See if the expert that the internet marketing experts go to for help can keep you from making a wrong decision that embarrasses the shit out of you

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It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

I was spending some time with Rich Schefren’s kick ass “G.P.S. (Guided Profit System) course and I was listening to one of his marathon, action-packed Q&A calls and one of the other participants asked him . . .

“If you don’t have your exact defined business model in mind, in your expertise, what’s a good way to focus and think right in terms of steps to narrowing down which business model to go ahead with?”

And what follows is a result of me dropping everything I was doing to take incredible notes on how Rich answered this all too important question that’s plagues every one of us at one point and time.

Now let the Schefren show begin . . .

It depends on the current models in play and what’s good and bad about them and what can you learn and adapt from them.

Most people are lazy when it comes to choosing their business model which is why 80+% of people who start a business can’t keep it alive for even 5 years.

So once you’ve picked the right business, the right niche, this step is incredibly important.

Rich talks about how he wouldn’t trade his model for what he does with anyone else in the internet marketing space. And this says a ton because he’s peaked behinds the scenes into the models of the mega gurus in this arena because he’s coached a lot of them.

His model allows him to teach something one time and automate the selling process where it can be sold every day. His business model revolves around the area that changes the least when it comes to online marketing – the business development side of it.

Whereas his competitors have to continually produce new products because what they taught is out dated; he doesn’t have to. He gets to improve his products rather than start from scratch.

Rich’s superior model makes less work for him, better products,

and he gets paid more because he can get paid on a huge launch and THEN… consistently sell it everyday after rather than do a launch and then have to go hide away in the lab and create another product in order to have income coming in.

This wasn’t an accident.

Rich looked at other people’s models and figured out what he wanted to do by first brainstorming what he didn’t want in a business model.

Most people freeze up when asked what they specifically want. But ask them what they specifically don’t want and the avalanche is triggered.

So for instance, Rich knew he didn’t want to have to re-do products every year just to keep them fresh. He didn’t want to be a slave to his schedule in order to make money. He didn’t want to be locked into what he was passionate about last year or last month because he’d positioned himself as the “MySpace Expert” for example.

An added bonus is that Rich’s list of mentors and advisors consists of the most famous names in direct response off and online marketing and he sought their opinion on his pursuit of a business model and now you reap the benefits of this.

What Do People Really Buy When The Buy Internet Marketing Products?

Rich believes that most people buy “hope”.

Most people let themselves feel good when they’ve bought a product instead of feeling good when they’ve committed to and used the product to it’s full potential.

Case in point: Guy has just finished wanking off to cable porn and is now welded to the couch watching TV at 4 A.M. eating chili cheese Fritos and sees the infomercial about the wonder diet pill that melts the lard off your body.

He feels bad about being fat and tells himself he wouldn’t have a penis stained with Chili Cheese Frito dust right now if it weren’t for his disgusting blubber that made even the women he paid to be with him not like him so he picks up the phone and orders.

Now he feels a sense of accomplishment because he’s taken action and tells himself that once the pills arrive, that’s when he’ll get his shit together but in the mean time, let’s kill the family sized bag of greasy chips because it’d be a shame to let them go to waste. There’s starving kids in China, you know.

And when the pills show up, if they even get opened, they get used for 3-5 days and when results don’t instantly arrive, the guy resigns to himself that he has fucked up again because either…

A) He trusted the advertiser and blames them for him not getting anything close to six pack abs in three days or . . .  B) He tells himself a story about how he’s too weak in his resolve to avoid Chili Cheese Frito masturbation sessions thus sabotaging his own success.

Most people who buy internet products fall into the same pattern.

What Your Market Wants Massively Influences What Business Model You Should Pursue

The message that sells, isn’t necessarily the message that is in the person’s best interest but a ton of people use it because it motivates people.

When it comes to marketing the “concept” is what determines success or failure; not the tactics that everyone is rushing out to buy – “ADWORDS AVALANCHE OF CASH” “FACEBOOK = FORT KNOX” “BLOG YOUR WAY TO BILLIONS” on and on and on.

You have to give massive consideration to how what you are offering needs to be positioned so that it becomes attractive in the eyes of your perfect prospect.

So if you look at what you see available in the marketplace product and service wise, you’ll have a very good idea of what people like to buy. What’s on the market is dictated by what the buyers will buy; not the sellers.

Selling shitty products/services works. Sad but true.

If you want to move beyond selling the equivalent of penis pumps to your market to broken spirited people, success and fulfillment comes when you’re able to take a concept and package it in a way that the market responds to and yet . . . is different from all the bullshit “Push-Button Riches” being sold out there.

It’s easy to sell the “25 Money-Making Websites” Fantasy.

Rich takes an entirely different approach which is, “This is a push button, it’s gonna be hard to push, you’re gonna have to work at it a lot, you’re gonna make mistakes, it’s gonna get ugly before it gets pretty, but in the long term,  you’re gonna end up happier. It’s not easy, but it’s possible and it’s realistic.”

Most people get their ass-kicked in business online or offline because they miss this mark with their marketing whether their the fairy tale or whether they sell reality; they fall short when it comes to positioning the information, the product, the solution in a way that the market responds to.

And this leads to people not thinking there’s a market or that something can’t be sold and it has nothing to do with the market a.k.a. they’ve got a bad business model, but it has everything to do with the fact that they don’t understand the basic premise of direct-response marketing which is to position offers in a way that satisfy the core desires and needs of the market place.

In other words, making the medicine taste like Mountain Dew.

