In these personal improvement notes on Eben Pagan’s “How To Be Creative and Innovative” course you’ll see why most people have their head up their ass when it comes to the idea of what success is and isn’t and why this keeps them from actually experiencing life as the wish it would be

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Have you bought something and thought to yourself, “NOW, this problem is finally going to be handled!!!” only to find that sooner or later this wasn’t the case?

I have.

Dandruff shampoo, subliminal success audios, fake tits, and a business-in-a-box are all products that people buy everyday thinking “This is gonna be the ticket to getting what I want.”

And 9.9 times out of 10, it’s NOT. 

I believe you’re a person who’s felt like you’ve been let down over and over and over again by products/services that didn’t match up to the promise made in the marketing . . . and/or you feel like you keep letting yourself down because you don’t implement the solutions you buy.

What I also believe you know in your heart is that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Who Will Be Served By What Follows . . .

If you’re sick and tired of being dominated by controlling assholes and by life itself, the realization you discover here can be the beginning of you standing up for yourself.

If nothing gives you adrenaline rush like that of seeing your enemies on their knees submitting to your awesomeness, you’re gonna learn in the content below how to make sure this happens a lot more consistently in your life.

If you’re at the top of game now and are always looking for the edge and working on yourself to make sure you stay razor sharp and one step ahead of your competition, this post is definitely something that’s gonna excite you.

If everything you do turns to shit and you feel like you’re the world’s biggest failure, the insight you discover can be the wake up call that shows you how to stop being a failure.

If you feel that it’s your mission on earth to not only succeed yourself but to also extend a hand to others and help them rise, what you learn here can help give you peace of mind as well as those you want to assist.

If nobody likes you because you’re unsuccessful in everything you do, including relating to people, and you feel like a loser, what you find out here may very well be what ends this cycle. What you discover can show you how to stop the vicious sabotage you’re committing against yourself.

The X Factor Behind Every Success

There are certain special components or properties that when combined with each other, act as one to create a synergistic outcome – an outcome that is far beyond what the individual elements could accomplish on their own. This is what emergence is.

Here are some awesome examples of this . . .

Ant Colonies:

You’ll never see a single ant very far away from other ants. Why? Because ants can’t live independently.

Ants are designed to work in a systemized colony. The ants depend on each other to survive. And when you’ve got a million ants together in one place they can make some incredible stuff happen.

They’re capable of setting up a sophisticated and organized living structure. They can organize their work force deciding who plays what role and how to execute that role with precision. And much more.

All of this happens with the 6 or 7 pheromone signals they have to communicate with each other.

This system of theirs yields very productive results in their ecosystem. In the rainforest they make up somewhere around 30% of the life there. That’s a big percentage for some of the littlest guys in a dog eat dog environment.

The colony – the million ants working synergistically – this an example of an emergent property.

The Human Body:

You can take a bunch of atoms and bring them together and you get a molecule. When you take molecules and put them together in a certain way, into organelles, you get a cell.

But the next level above this is when cells get together and form the 3-4 different kinds of tissues, which make up several different kinds of organs and from the combination of these organs, you get a human.

Emergence is about combing a bunch of elements and in turn ended up with one thing that acts on a higher level bigger than the sum of its parts.

And guess what? Cells are like ants. You take one of them away from the tissue and put it on a petri dish, you’ve just sentenced it to death. Cells can’t live outside of its natural environment among its brethren.

If I cut my penis off and laid it the table, the penis would die. It can’t live when it’s not connected to my body.


A cake isn’t merely the ingredients that you mix together.

A cake can only be a cake when you take all these ingredients and put them together in the specific amounts, in the right sequence, mix them together at the right time and then expose them to specific conditions that allow for the one cake to emerge.

The Beatles:

This emergent property is known to a lot of people as the greatest rock band ever.

The band doesn’t have this title based on their having been four individuals doing their own thing.

It was four individuals who played together for over 10,000 hours with each – BEFORE they ever became famous – who went out and were influenced by mysticism, art, drugs, American rock, and who knows what else and they threw all that shit into the pot and stirred it up and what emerged was the sound of The Beatles.

1 + 1 Doesn’t Equal 2.

Emergence is a huge part of innovation and creativity.

Innovation and creativity is about adding one piece with another piece and seeing what the one emergent property is that lies beyond that bonds all of them to higher purpose in unison.

Bringing Home What Emergence Means To Your Business Success:

Eben has tried his hand at all kinds of businesses.

He tried selling jewelry, being a guitar teacher, selling real estate, selling advertising and marketing, going on tour with a band and other stuff as well, and none of these ventures gave him the kind of success that he wanted.

But what happened as a result of him throwing all of the experience he’d gained through the years from all the ventures – Learning how to sell, learning how to market, learning how men and women interact with each other to get his dating life handled, which lead to him learning about internet marketing, etc. – the combination of all of this experience smushed together created the mega successful businesses he runs today.

