he gets a four-figure check from the hosting company.

Where to Find Affiliate Products

  • Stuff that you use

What key services do you use or do your clients need that you can refer? And you can get them to buy all while creating content that you get to distribute out to your channels which helps bolster your expert position.

  • Peep your niche’s affiliate program

You can go to google and type in “name-of-your-niche affiliate program”

  • CommissionJunction.com
  • Clickbank.com

This is a way you can start making money with social media even if you don’t have your own products.

Magnet #11: Rolodex Link Sharing

  • Add resource tab to your blog
  • Send helpful tips to your social media channels

http://www.crazyegg.com is a heat map service they use to track where people are clicking on your site. The tab called “Toolbox” is one of the most clicked areas on their site. When you click there, you see all the services they recommend and every link is an affiliate link.

Once a week you can put out a recommendation to your following across all channels that brings them back to this page.

Magnet #12: Use Testimonials as Content

  • Your top success stories
  • Specific results
  • Answer primary questions of your audience
  • Help people overcome their fears.

They used to only interview gurus on their show/podcast and once they started interviewing users just like the other people listening to the show, their sales to their membership site started going up.

They’ve inserted a survey into their auto-repsonder series that goes out to all of their academy members that encourages them to share their success stories with them.

If you do video, do them like 3-4 minutes. If you do audio, you can do them like 20-30 minutes because people will listen to doing other stuff like driving.

Make sure to ask them how they overcame some huge obstacle your audience has. When they see Joe Six Pack who sounds like a half retarded overcoming this challenge, and they can go see their site and see this idiot actually got something off the ground, the people listening get a boost in their belief that they can do it too and it boosts your credibility.

Out of the 3 shows they do every month, they make sure one of them is a success story from one of their members.

Magnet #13: Twitter Testimonials

  • These can be powerful social proof
  • Snap screen shots of these
  • Favorite these posts and link to them

When people say awesome stuff about you on twitter, you can use these. It’s a totally different impression someone gets when they you type out someone’s testimonial vs. seeing it in the raw form via screen shot.

If you “favorite” these posts in twitter, they’ll stay around.

Magnet #14: “Send me an email” offer

  • This is Smooth
  • Give incentives
  • Give preview of the product
  • Send people to Aweber opt-in e-mail

You’ve got people following you on all your channels and you want to get them onto your email list, and it’s hard to get opt-ins directly from these sources.

So, if you offer some kind of awesomeness, like, “If you want to preview the first two chapters of my book, just shoot me an email here at…”

It’s really easy for anyone to reply to this wherever they are.

Aweber has encrypted email lists set up to where if someone replies to that certain list, they automatically opt them into your list and send them what you promised and you’ve captured the lead.

You want to create an email for your site, freereport@yourbusiness.com. Then let people know that they can send an email to you and you’ll automatically whisk what you

promised back to them.

All you end up doing is forwarding these emails to the cryptic aweber list and this gets them into your aweber stream.

That’s it for Part 1. Make sure you mosey your ass on back here to get in on all the awesomeness Part 2 has in store.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

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