Personal improvement notes from Eben Pagan’s “Mind Control” seminar which was directed at helping you take back the steering wheel of focus and lead yourself to the experience the blissful, orgasmic, and fulfilling life that is possible for you once you get the hell out of your own way.

Hey you, Lucky 2

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Have you ever known someone who it just seems like everything works out for them?

I have.

And I’m lucky enough to have one of these people as my baby brother.

People FUCKING LOVE this guy. Throughout his entire life he’s never hurt for friends, money, women, jobs, anything he needed. 

He’s very handsome and but more than that, he’s a fiercely loyal person and he’s got one of the friendliest and fun personalities of anyone I know.

Here’s a life and death example of how this blessed life of his works . . . 

Not too long ago he was out with a friend late at night at a bar in San Francisco. Just outside the bar on the street, a fight had started and he stepped out to have a look.

There were multiple people going at each other and my brother noticed that one of the guys was en route to attacking a woman that must’ve been with his enemy’s side.

Well, he stopped him, knocked him down with a punch and then like an idiot, he jumped on top of him.

People, don’t ever do this when you’re fighting in the street. It’s the perfect invitation to catch a boot to the face, get cracked in the back of the head with god knows what’s laying around, or get stabbed . . . which is exactly what happened to my brother.

You’ve got to assume that a guy who would attack a woman in the middle of the street isn’t running around with a group of missionaries doing the good lords work.

So, while my brother is on top of the dude he knocked down trying to subdue him, he feels some sharp pain in his back and reaches around to feel what’s going on and when he sees his hand, it’s covered in blood.

7 times.

One of the friends of the guy my brother was on top of had shoved a knife into my brother’s back 7 times.

Lucky for him, it was amateur hour on the part of the attempted murderer and out of all those 7 wounds only one had done minor damage to his lung.

A couple of days later he was released from the hospital, and aside from some heavy duty pain that lasted a few weeks, and some gnarly scars, he’s perfectly fine and will be out here in Vegas with me this weekend doing MGM Grand Wet Republic pool parties, late night dancing at the Mirage and who knows what other shit we’ll get into.

Being with him, I trust awesomeness will fall into our lap.   

Do you know anyone like this who always seems to get the good bounce and land on their feet?    

Einstein was quoted as saying, “I believe the most important question facing humanity is ‘Is the universe a friendly place?”

Some people like my brother, learned that their universe was a warm and loving place at a very young age. Me, not so much.

Over the years I’ve had to barrage myself with reminders and examples that my universe is the equivalent of a squadron of beautiful vaginas landing on my crotch.

And as a result of pulling my head further and further out of my ass I’m experiencing this reality more often than not.

But for a long time I got in my own way with the unproductive and unloving thoughts I made room for in my conscious and my unconscious mind. And it was no wonder that obstacles were continually put in my way. 

As it turns out, there are certain ways of thinking, rituals, and actions that people take that make for fertile soil for awesomeness to sprout up in.

Eben Pagan has made it a MASSIVELY significant part of his life to figure out the non-traditional, highly effective, and fastest ways little old you and I can have more of what most people would refer to as “Good Luck” and he spent days talking about this at his Mind Control seminar.

I love feeling lucky but I don’t like the premise of luck being some mystical thing only some people get to have or that you get every once in a while.

I believe in the idea that we make our own luck because all success is a function of alignment and interactions between us and others and our environment.

All success whether internal or external is always a result of the interaction between the individual, the group, and the external environment.

Each of these play a role that can’t be removed from the equation.

And the better we understand each other, ourselves, and the environment, the better we can do at orchestrating these combinations in a way that serves us and others. and

The more confused or blind to this we are, the more “accidental” and “random” our experiences of success will be.

So You can impact and influence the Group.

The Group can impact and influence You.

The Environment can impact and influence the Group.

The Environment can impact and influence You.

You can impact and influence the Environment.

The Group can impact and influence the Environment.

There are six different ways these three factors and intermingle with each other. So if you want to affect the group, you do something to yourself or you could see if there was something you could do to the environment that impacts you that in turn makes an impact on the group.

Or, you could see if there was something the group could do to affect the environment and impact you and everyone else on an individual level.

Or you could see if there’s something you could do to impact the environment that will impact the group that will impact you that will impact the group.

Can you see how when you think at this level, you’re opening up the possibility for a much greater outcome than that of just moseying through the motions?

If you can lay this out in the form of a process map, you make this even more clear.

Feedback Is The Breakfast of Champions

We need feedback.

And the way to get more valuable feedback is to go out and do things that we, more often than not, are uncomfortable doing . . . things we don’t know how to do . . . things we aren’t good at.