Some people who don’t think about this topic of emergence or know Eben’s background would look at his phenomenal success in both the dating niche and the internet marketing field as LUCK.

Most people are too short sighted and narrow minded to see that it took all of those failed experiences and connecting the right atoms of wisdom gleaned from each that combined into a molecule which formed a kick ass organism that spits out value and brings back money.

You can hear Steve Jobs of Apple speaking to this topic of emergence in his famed Stanford commencement speech. You’ll hear how he advises these kids to follow their passion and try a bunch of different stuff out. Check it out . . .

The Mac computer can even be attributed to being an emergent property.

In the video above he talked about how when he dropped out of school and he was dropping into random classes, one of them was on Calligraphy and he started learning about everything that’s gone into making type readable and beautiful and when he built the Mac, he made sure this was one of the features it was known for, making fonts that look amazing. And they’ve done a damn great job of doing this. Dan Kennedy talks about how that’s the only reason he owns a Mac is because of the variety of fonts available. And I believe him because he’s not some college kid whose identity is tied up with what computer they use.

Success Isn’t A Result; It’s An Emergent

If you think you’re gonna finally do one thing right in the future and that’s going to get you the success you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve got your head up your ass.

This isn’t the way the world works.

One in 17 million times you may luck out and win a million bucks as a result of buying a lottery ticket. Those are shitty odds. And the other shitty odds going against you in the instance you win, is that the majority of people who win the lottery lose ALL the money and then some. They end up worse off than before they won the money.

Why are the odds stacked against you in this situation? Because you having the money isn’t the result of an emergent process whereby you’ve become the master of money. You just got lucky.

Success isn’t a result; it’s an emergent.

Success isn’t as simple as eating a magic pill and losing 350 pounds of fat and having an incredible level of health.

You’re not going to find one self help technique that keeps your mind calm forever.

You’re never going to buy a dating product and learn one technique that gets you laid like a rock star forever.

You’re never going to find one single business technique that leads to you dominating your market for the rest of your life.

Success is beyond singular cause and effect; Success is on the level of emergence.

Having a mega immune system, radiant skin, bulging muscles, hyper flexibility, marathon runner endurance is created by multiple components that contribute to this emergence we’d label as health.

Happiness shows up when you do multiple things right simultaneously and having done so over time. Not just because you prayed for it one time.

Realizing your gifts and sharing them with the world at a level 11 won’t be your reality as a result of reading one book. This can only happen through working on your issues, cultivating your strengths, surrounding yourself with super stars, and many other things lead you to becoming the biggest, baddest version of yourself.

The Key To Living Your Life Unfulfilled

Being attached to one methodology, one technique, one way of thinking.

Your successes in life will be the result of emergent properties that serve as building blocks that stack upon each other and compound.  

80+% of disagreements are nothing but you closing your mind instead of opening it to learn something new.

Knowledge comes about when someone comes up with an idea, a hypotheses and this leads to them making a case for what they’ve come to believe is true.

Then someone comes along and counters this hypotheses and comes up with the argument for the antithesis and this leads to both parties duking it out with each other trying to prove the other wrong.

These fights, Science vs. Religion for example, are often ugly and looong.

What it usually takes to end this fighting is for someone in a future generation coming along and figuring out how BOTH parties were right and they synthesize the opposing arguments which gives birth to a higher order emergent perspective.

And this starts the whole cycle over again when someone challenges this perspective.

A Mantra To Adopt For Yourself . . .

Seek synthesis. Seek synthesis. Seek synthesis.

Instead of reverting to the default part of yourself that automatically disagrees with people and sets out to make the other person wrong, which is nothing but our childish desire to seek significance, stop and ask yourself…

“What part of what they’re saying is new, intriguing, different, a new paradigm shift for me and how can I fuse this with what I’m already attached to, synthesize it and bring value to both of us? How can I elevate both of us?”

“I knew that.” and “I disagree.” are the two prison cells that both your ability to learn and your ability to teach trapped in a juvenile, frustrated, poverty-ridden existence.

How To Stop Clinging To A Sinking Ship

Tony Robbins was having a conversation with one of the co-creators of NLP, John Grinder and John told him, “Tony, never believe anything too much because they’ll always be a situation where it’s not true.”

Never believe anything too much because they’ll always be a situation where it’s not true. Never believe anything too much.

Eben’s personal rule of thumb is that he never really wants to believe anything more than 50%.

50% buy in is the max he wants to push himself to because he hasn’t found anything, any concept, idea, or principle that someone else hasn’t come along and shown him how to transcend it and go the next level with a distinction that helped him understand it even better.

There’s always another level. There’s always another side, no matter how thin you slice it. Never believe in anything one thing too much if you want.

You do this and you’ll always be open to rolling your past compounding experiences into the next generation of your evolution and success.

As always, if you’ve got something to add to the conversation, or if you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or in private in the orange feedback tab on the right there or in an email to me.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne

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