The Penalty For Violating This Principle

Here’s a perfect example of how important it is to push the emotional hot buttons in your perfect prospects . . .

So Rich flies down to Atlanta and he spoke at one seminar and at the end of his presentation, he didn’t give any incentive to buy immediately.

He was the only speaker to do this. And when he announced he wasn’t doing this, everyone stood up and clapped for him because they were tired of experiencing the hard sell.

He didn’t make any sales . . . but everyone clapped.

This means he lost money. A nice hunk of money. $30,000 dollars worth of money because he rented a plane and flew his entire team down to the seminar.

The following week he decided not to make this mistake again and he

gave a strong incentive why people would be punished for procrastinating and not buying now. He sold $400,000 dollars worth of product in an hour and a half and then he flew home.

You couldn’t have a bigger difference in results: one week flushing $30,000 dollars down the toilet; the next week hauling in $400,000 dollars. The only difference was the structure of the offer.

Do You Even Know Your Market?

What Rich understands about the internet marketing niche is that a lot of people have tried and failed. And yet they’re still perched on the seat of their chair avidly consuming the videos of the next mega launch. They’re still chasing success on their terms.

What does this mean?

It means that if you’re going to sell to this audience, you need help them be okay with their past failures. You have to paint the picture of why this time it’s going to be different and this is better if it’s baked into the big concept rather than just you saying, “oh, by the way,” empty sounding promise included in the pitch.

So part of your over-arching concept of your product has to include the facet that will make it different this time.

Gastric Bypass Surgery (getting your stomach stapled so you can’t shove massive quantities of food into it) has “this time it’s going to be different” element baked right into it.

They can say, “Everyone else promises magic weight loss but everyone else is full of shit – including the diet and health Nazis. With us, it’s both simple and effortless. You have the procedure done – that’s all that’s required of you and you lose massive amounts of weight. If this sounds good to you, come on down.”

In your marketing you not only want to show them why your stuff is different but you also want to show them why they failed in the past so they can feel comfortable with why they made the mistakes in the past.

This helps them be confident that you’ve anticipated this and factored in a component that almost immunizes them from failing with your offering if they’ll do what you tell them to.

Rich doing multiple 2-5 hour Q&A calls since he first hit the scene with BGS,  all the way up to this very day, is something I feel he does to help people get over feelings from the past that helped them justify to themselves that the reason they failed was because they got shipped a box of shit and then they were left on their own out in the wild.

Everyone wants what they want, faster, cheaper, and easier than they got yesterday or than anyone else gets it. This is why the outcome you promise has to be within reach within reasonable time.

“30 Days To Success” will always sell better than “365 Days To Success”.

Taking a year to get where you want to be could be be more realistic and more relaxing but that’s not the promise that makes someone’s heart sing. Everyone wants better-than-microwave results yesterday.

So when selling an internet marketing product you’ve got explain away past failures, provide hope that this opportunity is going to be different, and show the path for how you’ve made it possible for their success to arrive fast.

The Two Elements That Are Overlooked By Everybody When It Comes To Choosing a Business Model

1) Knowing your market cold

This lets you know what things need to be injected into any of your offers. This knowledge lets you know how to be the savior to your market. This knowledge lets you be the solution to their problems.

“The 4 Hour Workweek” is a concept with a promise woven into it that connected deeply with a market of people who feel that if they only had more time they’d be happier, richer, and skinnier.

And what made that concept powerful was that it wasn’t overt in the way of saying “Get Your Time Back”. It let you connect the dots and see that if you only worked 4 hours a week you’d have 32 more hours a week to do with what you please.

This book is about outsourcing but it would’ve been a thousand times less effective at getting people to buy it had it just been called, “Outsourcing Secrets”.

There’s a difference between copy that touches your heart and heart tries to force itself on you and rape your mind.

2) Knowing direct response marketing

Rich is grateful to have learned the theoretical and conceptual marketing principles from Jay Abraham early in his development by listening to his audios over and over and over again.

He credits the theoretical and conceptual understandings he’s learned for his success; not the tactics he’s deployed. 

Jay was also my introduction to marketing and I’ll always feel lucky that this was the case because I’ve never had to un-learn any bullshit. Jay popped my cherry and showed me how to market profitably right from the get-go.

These two things trump everything else.

You don’t need to know anything about technology if you know these two things.

You don’t need to know anything about internet marketing if you know those two things. And yet so few people know them and this causes them to mistake tactics for being the difference that makes the difference and causes them to both produce AND chase tactical product after tactical product.

Most of the questions Rich gets relevant to starting an online business, have within them, the implication that these two factors aren’t important.

I heard this and felt a little relieved because I’m kinda lazy in that I don’t want to learn the whole tech side of this interwebz stuff. I’m fortunate to have Chief nerd as a partner who takes care of anything tech wise and for a long time I’ve been beating myself up for not learning it thinking I was being a bum by only focusing on beefing up my marketing and psychology know how.

Well, I still need to learn this stuff but this is a classic situation where knowing the 20% that gets you 80% of the results is good enough.

But when it comes down to having an information marketing business that’s able to support you, being Asian-kid smart on your market and on direct response marketing will reveal to you what business model will be the bring you the biggest bang for you buck.

Obviously this post would go forever if I set out to turn you into a ninja on these two topics, but the over 100 pages of notes here served up by one of the finest internet marketing experts ever to hit the scene will put you light years ahead of all the people who have their head up their ass pursuing the wrong business and the wrong business model. Go check em out.

And if you want to go into beast mode implementing the hell out everything you learn in those notes, you must seek the advice of Rich Schefren and his products here at his kick ass site. 

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd