You’re about to see elite small business marketing “buying criteria” strategies that Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes laid out at their ultra expensive Performance Enhancement Quotient seminar that are designed to turn your business into the sexy beast everyone wants to sleep with, er, I mean, shove money at

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

What do I specifically mean when I say “small business marketing buying criteria strategies” designed to turn your business into the “Sexy Beast” of the market?

Good question.

Let me give you an analogy. It’s June here in Las Vegas and the sky is bright blue and it’s a dry 86 degrees. What does that mean? Pool Parties on the strip are in full swing – 7 days a week.

For a single heterosexual male, one of the things they would dread most is showing up at a pool party at the hottest casino and having it be Oktoberfest – where the sausages outnumber the vaginas 100 to 1.

If a guy wanted to make new women friends in this environment he’d have to be one of the coolest guys in the place with a light, care-free, and fun spirit who’s very comfortable talking to strangers because these women are getting either eye-raped or approached by all the other guys who are in within 50 yards of them, 100% of the time from the very second they walk through the gate.

In this situation, as in most, the ladies have the house odds and if they’re confident and bold enough to put themselves out there, they have their choice of pretty much any guy they want. (and if they want the guy and can’t have him, they want him even more and they forget about everyone else.)

How To Not Get Cock Blocked In Business

In the market place, the sausage fest equivalent of playing in the Vegas premier pool party environment would be setting up shop in a niche where there’s a SHIT-TON of competition. 

You walk in and you see that you’ve got all these dicks hanging around there, some cool, some not, and some of them are spending BIG dollars in order to hook up with your perfect prospect.

Your perfect prospect is getting eye-raped and approached not only by your direct competitors but tons of other people who want to put their hands inside their pants pockets as well.

I believe that if you’re reading this right now, you’re the kind of person who knows this doesn’t mean you don’t play here because you don’t want competition. Nope. I imagine that you’re actually encouraged by this because a crowded market tells you there’s money to be made there.

All you’ve got to do to get that money is show up and the be the cool guy who communicates that your dick is different from everyone else’s in a way that they clearly see it as a self-serving benefit to themselves.

And what’s promising is that almost no one knows how to put their little or big dick i.e. big or small business in the spotlight that allows them to become the person your perfect prospect wants to pursue and surrender to you so that you can give them pleasure.

Who Is This Strategy Right For

You might be the person who believes being in business is all about dominating your competition. This out of this world strategy, when used to it’s full potential allows you to crush your mere mortal competitors. They’ll be so embarrassed at how bad they are at competing with you.

You might be the person who in invisible to your customers and has the big boys of the industry kicking sand in your face. This strategy gives you power to even the playing field even if you’re playing with some heavy hitters.

Your business might already be kicking some serious ass. You take what you learn and apply it and test the hell out of stuff so you’re always improving. This strategy is definitely something that can take you to the next level.

You might be a person who gets their ass kicked left and right when it comes to seducing customers. You get ass kicked in everything you do and you feel horrible about it. Well if you want to stop being the ugly duckling loser in your prospects eyes, this strategy is going help you stop being a failure at lead generation.

Maybe you’re the person who knows that living is giving and you feel that growth and contribution are the real purpose of being in business. This marketing strategy will help you lift people up and leave them better off for having engaged with you, whether they buy or not.

If you feel like you’re the loser in your industry because no one likes you or your marketing and no one responds to it, this strategy can change everything you know about attracting customers and your entire experience of being in business.

Now Let the Seduction Begin . . .

First you have to decide whether it’s the product/service, or the company as a whole (or both) that you’re going to work strategically on sexify-ing.

Generally, if you’re selling the same products as everybody else, you’ve gotta strategically prop up the business (i.e. offer more/better services, relationships, etc), and with a service, you
can differentiate that. Ideally you want to try to differentiate both.

Setting Up The Markets Buying Criteria

This is a fantastic point.

Basically, what you do is when ANYBODY calls you, reads your print ads, or comes to your site, you tell them what to look for when they’re looking to buy your product/service.

You lay out for them the “5 things you NEED to know before you buy X” guidelines. So you focus on the highest outcome that would serve your perfect prospect the best and then put together a checklist of items that would make their experience buying your product or service dreamy.

And obviously, you want to win so if you’re not bringing your customers to orgasm with the experience you deliver, this process can help you see what steps you’re missing, that others are missing as well, so you be seen as unique in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

You let people know, “If you go anywhere else, make sure that they have XYZ, otherwise, you could end up paying a lot more than you’re think you will right now for something that’s far from the best you can get.”

What this does is COMPLETELY disempowers your competition, and it will get you a LOT of callbacks when people are price shopping.

