See the small business marketing strategies mega consultant Paul Lemberg revealed in Lead Landslide Module of his Formula 5 course where he spoke at length about increasing your business opportunities with more leads 

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

You want to look at marketing as a cost of getting sales that can bring back 10X or more what you spent.

What you’re about to see is gonna give you an idea of how many leads you need to pump in order to reach your revenue goal.

You’re also going to see how you can qualify leads and get rid of the ones that suck.

Then you’ll see how to track your marketing so you can measure
what’s working and what needs to be axed or tweaked.

Also be on the watch for how to find which tactics are going to give you leads that you aren’t using now so you can get them in the mix.

Everything to come will help you make sure your marketing runs smooth, is scalable, and is getting you the results you want.

How to Get Leads the Easy Way

  • Crank up what you’re already doing

Can anything you’re already doing that’s producing for you be turned up a few notches?

  • Higher Adwords budget?
  • Hiring one more Salesperson?
  • Direct mail more frequently?
  • Add More Affiliates?
  • Any other Joint venture opportunities

Most peoples other lead sources are weak compared to what they get from their J.V.’s. If you’ve got one or two, what’s gonna happen when you’ve got 4?

  • If your emails are making money, send more.

Which one of these have you been thinking of doing but that keeps getting put off?

If you know that one thing is gonna add more leads, Do that next.

This may force you to stop doing anything unproductive that you’re doing now and either go implement what you’ve been thinking of doing or go ramp up something that’s already working… even if it takes a week.

The purpose of doing this is to gain massive momentum for yourself.  Seeing results will encourage you to go for more.

Do You Have a Structured Referral System?

If you ask for or get referrals but this process only converts once in a blue moon or just happens by accident every once in a while, you’ve gotta get your head out of your ass and structure this process so it happens like clockwork at every single opportunity.

Here are the steps to developing a Structured Referral System…

1.  Define what you want most

  • Are you looking for referrals that are leads? What would happen with a tell-a-friend script on your website?
  • Or are you looking to one step the process and have someone buy right away?

Define what an ideal lead looks like in your eyes . . .

2. Define a qualified referral . . .

3. Create a structured mechanism to help people give you leads i.e. Referral email or letter

You want to write this for someone to send or mail . . .

A) Because you’re reading this now, you’re probably more qualified to do this effectively and . . .

B) People are lazy and barely want to do enough work to cover their ass, let alone yours.

You always want to make the process of giving you referrals brain dead simple.

4.  Develop a Reward System

Make sure there’s a reward attached for the person sending you the referral and optimally for the person who’s “new” to your businesses’ family.

Make it meaningful and relative to the person receiving it.

5. Tell Everyone

Having an auto pilot, systematized referral system in your business can have a viral effect. This can double your business overnight.

Referral Key #1 is “STRUCTURE”

This means you say the same thing, the same way, every single time.  If this is done in person, it’s a script.  And just as easy – the same exact email/letter can be used.

Make sure you reward with something meaningful.

Referral Key #2 is “SYSTEM”

This means it happens the same way every time.

And this includes any and everyone who buys from you. No cherry picking!

One of the way he likes to reward referrers is to give them free dinners from restaurants which, if you present it right to the owners of the restaurants, you can get deeply discounted because
you’re going to be driving traffic to their establishments.

If you’re doing this offline, just stuff envelopes with your letter, and gift certificate and tell the salespeople to hand them out after every transaction.  That’s it.  End of story. All they have to learn how to say is “Thank You” and then hand out the letter.

Do the exact same thing with direct mail or online.

Offline you’d just send the letter after you’ve received an order and online you’d ask for help after the “Thank you” page.

Top 6 Online Traffic Tactics – Make sure you’ve covered these before you do anything else online

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords

Side Note:  At one point in time Frank Kern had found that he can get the same volume of traffic from yahoo & MSN combined without all the stiff competition & high cost per click you find at Google so don’t neglect giving those guys a test.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • J.V. Partners
  • Social Media Marketing

Make sure you’re using each of these and if you aren’t using one, then that could be your next step

There is no “Top 6 Offline Lead Tactics” according to Paul but… he see’s as a tragic mistake if you aren’t getting physical mailing addresses and sending offers to your list that way.

Strategic Alliances:  Think long & hard about why you’re not using this if you aren’t.  It’s the one marketing weapon Jay Abraham would want to be left with if he only had one to pick.

J.V.’s are when two companies get together and create a new business in the offline or online world.

It’s you connecting with a business who already has influence and trust with the your ideal prospects. The core piece that makes this work for you is showing up with something valuable that makes the business owner a hero for introducing you to his list.

Strategic Alliance Variants

1. Email to their list about you (typical way to get started.  This is how Eben Pagan sparked interest for Get Altitude)

2. They mail a physical letter to their list

3. Link to your site on theirs

4.  Offline or Online

5. Compensate them anywhere from 0-100% of any sales generated

6. Having the trust of your partners is gonna make this 1,000X easier so don’t go them with the “Gimmie hand”.  Lead with the “Give hand”.  Tell them you want to offer their list an awesome free gift that’s genuinely valuable.

7.  Make sure your sales process works before exposing any of this newfound traffic to it.

This is one of easiest ways to build your company.  If aren’t doing this now, hire someone who’s full-time duty it is to cultivate these kinds of relationships.

Developing Partners

  • Start with your rolodex
  • People who already do business with you
  • Make a hit list of all the other people who are serving your customer

Example: If you sell Dog Treats, potential partners could be groomers, dog walkers, kennel owners, dog clothing manufacturers, veterinarians, etc.

  • Google makes this easy
  • Conferences
  • Telephone is better than email

Lead with the “Give Hand” and go the potential partner let them know what you sell and what you can do for them and their prospects.

Make it brain dead simple for your partner to roll out the plan.
Provide EVERYTHING for them.

Difference Between Strategic Alliances & Affiliates

  • Affiliates use your offer to build their own list
  • An alliance or joint venture is the act of using each others existing lists for mutual benefit

There’s a difference between someone who feels like your partner and someone who just feels like they’re a salesman for your product.

This is why most affiliates don’t take action while your partners will almost always do what’s needed.

With affiliates the 80/20 rule is definitely in effect.  This means you have to sort through a bunch to find one who actually produces.

NEXT STRATEGY: Do Something Similar To What’s Already Working

  • Do more of what you’re already doing
  • A newsletter vs. a salesletter
  • An offline newsletter vs. an ezine
  • New free gift to get people into the tent
  • Add more adwords campaigns
  • Take some business over to Yahoo & MSN
  • Banners in addition to adwords
  • Take an online salesletter that’s pulling and start sending it as direct mail

What Else Will Work?

That’s the big question.

All this depends on where your prospects… do business . . . spend their money . . . spend their free time/relax . . . seek information . . . look to be entertained?

What do they… Read… Listen to… Watch… Who do they want to be like? Who do they hang out with? What do they need to buy before or after they buy something from you?

Answers to these questions tell you what media makes the most sense for you.

Action Steps:

1. What can you effectively implement that enhances what you’re already doing?

2. How can you make referring customers & clients a pleasurable process for your existing customers and clients?

3. Who are 2 ideal strategic alliance partners who will take action for you?

4. Of the top 6 online traffic tactics, are you not using any of them?  If not, which one of them would be the quickest for you to start now?  SEO’s probably gonna be the slowest out of all of them.

5. Your only action step is to pick one tactic you’ve discovered here and start implementing it now.  If you want extra credit, pick a second.

Now hop to it. I’ll be back with Part 2 of this post with more shit you can do to drive people into your loving embrace.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 L.L. Cool Nerd

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