How To Get More Done, Faster Then You Ever Thought Possible, With These Tips, Hacks, And Tool Learned From Productivity Genius Pete Williams…

**Source: Pete Williams speaks at Ed Dale’s “Go Pro Conference”.

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You need to be out in the market and contributing on a consistent basis.

You can’t “Outsource” market leadership. It needs to be your voice.

You, however, can outsource the process.


1. Everyday virtual assistant sends list of relevant forum posts that I can respond to. (V.A. is doing the initial work)

A.) Pick the forums your going to contribute to. (your topics of expertise you want to be know for)

B.) V.A.’s go through the threads and get 5-10 that are focused on your “Keywords” (areas of expertise)

2. Record your answers in Audio then send the answers back to your V.A.

A.) Attach the responses and send back to V.A. and they clean it up and put it in thread.


3. Syndicate – V.A. takes the answer and uses question as headline and posts the answer as the body copy and puts in Posterous Blog.

4. Quick Communication with your V.A.’s and Team

1. Use the “Say it and mail it” or “Dictamus” APP.

You simply speak the message and it sends it to whomever you want.


Email Management

1. Reply to your emails using Audio. You will stand out and process emails quicker.

You simply use your voice recorder, save it, and attach it to your email.

You then can use a snippet below the email which looks something like what I use here at MyNoteTakingNerd.

(Below is the snippet in my email, although it’s not Highlighted in my email)

Sorry for the what may be a short response. I wish I could be more thorough, but it just isn’t possible due to the volume of emails that I receive.


My new system is as follows…

If your new to my messages you know you either get

Audio Messages or Short Quick 3 Sentence or Less


I use Audio a lot (attached if i did) because it makes you stand out, it’s easy, quick,

and people seem to like it.



Q: Why is this email three sentences or less?



Dexter Abraham (Chief Of The Nerd Tribe) (My True Love and Hangout)

@notetakingnerd (Twitters kinda cool, haven’t became a Facebook addict yet) (I get way too many emails)

**I tried "outsourcing these emails and you paid the price. Now I handle them

so be patient and I’ll be with ya…K! Thanks**

(801) 793-7767 Mobile (I may or may not answer but give it a try & leave a message)

Disclaimer: All of the information in the email is mine to do with as I please, such as make a profit with it and run naked through the streets with glee, use as blackmail, or quote on my blog. In particular, this disclaimer overrides any disclaimer or statement of confidentiality that may be included in your email

SUPER HACK: Use Text Expander on Mac or Phrase Express on PC to put snippets like the one above in for repeated use by just typing a short code.


Creating Content

1. Start by using a Mind Map Application – Free Mind is a free app that is more then capable and then there is MindJet which is what I use (Dexter) and recommend but it does cost money.

Start with central Idea and then surround that with the steps and ideas. This helps you to “Think” correctly.

You can use this to write a blog post outline or to create the framework for a module of a program.

2. Walk through the Mind Map in by speaking through the “branches”.

Use Screen flow in Mac and Camtasia on the PC.

Send the File to your assistant and they can render it and then put it in it’s appropriate place.


Outsourcing Birthday’s, Holidays, and Client Engagement.

1. Engage your clients and start getting offline addresses.

2. Use a service called . It automates the entire process with your own signature.

Super Hack: You can use Facebook to find birthdays and then have V.A. or yourself PM them and ask for address to send card.


Learn exactly how to train your team on processes and procedures.

(Pete did this part of the presentation as a Screen Step Tutorial to be given to his team. In essence he was teaching us how to Arrange Interviews while at the same time creating a procedure out of it.


1. This is how you create the procedure steps. Recommended resource for setting up the steps for your processes is Screen Steps

2. Use a “Work Wiki” to create collaboration and have a central location for sharing the tutorials and procedures.


3. Inside of Screen steps you can export the steps or upload directly to Wiki or a Blog. You find this at . You can also do this buy just copying the html from here and pasting it inside your work Wiki.


Arranging Interviews for podcasting or blogging and generate content rapidly and quickly.

Step One Getting Interviews: Go to Amazon and search for Authors/Experts in the area you want to interview people in. Create a list.

Do The same thing at Click Bank and Google. (when searching in Google using specific keywords with the “ “ surrounding the search term)

Step Two: Put in Spreadsheet with Link, Website Address, Contact Information (email etc..)

Step Three: Email them initial offer. (templated with personalization)


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

I’ll be sharing some more of my personal Productivity Hacks in the days to come.

Please share some of your Tools, Hacks, or Philosophies below…