Think about what an advantage the guy at the sausage fest pool party would have if he showed up, not to get, but to give the women something in the form of helping them meet guys but showing them they’re doing to choose guys is WRONG and the five things to look for in a guy to know immediately or in five minutes whether or not he’s a douche canoe so they can find the coolest and  most high quality guys to hook up with . . . and be completely detached from whether or not your wiener gets touched by any of them.

This is the “Bless That Which You Want” approach to getting what you want. You give what you want which frees you from the mindsets of scarcity, jealousy, and pettiness that plagues the majority of people.

Describe Your Perfect Prospect’s Problem Better Than They Can And You’ll Automatically Be Credited With Having The Solution  

So if I’m kicking back at a pool and observing the environment a sexy group of women and I keep seeing them shut down guy after guy after guy who comes up to them and I walk up smiling warm and friendly and say . . . 

“Oh my god, you ladies have it tough. I don’t envy you. There’s so many guys here to choose from but the 99% of the ones who walk up are creepers, losers, or scared shitless so they act nervous and meek which is the opposite of what most women want. And yet you’re here to have fun and meet guys but you don’t wanna settle for some group of lame dudes who are fuckin’ up your shit making you look bad ruining the effect you worked so hard to create by busting your ass at the gym and spending all the money you did on your suit, your make up and your accessories, you know, everything that goes into putting yourself together. And that’s not the least of your problems. On top of this you end up having to be kind of bitchy with the guys you don’t want around to make sure they don’t mistake your niceness for an opening which is tough because you are nice and you also want to stay safe from the misogynist assholes who get all butt hurt if you don’t throw yourself on their lap immediately after they come up and ask you what you’re drinking. It not as easy for hot girls as most guys think it is.”

This is different. And, the key would be to say this, wish them well and tell them I’ve got to go meet my friends and that maybe I’ll see them around and walk away. This is about a thousand times different than what they’ve not only experienced that day, but throughout their whole life.

And when you come back you could ask how everything’s going and offer to help them with the “Five Things They Need To Know About Men” list and introduce to them the right away to approach guys so they’re not just sitting there “hoping” something good lands in their lap.

The key here is demonstrating empathy, confidence, being indifferent to whether or not they fondle your meat stick or not and actually being helpful.

This same process carries over to your perfect prospects in your business.   

When you’re setting up the buying criteria, you want to do your best first to figure out what the CURRENT criteria the majority of them are using is. You can do customer/prospect surveys, talk to people as they’re coming in and see what they’re looking for, etc. I highly suggest you use Eben Pagan’s process for doing this that you can see laid out in this post here.

This can help you plan out how you want to modify/alter their criteria.

Next, write down the 3 highest compliments you’d like to hear from each client… then figure out what you can do to start GETTING those compliments.

Which Of Your Features and Benefits Get People Wet?

You need feedback on what the features you offer and the benefits they bring to the table.

Look to how you can communicate benefits from your features. Figure out what the “ultimate benefit” to your client is, and work on ways to get THAT across at every tactical level, in every

Be sure to have the right definition of the industry you’re in; Don’t narrowly define yourself by the exact service or product you sell your clients.

Push for a deeper benefit, so that if market forces change, you
can change with them, and still stay on top. (I.E. Railroads at the turn of the century saw themselves as being in the railroad business, NOT the transportation business. So within 40-50 years, they were almost OUT of business because they ignored to opportunity to diversify and pursue more specialized transportation options that ended up booming).

More On Setting Up The Buying Criteria . . .

You want to be open to telling prospects “I don’t care whether you buy from us or any of our competitors. I’ll even tell you exactly what to look for so that you get the best bang for your buck wherever you end up buying. You want to make sure they do X, that they don’t do Y, and that they do Z, etc.”

Set up a bunch of criteria and at least half of them should be scary.

Market info vs. Product info:

You want to find the trends that motivate buyers.

What market conditions support the need for your company?

Market conditions are WAY more motivational than product information.

Motivation is created through problems and solutions, and PROBLEMS are WAY more motivating. And moving away from pain is a thousand times more motivating than moving towards pleasure.

When you can use market information to educate them on pain they didn’t know existed, and show them how your product/service can alleviate that newfound pain, you’re SET.

Why? Because when people see that you can articulate their problem better than they can, they automatically believe your solution is THE solution.

Most businesses (even HUGE businesses) are SO concerned with doing business, that they don’t step back to look at market information.

So if you do some research (knowing what questions to ask), you can scare the hell out of your prospects with a mini seminar about “The 5 Most Dangerous Trends Facing The X Market”.

When you can enlighten people in a free seminar and give them insight to the lurking danger the face, they can be grateful to you and you about 1,000 times more likely to get a client positioning yourself as an authority this way than if you’d just shown up and done a sales presentation on your product.

When you put people in pain, they feel a need to take action. When people are safe they party. When they’re in danger, they run for safety.