So we have to do something we aren’t good at and get the feedback on what we’ve done.

Guess what the feedback is going to be telling you – “Hey retard, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing,” some variation of, “you’re not doing this right.

And as a human, you don’t want to hear that. One of our core fundamental human blankie needs is to be right.

We as humans LOVE to be right and we HATE to be wrong.

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, one of the richest people on the planet, looks for information that proves that his way of seeing the world is wrong.

He actively seeks to disprove his most cherished assumptions.

Whereas the majority of people emotionally estimate, he logically estimates and seeks invalidation.

The majority of people won’t even try stuff they don’t believe they’ll be good at. Most of us operate from the understanding that the first feedback we’re going to be getting is “You suck So. Hard. at this.” And run from it like  Most people can’t stand in this line of fire.

There are a few patterns people fall into when they set out to accomplish something.

The First Strategy Is Known as “Paralysis of Analysis”

This is where you tell yourself you’re going to research everything on this topic, then you’re going to develop a strategic plan based on what you learned, THEN you’re going to go and take action.

But once the research begins, you find you’ve opened up whole wide world of information and find there’s a shit-ton to be consumed on the topic. And this begins the never-ending cycle of, “Maybe I should learn a little more before I take action because I don’t want to do this wrong and look like Joe Jerkoff over here. There’s a lot of good information here. Let me just go through a little more and figure out the RIGHT approach.”

This leads to the loop of analysis, research, thinking about it, analysis, research, thinking about it.

One commonality Eben has found in his dating information business, especially with intelligent men, is that they find the information fascinating and they listen to it so many times they memorize it, but they can never get themselves to use it.

He tells the guys, “Just try something and by doing so you’re going learn a thousand times more than merely listening to me.” But listening to him on CD is safe. Inviting feedback out in the wild that’s going to say that you’re horrible at this, isn’t.

You cannot learn when you’re in paralysis of analysis. There is no way for you to succeed in this headspace. You can’t even accidentally succeed.

At least the people that boldly and blindly do shit without do any research at all can learn something as a result of all the mistakes they make. Learning isn’t possible if you’re handcuffed by paralysis of analysis.

Super bright, super intelligent people can give you all the reasoning behind why something won’t work or why it’s a bad idea but if they’ve never done it, they don’t know.

The Second Strategy Could Be Called “Death By Planning”

Paralysis of Analysis is where you’re so caught up in your head that you can’t even bring yourself to put together an action plan.

Death By Planning is a combination of planning and doing. This taking a very long time making a detailed plan – planning out how everything is going to happen – planning what the results will be and then assuming that you’re right.

Planning what the results will be and assuming that you’re right is key crippling part of this strategy.

Then, you go out and execute this plan as per your estimations and assuming any problems that show up is a result of the plan not being executed perfectly.

Assuming that bad results are showing up because your plan isn’t being implemented flawlessly because of course, you planned for everything, is active ignorance.

Blaming the plan for a lack of success is ridiculous.

Paralysis of Analysis and Death By Planning account for about 80-90% of the behavior you see in humans. But there’s another way to approach getting results and a man by the name of Kenneth Arrow has put the name of “Learning By Doing” to it.

The Third Strategy Is “Learning By Doing”

Learning by doing is about approaching a project/task and saying here’s the broad idea of what we want to accomplish, doing a little planning and then getting out in the world and taking action and right from the very beginning hooking up the feedback mechanism so that the reality of what’s occurring is meeting up with your intentions and learning by being informed from the very beginning.

The way this would play out in business is that instead of sitting down and taking a year to plan out an entire product line, figuring out where you’re going to get everything manufactured, getting everything spec’d out, going and spending all the money to do this and THEN putting it on the market.

This is the slow and potentially expensive and high risk way to approach getting some money in the door.

The Learning By Doing approach says you test market the concept and if it gets a response, you scale up, and if that level gives you the response you need, you scale up again onward and upward.

The name of the game is getting something out there as fast as possible so that you can get some real world feedback.

The reason this is so important is because most things in business DON’T work. So the more time spent on thinking about it and planning before you do anything, the higher the chance is that this time will have been wasted.

Here’s an example of how not to get shit done . . .

One company that Eben knows of planned a re-design of their website investing a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money hiring people and they KNEW that because their old site was so shitty, that the new site design was going to double their revenue.

So they poured tons of time into planning, re-designing it, bringing more people on board and of course when they launched the site, their sales went DOWN. Shit.

Start small. Start fast.

The Rule of Thumb In Life

There was a university study done on commission sales people earning over $250,000 a year.

