Jason Van Orden, who spoke at Dan Kennedy’s social media money magnet internet marketing seminar reveals how to stop jerking your self esteem off with social media and actually start making some money with it

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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

As I mentioned in the Part 1 here of this series, Jason has spent 5 years figuring all 27 of these social media monetization strategies out and deploying them in his business.

This saves you a ton of time and money in that you don’t have to figure it out on your own but don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to eat this beast in one bite.

I believe this series will clear the confusion on how you can make money with social media and not come across as an annoying spam bot who’s so focused on getting leads that everyone ignores you. 

These 27 strategies give you a reason to reach out to be cool and share awesomeness with your audience as well as offer them something they’ll be grateful to have been offered.

Now let’s proceed with . . .

Magnet #15: Streamline, Automate, Outsource

You want to spend time most of your day doing these three money making activities…

  • Creating content that you sell or give away – All he does is the outlining and recording and the rest of what you see in these 27 strategies is done for him.
  • Planning strategy to deploy
  • Making sales

Streamline the basic essence of what you’re trying to accomplish

You want to have procedures for everything – They record their show, upload it to their server and with one click of a button in their project manager software . . . they have a to-do list created of everything that needs to happen, from the editor being notified it’s ready to be worked to the transcriber getting alerted that it’s ready, to the writer getting notified that it’s ready to be turned into an article, and then another person is alerted to turn this into a video and put it onto YouTube.

They’ve taken all the best practices they’ve picked up and turned them into procedure lists.

And then they have specific instructions laid out for how this is all supposed to be executed. And as the final touch they have a VA create these procedures and put them into an operations manual.

Their operation manual is a WordPress blog with around 10 categories divided up by customer service, content management, traffic generation, accounting/financing, etc. and under those categories are a series of blog posts that serve as nothing but procedure lists.

They’re always looking for tools or people they can relegate or outsource stuff to.

Automate – Is there a tool that will do this for you automatically?

  • Traffic Geyser
  • Twitter app for Facebook – this lets you post whatever you put onto twitter, onto Facebook but you’ve got to be careful with this because Facebook might not like it if your volume is too high.
  • Notes app for Facebook,
  • www.tweetdeck.com This is what he uses to divide up all the people he follows, into priority groups. You can also send updates to twitter and Facebook from this or you can choose to only update one.
  • www.socialoomph.com – This service allows you to schedule out all of your twitter updates for the week or the month.

Surround yourself with a kick ass team that serves as your…

  • Audio editor – this guy fixes all the mess ups, turns the audio into an mp3, tags it correctly and uploads it our audio hosting and when he’s done, he shoots out an email saying it’s ready to roll to their transcriber.
  • Video editor
  • Transcriber –this person gets it into pixels and then sends to the VA who then puts it on the blog.
  • Writer – this person turns the transcriptions into free articles and blog posts.
  • Person to prep and post your content – They have 3 people working for them in the Philippines working for them full time doing this stuff and for all 3, it costs them $1,500 bucks.

These are all the people they have on their team.

Here’s some more places to find help at…

He loves hiring people in the Philippines.

They’re hardworking and eager to please and loyal. What he likes to do is either hire people full time or give them lots of part time work to keep them loyal so he can keep them around.

  • Onlinejobs.ph – This is headed up by a friend of his John Jonas who’s mastered this Filipino outsourcing process. You can go there and cruise resumes for whatever it is you need done, whether it be WordPress experts, transcriptionists, link builders, you name it. They hired a programmer, a project manager, and a designer this way.
  • Craigslist Manila
  • Elance.com – Don’t hire the cheapest person here. Go somewhere in the middle.
  • Odesk
  • 99designs – If you need a logo, a twitter background, a layout for the cover and stuff for a special report, anything to do with graphics, you post a project and then it starts not a flood of bids that come in like on elance but instead it starts a contest and people start sending you what they’ve designed and then you get to pick from 20, 30, 40 different designs.

Magnet #16: Track Your Results

You want to track Affiliate system for your sales – They try to always track what channel sales are coming from and they’ve found the easiest way to do this is by using their affiliate system.

It’s built to track who sent them leads so that they can pay them.

So they go in and create a Facebook affiliate, a Twitter affiliate, and then when they log into their shopping cart, they’ll see where they came from. This reveals where people are buying from so that you can do more of whatever it is that is bringing in the money.

BudURL.com for your clicks – He doesn’t put any links out on twitter or facebook without using this. This lets you know how many clicks you got and how fast. This is a great way for testing what people like.

  • Your opt in conversions
  • Your replies and comments
  • Feedburner stats

Search engines are looking for to show you the most relevant content (this comes from something as simple as tagging your stuff right) from the most authoritative sources (This comes from backlinks).

When any new channel hits the scene you think like a search engine and ask yourself “How do I be relevant and authoritative here?”

In itunes he got people on his list to rate and comment on his stuff quickly and this skyrocketed his authority.

A third thing Google likes to see is real time traffic hitting a page.

Google bought feedburner because they have the best information in the galaxy on what people are interested in via their subscriptions to blogs and podcasts. If you have a feedburner account and you insert your feedburner redirect link into your emails, you’re piping a message directly to google letting them know that you’ve got activity RIGHT NOW.

Magnet #17: Wooing Partners

  • You comment on the blogs of people you’d like to partner with
  • You retweet their stuff – Guru’s really like this and notice it.
  • Talk to them on Facebook
  • Work all the levels – Don’t think you’re wasting your time if you’re a C lister and you’re networking with B listers. You’re not.

Every industry has it’s A listers. If you’re a C lister, it can seem hard to get them to mail to their list for you. When Jason started, he singled out the 2-3 people he wanted to work with and he credits this with him standing on the stage at that moment.

How do get on the superstars radar?

Twitter is a great place to start because sometimes people have their Facebook locked down but Twitter is wide open and it’s a place you can interact with them regularly. Another way to get on their radar is to go and comment on their blog regularly.

Take notes on their personal preferences (food, wine, women, etc. ) they write about and you can send them gifts.

Magnet #18: Live Show

  • Tag team Social Media & Ustream – This is a great way to coral people into one space at a certain time and get live interaction with your market to figure out what they want.

You can also use the feedback that comes from this show to refine your up coming launch process and re-tool your product. Ustream makes it very easy to broadcast yourself.

Then, a half hour before you air, you can put a message on Facebook and Twitter telling people you’re gonna be live in 30 minutes here… and then as you’re going live you can send the message that you’re live now.

You want to make sure your shows are 95% content/5% pitch – This could be split up into one broadcast or you could spread this 95/5 ratio throughout 4 shows where 3 are pure content and then the last one has 5% pitch at the end.

You could do a mini live cast and put this right on youtubez – if your show is 15 minutes and under, there’s a button you can click on Ustream that sends it directly to YouTube.

Magnet #19: Leverage Your Following

  • There are people who want access to your following – Joint venture opportunities
  • Speak from the stage and rock the mic
  • Book deals – these are a great way to reach a lot of people AND get credibility

You can wait for people to come to you, which they will, or you can go to them. Either way will make something happen for you.

Magnet #20: Barely Legal List Swipe

1) Find a following (who’s following them, not who they’re following) similar to yours on Twitter

2) Follow 100 of these people

3) 20-50% will come into your arms and follow you

4) Un-follow in 2-3 days anyone who didn’t want to put out – Twitter freaks out if you’re following way more people than are following you so this is a balancing act that you have to manage.

He keeps the number of people he’s following, slightly less than the people who are following him. And the key to this is un-following people who didn’t convert.

5) Get these peeps on your list – People fall in and out of love with Twitter and are new, shiny object oriented so you want to get them onto your mail list as soon as possible.

6) Rinse, repeat

Warning: this is controversial. Because all of your potential joint venture partners don’t know, like and trust you yet, they’re aren’t just gonna hand over their list to you.