This is even more true with executives (as they’re paid to make decisions, to get stuff done). So these people are actually easier to sell, if you can show them the right kind of pain.

When you start pulling out market information, you’ll want to structure it so that it goes broad to narrow.

You want the first few pieces of information you give them to not have much to do with your product/service, but each one brings them closer and closer to seeing you as a solution.

The Business You Think You’re In Might Not Be The Business You’re In

Take the broadest yet most specific possible view of what your business really is.

The view that you have of your company can COMPLETELY change or expand the way you service your clients. It changes or expands the things you offer to your clients thus adding profit centers that never existed before.

This is a strategic change that can completely change the volume of business you do.

When you sell the same products or basically the same core services as your competitors, it’s these strategic changes that will help you own the marketplace.

They use the example of a suit store vs. a suit store that’s strategically shifted to having ‘image consultants’ vs. ‘salesmen.’ They sell the same products. But one is experienced as merely a commodity and the other offers a valuable service AND the commodity.

So of course, most people who have their head up their ass when it comes to fashion are doing everything they can to avoid feeling shame in public and they’re more likely to favor the option that comes with the services of the “image consultant. ”

What Are You Known For?

Once you develop your ultimate strategic position, you want to reduce it to a slogan.

Your slogan should describe what you do, UNLESS your name does that already. The slogan should contain a benefit (see why it’s important to have those workshops to brainstorm for benefits?).

It should position your company above your competitors. It should set up or describe a buying criteria that puts your company as the logical choice.

One of the MOST POWERFUL questions you can ask yourself and others is “What keeps you up most at night worrying about X.”

Find a LOT of X’s, related to your product/service. Then, you’ll
know what hot buttons to push when you’re marketing it.

When you’re researching, focus on 2 areas: your business category, and your generic competitors. Use the internet, look up all of your direct and generic competitors.

Look to see what tactics they’re using, what copy they’re using, what emotions they’re trying to evoke, etc. If you don’t know everything there is to know about who you’re selling against, then you’re in trouble.

You can see the holes in how they’re doing things, and you can see where you’re outclassed. If the latter, you can bring your product/service up to snuff, OR work on ways to deflect attention/concentration elsewhere.

Stalk Your Best Customers Buying Behavior

To take it to the next level, you’ll want to keep track in a database of how every client of yours is doing, so you can immediately call it up next time they come in, or to mail them or call them about a special offer, etc.

During this seminar Chet Holmes tells the story of how his wife LOVES buying shoes from Nordstroms.

Her salesman Pat knows this because he monitors all of her purchases she makes and when a $1,500 dollar pair of Calvin Klein calf skin boots comes in he knows she might favor, he calls to make her aware of the fact that they have one pair in her size if she’d like to come down and see herself strutting across the store in these work of arts.

Why can’t you do this? Another question; Why the hell wouldn’t you do this as a courtesy to the people who like buying from you?

Home Depot had a GREAT strategic repositioning from “hardware store” to “home improvement center.”

They took the time to educate people about how to do the repairs they needed… they put on classes on plumbing, carpentry, etc… and they CREATED better customers.

Is there a way that you can do this in your industry? What kind of free clinics can YOU offer that turn ordinary prospects into the PERFECT prospect for your service or product?

Flip The Script And Be The Hot Girl At The Pool

Society has trained men to put gorgeous women on a throne. This leads most guys to feeling they’re beneath these women or . . . they despise them because their low self-esteem causes them to believe that hot women will never touch their wiener. 

The same kind of thing happens in your market. You may feel like you have to bow before the established players in the game. Or, you may damn them and blame them for your inability to profit i.e. the Wal-Mart effect.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Using exclusivity like you see below is a GREAT tool to add into your marketing that can change the perception your prospects have about you . . . 

“We don’t take on just anybody as a client; because our results are so powerful, we can only handle the best of the best. We have a set of rules & standards that must be met…” or something like that.

Research is SO important for a powerful sales presentation/document.

Doing research on market trends is what allows you to find the facts that you’re going to give to your target market, which will make doing business with you (or doing MORE business with you) the only logical choice.

You can do the research yourself, or look to hire it out. Even at $40-60 per hour, if you can spend $500 or so, and this $500 bucks triples your business, is it worth it?

The key is to start with the questions, find the pain points, then
find the data that will back that up.

If indeed, you are providing an extraordinary service or product, you can change the buying criteria in your market, so that you’re the only logical choice (Think Domino’s, FedEx, here) and lead your prospects to giving you a shot at getting more and more and more of their money.

So go run with this strategy and begin the process of turning your business into the gal all the guys want to court.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. If you want to see Chet Holmes talking about what to do before and what do after you change the buying criteria and all the other killer small business marketing strategies that he revealed at the Ultimate Business Mastery seminar he co-presented at with Tony Robbins, click here now the marketing notes <—–