All the sales people in that exceptionally high income bracket had one common trait . . . a very fast "speed of implementation" habit.

When they happened upon an idea that could make them more sales, they acted on it immediately. When they heard about a great prospect they got on the phone without a seconds hesitation. These people don’t wait around or think too long about stuff.

For a highly successful salesman there is almost no time between the birth of an idea and its implementation.

It’s rare that a person will embrace and cultivate this skill set.

Speed of implementation is so awesome, not because it can bring you a ton of money, but because of how fast you can get the feedback that allows you to LEARN FASTER. Learning faster = you being able to act in a way that allows your equivalent of a squadron of beautiful vaginas landing on your crotch, more often.

Milking Your Feedback For All It’s Worth

Plato believed that you needed to learn math before you could truly comprehend philosophy. Why? Because math is exacting.

There is no ambiguity in math – there is a definite wrong and right.

Math gets you thinking in reality terms. Most of us don’t have a mind that can think in reality terms.

The way you get to a mind that can think proficiently in reality terms is by doing things and getting feedback, doing things and getting feedback.

When you line up the way you believe things are with how they ACTUALLY are, you can make wise and profitable decisions.

The One Free Tool That Let’s You Reap The Rewards Of Your Feedback

A visual display of quantitative information is a fancy pants way of saying “Push the chart button on Microsoft Excel”.

You don’t have to be a statistician or have a degree in statistics or have studied W. Edwards Deming to benefit from visual quantities on a chart.

Calculating and memorizing finances, debt, taxes, budgets, cost per customer, cost per lead, etc. are not things our brains evolved from.

Caveman math was simple – 1 bear isn’t enough food for 50 people in our tribe, 2 is.

When you’re dealing with a ton of data and numbers one of the best ways to manage and view it is with a chart. More specifically, a run chart – the dots that are connected by a line over time – the heart beat style read out.

Humans do really well with these.

Take any number that you’ve got in your life or in your business, could be your weight, could be how much you’re spending, could be the leads you’re getting, anything, and chart it daily on a run chart and within 90 days you’ll have a feeling of stability and understanding that will astonish you, that you may have never had on this topic in your entire life.

Eben usually has people he consults with for their business do this with five numbers:

1. How many new leads they’re getting – calls, visitors to the site, etc.

2. How many new subscribers they’re getting – opt ins, people who walk into locations and fill out info cards, something that’s getting a person on your list

3. How many sales were made – number of sales for the day or volume of sales by dollar amount

4. Income deposits hitting your checking account every day

5. Expenses – how much money is leaving your account every day

If you start tracking by run chart these five numbers in your business every day (5-7 minutes a day) you’ll be able to see the variation via a 7 day moving average you’ll see what the system you have in place produces.

As humans, when we get feedback like this, one of our knee-jerk responses is to seek ways to improve it. We like to see that we’re doing a good job, which is for the most part why most people won’t do this. They know they want to do good but aren’t willing to do what it takes to do good so they feel it’s better to just turn the blind eye to important stats in their life believing that someday they’ll get around to fixing this part of their life.

So if you do indeed decide you want to optimize the results you’re getting in any key area of your life and you start a run chart, you’ll stop flying by the seat of your pants, or by your feelings, or your assumptions and the chart will start being your guide.

And if you really want to crank this up to level 11, review it with other people once a day.

So in business, whoever is on your team would pull this up and this leads to everyone getting what the key numbers are – what drives and sustains the company and they start understanding at a deeper level how their pay check is influenced by the different numbers and the department or people in charge of them. And this leads them to look at the people responsible for those numbers and holding them responsible or giving them credit.

The average person doesn’t want to be plugged into something like this because they’re afraid it’s going to make them look bad but if they’ve got any kind of aspirations, desire, and gifts to offer, they’ll flourish once they’re getting this feedback.

There something inside of us that resists bringing other people into a process like this because we know that when we do, change is gonna happen.

In order to have the highest impact on the world and on your mind, one of the core components you need is other people who have what it takes to lift you to that higher level. Taking control of the people you surround yourself with is one of the ultimate leverage points we have in our life.

Start charting visually.

Anyone who has a computer and a connection to the internet can do this for free (Google Docs). Consistent feedback will make a huge difference in the decisions you make on a daily basis and the “Lucky” results that show up.

And keep in mind, that the most valuable feedback you can get disproves your most cherished ideas, beliefs and assumptions. We don’t really learn anything from our successes. Our successes usually make us comfortable and overconfident and it’s from this place that we get blindsided.

So go start a chart and please feel free to leave your feedback or questions you have in the comments section below or privately in the orange “Feedback” tab on the right side of the screen here or in an email you send to me directly.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

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