Well on Twitter, someone’s following is right out in the open for you to see. People following a guru in your industry’s are gonna likely be interested in the same thing you offer. What’s laid out above is the way to legally swipe their list.

These tools speed along this process…

  • Twollow.com
  • Hummingbird.com
  • Socialtoo.com
  • or tweetadder.com

Magnet #21: Sell the Archives

If you’re using all these content creating strategies you’re gonna build some big archives.

You can divvy these up into seasons and put them on discs or into books so that your fans have everything in one place.

Magnet #22: Product Slices

Spread the seed of your excerpts through social media channels –

They give away first 15 minutes of an interview they do with someone and share it everywhere and send it with an offer to get into their membership site.

Tell people they can have it all with a call to action

Magnet #23: Premium Podcast

Premiumcast.com is a resource to make this happen

If you do decide to do an audio or video show, you’ll always want to have a free version of it available. It kicks ass for generating leads for and all the SEO benefits you get from spinning the content is awesome.

Big mistake is to start free and then cut off the welfare and just go to pure paid.

Premiumcast.com is an easy to way start getting paid for your higher level content.

Magnet #24: Private Social Network

You can do this in WordPress –

  • Use “Wishlist Member” or “Infusion WP”
  • BuddyPress – This gives the social network ability to your site and increases the stickiness a ton.

Continuity income is nice so that’s why he structured his business around a membership site model but he wanted to make it feel more like a Facebook/Twitter kind of environment where his fans could not only interact with him but also with each other.

These applications allow you to drip content out to prevent the problem that traditional sites have where people raid the cupboard and bail after the first month. They have it set up to where people get 1 module a month.

You’ve gotta make sure this is connected to your shopping cart so that when someone stops paying, they lose access. Wishlist does this. He uses infusion WP because he’s using infusionsoft.

Magnet #25: Don’t Neglect Direct Response Doctrine

Internet marketing is direct mail on glass

Don’t be a wussy when it comes to selling – Be careful not to train people that they only get free stuff from you and that they buy from others.

Sell early in the process and there won’t be shock when two years down the road, you have the balls to ask them to buy something from you.

Once people get on your list, offer them something awesome to buy

Magnet #26: Be Deliberate

  • Get goals set
  • Track these goals

He won’t post anything to any kind of social media site unless it meets one of these three purposes…

1) Attracts new people into the tent

2) Bonds with people

3) Commands, uh, I mean, asks people to take an action that gets them one step closer to handing you money

Magnet #27: Be Consistent

  • Get on Twitter/Facebook everyday
  • Blog 3 times a week
  • Do video/audio content 3-4 times a month
  • Hit your email list up at least once a week
  • Do a launch (yours or someone else’s) every other month, monthly if you’ve got big balls and tons of awesomeness to share

Action Jackson Plan

  • Create your social media profiles you want to start with

With Facebook, do whatever you can to get 25 fans right away because then they let you claim a vanity URL like . . .  http://www.facebook.com/internetbusinessmatery

  • Choose one channel to begin with
  • Set yourself a goal

Pick the habit you want to start with new channel (posting one a day, 3 times a week, whatever)

  • Make a target for 5 key actions in your first week
  • Plan so you can have consistency

Remember frequent, authoritative content, that people will be driven to drink if they don’t have, is what you want

  • When you start any of these channels, make sure to notify your list of this development.

Hacking the Overwhelm

Focus on only five key next actions to take.

You don’t have to do everything right away. He’s sharing where he’s at 5 years down the road. You may be where he was 5 years ago. Be OK with that. Start one channel at a time.

And remember that consistency wins the game. It takes 21 days to build a new habit. Build one at a time. Over a year you can have 15 new money making social media habits all driving leads and sales for your business.

We’re done for the day. Unless of course you’ve got an awesome way to monetize social media that you’d like to share here in the comments section below or if you have a question, please feel free to ask away below or in the orange feedback tab you see to the right or email me.

Talk soon,

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